The Legend of Futian
713 Breaking the Seal
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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713 Breaking the Seal

Kong Yao, ninth on the Nine States' Sage Ranking, the number one person under the Saint Plane in Zhisheng Cliffs. He had seen countless talents, the Zhisheng Cliffs' generations of nine Sons were all people with outstanding potential. However, at this moment, in the declining Barren State, a Noble was pointing at him and asking whether he knew what potential was. However, he had no comeback.

He had indeed never seen such talent.

To comprehend such complete rule power as a Grade One Noble, a prodigy could do it. To comprehend a strong and complete rule power needed an elite prodigy like Qin Zhong who had the potential to become a Saint. However, even many Sage Plane cultivators could not comprehend spatial rule power, not to mention comprehending complete spatial rule power as a Noble.

Today, he had been exposed to something new. He had met a genius in the Barren State. What a pity. The same with Gu Dongliu. If he had met them earlier, he could have inducted them into the Zhisheng Cliffs. However, they were now enemies.

He was thinking, what is the Head Saint's intention for wanting to capture them alive? Should I disable their powers first to prevent any potential issues?

Ye Futian was so impudent in front of him. Evidently, he hated him very much. Moreover, the ties between the two parties could not be mitigated. Ye Futian also understood that was why he dared to be so insolent. Kong Yao had wanted to touch the people from Crouching Dragon Mountain, so there was no difference between offending him or not. Even if he was not insolent, Kong Yao would not let him off either.

"Liu Chan, will you do it or will the Zhisheng Cliffs have to?" Kong Yao asked coldly.

Liu Chan's heart clenched. At that moment, he was extremely troubled. He had expelled Ye Futian personally. Now, outside the Holy Zhi Palace, Ye Futian had shown his potential to the entire Barren State. As a Grade One Noble, he had comprehended multiple rule powers as well as the starry laws and spatial rule power. He had managed to do what countless Sage Plane figures had failed to.

He wanted to prove that he was more outstanding than Bai Luli. In a sense, he had done it, although Bai Luli had also comprehended complete rule power as a Grade One Noble, the spatial rule power was enough to wipe out all his accomplishments.

Had he been wrong?

Gu Dongliu had questioned him, Ye Futian had questioned him. Now, doubts appeared in his mind.

"Liu Chan, I want to see the battle between the two most outstanding teens in the Barren State. Since Ye Futian wants to challenge Bai Luli, the Palace should grant him this wish," the Sovereign Family's Huang Xi also chipped in. Although Ye Futian had revealed such exceptional potential, it was theoretically impossible for him to defeat Bai Luli. However, since he had said that he was the one who killed Zhan Xiao, this meant that Ye Futian still had a trump card up his sleeve.

What was this trump card of his?

"Liu Chan, the Holy Zhi Palace claims to have a single Will for the Barren State to have a Saint. Now, there is a person with the potential to become a Saint in front of you. I want to see if the Palace will practice what they preach," You Chi said coolly. They were already at a point where Ye Futian's potential was undisputed. If Qin Zhong and Bai Luli could do it, Ye Futian should also be able to.

A glint appeared in Kong Yao's eyes. These people had all come today to attempt to sway the Holy Zhi Palace? They were courting death.

"Take them down. Kill whoever attempts to stop us," Kong Yao declared abruptly in an overbearing yet ruthless tone. His words weighed down on everyone as the experts from Zhisheng Cliffs stepped forward.

Liu Chan raised his head and looked in the direction of Zhisheng Cliffs. He naturally knew how strong the Zhisheng Cliffs' experts were. After Zhan Xiao's death, there were people who had returned to the Zhisheng Cliffs to report the matter. Kong Yao did not go back, but afterward, in the group of experts that had come from the Zhisheng Cliffs, two of them were experts on the Sage Ranking.

There were 81 Sages on the Nine States' Sage Ranking. Among them, eight were from the Yu State and the Zhisheng Cliffs had sent three here. Moreover, Kong Yao had previously been at a disadvantage because of Zhuge Qingfeng and Yuan Hong's Saint ritual implements, and one of their nine Warriors, Zhan Xiao, had died in the Barren State. The Zhisheng Cliffs would definitely return prepared.

This time, Kong Yao had entered the Palace with an even more dominant might and was more confident. Zhuge Qingfeng, Yuan Hong and Sage Douzhan all around Ye Futian, shielding him in the middle.

The Zhisheng Cliffs' experts traveled through the air with an astonishing air of suppression. The two at the front were an elder and a teen who looked surprisingly young but had an extremely sharp aura.

"These two are on the Sage and Saint Ranking," Sage Douzhan said with a somber expression.

Three experts on the Sage Ranking had come today. From his knowledge, the younger archmage, Ge Feng, was the number one Warrior in the Zhisheng Cliffs' previous generation. Now, he was the disciple of the Zhisheng Cliffs' Saint. Ge Feng was one of the successors to the Zhisheng Cliffs who had the chance to become a Saint. He had a terrifying battle ability.

The elder was also a terrifying figure. The rule power he excelled in was ash. It was an extremely strong rule power created by combining flame rule power and transmutation. His name was Nie Yan and he killed people indiscreetly. Many people died in his hands in every battle of the Divine Path.

"An expert on the Barren Sky Ranking?" Nie Yan looked at Zhuge Qingfeng and commented. Sixth on the Barren Sky Ranking, would he be able to be ranked last on the Sage Ranking?

The Nine States' Sage and Saint Ranking had 81 Sages. Apart from the Barren State, the other eight states had approximately ten Sages each who could enter the ranking. That meant that even the last on the Sage Ranking was one of the top ten in their state. However, the Barren State did not have a Saint and was ranked last in the Nine States. Sixth on the Barren Sky Ranking was probably somewhere around the end of the Sage Ranking.

Nie Yan's eyes suddenly turned dark red. In an instant, the Spiritual Qi in the vast area became illusory. Under the influence of his eyes, Ye Futian had a feeling like his body would be burned to ashes. Rule power was omnipresent. With his current cultivation level, he could not withstand a rule power attack by an elite Sage Plane expert.

Zhuge Qingfeng had already taken out his ritual implement. The eight trigrams matrix shone in the area, surrounding Ye Futian within it as well.

Nie Yan looked at Zhuge Qingfeng, strands of dark red aura flowing in the area, enveloping the eight trigrams matrix. They then assaulted all of Zhuge Qingfeng's phantoms. At the same time, a silver three-pronged halberd appeared in Ge Feng's hands. A stunning light emitted from it, tearing through the air.

Hum. Ge Feng rushed down, thrusting his three-pronged halberd at the eight trigrams matrix. Immediately, the silver light swooped towards the clouds. Thunder struck down from the heavens onto the three-pronged halberd. In that moment, rays of destructive silver light appeared in the area like a Thunder Raid.

"Be careful!" many people shouted as they dodged the rays.

"Disciples, return to the Palace!" Liu Chan shouted. Thunderous sounds echoed as a shocking sight appeared. The ground outside the Palace split apart and cracks appeared. The land had been torn apart. Cracks were also appearing in the eight trigrams matrix.

"Saint-level ritual implement," many people looked at the three-pronged halberd in Ge Feng's hands and commented. Even the Barren State had multiple Saint-level ritual implements; Yu State would naturally have them too. However, Zhisheng Cliffs' Saint-level ritual implements were all controlled by Saints. Those under the Saint Plane were not worthy of having Saint ritual implements and Zhisheng Cliffs would only loan them out under special circumstances, such as today.

Crash. Yuan Hong stepped forward, the Polearm of Divine Destruction smashing downward.

In the surroundings, the Zhisheng Cliffs' experts headed towards Ye Futian. Sage Douzhan's body suddenly became even more burly as he released his Douzhan Body. Horrifying rays penetrated his body and in an instant, an exceedingly terrifying force erupted from his body. Stepping forward, his Douzhan Body crushed down like a battle god and the Zhisheng Cliffs' experts immediately retreated.

"Douzhan." Liu Chan looked at Sage Douzhan. Wanxiang had predicted that the Palace would meet a calamity today. Douzhan going into battle with Zhisheng Cliffs would undoubtedly put the Palace in peril.

"Liu Chan, since you can't even control the Palace's people, I will help you do it," Kong Yao said coldly and stepped forward as well. With just one step, a terrifying giant elephant appeared in the skies, crushing down on everything. Sage Douzhan's fists flew across the air and a golden glowing fist caused the giant elephant to implode.

"Humph." Kong Yao humphed coldly and looked at Ye Futian who was protected by Douzhan. He said coldly, "I said that whoever dares to stop Zhisheng Cliffs will be killed. What makes you think that you can protect him?" As his voice landed, he stepped forward. Multiple giant elephants crushed down on them and Sage Douzhan's body emitted brilliant light, his Douzhan Body keeping them at bay.

"Master." Ye Futian raised his head and looked at Sage Douzhan, then turned to look at Liu Chan with a frigid expression, saying, "Is this the path that you have insisted on following?"

Liu Chan fell silent.

At that moment, the other experts from the Zhisheng Cliffs walked towards Ye Futian, releasing their rule power.

"Little Brother." A voice sounded and Ye Futian was stunned. He then lowered his head and looked in the direction of the voice. He saw a person dressed in simple clothing walking towards him. As he saw the figure, Ye Futian lowered his head in disappointment. Even Big Brother came? Even he had been implicated in this turmoil.

"Big Brother," Ye Futian called out to him.

"Brother." Zhuge Mingyue saw the figure and her gaze was also fixed on him. She had not seen her Big Brother for many years, but he was still the same as before—calm, simple, so ordinary yet extraordinary.

Many people looked at the figure who had appeared. Zhuge Mingyue and Ye Futian's Brother? Another person from the Eastern Barren Territory. But what difference would he make?

"The Holy Zhi Palace has already given the order to arrest you and Dongliu, why do you even harbor any hopes for them?" The Sword Saint looked at Ye Futian and continued saying, "What holy land is this? What a disgrace to its reputation."

Ye Futian fell silent. This situation could only be resolved by the Palace, so he still had hopes for it. However, even after he had revealed his potential, he was not even given the chance to prove himself.

"Big Brother, why did you come?" Ye Futian sighed.

"The Cottage's disciples are being bullied and Master is not around. As the Big Brother, how could I not show up?" The Sword Saint smiled and continued, "Even if we have to fight to the death, I should be the first." As he said that, he took out the broadsword on his back. Broadsword Will rushed into the broadsword and broke its seal. In an instant, terrifying dark energy devoured the Sword Saint's body, engulfing every part of his body!
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    《The Legend of Futian》