The Legend of Futian
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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697 Stand

Qin Zhong stood rooted to the ground as though the other battles around him had no relation to him. He only knew that he had been defeated.

He, who was undefeated in Yu State among his generation, had been defeated by Ye Futian today. The number one person under the Sage Plane in Zhisheng Cliffs had been defeated by the Barren State's most outstanding Noble Plane. Moreover, Ye Futian's cultivation level was lower than his.

He raised his head and stared at Ye Futian. Ye Futian's physical strength and his explosive power in battle, the rule power that he had understood were so strong. All this had caused him to be injured even though he had a deeper understanding of rule power. He would remember this battle.

There were countless geniuses in the Nine States. Even though many people claimed that he was the person with the strongest potential among the nine sons, he could not be too complacent. Now, in the Barren State, he had been defeated and his Brother Zhan Xiao had also been crushed by Gu Dongliu.

Then, what about the geniuses from the other seven states? Now, he had not entered the Sage Plane and had not interacted with any of the other states' experts. However, they should all be prodigies as well.

The other people also looked at the battle that had stopped and had mixed feelings. The people from the Palace were not here today. If they were, how would they feel? Previously, Qin Zhong had crushed Ximen Hanjiang in the Palace and nobody could stand up to him. Today, Ye Futian, who had been expelled from the Palace, continued his undefeated legacy. Even when he was up against a Son from the Yu State, the person with the most outstanding potential among the nine Sons. Ye Futian defeated him as a Grade Two Noble.

All the influential figures in the Barren State knew what this battle meant. Huang Xi, Xu Shang, and the others all looked at Ye Futian, the handsome teen standing in the air. He did not have any expression of delight after his victory, because he knew that his battle could not impact the situation. It was merely a pointless battle. To Ye Futian, he had only proven that the Zhisheng Cliffs' cultivators were not as high and mighty as they had thought. Even the most outstanding person within the generation could be defeated, proving his previous point.

"Potential to enter the Divine Path, huh," Huang Xi muttered to himself. It was rumored that Qin Zhong had the potential to become a Sage and had the most outstanding potential among the Zhisheng Cliffs' nine Sons. Then, now that Ye Futian had defeated Qin Zhong as a Grade Two Noble, what did it mean?

Ye Futian naturally also had the potential to become a Saint. Not only that, but this battle had proven that Ye Futian could battle Sage Plane figures as a Grade Two Noble. Although Qin Zhong was not a Sage, he should not be weaker than someone who just entered the Sage Plane.

Back then, Bai Luli had risen to fame in one battle. He had the divine teachings, and Sage Wanxiang had predicted that he had the potential to become a Saint. The Holy Zhi Palace had also sacrificed much for Bai Luli, even expelling Ye Futian from the Palace. The battle in the White Cloud City proved their stand even further. However, Ye Futian had now proven that he was not weaker than Bai Luli. Although they were unable to tell who was more outstanding because of the difference in cultivation level, nobody would dare to say with certainty that Bai Luli could defeat Ye Futian.

Then, was all that the Holy Zhi Palace had done for Bai Luli really worth it?

The Palace could have had two disciples with the potential to become Saints. Now, they were standing at opposing ends with no way back. Even the Palace was at loggerheads with Ye Futian.

Even outsiders like Huang Xi and Xu Shang felt pity and regret in their hearts. Although they were not from the Palace, they still had the same lamentation.

Huang Jiuge, Di Gang, Li Futu, Nan Hao, and many others from the younger generation also had mixed feelings. He had still not been defeated and was getting even stronger. Di Gang could already feel that if he battled with Ye Futian now, it would definitely not be like the battle a year ago. Now, Ye Futian could probably defeat him easily.

His father Di Kai had high hopes for him to enter the Divine Path. Now, to enable him to enter the Zhisheng Cliffs and be under the care of Kong Yao, his father did not hesitate to go to war against Zhuge Qingfeng. However, there was someone who he could never hope to outdo in the same generation in the Barren State.

He raised his head and looked at the battlefield in the air. Each time Kong Yao and Yuan Hong clashed in the air, the impact would make people's hearts shudder. However, Kong Yao's mindset had been affected, not because of his own battle, but because of an insignificant battle on the ground.

Qin Zhong, his teacher-nephew who cultivated in the same vein as him was the most outstanding young generation in the vein. Not just that, but Qin Zhong was extremely outstanding and had once been pointed out by a Saint, claiming that he had the potential to become a Saint and would enter the Divine Path in the future. After Qin Zhong entered the Sage Plane, he would have a chance to be taught by that Saint.

Thus, there were many voices in the Zhisheng Cliffs claiming that Qin Zhong was the most outstanding of the nine Sons. In the future, he would definitely become an influential figure in the Zhisheng Cliffs. To protect Qin Zhong, he, who was ninth on the Sage Ranking, was willing to sacrifice much.

This was the allure of the Saint Plane. Even a descendant with the potential to become a Saint was worth his elders protecting him like this. This was also a type of legacy. So, even though the battle between Qin Zhong and Ye Futian had no influence on the overall situation and could even be claimed as insignificant, Kong Yao's mindset had been affected. He had a doubtful thought, but he didn't know whether he was doubting: himself or Qin Zhong.

In the Barren State, Qin Zhong, who was protected by his vein, had been defeated by a Grade Two Noble.

At that moment, rod shadows filled the skies and crushed downwards. Kong Yao's mindset had been affected because of Qin Zhong's defeat, adding on to the fact that he had been unable to obtain a decisive victory, his movements slowed for a brief moment. When he raised his hand, Yuan Hong's Polearm of Divine Destruction had already struck down. With a deafening sound, the divine shadow was shattered and Kong Yao was slammed to the ground all the way from the skies.

Even so, he was still not injured. Yuan Hong's Saint-level ritual implement was a defensive ritual implement and his attacking ritual implement the Polearm of Divine Destruction was not at the Saint-level. For someone who had reached the limit of the Sage Plane, Yuan Hong would not be able to injure him no matter how strong he was.

In reality, the first ten in the Sage Ranking had all reached a bottleneck. Although they were unable to break through that restriction, they were unmatched in the Sage Plane. However, he was also unable to defeat Yuan Hong who had a Saint-level defensive ritual implement.

Similarly, on the other battlefield, although there were many experts on the Barren Sky Ranking who joined forces, Zhuge Qingfeng focused all his efforts on defense. With a Saint-level ritual implement, Yan Wuji and the others could not find a gap in his defenses. No matter what, Zhuge Qingfeng would not clash head-on with them.

He was naturally clear of the current situation. As long as he and Yuan Hong were not defeated or killed, it was sufficient to deter these people. They did not dare to move rashly, because at their level, as long as they lived, it was too easy for them to massacre the other party's younger generation. As long as they lived, the other party would not dare to make rash decisions. Especially now that Gu Dongliu and Ye Futian had exhibited their extraordinary potential, they understood it all the more. As long as they were alive, they had hope.

In the future, Ye Futian would definitely be able to traverse the Divine Path. At that time, no matter how much Zhisheng Cliffs wanted to deal with them, they would have to weigh the consequences.

With a bellowing roar, Yuan Hong crushed down from the skies, raising the Polearm of Divine Destruction in his hands and swinging it down upon the Nantian House Lord with the Godly Spear of Nantian. The swing contained the wrath of the heavens and the Godly Spear of Nantian raised his spear and swept towards the air. In an instant, countless spear shadows filled the heavens and the golden and silver rays clashed.

Boom. A deafening sound could be heard as the Godly Spear of Nantian was pummeled to the ground and both his legs sank into the ground. His arms that held his spear trembled lightly. Now, Yuan Hong's offensive ability was horrifying. How could he stand up to someone who could single-handedly deal with the White Cloud City Lord?

Yuan Hong did not stay for long and swung the Polearm of Divine Destruction towards others. Immediately, Yan Wuji and the others fell back and turned their gazes towards Kong Yao with resentment. They were already having it tough with Zhuge Qingfeng, but Kong Yao still let another elite battler, Yuan Hong, in. How were they going to continue battling?

"Yuan Hong's defensive ritual implement is the same as Zhuge Qingfeng's, they're both Saint-level. It can weaken my offense, I can't damage him," Kong Yao said. He could not break through the defense of a Saint-level ritual implement, so Kong Yao understood that even if they continued battling, he would not be able to take down Yuan Hong alone. The people on the ground would also be hard-pressed to take down Zhuge Qingfeng.

"Even so, we must continue battling." Yan Wuji's expression was sharp like a blade that had been removed from its sheath. They were at the point of no return, so they had to bite the bullet and continue. They had previously thought that the battle would be easy. With Kong Yao's strength, he could crush Yuan Hong and kill him, then deal with Zhuge Qingfeng without any hesitation.

Kong Yao seemed to have lost the desire that he had before. He looked at Qin Zhong and Zhan Xiao, Zhan Xiao had been injured by Gu Dongliu, and it was only with the help of Zhisheng Cliffs' archmages that he was not killed by Gu Dongliu on the spot. Qin Zhong continued to stand there quietly, but the impact of his defeat could not be erased. After vomiting blood, Qin Zhong was not at peak condition.

"All the people here today, do you not have opinions?" Kong Yao looked at the other influential figures in the surroundings. However, they all watched silently. It was not that they didn't want to become a Saint, but everyone had their own thinking. Especially after seeing Yuan Hong's Saint-level ritual implement, they knew that if there was no outcome in today's battle, nobody knew how it would progress in the future.

Although Zhisheng Cliffs was the holy land in the Yu State and had Saint Plane cultivators, the Saint Plane experts would not come personally to the Barren State. They might not even know about this matter. After all, they were legendary figures. There were so many people cultivating in Zhisheng Cliffs and so many things happening every day. How could they report everything to the Saints? Sending Kong Yao to handle this matter was already taking it very seriously.

"We should deliberate on Gu Dongliu's words. Does Zhisheng Cliffs need to investigate the matter? Don't accuse others carelessly." At that moment, a voice sounded. Kong Yao turned around with a glint in his eye. Not only Kong Yao, but Yan Wuji and the others looked at the person who had spoken with a sharp expression. Now, they were already standing on the Zhisheng Cliffs' side to deal with Zhuge Qingfeng, there was already no way out.

Investigate? This person was speaking for Gu Dongliu?

If the matter was really like Gu Dongliu had said, would Zhisheng Cliffs leave and punish Zhan Xiao? By then, it would be Yuan Hong and Zhuge Qingfeng looking for them for revenge.

However, the person who had spoken was also an elite figure in the Barren State, the fifth on the Barren Sky Ranking, the Sovereign Family Leader, Huang Xi. Nobody expected that he would say such things. His words had shown his standpoint, evidently, he was on the Crouching Dragon Mountain's side!
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    《The Legend of Futian》