The Legend of Futian
715 Civil War in the Holy Zhi Palace
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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715 Civil War in the Holy Zhi Palace

Bai Gu, City Lord of White Cloud City, was standing against Huang Yi of the Sovereign family. Both figures were ranked fourth and fifth on the Barren Sky Ranking respectively.

Xu Shang and Yan Wuji both drew their swords and faced each other. Both of them were the most powerful swordsmen found in the Barren State. One practiced the God-slaying Sword while the other practiced the Wuji Sword. Devastating storm of sword aura whipped around both of them.

Other than that, the Godly Spear of Nantian was also stopped by Monk Qingdeng. Chen Yuan, Mu Chuan, and Long Ao got in the way of the Head of the Sacred Fire Sect. Almost all who came to watch the fight were embroiled in the storm and it seemed as if a war was about to begin.

Ye Futian, the one standing at the center of the storm, looked at everything around him feeling mixed. They were many seniors and elders who came out to fight for his sake. While none of them actually clashed directly with Zhisheng Cliffs, it was a sentiment he would hold close to his heart.

There were many who were simply little more than mere acquaintances to him and they had only met several times, so much so that they had almost no relation to speak of. The most that could have been said was that he was acquainted with people of their later generations and he trained with them in the Holy Zhi Palace. That was all far less than adequate to actually have such great figures getting involved with such a mess.

Liu Chan remained standing where he was as he scanned the place. The fiercest battle was the one taking place in midair. That was a battle between those at their pinnacle; a battle fought between the best below the Sage Plane. Kong Yao controlled the divine elephant and unleashed its rules to the limit with the bronze holy item as support. Every single attack felt as if the earth was about to collapse, being crushed under his feet.

The Sword Saint's blade flashes shot through the air, and boundless aura and power of rules seemed to have flowed into his body in reverse. Every single slash felt as if it was capable of cutting the space apart. Liu Chan admitted that even if he were to fight one of them, he would have been suppressed. He had never expected the Eldest Brother of Ye Futian, who came from the Eastern Barren Territory, actually had a demonic blade which was capable of producing such terrifying power.

He had also never expected the Sovereign family, Alchemy City, Xu Shang, and many others ranked in high places on the Barren Sky Ranking would have actually acted and fought for Ye Futian.

Liu Chan felt that he was able to vaguely understand such feelings. They were not asking for anything in return. In fact, the risk of getting involved in this battle far exceeded the reward. Zhisheng Cliffs was, after all, a true force with saints, and what they did there was similar to what the Holy Zhi Palace had been doing to protect Bai Luli. Those people went to appreciate a talent so immensely that they were unwilling to let someone with potential for sainthood perish right there and then, which was why they were willing to do anything in their power to fight for Ye Futian. Liu Chan appreciated such an attitude immensely and he was unable to blame those who acted. There was no right or wrong in that particular case. If there was anyone or anything to be blamed, it would have been fate.

He turned his gaze at Ye Futian, which became incredibly determined in an instant. His eyes glowed with determination to see his way through, as if he had made a resolution.

"Take him." Liu Chan said coldly.

"Liu Chan." Sage Douzhan stood by Ye Futian's side and protected him. He shouted in anger and his large eyes were filled with coldness.

Liu Chan actually ordered to take Ye Futian down? Isn't all this enough already? The boy has already shown his extreme genius level of talents and potential for sainthood. Many top-tier figures came to stand by Ye Futian and are willing to fight for him.

"Douzhan," Liu Chan shouted, "I understand what you're thinking but what I'm doing here is for the sake of the Holy Zhi Palace and for the Barren State. There is no other choice with things coming to this state. The only thing to do to end all this is to take him. If you still remember who you are, then move aside."

Many mighty ones ranked on Barren Sky Ranking moved and fought for none other than Ye Futian. Almost all who ranked top ten seemed to have gotten themselves involved in this mess, and Zhisheng Cliffs was adamant to take him. If things were to escalate any further, it would be anyone's guess what would become of the Barren State and how many forces would be in jeopardy.

It would have been a catastrophe involving all of the Barren State.

The end had long been decided and it was up to Liu Chan to end it all.

"For the Holy Zhi Palace, for Barren State." Sage Douzhan turned his eyes to look at the Holy Zhi Palace and said, "I've said it once. The Holy Zhi Palace has rotted and so it should be reconfigured. There is no construction without destruction, yet you remained attached to how the place is now, Liu Chan. If that is the case, there is no hope for the Holy Zhi Palace's restoration. Having the Barren State be great again is all but a delusion. You have no courage to face it all and yet you want to create a saint. But just think about it, are those legendary figures something you can just simply create?"

"Douzhan, the Barren State is already a mess and I don't want to see the Holy Zhi Palace splintering. I don't want to fight you," Liu Chan said looking at Sage Douzhan.

"Then I guess I'll have to see for myself what you're capable of, Palace Lord." Sage Douzhan took a step forward and his Douzhan body stood regal and tall in the air, looking immensely solemn and imposing.

"Brother." Sage Jingang looked at that scene and did not know how to feel.

Liu Chan kept his eyes still at Sage Douzhan and went silent for a moment. He then said, "Tianxing."

Sage Tianxing walked up just as soon as Liu Chan, a sword appearing in his hand. The sword looked to be the Sword of Punishment, shining bright with Light of Punishment and pulsing with devastating flashes.

Sage Douzhan looked at the scene and said, very disappointed, "I take it that you even got the holy item prepared then?"

"Douzhan, you know this sword. It is the Sword of Punishment left behind by the previous saint. He who holds this sword will be in charge of all punishments going on in the Holy Zhi Palace. One could advise with the sword in hand even if the Palace Lord were to turn their back on the will of the Holy Zhi Palace. Are you sure you want to turn your back on the will of the Holy Zhi Palace?" Sage Tianxing said while staring at Sage Douzhan.

"Teacher, just let it be." Ye Futian was seen with immense disappointment. He had come with the intention of getting even just to get an opportunity to fight Bai Luli, to prove to the Holy Zhi Palace that they were wrong. However, things happened just as he had expected. The Holy Zhi Palace never even gave him a chance. Liu Chan remained fixated at his own will even though he had gone showcasing his talents.

The Holy Zhi Palace was now determined to take him down. As such, it would have changed nothing even if his Eldest Brother was to participate in all that. Just as Liu Chan put it himself, the end had already been decided and there was simply no need for more unnecessary sacrifices, getting so many seniors and elders into the mess by fighting for his sake. He looked at Liu Chan and felt immensely disappointed. He was disappointed at the place that he used to train in.

"Futian, this is more than just your fight now. It is now my fight too." Sage Douzhan said, "This concerns my beliefs. I've always thought that my ordeal would take place during the path to attaining sainthood, but I never thought it'd happen right inside the Holy Zhi Palace. What irony indeed." Sage Douzhan walked out as soon as he finished. Limitless power burst and dazzling golden lights permeated through his body.

"Douzhan. You're a really stubborn one indeed," Sage Tianxing said coldly. He took one step and terrifying power of rules permeated the air around them. He gathered aura with his hand and lashed out with the sword. The Light of Punishment took the form of crosses and hashtags, criss-crossing with each other as they cut the air before them.

Boom. Sage Douzhan stepped out, and his body seemed divine. His tanned skin burst with dazzling golden light. He stood still when the attack came, letting the light cut on his physical body. However, they left only gashes and were unable to break him open.

Sage Douzhan, the number one body refiner in the Barren State. His body had been refined to the limits of refinement. He lifted his fist and threw out a punch. An incredibly huge golden arm appeared in the air, lifting its fist high and bringing it down on Sage Tianxing.

Sage Tianxing's expression was incredibly cold. Such was the boundless power of Sage Douzhan, lord of Battle Sage Palace of the Holy Zhi Palace, and the one who ranked seventh on the Barren Sky Ranking. His rules were power itself; extreme forces capable of shaking anything and everything.

Sage Tianxing continued lashing out with his sword, a huge golden net appearing before them, formed by countless Light of Punishment in cross form, covering the incoming overbearing punch and cutting it up right there and then.

Boundless light glimmered and that huge fist of power was torn apart, yet the extremely overbearing fist will continued its path. Sage Tianxing slashed with his sword. Only then was he able to stop the attack. His body was thrown backward and he looked incredibly distressed. He was still a lord of the Tianxing Pavilion of the Holy Zhi Palace, after all. Yet he was still thrown back in a fight despite being armed with a ritual implement.

Sage Tianxing held the sword tight and another even more terrifying power burst from his body. His beaming eyes looked at the air above and beams of light appeared. Countless streaks of Light of Punishment appeared and formed the word of punishment, circling around Sage Douzhan's body and went on to cover everything in it. Sage Tianxing stood in the center of all that, as if he was the master of punishment.

"Douzhan, stand back. Your physical body might be powerful, but you cannot do anything facing the Sword of Punishment," Sage Tianxing said coldly and sword aura flowed into the countless Light of Punishment around them, ready to unleash terrifying killing moves any time.

"Tianxing, you might still be in charge of punishments in the Holy Zhi Palace, but you have lost your beliefs," Sage Douzhan said, and even more powerful light burst out of his body. The Seven Star Acupoints went all open from the top of his head to all of his limbs. Dazzling light burst through his body and Sage Douzhan looked as if he was a god of war at the moment. He lifted his arms high, and with a roar, threw both of his fists in the air. Countless huge golden fists filled the air in an instant, lashing out at the void.

"Kill!" Sage Tianxing yelled coldly. Countless killing beams emanating from the word of punishment clashed with the golden fists punching through the air, exploding violently.

Sage Tianxing's body broke out like a bolt of lightning and lashed out with his sword, throwing Punishment of Light, intending to pierce the Douzhan Body.

"Break!" Sage Tianxing roared and boundless Light of Punishment exploded with that sword move. Sage Douzhan's body was immensely formidable, yet there was no stopping the sword of a saint.

Sage Douzhan clenched his fist and his battle form looked like an indestructible god of war. Boundless light shone, breaking up that invincible body bit by bit. The sword arrived as cracks formed. Countless beams of light pierced through yet at the same time, Sage Douzhan's arm lashed out and his battle form threw out an overbearing punch at Sage Tianxing as well.

Devastating light whipped around the surrounding air. The battle form exploded and was destroyed. Sage Douzhan's physical body was pierced and streaks of blood were seen. But at the same time, Sage Tianxing was sent flying with one punch. The bones all over his body were shattered. If Sage Douzhan had not been pulling punches, refraining from going all out, Sage Tianxing would have died.
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    《The Legend of Futian》