The Legend of Futian
689 Making a Mess out of the Barren State
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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689 Making a Mess out of the Barren State

Sage Tianxing and the Sword Demon stared at the battlefield in the air. The Sword Demon had been there to see Ye Futian in action back when he was entering the Holy Zhi Palace four years ago. He knew that the staff technique that Yuan Hong used was the same as the one used by Ye Futian back then. That was probably where they were connected. That staff technique was naturally suitable for the apes, and the evolution of the 81 Strikes of Heaven-traversing Staff Techniques was also apparent.

Did Yuan Hong see Ye Futian's immense potential and as such, passed down the staff techniques to him? Is Taihang Mountain trying to create a saint as well?

The aura in the air was terrifying. Many were shocked to their cores. Yuan Hong, who was ranked 18th on Barren Sky Ranking, defeated the one who ranked fourth on the same ranking. It was impossible for anyone to not find it shocking. It was no surprise why Yuan Hong and Ye Futian dared throw their weight around in White Cloud City; both of them came prepared.

The City Lord of White Cloud City lifted his head. The murderous intent in his cold eyes grew even more terrifying as he glared at that golden monster. It was totally unexpected for him to be beaten by a beast. He ranked fourth on Barren Sky Ranking and his renown as the City Lord of White Cloud City brought him immense prestige throughout the entire Barren State. There was no one who did not know him. He went on to fight yet another mighty one ranked on the Barren Sky Ranking after many years. The entire Barren State was watching. It was one fight he could not afford to lose.

Black devastating storms hung high in the sky. The entire space turned grey. The light of the spell scroll glittered. One painting after another was arranged in a stack, and a shadow emerged from the last one on the stack. The shadows that subsequently emerged were all that of the City Lord himself.

A pair of huge grey eyes appeared in the sky, devouring all powers in the vicinity and turned the space into a world of Eye Sorcery. Countless shadows of the City Lord appeared within Yuan Hong's mind, intending to put his mental powers on lockdown. The devastating storm whipped about outside.

Yuan Hong felt his Spiritual Will faltering, yet another storm of an even more terrifying nature coursed throughout his body. He stood while countless shadows of golden great apes appeared around him, dancing about, wielding the staff techniques. Irresistible powers emanated from the techniques, and Yuan Hong's body seemed to have resonated with the entire space around him. He lifted his head and let out a roar of the apes. Rumbling noises were heard as the countless shadows of golden great apes roared as well. Yuan Hong's body grew even larger, turning into something like a true golden ancient god. As he stood proud in the air, the powers of the world that were placed under lockdown seemed to be free of their shackles.

"Kill!" The City Lord conjured a shadow and boundless spiritual will went assaulting Yuan Hong's mind.

"Kill!" Yuan Hong uttered the same word with a roar. The Polearm of Divine Devastation was brought down upon the City Lord. Many felt themselves trembling within. They knew that if both parties ended up unable to kill each other, things would become peaceful between them as a ceasefire agreement would be reached. But if they were actually able to kill each other, neither of them would have hesitated to do so.

Devastating storms consumed the entire space they were in. The golden body, which resembled a demonic god, lashed out with a staff attack. The hearts of many jumped as if the attack was something meant for them as well. The scene was simply too terrifying to behold. Stifling sounds were heard as the formless storm engulfed the air. Many below closed their eyes, feeling as if they were being consumed by the storm.

When everything turned quiet after a while. Yuan Hong was caught panting, yet his golden body stood proud in the air. The City Lord was sent flying far away. His expression ashen and his clothes bloodied.

"The City Lord of White Cloud City has been defeated." The hearts of many jumped crazily. Bai Gu, who ranked fourth on the Barren Sky Ranking, lost to Yuan Hong of Taihang Mountain. Is the Barren State going to shake after this? There is no doubt that the ranking on the Barren Sky Ranking will see changes soon enough.

If the ranks were to be rearranged, Yuan Hong might have been able to take the place of the City Lord of White Cloud City after that battle and be ranked fourth.

The eyes of Sage Tianxing and the Sword Demon were practically frozen. That battle shook their minds as well. Yuan Hong of Taihang Mountain ventured outside and swore to protect Ye Futian in an unwavering manner. Now, he defeated the City Lord of White Cloud City to announce his presence. Even the Holy Zhi Palace would have been unable to ignore him after all that.

"You planning to snuff out Taihang Mountain?" Yuan Hong's voice boomed as he glared at the City Lord of White Cloud City coldly.

Bai Gu looked incredibly distressed. There was to be no talk of destroying Taihang Mountain, given that he was not even able to kill Yuan Hong. If he insisted on destroying Taihang Mountain, Yuan Hong could just crush White Cloud City right there and then.

Nobody was an island.

"Bai Gu, if you insisted on meddling with the affairs of my Third Brother after this battle, don't blame me if I go mess with Bai Luli," Ye Futian threatened him in a chilling tone. If the City Lord of White Cloud City dared lift a finger against Gu Dongliu again, Ye Futian would show him no mercy.

Sage Tianxing and the Sword Demon were practically frozen hearing Ye Futian's words. Bai Luli was more than just the young City Lord of White Cloud City. What Ye Futian said practically made him an enemy of the Holy Zhi Palace itself.

The Sword Demon sighed. If Yuan Hong had been crushed, things would have been simpler. Now, things in the Barren State would definitely take a turn for the worse. If Kong Yao of Zhisheng Cliffs was here, he would definitely not sit by idly and just watch.

"Grandpa Yuan, let's go," Ye Futian shouted. Yuan Hong nodded and lowered his body. Ye Futian leaped onto the ape's back and left with the rest of the demonic beasts from Taihang Mountain. The City Lord office of White Cloud City was left shivering as if the place were to fall anytime soon. The once renowned and prestigious White Cloud City was weakened considerably following that battle.

Taihang Mountain would be known to all in the world.

Bai Gu clenched his fists tight seeing Ye Futian and Yuan Hong leave. The murderous intent in his eyes was still as terrifying, yet the Sword Demon was seen cupping his hands and said, "Bai Gu, we will return to the Holy Zhi Palace."

"Right." Bai Gu nodded. The people of the Holy Zhi Palace left soon after as well. However, things were unable to quiet down in White Cloud City for a very long time. The news of that battle spread out throughout the Barren State at a frightening speed.

Gu Dongliu and Zhuge Mingyue were worried while inside the Zhuge family estate. Zhuge Qingfeng felt rather uneasy as well. While Ye Futian's action of bringing Yuan Hong of Taihang Mountain to White Cloud City had saved them from their predicament for the time being, the City Lord of White Cloud City had returned. What could Ye Futian and Yuan Hong have done about it?

At that moment, two silhouettes were descended from the airspace above Crouching Dragon Mountain. Many turned their heads to the sky and saw both silhouettes to be demonic beasts. One was a golden great ape while the other, a black wind condor.

"Are they from Taihang Mountain?" someone from the Zhuge family asked as the golden great ape was a symbol of Taihang Mountain.

Zhuge Qingfeng, Gu Dongliu, and the others took to the air. Seeing that black wind condor, Zhuge Mingyue said, "That is Little Brother's demonic beast."

The black wind condor shot down from the air and came before Zhuge Qingfeng and the others, it then said, "My master sent me to keep an eye on things here. If Bai Gu dares lift a finger against the Zhuge family, they will crush White Cloud City right away."

The black wind condor's words had Zhuge Qingfeng stunned. "You share a telepathic link with your master?"

"Indeed." The black wind condor nodded.

Zhuge Qingfeng felt himself trembling slightly inside. Ye Futian was apparently being serious. He had let a sage among the golden great apes bring the black wind condor to Crouching Dragon Mountain, while he and Yuan Hong went to White Cloud City.

"How are things on Little Brother's side?" Gu Dongliu asked. If they indeed shared a telepathic link, the beast would know what was happening there.

"The Holy Zhi Palace intervened and sent Sage Tianxing and the Sword Demon to White Cloud City to tell my master to leave. They fought against senior Yuan Hong and were defeated. The City Lord returned to the city and yet another battle broke out. The City Lord ended up being defeated," the black wind condor reported.

"What?" Surprise was seen in Zhuge Qingfeng's eyes. "Are you saying that Yuan Hong defeated Bai Gu?"

"Indeed. Senior Yuan Hong of Taihang Mountain has just left White Cloud City with my master. They are heading for Xuanwu City," the black wind condor nodded and elaborated. Zhuge Qingfeng breathed a sigh of relief. He had not expected things to unfold as such. However, he was hardly happy about how things turned out. In fact, he felt rather bothered about it all. The Holy Zhi Palace had gotten themselves involved in this, and he knew well what that meant. The Holy Zhi Palace's participation saddened him.

"Little Brother loved creating miracles," Zhuge Mingyue said with a smile. With the City Lord of White Cloud City defeated, he would probably never show up in the Zhuge family estate again.

"But Zhisheng Cliffs will probably not just let things slide," Gu Dongliu said softly. He felt heavy inside as well. He did not wish for anyone to get involved in this. Yet, what Ye Futian did for him had officially gotten him tangled up in the mess. Zhisheng Cliffs would probably hate him for it.

What happened in White Cloud City would take some time to reach Xuanwu City. Yuan Hong and Ye Futian got there at blinding speed. Zhuge Qingfeng went to greet him personally after they arrived at Crouching Dragon Mountain. His eyes looked rather peculiar seeing Ye Futian standing on the back of Yuan Hong. Yuan Hong had just defeated a figure ranked fourth on the Barren Sky Ranking. His name would have been known throughout the Barren State soon enough.

"Little Brother, you shouldn't have gotten yourself involved in this," Gu Dongliu said to Ye Futian. The storm would throw Ye Futian into the vortex. No one knew what lied ahead for him.

"Third Brother," Ye Futian looked at Gu Dongliu and said with a smile, "the students of the cottage will always stand together. No one is allowed to mess with any of us."

Seeing Ye Futian smile, Gu Dongliu smiled as well.

The news of that battle in White Cloud City eventually reached Xuanwu City and it kicked up quite a fuss. Furthermore, the news became the talk of the Barren State. The peace that had been kept in the Barren State was falling apart.

The mighty ones from Zhisheng Cliffs residing in Xuanwu City had, of course, caught wind of the news. Kong Yao had not anticipated that Yuan Hong, who ranked 18th on the Barren Sky Ranking, was actually able to defeat Bai Gu. Their plans had obviously failed. Now, with Yuan Hong siding with the Zhuge family, it became unthinkable for him to move them.

"I never thought a noble would have screwed up our plans," Zhan Xiao said with a cold tone. The source of the whole mess was Ye Futian, the one said to have been expelled from the Holy Zhi Palace.

"Zhan Xiao, you have any thoughts about this?" Kong Yao asked.

Zhan Xiao smiled and said, "Uncle, it is not something difficult to settle. With the Barren State being at peace for so many years, all of the forces have grown to harbor their personal agendas. Ye Futian had offended quite a number of them. Since he insists on getting involved in this, we will simply proceed to make a bigger mess out of the Barren State and have the forces of Barren State move against the Zhuge family."
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    《The Legend of Futian》