The Legend of Futian
653 Ye Futian Arrives
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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653 Ye Futian Arrives

Ye Futian looked at Sage Jingang and asked, "Uncle-Master, why is the Palace taking part in thid?"

Sage Jingang knew a little about Zhuge Mingyue. After all, the entire Holy Zhi Palace knew about the handsome scholar from the Eastern Barren Territory who had challenged Bai Luli and knew that the scholar had come for Zhuge Mingyue. Ye Futian was Zhuge Mingyue and Gu Dongliu's little brother. Although he could also be considered Bai Luli's little brother, his stance was with Zhuge Mingyue.

"It has already been many years, the Barren State needs a Saint." Sage Jingang explained, "All this is to support Bai Luli. You should know that Bai Luli is the successor of the Holy Zhi Palace. Sage Wanxiang has also estimated his potential to be a Saint. Moreover, this is only because this is the limit to which Sage Wanxiang can estimate. That's why the Holy Zhi Palace has placed its hopes on him."

"What does that have to do with my sister?" Ye Futian's expression was grim. "Uncle-Master, even if the Zhuge Family has something that can help with cultivation, the Palace's disciples should be upright. If they want it, they should use legitimate methods to get it. How can they use marriage as a tool? What is my sister? A sacrifice?"

"The Holy Zhi Palace is a holy land for cultivation in the Barren State. How can they step in? Moreover, since Bai Luli already has the potential to become a Saint, why do they need to do this?"

Sage Jingang stared at Ye Futian. It seemed like this fellow really cared.

"Futian, on the Saint road, it is not as easy as you expect. The Holy Zhi Palace has had countless geniuses, and the Barren Sky Ranking has had many experts, but the entire generation has not produced a single Saint." Sage Jingang's voice was still calm as he advised him, "Moreover, the Divine Path is more dangerous than you can imagine. Even if you have the potential of a Saint, it is still the same. You have come from the Eastern Barren Territory and are good friends with Long Ling'er, have you ever heard about her uncle?"

"Long Yitian. It was rumored that he had died outside when he was young," Ye Futian nodded and replied.

"Long Yitian was a talent of a hundred years in the Barren State's Eastern Territory and one of the top-ranked in the Barren Sky Ranking. Moreover, with his age, his achievements would be even greater in the future. However, he died on the Divine Path." Sage Jingang continued, "Not only him, but every generation of geniuses in the Barren State also has had its fair share of people dying on the Divine Path."

"I still can't accept it." Ye Futian replied, "No matter how hard the Divine Path is, it can be cleared with one's own strength."

"Futian." At that moment, a figure walked out from the Palace; it was Sage Douzhan.

"Master," Ye Futian shouted.

"You're right, the Palace is indeed in the wrong." Sage Douzhan said, "The Divine Path is difficult. If one attempts to conquer the Divine Path, they should have the heart to do so."

"If that is so, why are they still doing this?" Ye Futian did not understand.

"The Palace has a secret that has never been announced. Now, I shall tell it to you. In the three years that you have been in the Palace, have you ever heard about the Palace Lord?" Sage Douzhan asked him.

"There have been claims that the Palace Lord is cultivating in seclusion," Ye Futian replied.

"Wrong." Sage Douzhan shook his head and continued, "The Palace Lord is severely injured and his life is at risk, but very little people know about this matter. Now, you are the first on the Law Rank and will enter the Sage Hall in the future, so I will tell you this. The Palace Owner is the first on the Barren Sky Ranking, but he similarly met with obstacles on the Divine Path and nearly died. Now, the Palace is actually run by the Assistant Palace Lord, Liu Chan." 

Ye Futian's expression hardened. The Holy Zhi Palace's Palace Lord, the first on the Barren Sky Ranking, was actually severely injured with his life at risk. This matter was extremely shocking.

"Just like your Uncle-Master said, countless influential figures in the Barren State have met with difficulties on the Divine Path. The other people in the Palace, including me, might end up walking the Palace Lord's path, but the Palace needs hope. This hope is Bai Luli. That is why, even though we may know that we are wrong, the Palace continues to do so." Sage Douzhan continued, "Not only does the Palace know this, but the White Cloud City knows it, the Zhuge Family leader knows it as well.

"The land is huge and there is far more than just the Barren State. You may not have come into contact with it yet, but now, if the Barren State does not produce a Saint, it may be impossible to maintain the situation as it is." Sage Douzhan's voice was serious and sounded exceptionally dignified.

The Wanxiang Palace had once predicted his life: he would meet a calamity, but he did not think of it. When his cultivation reached his current level, his state of mind had already reached a level where he had insight into all the world's happenings. Now, he only had three obsessions. One was to break through to the Saint level, however, there was little hope for this. The second was for the Barren State to have a Saint in the current generation and not be restricted by others. Third was an obsession that he did not have previously. Now, he hoped that his disciples, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, could one day reach that level as well.

The Barren State has its threats as well? Ye Futian heard Sage Douzhan's words and thought. He looked towards his Master and said, "If Bai Luli is unable to do it, I will."

Sage Douzhan and Sage Jingang stared at Ye Futian. His brilliant star-like eyes were filled with determination and confidence. This Law Rank first that had once looked down on the entire Palace's geniuses had already demonstrated his unparalleled potential. Sage Douzhan also had the hope that he would compete with Bai Luli in the future to see who was more outstanding.

"You were born ten years too late." Sage Douzhan replied, "If you were in the same generation as Bai Luli, we would be able to see who is more exceptional. Of course, if you were in Bai Luli's position, the Palace would do our best to support you to join the Zhuge Family. Since you have the will of the Kunpeng, you would do well to cultivate now. When the time is right, enter the Sage Hall to cultivate and step into the Sage Plane. Then, you will be able to have a say in the Palace."

Even though Ye Futian had exceptional potential and was the first among the Palace's Noble Plane disciples, when considering the entire Holy Zhi Palace, he was still unable to influence its decisions. For Noble Plane cultivators, their only goal was to cultivate.

"I want to go to the Zhuge Family," Ye Futian looked at Sage Douzhan and said. If he was in the Palace's shoes, perhaps he could understand their decision, but in his own shoes, he could not. This involved Second Sister and Third Brother. His Second Sister would definitely want to be with his third brother. This was his obsession.

When he was 18, the white-robed scholar had personally descended upon the Cangye Kingdom and invited and brought him to the Eastern Barren Territory's Cottage. From then, their fates were already intertwined.

Sage Douzhan heard Ye Futian's words and stared at him. He could feel the determination in Ye Futian's expression. He then said, "Since your obsession is that strong, go."

"Thank you, Master." Ye Futian bowed slightly and took his leave.

Watching the leaving figure, Sage Douzhan sighed and said, "It's good to be young."

Sage Jingang had a bitter smile as he shook his head, saying, "Brother, if you let him go like this, isn't it going to create trouble?"

"Cultivation is about training the mind. If I make him stay and not allow him to leave, it will cause a rift in his state of mind. Since he wants to try it, let's just let him," Sage Douzhan replied. When they were young and wild, there were some things they needed to do. Whether he could make it or not would just be part of Ye Futian's experience.

Ye Futian was the first on the Law Rank. Liu Chan had invited all six Palaces to discuss this and permit Ye Futian to enter the Sage Hall. This was why he was not worried that Ye Futian would be injured.

In the Holy Zhi Palace, any disciple that had the right to enter the Sage Hall represented the future of the Barren State. With regards to this point, the Sage Palace naturally understood. When Ye Futian returned to his residence, Hua Jieyu and Yi Xiaoshi were there waiting for him. Seeing Ye Futian return, Yi Xiaoshi asked him, "How was it?"

"Let's go to the Zhuge Family. We'll talk along the way," Ye Futian replied and took out his flying boat ritual implement.

Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu, Yi Xiaoshi, and Yu Sheng stepped onto the flying boat and flew through the air. He did not bring anyone else. This was his second sister's matter and had nothing to do with the others.

In the Northern Region of the Barren State that was bordering the Central Region, there was a city with an illustrious history, Xuanwu City.

The Zhuge Family was located in Xuanwu City. Although Xuanwu City had many clans, the Zhuge Family was the number one clan in Xuanwu City and had stood tall for thousands of years. It had absolute authority in the ancient Xuanwu City.

The Zhuge Family was located on the Crouching Dragon Mountain, the entire Crouching Dragon Mountain had only one family. The surface of the mountain was littered with cloud stairwells and ancient halls, just like a palace that went up, level by level. If one stood in the middle of the city and raised their head, they could feel a solemn aura from it.

At the moment, the Zhuge Family was extremely crowded with guests. A short time ago, the Holy Zhi Palace and White Cloud City experts had all come over to the Zhuge Family, causing a commotion in Xuanwu City. All the clans and sects had come over to visit, creating a spectacular event.

The White Cloud City and Zhuge Family's joint marriage was definitely an event that made the Barren State shake. The joint marriage should have been set many years ago, but because of Zhuge Mingyue's willfulness, she left the house in objection. However, much time had passed and the White Cloud City's Young City Lord Bai Luli was already a genius whose name resounded across the entire Barren State. Zhuge Mingyue was also beautiful and had exceptional potential, so everyone supported this marriage and felt that it was a match made in heaven. However, many of the Barren State clan's daughters would be sad after this. 

At that moment, outside the Zhuge Family, there was a flying boat that flew in like a ray of light, heading towards the core of the Zhuge Family on the Crouching Dragon Mountain.

"Who is it?" The Crouching Dragon Mountain had droves of experts. A guard raised his head, looked in the air, and saw a flying boat landing. When the guard saw one of the beautiful figures walking down from the flying boat, he bowed slightly and said, "Miss Jieyu is back, I'll inform the young lady."

Hua Jieyu had spent a few years in the Zhuge Family, so she could naturally enter whenever she liked.

"No need, I'll go myself," Hua Jieyu said calmly. The guard nodded and naturally did not stop her.

Hua Jieyu and Ye Futian's group walked in, walking deeper inside. The guard looked at the figures behind him and asked, "Yi Xiaoshi is the young lady's Seventh Brother, who are the other two?"

The person beside him glared at him and said nonchalantly, "Walking beside Miss Jieyu, who else do you think it could be?"

A flash appeared in the first person's eyes, a name appeared in his brain. One of the most influential figures in the Holy Zhi Palace presently, the number one Noble in the Palace, Ye Futian!
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    《The Legend of Futian》