The Legend of Futian
643 Happy Ending
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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643 Happy Ending

Three days later, Alchemy City was bustling.

The City Lord Office was the busiest, attracting the whole city's attention. Many big figures from the southwestern Barren State gathered here as well as countless talents and beauties. It was if another Alchemy Conference was being held. All of this was just because today was the wedding of You Xi, the city lord's daughter.

You Xi was going to marry Xue Ye, the second place on the Alchemy Conference. This was absolutely going to be a great celebration. But many people couldn't understand why it was so hurried. Usually, it would take some time to prepare the wedding after the Alchemy Conference. It wouldn't be so soon.

The City Lord Office explained that this arrangement was more convenient for guests living far. Otherwise, they would have to come twice. But Ye Futian knew that it was because You Xi was pregnant. The ceremony had to be held very soon or people would gossip if they learned that You Xi was pregnant before being married. The City Lord Office was, to some extent, a landmark of the southwestern Barren State. They had to take its reputation into consideration.

In the City Lord Office at this moment, a courtyard was decorated in a festive way. Xue Ye's close friends like Ye Futian and Zhuge Mingyue were all in the courtyard, looking at this couple with smiles.

"I never thought that my Fourth Senior Brother would be the first one to get married," Ye Futian exclaimed. But this love story was totally serendipity. If not for You Xi's stubbornness and Xue Ye's mischievousness, there wouldn't be such an opportunity for them to fall in love.

"Xiaoshi, it seems that we are the only two who are doomed to be single now." Luo Fan looked at Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu. Their big brother was also living his happy life with Goddess Wangyue on Book Mountain. Second Senior Sister and Third Senior Brother would also marry soon. Beitang Xing'er was taken care of by Second Senior Sister. Only Luo Fan and Yi Xiaoshi were so lonely.

"With your appearance, it might be difficult for you to find your Ms. Right," Xue Ye joked, walking over.

"Brother, you are too mean," Luo Fan complained. "I helped you so much. You should at least give me some top sage ritual implements to show your gratitude." It had been really smart for Ye Futian to ask Xue Ye for some ritual implements earlier. He and Xue Ye's qualification for the Alchemy Conference had already been given to the Junior. He had to seize the opportunity to ask Xue Ye, the city lord's son-in-law, for something as compensation.

"You can stay here with Xue Ye for armor in the future," You Xi said. "You won't have to worry about ritual implements anymore"

"No…" Luo Fan shook his head determinedly. He was not going to stay here and watch this couple's happy life all day long. He refused.

"You dare to leave?" You Xi looked at Luo Fan with a meaningful smile.

Luo Fan looked at You Xi and blinked. "Sister-in-law, you can't do this to me." If she was already like this before marriage, what would she be like in the future?

"I know all those 'good' ideas you suggested for him," said You Xi slowly.

Luo Fan turned to Xue Ye with shock. You told her?

"Brother, well done!" Luo Fan gritted out.

"I did that for your good. Stay here and you might find your beauty too." Xue Ye laughed and patted Luo Fan's shoulder. Seeing the two senior brothers, Ye Futian smiled. Fourth Senior Brother and the Fifth Senior Brother had always been a troublesome pair. Even in the Cottage, they bickered as one transcribed books and the other cooked.

"Both of you are responsible for this," Zhuge Mingyue said. "Since you two helped Xue Ye to win second place, you two should stay here."

"Senior Sister…" Luo Fan was almost crying.

"Yes or no?" Zhuge Mingyue looked at Luo Fan with a meaningful smile.

"Yes." Luo Fan nodded. Why he was always the one that was hurt?

"Thank you, Senior Sister." You Xi smiled at Zhuge Mingyue.

"You Xi, if Xue Ye dares to mistreat you, just tell me. I will give him a hard time," said Zhuge Mingyue with a smile.

"I know." You Xi laughed and nodded. Then she looked at Xue Ye meaningfully. Xue Ye winced a little. Senior Sister overestimates me. Who knows who'll be the bully?

"I really worry about Fourth Senior Brother's family status." Ye Futian sniggered. He knew why Second Senior Sister made such a decision.

The Barren State was too vast. The City Lord of Alchemy City was a big name. Even the Holy Zhi Palace respected him. He was a symbol of the Alchemy field. His family was equal to the Zhuge Family in the Barren State. Now, Fourth Senior Brother was You Chi's son-in-law. It made sense that Xue Ye and Luo Fan would receive this good background and resources for cultivation. No one would dare to challenge them.

"It's time!" You Chi strode over.

"Sir." Ye Futian's group bowed.

"No need." You Chi looked at You Xi and said, "You are his wife now. In the past, you were always too capricious. From now on, remember not to be stubborn like that anymore."

"I know," You Xi responded lightly. Obviously, she still minded what her father had done, but it was all in the past now. She couldn't really hate her father.

"Xue Ye, I really wanted to kill you," You Chi said, "but you are my son-in-law now. I will teach you everything I know. I wish you will treat my daughter well. If she lives a bad life, I won't let you go."

"I dare not," Xue Ye mumbled. Hearing Xue Ye's complaint, You Chi couldn't help glaring at him. Ye Futian felt a little sympathetic about his Fourth Senior Brother. Xue Ye's life might be hard now.

"The ritual implement you asked about is done." You Chi looked at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng and said, "You Xi told me to give both of you this ritual implement. So I made two. This is yours." With that, he took out a small brilliant pagoda. Colorful light covered the pagoda. You Chi waved his hand. Suddenly, the pagoda grew quickly into a big tower with incredibly strong powers of all attributes rolling within it.

"Since you chose body enhancement, this pagoda is perfect for you," You Chi explained. "It was cast according to the Sky Reaching Tower of your Holy Zhi Palace. There are strong deterrent forces and all kinds of attributes' attacks in it. You can also use it as a ritual implement or train your body and will."

"Thank you, sir." Ye Futian smiled and looked at You Xi. "Thank you, Sister-in-law." He didn't expect so much. He just wanted to ask for a ritual implement for Yu Sheng.

You Xi smiled gently. She was grateful to Ye Futian for he helped Xue Ye and her get this happy ending. Since Ye Futian wanted this ritual implement, she would help him. She had watched that battle. With his talent and the fact that he was cultivating in the Holy Zhi Palace, she believed that he would be the next legend of the Barren State.

"As for him," You Chi looked at Yu Sheng and said, "I have seen his way of battle. He is the disciple of Sage Douzhan, just like you. By nature, he suits body enhancement more than you. Ritual implements aren't actually suitable for his fighting. I made a set of armor. Many of its materials are the same as your pagoda. When activated, the wearer's body will be refined. The armor can be used both to attack and to protect. If he meets a strong enemy, the armor will be triggered to help him to fight."

You Chi took out a set of armor and gave it to Yu Sheng.

"Thank you, Sir," Yu Sheng said, accepting it.

Seeing this, Ye Futian felt very relaxed. Not only had he resolved his senior brother's problem during this travel to the Alchemy City, but he'd also reached his goals. He entered Grade Three of the Noble Plane successfully. Everything went well.

"Let's go," You Chi said and turned around. Xue Ye and You Xi followed behind.

Ye Futian's group also followed. It was time for the ceremony.

Guests rustled and bustled in the City Lord Office. Countless top talents gathered here.

When Xue Ye and You Xi walked out hand in hand on the tall podium, everyone grew envious of Xue Ye. No one had expected that Xue Ye would be the one that married the famous beauty.

This was a great ceremony. Ye Futian's group stood under the stage and watched everything happening up above. They all felt very happy for Xue Ye.

"You Xi is a famous beauty of Alchemy City. She only wears light make-up but looks so heart-stirring. Xue Ye is the biggest winner," many young men whispered. Not only did he marry a famous beauty, but he also became the son-in-law of the city lord who was eighth on the Barren Sky List. This was an enviable position.

"But he's really bold," someone discussed quietly. "He gained this opportunity at the cost of his life spirit. Otherwise, he wouldn't be an option even if Ye Futian killed Gongsun Ye."

Many people agreed. It seemed that Xue Ye and You Xi had true feelings for each other.

"Where is Ye Futian?" somebody asked. Many people searched the crowd. Finally, they found that Ye Futian was standing with Hua Jieyu.

"Is the girl beside him the Divine Spiritual Sorcerer Hua Jieyu?" someone said. "She's like a fairy. Ye Futian is also a big winner in life."

"The pride of the Holy Zhi Palace, disciple of Sage Douzhan. He really is." Many people nodded. Ye Futian deserved it though. Three days ago, even Gongsun Ye, first on the Alchemy Rank, and Di Gang, pride of the southwestern region of the Barren State, were defeated by Ye Futian. This youth looked so innocent that no one expected that he would be so strong. That incredible battle made him well-known to all.

Some beauties looked at Ye Futian with admiration. He was so talented and handsome. No one would refuse him. Heroes liked beauties and the reverse was true as well.

"Your Fourth Senior Brother is married now. When will your wedding be held?" Zhuge Mingyue teased Ye Futian.

"You have to ask Jieyu." Ye Futian looked at Hua Jieyu and laughed.

Looking at Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu responded gently, "You decide."

"Really?" Ye Futian blinked.

"Yes." Hua Jieyu smiled.

"How about tonight? We don't need too many rituals." Ye Futian smiled too.

"No way!" Hua Jieyu kicked Ye Futian, blushing.
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    《The Legend of Futian》