The Legend of Futian
687 Holy Land No More
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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687 Holy Land No More

Xuanwu City, outside Crouching Dragon Mountain.

A group of people stood in the air, looking down upon the Zhuge Family on Crouching Dragon Mountain. The two teens at the front were two of the nine Sons of Zhisheng Cliffs—Qin Zhong and Zhan Xiao.

"Brother, this time, Uncle-Master has joined forces with White Cloud City Lord. They should be able to take down Crouching Dragon Mountain." Zhan Xiao looked at the two figures who had stepped towards the Crouching Dragon Mountain and let out a faint smile.

White Cloud City Lord was rather interesting. That day, he had gone to White Cloud City to discuss some terms. If White Cloud City Lord was willing to offer a helping hand, his Uncle-Master Kong Yao would help out his son Bai Luli when he was trying to attain the level of a Saint. Evidently, Bai Gu had been tempted by that. Everyone in the Nine States knew how dangerous the Divine Path was and how many elite geniuses would be there. His Uncle-Master was an elite figure, the ninth on the Sage Ranking. Coupled with Zhisheng Cliffs' power, if he promised to take care of Bai Luli, it would be equivalent to another safeguard for Bai Luli. However, White Cloud City Lord had claimed that he would come to Xuanwu City to apply pressure on Zhuge Qingfeng. If they could cause the Zhuge Family to concede without a fight and hand over Gu Dongliu, he would agree. Otherwise, if a fight broke out, he wanted the Saint instrument in Zhuge Qingfeng's hands.

If it did not become an all-out fight, they would not have completely fallen out, so he could accept the first condition. The White Cloud City Lord evidently knew what it meant, so once war broke out, he would immediately try to take Zhuge Qingfeng out. He would then snatch the Saint instrument. It seemed like he had everything thought out.

"Although the treasure in the White Cloud City Lord's hands is not a Saint-level one, it also falls into the classification of a Saint instrument. Adding on his Uncle-Master's strength, the battle was originally unfair, so there will be no tension," Qin Zhong opened his mouth and said. On Crouching Dragon Mountain, two experts had already descended and countless people were watching with astonishment.

Would the Zhuge Family be wiped out in this storm?

"Younger brother, I'll try to persuade you once again. Gu Dongliu robbed the Yu State's holy item and ruined Luli's marriage. You should know what kind of person he is. It's still not too late to regret and hand him over, do not continue your errors." The White Cloud City Lord stood in the air, looking down upon the Zhuge Family.

Zhuge Qingfeng stood there with an indifferent expression in his eyes. He had not expected the first person from the Barren State to deal with him would be his Brother.

Everything was really unpredictable.

"Clan Leader, let's hand him over," many people from the Zhuge Family said as they looked at Zhuge Qingfeng.

"Zhuge Qingfeng, you can't be thinking of using the entire Zhuge Family's future as a wager for one person?" a figure from the older generation looked at Zhuge Qingfeng and asked. Evidently, they agreed with handing Gu Dongliu over.

"There is no way to obtain the best of both worlds. Since I have already decided, there is no need to persuade me," Zhuge Qingfeng said.

"Are you really trying to ruin the Zhuge Family?" someone shouted at him.

"We haven't even tried, how will we know if we will fail? If I am defeated, I hope that Brother and Kong Yao will not indiscriminately kill innocent people, seeing as we are all from the Nine States' holy lands."

If he was defeated, he was willing to sacrifice his life. If he survived this calamity, the Barren State would definitely return to an era with Saints. His Zhuge Family would definitely have a Saint. He did not know what Ye Futian's relationship with Emperor Ye Qing was, but no matter what it was, the Saint Plane was definitely not the endpoint for him.

"Since Little Brother is willing to sacrifice yourself for a cause, I will fulfill your wish," Bai Gu replied emotionlessly. In an instant, both he and Kong Yao released a monstrous might, shrouding all of Crouching Dragon Mountain.

"Do it," Zhuge Qingfeng said. An eight trigrams formation appeared and surrounded Crouching Dragon Mountain with many shadows moving at the same time.

Kong Yao stepped forward and countless statues of gods appeared in the area, the heavens feeling as though it would collapse. The boundless gravity crushed down upon everyone in the Zhuge Family. A Sage Plane figure's will could reach the heavens. One thought could manifest itself as rule power in the surroundings.

"Wait a minute." At that moment, a voice sounded. Kong Yao frowned and the White Cloud City Lord looked back and saw a figure descending rapidly. He frowned as well and asked, "Yun Hao, why are you here?"

"Ye Futian has brought Yuan Hong from Taihang Mountain and many other Golden Apes into White Cloud City, eradicating the Gongsun Clan. They are now in the City Lord Office," Yun Hao replied.

The White Cloud City turned around and his expression immediately became foreboding, his killing intent engulfing the area.

"You mean that Ye Futian and Yuan Hong are in my residence?" Bai Gu's voice had a frigid killing intent in it.

"Yes." Yun Hao nodded. "He also asked me to bring a message. If anything happens to his Brother and Sister, as long as the City Lord has participated, he will make sure that the City Lord Office is destroyed."

Bai Gu raised his head and looked in the distance, a horrifying killing intent emanating from him and roaring in the skies. Nobody had ever dared to barge into White Cloud City. Apart from the Holy Zhi Palace and the Ice Temple, he, Bai Gu had the highest rank on the Barren Sky Ranking. Now, a kid in the Noble Plane dared to barge into his residence and threaten him, the fourth on the Barren Sky Ranking, with his family's lives.

What a joke.

Both he and Yuan Hong were courting death.

"Brother Kong, I can only temporarily give up on this matter." Bai Gu turned to Kong Yao and said, "I'll be back after I kill that b*stard."

Kong Yao frowned. They were already preparing to strike, but such an interference appeared suddenly. Who was it that dared touch White Cloud City? Who was Ye Futian? Why had he never heard of such a person? Shouldn't he be an expert on the Barren Sky Ranking? Moreover, who were his Brother and Sister?

Bai Gu turned around and left, leaving after-images in the sky and heinous killing intent. Everyone could see how infuriated the White Cloud City Lord was.

In the Zhuge Family, Zhuge Qingfeng also had a shocked expression. He had not expected the little fellow to strike White Cloud City now. It had temporarily alleviated the situation here. However, Yuan Hong would find it very hard to deal with Bai Gu. Wasn't this putting himself in danger?

Gu Dongliu and Zhuge Mingyue looked at each other. Little Brother had actually gone to White Cloud City. They were very worried about him.

"This incident started because of me." Gu Dongliu sighed. If it really reached the worst-case scenario, he would resolve the matter himself.

"Don't overthink." Zhuge Mingyue held his hand and said, "Little brother knows his limits, he won't do something that is beyond him."

"Okay." Gu Dongliu nodded lightly. Although he was now a high-level sage, his cultivation level was still too low.

Kong Yao looked at Zhuge Qingfeng, thinking how lucky the Zhuge Family was. He stepped back and the pressure disappeared from the Zhuge Family.

Kong Yao walked to Zhan Xiao and asked, "Who is Ye Futian?" Zhan Xiao had arrived in the Barren State earlier than him, so he should know more than him.

Zhan Xiao's expression became unnatural. Of course, he knew who Ye Futian was, but it was because he knew who he was that he found it strange. A Noble Plane cultivator had actually managed to turn the situation around and foil his plan.

"He is Gu Dongliu's Little Brother who used to cultivate in the Holy Zhi Palace and was expelled by the Palace because of Bai Luli and Gu Dongliu's enmity. According to many people in the Barren State, he is the number one Noble in the Barren State," Zhan Xiao replied. "However, a mere Noble Plane cultivator dares to interfere with our Zhisheng Cliffs matters and threaten the White Cloud City Lord, how reckless."

"A Noble Plane cultivator?" Kong Yao's expression became confused as well. It was ludicrous that a Noble Plane would be able to ruin their plans.

"The Barren State's number one Noble?" Qin Zhong asked curiously. "So that means that the Palace's Ximen Hanjiang is not the strongest Noble in the Barren State." Previously, when he dominated Ximen Hanjiang, he had asked if the Palace's disciples could represent the Barren State's highest standards, but Liu Chan had not given him a straightforward reply, and the Palace's disciples did not acknowledge him either.

"Before Ximen Hanjiang, the first on the Law Rank was Ye Futian. Ximen Hanjiang's first on the Law Rank was replaced by him. It was rumored that the difference in potential between Ximen Hanjiang and Ye Futian was huge and could not even be compared." Zhan Xiao continued, "Of course, no matter how outstanding he is, he cannot compare with Little Brother. Why care about the Barren State's Nobles?"

"It's not that I care," Qin Zhong shook his head and replied. The number one Noble in the Barren State, huh. He wanted to experience it, although he did not feel that there was any Noble in the Barren State who could be stronger than him, Ye Futian must have had exceptional combat ability to be titled the first in the Barren State.

"Let's wait for Bai Gu to settle matters on his end," Kong Yao said impatiently. He had originally wanted to settle the Barren State issue quickly, but he had not expected so many hiccups to appear.

In White Cloud City, Bai Gu had not arrived, but the people from the Holy Zhi Palace had. In the empty area above the City Lord Office, Sage Tianxing and the Sword Demon had led many of their Palace's experts there and the people from the Bai Clan were delighted to see them. On the other hand, when Ye Futian saw the figures appearing in the air, his heart went cold.

He stood on the ground, watching the experts arriving in the air without saying anything. He looked calm That day in the Zhuge Family, he had already said that he would not be enemies with the Palace if they let the matter rest. However, now that two of the Palace's Palace Lords had descended on White Cloud City, he naturally knew that they were not here to help him. He was very clear what the appearance of the two Palace Lords meant. It meant that they could forsake the Zhuge Family but he could not touch the Bai Clan.

The Sword Demon saw the teen looking calmly at them and was speechless. The Palace's stance shifting was the truth, however, since it was a decision made by the two Palace Lords of the Holy Zhi Palace, he was powerless to change it. The Main Palace Lord had suffered injuries he could not recover from and nobody knew how many years he could live. He wished to see a Saint in the Barren State while he was still alive. It was also the wish of many in the Palace.

"Ye Futian, the things that you have been doing recently are too audacious. Leave White Cloud City immediately and the Palace will treat this matter like it never happened," Sage Tianxing looked at Ye Futian and said. He was in charge of punishments in the Palace, so he naturally had an authoritative aura.

"When have I been audacious?" Ye Futian looked at Sage Tianxing and questioned. This time, he did not salute or bow, but questioned him directly.

"Eradicating the Ning Clan and Gongsun Clan, then allowing Taihang Mountain to barge into White Cloud City and causing unrest in the Barren State," Sage Tianxing replied.

"According to you, I should have allowed the Ning Clan and Gongsun Clan to kill me, the Zhuge Family should be eradicated by the White Cloud City Lord, then there will not be unrest in the Barren State?" Ye Futian looked at Sage Tianxing and asked. "Senior handles punishment in the Palace and the Palace has a reverent position in the Barren State; however, the Palace is not restricting the ones who started the dispute, but have come to look for me. Why is this so?"

"You are getting more and more impudent. The Assistant Palace Lord has asked me not to injure you on account that you were once a disciple of the Palace. We have already shown mercy," Sage Tianxing replied.

"I have entered White Cloud City. The Holy Zhi Palace may not harm me, but what about the White Cloud City Lord?" Ye Futian smiled and asked. "Is the Palace going to shield me from the White Cloud City Lord's anger?"

Sage Tianxing did not reply. Ye Futian had a self-mocking smile and said, "In a conflict between two parties, the Palace only restricts one side. What a joke.

"Once one has their self-interest at heart, their actions will no longer be fair and just. Since the Palace now has its interests, there is no longer any need to keep up the facade of righteousness." Ye Futian said slowly, "When the two Palace Lords appeared, the Palace was no longer a holy land."

The Holy Zhi Palace's self-interest was naturally Bai Luli!
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    《The Legend of Futian》