The Legend of Futian
658 Fighting through Words
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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658 Fighting through Words

Zhuge Qingfeng, Zhu Song, and others turned at their eyes at Ye Futian. However, that was rather expected, as they knew Ye Futian did not like Bai Luli all that much.

"Ye Futian, did you really say such words?" Zhu Song asked Ye Futian.

"Indeed." Ye Futian nodded.

"As the one who ranks first on the Law Rank of the current generation, the Holy Zhi Palace has great hopes for you. Your plane is still low and you know little of the outside world. Bai Luli, Hua Fan, and you were three champions of the Law Rank of three different generations, and you will all train in the Sage Hall, shouldering and creating your own era in the future. Bai Luli is several years older than you and as such, he can be said to be your elder brother. While you both have not been on good terms, he would not fuss about such matters. You should put your energy on your training from here on out and cast your personal opinions aside," Zhu Song said to Ye Futian.

"Sage Zhu Song could not have spoken better. Bai Luli is now ranked tenth on the Barren Sky Ranking at such a young age. How is he not fit? You're both geniuses, and you shouldn't be holding grudges like that," someone from the side added with a smile.

"I beg your pardon." Ye Futian stood, bowing to Sage Zhu Song and said, "My training is still lacking and there are certain matters which I do not quite understand. I would like you and Uncle Zhuge to give me some guidance on the matter."

"Feel free to sit and speak," Zhuge Qingfeng said with a nod. He knew Ye Futian was displeased about the matter, but there was hardly anything that could not be uttered at this point. While there were some kinks to be ironed out in the marriage arrangement between Bai Luli and Zhuge Mingyue, it was undeniable that from various perspectives, they were still a match made in heaven.

"Thank you, uncle." Ye Futian sat down and elaborated, "I do not know Bai Luli well, and as such, I do not have much of an impression of him. However, I do know that he is not as inept as his younger brother. I'm displeased because of the matter between my Second Sister and Third Brother."

Bai Ze glared at Ye Futian coldly. That b*stard sure remembers to be take jabs at me while he is talking about other stuff.

Ye Futian turned his eyes at Bai Luli and asked, "What do you think about my Second Sister?"

Bai Luli's expression composed as he returned Ye Futian's gaze before looking at Zhuge Mingyue. He said casually, "Mingyue has exceptional looks and extraordinary talent. Her personality also proves to have more grace than mine. I have no complaints and I like her very much."

"You have good eyes, but my Second Sister doesn't like you," Ye Futian said boldly.

"..." Everyone present was rendered speechless. Even Zhuge Mingyue glared at Ye Futian. That kid really isn't going to just let things slide. However, she did nothing to stop him.

Ye Futian turned his eyes at Bai Ze, Zhuge Xing, and the rest sitting in the same place. "Why do you all think they make a good match?"

"My brother hails from White Cloud City and is training in the Holy Zhi Palace. Ms. Mingyue hails from the Zhuge family, possessing extraordinary looks and talents. Why would they not make a good match?" Bai Ze retorted.

"Bai Luli ranked tenth on the Barren Sky Ranking. His father knows the Zhuge family leader well, and everyone in the Barren State is looking forward to them tying the knot. If that doesn't make a good match, what would?"

"Please, you're being too reserved." Ye Futian continued, "Allow me to elaborate why you all deem them to be a match made in heaven. White Cloud City and the Zhuge family make perfect allies as both are formidable forces. Futhermore, Bai Luli has his desires, and the marriage not only fulfill his desires but also gets him a beautiful wife. At the same time, while the people of the Zhuge family think that having Ms. Mingyue marry someone ranked tenth on the Barren Sky Ranking is a bit of a sacrifice, it still gives them an exceptional son-in-law. As such, they are also satisfied with the arrangement. So, there you have it, the match made in heaven that you speak of."

Everyone was practically staring at Ye Futian. While his words were rather explicit, they made sense. What he said was indeed the core of the arrangement.

"Everyone thinks the marriage alliance is a heavenly arrangement, as everyone weighs nothing but benefits and interests; what both sides have to gain from this. You are all thinking what White Cloud City gets out of this, what Zhuge family gets out of that. But, who among you have spared any thought for what my Second Sister thinks?" Ye Futian continued as he scanned the people he was addressing, "My Second Sister fell in love with my Third Brother back in the Eastern Barren Territory. He even challenged Bai Luli. While he ended up losing the battle, his intentions were clear. Why are you all so eager to overlook that? f you all know this yet deliberately ignore such a matter, what is this marriage alliance for?" Ye Futian smirked. Gains, nothing else, and they are calling it a match made in heaven.

"I do not know why one such marriage alliance sounds so beautiful to all of you. Please, elders, I ask for your guidance on the matter," Ye Futian said as he bowed.

Xue Ye and Luo Fan looked at the people around them. What their little brother had said was indeed what they intended to express, but they knew fully well they sorely lacked their little brother's eloquence.

"I never pushed for this to happen. If Mingyue is unwilling, then the arrangement can be stopped," Bai Luli said, looking at Ye Futian.

"Is that so?" Ye Futian smirked and said, "If that indeed is alright, if this all can be stopped with my Second Sister saying no to it all, would you all just leave silently?"

The weight of the Holy Zhi Palace and White Cloud City was obvious. It was obvious what the Zhuge family went through when both forces joined hands to propose such this matter. All pressure would have fallen on Zhuge Mingyue.

"You have gone a little too far." Elders from the Zhuge family turned their eyes at Ye Futian. One of them said, "While you're Mingyue's junior and a student of the Holy Zhi Palace, don't you think what you said is a little too narrow-sighted? Mingyue is the treasure of our family, and how could we not be happy for her? But at the same time, isn't Bai Luli the best suitor there is for her? What you have just said was simply from the standpoint of your Third Brother." The one who said so was Zhuge Xing's father and Zhuge Mingyue's uncle.

"My father has put this aptly. While Ye Futian's words sounded reasonable, they were shallow. He and his Third Brother were simply thinking about nothing but taking Ms. Mingyue away for their selfish gains. Ridiculous indeed," Zhuge Xing said.

"Bai Luli ranked tenth on the Barren Sky Ranking and possesses the potential for sainthood. Is there anyone who is more suitable than he is? Is your Third Brother suitable for her?" The youths of the Zhuge family rose in an uproar. Ye Futian's words before were seen as a slight towards them, accusing them of selling Zhuge Mingyue for their family's benefit. Many more in the banquet rose to criticize Ye Futian, making him look like some witch on a burning stake.

"Ridiculous." Bai Ze smirked sarcastically. He liked what he was seeing. Ye Futian was not only offending the Zhuge family, but also the Holy Zhi Palace at the very moment. There was no way Bai Ze would not have liked what was happening.

Zhuge Qingfeng watched what transpired in silence.

Ye Futian saw everyone pointing fingers at him. He, however, seemed unfazed, lowering his head to drink a cup of wine. When he raised his head again, his eyes looked as sharp as knives before he said coldly, "I beg your pardon for my bold words, but is every single member of the renowned clans here a bunch of good-for-nothing idiots?"

The banquet turned utterly silent as Ye Futian's words came out of his mouth. The youths of the Zhuge family all looked at Ye Futian with cold eyes. What insolence.

"While you're indeed a student of the Holy Zhi Palace, it'd be best you take back what you just said," someone from the Zhuge family said coldly.

"As a member of the Zhuge family, you wished to increase the influence of your family through a marriage alliance instead of through your own hard work in training. Don't you feel ashamed of yourself?" Ye Futian continued his sarcastic jabs, "And furthermore, you actually put it in such a way that made it seem my Second Sister would benefit the most from this. Just because the Zhuge family might actually have a saint as their son-in-law, you all wish to kneel and lick boots? Where is the bearing and pride that you should have as a member of such an esteemed family? Can't you train yourself to be strong enough to make the Zhuge family greater? If you see no way of achieving further greatness but to rely on such an arrangement, would I be wrong to call you a good-for-nothing?"

"Ye Futian, are you insulting the entire Zhuge family?" Bai Ze's voice was cold, as if he was ready to pick a fight.

"Bai Ze, are you actually thick-skinned enough to talk to me here?" Ye Futian said to Bai Ze with cold eyes.

"You..." Bai Ze's face went pale.

"During the Law Battles, you practically had eyes at the top of your head. Your pride was second to none, yet you proved to be utterly helpless. I crushed you without even having to use my full power. In the sparring sessions later, one move was all it took from Yu Sheng to put you down. Were you not embarrassed enough of yourself after all that?" Ye Futian elaborated coldly. You asked for it, and you got it.

"I only wished to drink in silence today, yet you insisted on provoking me and kicking up a fuss. Do you really think no one knows what is going on inside your head? You know yourself that you are weak, so weak that you don't have what it takes to fight me straight up, and so you resort to such underhanded tactics." Ye Futian glared at Bai Ze as he blasted away, "If some nobody like you wasn't born in a high place in White Cloud City, you would be little more than a piece of filth. And now, you dare go about talking like you own the place, just because your brother is somebody. Do you know that you're little more than a clown in the eyes of others?"

"Shut up," Bai Ze said coldly.

"Oh, you're getting angry now? Why did you insist on getting yourself embarrassed in the first place?" Ye Futian continued, "You're all smiles and feeling good about yourself when the wedding is mentioned. You talked as if it was my Second Sister who went sucking up to your brother to set up this arrangement. Don't tell me you never thought it to be such. Think about it. Who was the one who made the proposal in the first place? If your brother was such an exceptional figure, why would he have needed to borrow the Zhuge family's power?"

"Ye Futian, enough," Sage Zhu Song from Holy Sage Pavilion said.

Ye Futian stood up. He bowed to Sage Zhu Song and said, "Sir, I have talked about this with my teacher before. I know that the Holy Zhi Palace is not doing this for its own benefit, but so that there will be a saint to emerge from the Barren State. But I still do not think this is the right way to do so.

"Bai Luli possesses the potential to become a saint. Why would he need to borrow external powers to achieve that? If he is the hope of the Holy Zhi Palace and one everyone has high hopes for, he should have enough confidence and pride to be able to accomplish the feat with his own power. If he is a figure expected by many to achieve great things, he should have the confidence and resilience to do so himself. Why resort to such trivial measures?" Ye Futian said as he looked at Sage Zhu Song.

"It has been years since the Barren State last saw a saint emerge. It is not as simple as you think it," Sage Zhu Song said to Ye Futian. He began to sound rather serious, indicating that he rather irritated.

"There has not been a saint in Barren State for many years, but our generation from the Holy Zhi Palace will make it happen. If Bai Luli can't do it, then I will. There is no need to resort to such tricks." Ye Futian looked straight into Sage Zhu Song's eyes as he spoke. An air of extraordinary excellence exuded from him; it was the air of absolute pride and confidence in oneself. It was due precisely to such confidence and pride that he mocked the members of the Zhuge family as a bunch of good-for-nothing idiots.

Sage Zhu Song gazed at Ye Futian and said, "If you have such confidence, I'm willing to believe you. But what you should be doing now is focusing on your training. When you become a Grade One Noble and step foot into Sage Hall, breaking into the Sage Plane, then you will know that the wedding to be held between Bai Luli and Zhuge Mingyue is not for selfish gains, but for the Barren State as whole. You should be open to the matter, not trying to ruin this arrangement because of the relationship between you and your Third Brother."

It was apparent that Ye Futian's words were unable to convince Sage Zhu Song. The wedding must go on. Everyone agreed to it. There were no loops to jump over, everything was in place, and no attempts to ruin it would be tolerated.

Ye Futian looked at Sage Zhu Song. He knew he was unable to convince the sage, but he said, "I stick to my viewpoint. I'm not a saint nor a sage, and I don't have the bearing of a saint or a sage. If I can ignore those who are closest to me, I have no place talking about greater love for the Barren State. As such, I'm only a common folk. Whatever the elders think about this, it doesn't change the fact that I care about my Second Sister and Third Brother. As such, I object to this wedding, and I will continue to object to it!"
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    《The Legend of Futian》