The Legend of Futian
642 The Happy Ending of the Lovers
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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642 The Happy Ending of the Lovers

The onlookers were all amazed by the confidence in Ye Futian's voice. Did Ye Futian believe that he could defeat Di Gang now? The Alchemy Pillars created a Martial Will Zone. Di Gang's body seemed to be burning while the sun shone above him. The Golden Raven tweeted, and its golden light was shed on every corner in this space. The flames penetrated the White Lustrous Flame as well as Ye Futian's Martial Zone.

The whole battlefield seemed to be in flames. Nothing could survive in this destructive zone. Beams of sharp light projected from the golden space behind Di Gang and covered his body like an armor ritual implement. But this was not a real implement. The Emperor Family's ancestors were famous armorers, but then they gave up armory and chose to specialize in martial arts. However, the Emperor Family still possessed an armorer's life spirit. It could absorb Spiritual Qi and create a ritual implement. Therefore, Di Gang was not using a ritual implement; he was just releasing his life spirit. It built an impregnable Golden Raven Armor and a chariot for him. Suddenly, many chariots appeared again with dreadful momentum. However, the chariots didn't attack. They just floated around Di Gang. Once they were initiated, everything could be crushed.

On a battlefield, Di Gang could defeat thousands of enemies just by himself. That was why he had never shown any fear when he challenged those talents from the Holy Zhi Palace. If Ye Futian was not here, he really could defeat anyone standing before him with his own power. However, the one standing before him now was Ye Futian who had unimaginable power.

Ye Futian could feel Di Gang's power. A non-Sage couldn't control true Sage Power. Even if they had comprehended a bit, there was still a huge difference. Though Di Gang was known as the first Noble in the Alchemy City, it was still impossible for Di Gang to defeat a real sage.

Ye Futian stood there with starry light surrounding him. The Divine Ape reached out a giant palm to gather endless Spiritual Qi. It transformed into a giant starry staff. With the staff in hand, the Divine Ape looked just like the Snow Ape.

Ye Futian began to move as if practicing a martial arts fist form. An extremely strong will rushed into the Divine Ape's body. Some fantastic rhythm resonated with the ape. Five of the Seven Star acupoints opened. The giant Divine Ape's body projected brilliant light as if a beam of golden light penetrated through its body. Then the Divine Ape waved its long staff. The endless natural intent became one with it. The ape bathed in endless brilliant light. With great momentum, the Ape threw out its first attack.

With a ponderous sound, even the air seemed to tremble. Great momentum rolled over and the falling flaming light was shattered. The Nine Heavenly Attacks was a great attack created by the Snow Ape. It was not changeless. The higher level Ye Futian was, the deeper the comprehension he could get, and therefore, the stronger the power of the Nine Heavenly Attacks. That power could also be used to strengthen his comprehension and strength.

Ye Futian had been cultivating the Nine Heavenly Attacks the past two years since it was the strongest attack he had. He fused his own Martial Will into the attacks. When the attacks were sent out, his Martial Will would burst out too. The power it contained was much stronger than it was two years ago.

Boom. The air trembled again. That giant Divine Ape waved his staff as if practicing martial arts. Every attack was stronger and scarier than the previous one.

At the third attack, great momentum formed in the air and rolled out, seemly going to crush the barren martial illusion. A dreadful zone formed around Ye Futian. No power could approach the zone at this moment.

"This is how the Nine Heavenly Attacks should be!" Yuan Zhan raised his head to watch Ye Futian's moves. He seemed to want to memorize every move Ye Futian made.

"Die!" Di Gang roared coldly. All of a sudden, he steered his chariot forward. The surrounding flames burned high and his frightening chariot crushed everything it passed.

At this moment, however, the fourth attack of the Nine Heavenly Attacks was sent out. The chariot illusions were all shattered under the waving staff. However, Di Gang, protected by the Golden Raven Armor, continued forward in his chariot. The Divine Ape kept wielding its long staff. Endless Spiritual Qi fell down and rushed out together with the fifth attack.

The chariot under Di Gang rushed out. The sun's light also reached out, ready to burn Ye Futian. At the same time, an enormous Divine Golden Raven appeared, trying to resist the fifth attack.

With a loud explosion, the giant Golden Raven was shattered, as well as the chariot. But at this moment, Di Gang's body grew into a giant. A Golden Raven flew into his body, making him look like a real war god. He rushed to Ye Futian and sent out a deadly attack. A destructive storm rolled over, seemly crushing everything into pieces.

Almost at the same time, Ye Futian sent out his sixth attack. Endless deterrent might crashed down, supplemented with Sage power. The whole world's power seemly all gathered at one point and melted into Ye Futian's staff. Then the sixth attack was sent out toward that godlike figure.

The Divine Ape's staff collided with the war god. Ye Futian could feel extremely horrible destructive power rushing toward him. The staff in hand exploded into pieces and disappeared. However, Di Gang stopped suddenly. He just trembled and then stood still. Soon, Ye Futian's dharma and life spirit also vanished. He stood quietly as well.

Was the fight over? At this moment, countless people stared at the two on the battlefield. Who exactly was the winner?

The Martial Will and illusions around Ye Futian and Di Gang all disappeared. The two stared at each other silently.

Some splintering sounds were heard. The Golden Raven Armor on Di Gang cracked. It broke into beams of light and vanished. His aura weakened quickly. With a groan, some blood flowed from the corner of his mouth. At this moment, Di Gang felt like his insides were all shattered. The power contained in that attack was too strong to be described.

"I lost," Di Gang admitted defeat. What had happened was like a dream. As the first talent among the young generation of Alchemy City, he knew his strength very well. However, when the enemy was Ye Futian, a Grade Three Noble, he'd actually failed.

Hearing his admission of defeat, everyone was shocked. How could Di Gang be defeated? Looking at that proud figure, people still couldn't believe the fact that the top talent of Alchemy City was defeated. How strong was Ye Futian, the talent from the Holy Zhi Palace?

People like Li Futu were startled too. Though having known that Ye Futian was strong, they still couldn't accept the result of this fight.

"Is it finally over?" The disciples from the Holy Zhi Palace all smiled faintly. Though this battle didn't take much time, it was still heart-stirring. Di Gang was indeed very talented, but unfortunately, his enemy was the crazy Ye Futian.

"You're very powerful if you can fight me like this," said Ye Futian. He had run out of every skill he knew in order to defeat Di Gang.

Hearing Ye Futian's words, Di Gang spat out some blood. His face turned pale. Was this mockery? Earlier, both had been very proud, but only the winner could laugh at the end. Since he had been defeated, no matter how proud Ye Futian sounded, he couldn't refute it. If he was the winner, he could say things like that.

Turning around, Di Gang walked away into the distance. He looked lonely and forlorn. He was once a peerless existence among the young generation. This defeat was enough to break all his pride.

"Brother," Di Zhou exclaimed softly, looking at Di Gang's receding figure, but he felt depressed too and had no idea what to say.

Many famous talents on the stairs were looking at Ye Futian too. Bai Luli looked emotionless. As his senior had said, Ye Futian did have the strength to enter the Sage Temple. When his cultivation became higher, it was very possible for him to break through the Sage Plane.

Di Kai was a little speechless. Chu Ji looked at Ye Futian with a smile. She didn't expect that such a flippant guy could be so strong. It was unfortunate that he had a girlfriend. Otherwise… Thinking of this, Chu Ji turned to Di Kai with a smile but didn't say anything else to provoke him. The result was obvious. Nothing could change it.

At this time, Ye Futian still stood above the Alchemy Pillars proudly as if he was the only one in the world. He turned around and looked at You Chi, the city lord of the Alchemy City. Bowing, he said, "Sir, my senior brother is second place in the Alchemy Conference. He told me that he admires your daughter very much. I hope that you can permit their marriage." There were two reasons why he fought with Gongsun Ye and Di Gang today. The first was to solve the conflict with Gongsun Ye. Secondly, he also wanted to show some of his strength before the City Lord Office.

It was a tradition of Alchemy City that the city lord's daughter would marry the number one of the Alchemy Conference. Therefore, the winner's potential must be thought highly of. His senior brother had won the second place, but he didn't have a noble background, so Ye Futian wanted to help him.

You Xi glanced at Ye Futian from beside You Chi and then looked back at her father. At this moment, Xue Ye also walked out from the crowd and bowed toward You Chi. He said, "I have been admiring You Xi. Please let me marry her, sir."

Neither Ye Futian nor Xue Ye mentioned the affection You Xi and Xue Ye felt for each other. They just said that it was Xue Ye who had been admiring You Xi. They needed to think for You Chi, though everyone knew what was going on.

You Chi stood there silently and looked at Ye Futian. After killing Gongsun Ye and defeating Di Gang, Ye Futian asked for his permission in order to help his brother. He knew how to take advantage of timing.

You Chi didn't like Xue Ye very much because this guy had impregnated his daughter beforehand. This couldn't be allowed! But it had already happened and he had to think about his daughter.

"You were originally the second of the Alchemy Conference," You Chi said. "Now that Gongsun Ye has died, you are number one. Since you have such a request, I will follow tradition and give You Xi to you. If you dare to hurt her, I will not forgive you." Since he had announced this, everything was settled now.

"Thank you, City Lord!" Ye Futian and Xue Ye stood up and smiled at each other. Then Xue Ye looked at You Xi. Both smiled happily.

The aftermath of the Alchemy Conference was finally over!
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    《The Legend of Futian》