The Legend of Futian
668 Godly Creation of All Things
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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668 Godly Creation of All Things

In the air above Crouching Dragon Mountain, Bai Luli and Gu Dongliu fought. The Thousand Direction Strike fell straight down and cracks became more and more apparent. The Light of Nine Words carried intense mystical powers, so much so that it was capable of repairing the cracks. More and more Spiritual Qi flowed into the Light of Nine Words from the surroundings, enabling it to shine with undying light.

Bai Luli remained unfazed. While he knew that Gu Dongliu was an extraordinary figure possessing exceptional talents, Bai Luli nonetheless possessed the edge in Plane difference. As such, there was little to be left to the imagination with that battle.

It was not that Bai Luli was being reckless; it was that he was the most notable figure of his generation in Barren State, one possessing the potential to become a saint and a symbol of an era. As such, he needed to have that much confidence.

Unending Godly Thunder coursed throughout Bai Luli's body. He glanced at the airspace above Gu Dongliu for a bit. The Eye of Devastation controlled unlimited power in their surroundings, enabling the coalescence of appalling power right above Gu Dongliu. The light from the nine shadows of thunder gods stopped attacking Gu Dongliu and was instead focused on locking down the battlefield. Unending powers flowed to one low point. At that very moment, the shadow of a giant like a true ancient god appeared, just like a saint.

"Godly Creation of All Things." Sparkles were seen in the eyes of many great figures from the Holy Zhi Palace. It was a super-powerful ability of the Holy Zhi Palace, one passed down in Sage Hall. Bai Luli entered the Sage Hall long ago, and it was said that he attained the acknowledgment and lineage of the Sage Hall, which was why the Holy Zhi Palace saw him to be the successor and the next palace lord. Every single will of the Holy Zhi Palace had Bai Luli becoming a saint in mind, paving the way for him to do so. Godly Creation of All Things was a super-powerful offensive technique, but it was also a frightening defensive technique packed with tremendous power.

The shadow, which looked like an ancient god, stood tall in the air, holding a Heaven-shaking Divine Hammer. Devastating light rained downward. A terrifying gravitational pressure bore down on everything below. Even in their banquet seat of Crouching Dragon Mountain, everyone was still able to sense the terrifying power of the pressure.

"Third Brother." Xue Ye's expression changed. The pressure was simply too powerful. Luo Fan turned rather pale as well.

Ye Futian felt a shudder within. When Gu Dongliu and Lu Nantian fought, Xue Ye and Luo Fan were incredibly confident, not worrying that their Third Brother might end up losing at all. Right here and now, however, neither of them had any of that confidence. There might have been many who bore great titles yet had little to show for it, but when a person was able to become a true master of something, to make it to the pinnacle and become a symbol of his generation, that person would definitely not be one with a great name but little to show for it. Such a person would truly possess immeasurably terrifying solid skills and powers. And Bai Luli indeed possessed the power of the lineage of a saint.

Gu Dongliu felt the terrifying might. Light of the Nine Words coalesced in a crazed manner around him. Fearsome sword will burst from within his body. Endless sword will coalesced as if the energies between the heavens and the earth gushed at him. A terrifying sword image appeared around him, which looked like a greatsword. Streaks of sword will whipped about, circling his body.

A giant sword appeared right before Gu Dongliu.

The Light of the Nine Words flowed in a crazed manner at the giant sword. The rules of its surroundings resonated with it. The giant sword was a hundred meters long. It pierced through the air and shot for the heavens. Gu Dongliu was also one who was versed in multiple disciplines. Spiritual arts, summons, sword, mudra, and speed; he was versed in all of them.

"The sword can easily cut through a common mid-level sage," the great figures below all felt the terrifying energies within the sword as they commented. Gu Dongliu was a figure like no other at the moment. However, it was unfortunate that he met Bai Luli on that day. Bai Luli, who attained the lineage of the Sage Hall, was peerless throughout the Barren State. Among the younger generations, only Ye Futian possessed the potential to fight toe-to-toe with him.

While Bai Luli was just in the Sage Plane, his combat capacity at the moment allowed him to fight some magi.

The power of the Heaven-shaking Divine Hammer felt frightening in the skies. The ancient, god-like shadow moved and brought the hammer down. At that very moment, everyone felt as if they were being put under lockdown by some unbearable pressure, and it seemed that even speed would not have helped much in escaping that pressure.

A rainbow pierced the heavens and the giant sword was brought to bear with endless divine might. The weapon was brought down in an instant without any regard for the distance between it and the target. The air around the sword seemed as if it was being split apart. The strike brought appalling might with it. However, when the hammer of that ancient god struck, blinding halos burst in the air. Everyone kept their eyes on the scene in the air. They saw the giant sword literally falling apart. The divine hammer continued to be brought down to bear on its surroundings with unstoppable force.

There was little to nothing to be seen from the changes in Gu Dongliu's expression. Covered with holy light, the nine gods of war surrounded the ancient word while lashing out with palm prints. The Junlin Mudra, Jingang Mudra, Potian Mudra, Douzhan Mudra… Nine Mudras were lashed out at the air before them, taking the form of nine incredibly huge palm prints.

Boom, boom, boom… The Heaven-shaking Divine Hammer destroyed everything in its path. All mudras fell apart. The hammer was then brought down on the screen of the nine words, and multiple cracks formed on it under that tremendous pressure. It was soon completely shattered. The hands of the nine gods met the hammer itself eventually, stopping its advances. However, Gu Dongliu fell down like a bolt of lightning.

Bam. A loud rumble was heard and Gu Dongliu stepped on the middle of the banquet at Crouching Dragon Mountain. Everything around him was destroyed that very second. Many great figures set up defenses of light, stopping the shockwave of the move from spreading too far. Many were able to see that the ground that Gu Dongliu stepped on shattered. His body was slightly bent and blood was seen from the corner of his mouth.

"Third Brother." Ye Futian and the rest of his party were stunned as they looked at figure dressed in white before them.

"That is just too powerful." Many turned their heads up to look at Bai Luli in the air. That silhouette stood proud in the air for all to see, be it inside or out of Crouching Dragon Mountain. It exuded the air of an absolute champion, a sight to behold for all in Barren State. He would have pummeled anyone from the same plane as he. It went without saying that he was not going to lose that fight, as he was fighting Gu Dongliu, someone of a lower plane. Bringing the massive offensive capacity afforded by the lineage of the saint to bear was the greatest acknowledgment he demonstrated for Gu Dongliu's abilities.

"How is that b*stard so powerful?" Even Long Ling'er looked rather unwell. Gu Dongliu was Ye Futian's senior and it was a given whose side she was on.

Long Ao and his wife glanced at the girl before turning their attention back at that figure standing proud in the air. Bai Luli ranked tenth on Barren Sky Ranking as a sage, and he managed to do so with his extraordinary talents and incredible frightening potential. How could he not be so powerful?

While both had only attacked each other several times in that battle, it was more than enough for everyone around them to see how immensely talented those two were. It was a pity that their stance meant that they were on opposite sides with no chance for reconciliation.

"Stop fighting already," Zhuge Mingyue looked at Gu Dongliu and said. She had never asked for Gu Dongliu to beat Bai Luli anyway.

Gu Dongliu glanced at her and replied, "It is not that I do not know what you are thinking. It is just that there are things that I have to do." He took to the air as soon as he finished talking, shooting up like a bolt of lightning, standing before Bai Luli once again.

The nine words surrounded him, and this time, they turned even more dazzling. Undying light shone on his body, and with him at the center, a tornado whipped up. He looked like a being of light as he gradually turned to resemble a sword.

"Sword Traversing the Heavens," Gu Dongliu mumbled and a terrifying Heaven-slaying Sword Matrix formed with him at the center. He closed his eyes and it seemed as if countless shadows flew out of his body. Every single shadow seemed to resemble him and yet look like a sword. They circled around the vicinity and they howled about. Every sword resonated with the heavens and the earth, as they headed for Bai Luli.

Bai Luli unleashed his Eye of Devastation Life Spirit. His eyes looking incredibly eerie, demonic, and dark, greyish dimensional storms appeared. Those swords, which came with full intentions of killing him, were surprisingly unable to get near him. They simply bent and moved aside as they got close. However, those swords did not truly leave; they reversed instead. Both controlled their own spells with an insanely powerful spiritual will.

More and more swords appeared as they blocked out the skies and occupied all space possible in the vicinity. Bai Luli stood at the center of everything, yet he looked incredibly calm and composed. There was no fluctuation to be seen from his expression. He went to simply watch everything around him in silence. Undying lights flowed about his body, and yet another shadow of an ancient god-like being appeared. It was an incredibly imposing god clad in gold. It brought its sword down on its target's defenses. There was no way to stop it.

"This is just too powerful," everyone on Crouching Dragon Mountain mumbled to themselves. The super spell—Godly Creation of All Things—was mastered to the utmost perfection at the hands of Bai Luli.

That is truly the number one genius in all of the Barren State, members of the Zhuge family thought to themselves. Their eyes on Gu Dongliu turned even colder still. The marriage arrangement that had the entire Barren State hyped up was being destroyed by him.

What is that Bai Luli is using? people from outside the Crouching Dragon Mountain thought as they were still feeling the shock. They knew little about the power he inherited from the Sage Hall of the Holy Zhi Palace. They simply felt that Bai Luli truly had no match in all of the Barren State.

Liu Chan was very calm. As Bai Luli's teacher, he knew his student better than anyone else. Due to such understanding, he came to know well of Bai Luli's potential and went to pave his student's path. The will of the Holy Zhi Palace was a unanimous one, so much so that even a top-notch genius like Ye Futian was unable to stop Bai Luli's journey to sainthood.

Gu Dongliu, however, maintained his stance. He continued to bring his sword aura to bear. The number of sword aura increased over time, gushing forth like a torrent and went on to cover the space around them. He extended his right hand, unleashing Pinching Sword Techniques. His eyes remained closed, yet his spiritual will was never used to such an extent.

He stepped forward and uttered, "My will is the will of the sword."

He vanished as soon as he finished. The gushing downward torrent of sword will resonated all of a sudden, as every single shadow that flew out manifested at will. Endless sword wills and the rushing torrent of swords coalesced in that very moment. The river of swords melded into one sword. An incredibly refined sword flash appeared in the sky, piercing the golden god shadow encasing Bai Luli.

At that very instant. Sword aura rampaged in the air as the shadow of the golden god cracked, bursting with blinding golden light. Bai Luli extended his hand, and an incredibly huge palm of the ancient god was brought to bear. With a loud boom, everyone saw Gu Dongliu's body being sent flying through the air as he spat out blood. The golden brilliance around Bai Luli shattered as well, as he was sent gliding backward!

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    《The Legend of Futian》