The Legend of Futian
667 The Battle Between Gu and Bai
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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667 The Battle Between Gu and Bai

The two figures flew into the air above Crouching Dragon Mountain. They were both in the Sage Plane, so the impact of their battle would be extremely terrifying. If they battled on Crouching Dragon Mountain, the destruction caused would be too great.

Countless people raised their heads and looked into the air. They saw an invisible current flowing around both their bodies. The Spiritual Qi in the air started to rampage and the winds bellowed. Imposing currents flowed down from the heavens and a Sage Plane might crushed down from the air.

"Seeking death." The White Cloud City Lord's expression was ruthless. Disregarding their potential, there was already a difference in cultivation level between Gu Dongliu and Bai Luli. What kind of battle would it be? If it had not been for Bai Luli stepping out, he would not have let Bai Luli fight with Gu Dongliu, and would have executed Gu Dongliu immediately. After today's incident, what would be left of White Cloud City's reputation?

"Why go to such an extent?" Many influential figures looked into the air and sighed. A few years ago, Gu Dongliu had challenged Bai Luli when he had entered the Sage Plane and lost, but Bai Luli had not pursued the matter. This time, even with Bai Luli's refinement, he was evidently enraged. Today was his engagement. He had been watched by the entire world and the entire Barren State had sent their congratulations. However, he was now a laughingstock. Just like he said, he could understand Zhuge Mingyue, but he could not forgive her. Thus, he had walked out.

"Third Brother." Ye Futian raised his head and looked at the battle in the air. Bai Luli was famous throughout the land. Even with his third brother's exceptional potential, he still had no confidence in this battle.

Yesterday, he had gone to look for Zhuge Qingfeng. Evidently, Zhuge Qingfeng had been moved and was willing to help him, but he could not stop Bai Luli from stepping in unless he wanted to start a war with White Cloud City. Moreover, there were people from the Palace around as well.

"Bai Luli is already a high-level sage while Gu Dongliu is only a mid-level sage. The outcome of this battle is quite obvious," the Alchemy City Lord You Chi said. He looked at Xue Ye, seemingly trying to hint for them not to have too high hopes.

Ye Futian clenched his fists. The Sage Plane was split into three levels: sage, magi, archmage. Every level was then split into low, mid, and high level. Bai Luli was a high-level sage while his third brother was only a mid-level sage, so there was already a divide in cultivation level.

Back then in the Eastern Barren Territory, Gu Dongliu had defeated Lu Nantian, a Grade One Noble when he was only a Grade Two Noble. However, although his opponent was also one of the Eastern Barren Territory's geniuses, his opponent this time was much stronger—the Barren State's Bai Luli.

In the air, Bai Luli's eyes turned gray. In an instant, the vast area was enveloped by an invisible rule power. Everything in the heavens appeared to be controlled by Bai Luli.

"The Eye of Devastation." Ye Futian recalled the time when he had battled Bai Ze in the Palace's admission examination. Bai Ze's Life Spirit was the Eye of Devastation and the spell scroll; Bai Luli was evidently much stronger than Bai Ze.

At that moment, an invisible gray hand lashed out towards Gu Dongliu, attempting to invade his Spiritual Will and take control of his body. However, at that moment, Gu Dongliu's eyes also became especially brilliant. An overbearing Eye Sorcery light gleamed. The light actually created a divine Spiritual Will that blocked off Gu Dongliu's Spiritual Will attack.

Gu Dongliu and Bai Luli were both Spirit Elemental cultivators and both excelled in Eye Sorcery. Back in the Eastern Barren Territory, when he descended on the Qin Dynasty, he had rendered the Qin Dynasty's experts immobile with just a glance.

In the air, the two of them created a terrifying force field around them. The winds billowed as their Spiritual Wills formed force fields and the entire Crouching Dragon Mountain could feel the might of the force field.

The invisible gray hand appeared to become corporeal and smashed towards Gu Dongliu's body, covering the skies in an unstoppable fashion. Suddenly, a brilliant light appeared behind Gu Dongliu, it was an ancient character: Lin. The giant ancient character had a sacred glow, like a celestial light. It shone on Gu Dongliu's body, causing his Spiritual Will to become even more powerful. Rays of spiritual light clashed with the giant hand and it finally exploded into nothingness. However, the overbearing pressure was still permeating the air.

Under the Eye of Devastation, it had become a deathly space. Back then, when Bai Ze released his Life Spirit, his opponents could not even cast spells. Bai Luli's would only be scarier. However, at that moment, Bai Luli stretched out both his hands and divine lightning struck down from the skies. Countless lightning rays scattered down and Bai Luli bathed within, then the lightning started to move in eight directions. Instantly, the lightning rays gathered like snakes in the skies toward eight locations, sealing off the eight directions. Then, they turned into a shadow of the Thunder God, standing in the air, as though the real Thunder God had descended. Bai Luli's outstretched arms had lightning intent on them, flowing through the air, guiding the eight Thunder Gods to seal off the area, with Gu Dongliu in the center of the area.

Feeling the destructive power in the skies, Ye Futian's heart pounded vigorously. Was this the strength of a Sage Plane expert? Their spells were too powerful.

Hua Jieyu and Zhuge Mingyue also looked at the air, worrying for Gu Dongliu. Bai Luli was simply too strong. Even the influential figures from the elite factions looked into the air. Bai Luli, the most prodigious person in the Barren State, had the potential to become a Saint. His talent had overshadowed the entire State.

Di Gang, Li Futu, and the others of the younger generation figures all looked into the air as well. Bai Luli was the benchmark for all of the Barren State's teens. He was the symbol of their generation, so they naturally wanted to watch him in action. This gentle and refined genius. How imposing would he be when he was angered?

The terrifying lightning sealed off the air and the moving lightning rays had even turned pure white like light. However, there was a dark color hidden within them; it was the power of destruction. It was evidently not a simple lightning element spell, but one that had strong rule power fused into its offense.

Gu Dongliu's gaze was as calm as always. Although he knew how strong Bai Luli was in his heart, he had already experienced it in their battle a few years ago. Otherwise, he would not have left the Barren State and gone to the other States, crossing countless regions. It was only until a few years later that he had wanted to return and secretly check on Zhuge Mingyue. However, the news that awaited him upon his return was the marriage that the entire Barren State was anticipating.

Gu Dongliu released his Life Spirit behind himself and a celestial shadow appeared, surrounded by nine words: Lin, Bing, Dou, Zhe, Jie, Zhen, Lie, Qian, Xing. Each ancient character released a divine glow and had its own unique, powerful aura.

Gu Dongliu raised his head and looked into the air. Around his body, figures of war gods appeared. The nine war gods were summoned and surrounded his body. Standing in nine locations, each war god had one of the nine words on them. Next, the nine war gods actually resonated and a devastating force emanated from them. The nine war gods resonating created an absolutely divine sight, surrounding the entire area with countless ancient characters surrounding a light screen.

Divine, strong, absolute.

"Thousand Direction Strike," Bai Luli said in a cold voice. The eight Thunder Gods struck out with strong attacks, and at that moment, unlimited destructive light rushed towards a single direction towards Gu Dongliu's body. However, Gu Dongliu's body had resonated with the nine war gods that he had summoned, and the protective light screen created by the nine words released a blinding light. Then, the ancient characters flew into the air towards the destructive lightning spell in an endless wave.

Rays of destructive light were emitted, and in an instant, countless ancient characters were reduced to dust. However, when the spell landed on the light screen, it only caused a crack to appear on it and could not break through.

What a strong defense. Many people could feel the offensive strength and were shocked. With Bai Luli's strength, they could imagine how forceful the Thousand Direction Strike he cast was. Even those in the same cultivation level as him would probably be defeated in one hit, but Gu Dongliu had blocked his attack with only the cultivation level of a mid-level sage. His potential was also among the Barren State's elite geniuses.

Many people thought about Ye Futian, Zhuge Mingyue, and Xue Ye. They were all disciples from the same master and were all prodigies. Back then, the Eastern Barren Territory's Cottage was indeed a mysterious place. The Cottage's master was probably also a prodigious figure, otherwise, the Great Emperor's men would not have personally descended to bring him away.

In the air, a terrifying glow lit up all of Crouching Dragon Mountain. At that moment, there were countless figures outside the Crouching Dragon Mountain who had all wanted to witness the Barren State's most anticipated marriage but did not have the right to enter the Zhuge Family. However, at this moment, countless people outside Crouching Dragon Mountain were watching the scene in the distance in awe. In the air, a shocking battle had erupted and they could feel the dominant aura clearly even from an extremely far distance.

"That's Bai Luli," someone said, astounded. "What happened on Crouching Dragon Mountain?"

Today was Bai Luli and Zhuge Mingyue's engagement, but he was actually battling someone. It was evidently not a simple spar.

"Who is Bai Luli's opponent?" Many people looked at Gu Dongliu, the handsome white-robed scholar with glaring light around his body. He was also a prodigy, or he would not be able to battle with Bai Luli.

"Gu Dongliu," someone replied. "Previously, someone had heard a voice at the foot of the mountain. Gu Dongliu entered the Zhuge Family to propose marriage."

"Who is Gu Dongliu?" someone asked. There was someone trying to ruin the marriage at this juncture?

"Back then, he had challenged Bai Luli for Zhuge Mingyue. Moreover, he is also the brother of the Holy Zhi Palace's Law Rank first, Ye Futian," somebody who knew the details explained. The news spread at a breakneck pace. Not long ago, Xuanwu City had a rumor that Ye Futian did not approve of the marriage. It seemed like it was because of his brother, now that such a conflict had erupted, what was the Law Rank first Ye Futian going to do?

More and more people rushed towards the Zhuge Family on Crouching Dragon Mountain, watching the battle in the air. Over there, Thunder Gods stood tall among the heavens and Gu Dongliu had summoned nine war gods and was surrounded by nine ancient characters. What a breathtaking sight. Most people would hardly come by a battle of this level in their lifetime.
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    《The Legend of Futian》