The Legend of Futian
717 Death of Tianxing
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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717 Death of Tianxing

The lotus lamp fell before Ye Futian. Hua Qingqing's silhouette was vaguely seen as the lamplight shone at the middle of Ye Futian's brow. Ye Futian's spiritual power radiated through the vast surroundings around him. His entire body seemed to have become dazzlingly bright. It was as if he was a regal ancient Buddha. Sounds of chantings were heard around in the air, resonating with Ye Futian's spiritual will.

"Hua Qingqing," Ye Futian spoke telepathically.

"It is me, experiencing the power in tranquility," Hua Qingqing returned. Ye Futian felt as if the power of Spiritual Qi and rules resonated with his own spiritual powers. Those violent scenes of battle melded with his mind, resulting in his spiritual powers becoming incredibly powerful.

Liu Chan shivered inside again. Monk Qingdeng had taken in a student of very special talents. However, Liu Chan himself cared little about matters of the younger generation outside of those studying in the Holy Zhi Palace. He had never expected that this student would have been that special.

Is that lamp the Sarira Lamp told in Buddhist legends?

Is the Buddhist theory of reincarnation real?

Why do so many mystical, special people keep appearing around Ye Futian?

"I'd like to hear that song on Sky Mountain," Hua Qingqing's voice said inside Ye Futian's mind. She loved the sound of the guqin as well.

Ye Futian nodded and conjured a guqin before him. It was the guqin belonging to Liu Kuangsheng, the Nine-fingered Guqin Devil, as well as the guqin in the Guqin Valley of the Holy Zhi Palace.

Liu Chan stepped out and pointed at Ye Futian. Beams of the finger's power shot forth, bringing boundless light to the air. Hua Jieyu stepped forward and unleashed her Life Spirit. She wore an incredibly dazzling crown and looked absolutely overbearing. Her pitch black eyes looked at Liu Chan, and a formless spiritual wall appeared all of a sudden. The godlike wall halted all of the beams raining down before blowing them up, bringing incredibly devastating power to bear.

"The most powerful power a Divine Spiritual Sorcerer lies within their thoughts, which are able to reach the gods." A cold voice was heard in Hua Jieyu's mind. At the very next moment, Hua Jieyu felt that incredibly powerful spiritual will power taking form in some formless hand, lashing out directly at Liu Chan. Shapeless handprints appeared all over the air. Liu Chan felt as if his spiritual will power was directly sealed. He looked at that power which permeated the space with a very awful expression.

"Break." Terrifying spiritual will power burst, manifesting into countless spots of light tearing that formless power apart. However, Hua Jieyu moved forward right afterward, and her steps made Liu Chan feel tremendous pressure bearing on him. He, of course, knew that it was not Hua Jieyu that he was facing, but some cultivator who was like Hua Jieyu and probably a Divine Spiritual Sorcerer at the Saint Plane, who was simply borrowing Hua Jieyu's body and will to unleash her powers.

Did some Divine Spiritual Sorcerer at the Saint Plane whose physical body was destroyed take an interest in Hua Jieyu?

"Thunder Punishment." A cold voice was heard from Hua Jieyu's mouth. Streaks of spiritual lightning fell from the heavens. The attack seemed to be taking no form still, bombarding Liu Chan's mind directly. He felt as if his will was going to be torn to shreds. The attack was simply too terrifying as there were no signs to read. It was a spiritual type spell attack that went straight for his mind, after all.

A bright light flashed in Liu Chan's hand and a fearsome ritual implement was conjured in his hand. That was a willow whip. The aura emanating from it was powerful enough to shake souls. It was also a fearsome offensive ritual implement passed down through the generations in the Holy Zhi Palace—the God-beating Whip.

Liu Chan flicked his arm and swung the whip around, tearing that formless attack apart in no time. Hua Jieyu grunted. Her attacks were unleashed from her spiritual will, and any attacks she suffered would also directly hurt her mind.

Music was heard in the air from another direction while they were still facing off. The Spiritual Qi in the air seemed to have been affected by the sound of the guqin, flowing in a rather special rhythm. Sad, withered tones were heard in the song. The Ukiyo song sounded rather different being played at such a time and place.

Many who were fighting turned their attention to Ye Futian. A terrible storm seemed to have whipped around his body and was spreading out in his surroundings in a frightening speed, seemingly out to take control of all the Spiritual Qi in the air.

"Do it." A cold voice was heard. It was Ning Xian of the Ning clan. He led a group of mighty ones from Tianxing Pavilion and went for Ye Futian.

Ye Futian seemed oblivious to all of that as he kept his low playing his guqin. The rhythm of the song was a fast and torrential one. Glittering lights enveloped Ye Futian's body, shining in sync with that lotus lamp. Ning Xian went up to the air right above Ye Futian, holding a golden halberd, then shot straight down for Ye Futian. Beams of light from the halberd shot forth with the full intention of killing Ye Futian where he sat. There were also few others who went attacking Ye Futian as well. No one had expected the fights that day to be so violent, not even Ye Futian himself.

Terrifying attacks came at him, yet the Spiritual Qi moving with a mystical flow in the air turned into power of rules. The beams of the golden halberd halted right before Ye Futian as if they were frozen in place. They stopped short of piercing through Ye Futian's brain.

The frozen space grew wider and wider, and Ning Xian found his body getting stiff as the wave of frozen space reached him. The space where he was became completely frozen and everything seemed to be reaching an absolute halt.

Ning Xian's expression turned as he lowered his head to look Ye Futian. Is that lotus lamp amplifying his powers? How can he be this powerful?

The sound of the guqin was still around. Ning Xian felt his spiritual power severely restricted. It was as if he had no way of melding his will with his surrounding Spiritual Qi. It was not just him who suffered, as everyone who moved against Ye Futian suffered the same feeling.

The wind blew and turned into a terrifying hurricane capable of tearing everything apart. That hurricane went straight for Ning Xian and the others around him. Ning Xian reached out to sense the hurricane's power, and his expression turned for the worse. The hurricane was an offensive spell imbued with powers of rules of wind, instead of just pure wind power. He wanted to escape but found his movements extremely sluggish, as if he had no way of moving. The hurricane cut through the air like blades as it sped at them, which then landed cuts on all of their throats.

Ning Xian's body shivered as it went limp, his eyes filled with terror.

Zhhhh... Splattering sounds continued to be heard as everyone who moved against Ye Futian had their throats slit.

The Sword Demon and Sage Daozang closed their eyes as the scene before them unfolded, feeling pity for those Ye Futian killed. They were, after all, still mighty ones from the Holy Zhi Palace.

But can we blame Ye Futian for doing this? Having been cornered like this, Ye Futian probably has no love left for the Holy Zhi Palace. We can't expect this former student of the Holy Zhi Palace to show any more mercy.

They all knew that Ye Futian came to the palace without expecting to leave alive. He wanted only a chance to let the Holy Zhi Palace allow him to fight Bai Luli, so as to prove himself and change the will of the palace. It was a chance he did not get, and that set the ending in motion. However, what happened right there was probably far beyond what Ye Futian had expected. There were many who did not want him dead, and that included many of the great figures in Barren State.

Sage Tianxing face turned incredibly sour as he witnessed that very scene. All of those who were killed were mighty ones from Tianxing Pavilion. Spiritual will burst from his trembling body. The Divine Sword of Punishment shot out to the air. While his body was unable to move, his spiritual will was still intact, and it was still possible for him to guide the sword to kill Ye Futian.

Extremely cold murderous intent was seen in Sage Tianxing's eyes.

Light of Punishment glittered as the sword got closer to kill Ye Futian.

"Stop." Hua Jieyu turned around. Her terrifying spiritual thought ordered the sword to stop right there and then. However, Liu Chan's God-beating Whip struck and she grunted, spewing blood and her face turned ashen.

"Kill!" Ye Futian shouted in rage. His voice was extremely cold. Sage Tianxing, who was standing far away, was able to feel the power of rules which enabled the space to be frozen. That instant was followed by golden vines going straight for him like blades.

Sage Tianxing's pupils dilated as he attempted to resist by trying to control the power of rules but quickly found all such powers around him were rendered unusable.

Pffttt! Cold vines landed right on him, piercing his brow, throat, and heart, nailing his body to a cliff in the Palace.

"No!" Liu Chan in rage. The Lord of Tianxing Pavilion had been killed right before the Holy Zhi Palace.

He turned his eyes to Sage Douzhan and then at the Sword Demon and Sage Daozang. He found a ridiculous feeling welling inside him.

So this is where the true ordeal of the Holy Zhi Palace is?

The hearts of the people of the Holy Zhi Palace were divided, and then Sage Tianxing was found dead in battle. There were also many of those who ranked on the Barren Sky Ranking standing against the Holy Zhi Palace.

The Holy Zhi Palace that was once the beacon of faith of the Barren State.

He dedicated himself to the Holy Zhi Palace and the Barren State. How did it all come to this?

He thought that taking out Ye Futian would be adequate to cut losses to the minimum. But how did the battles get so brutally bloody? He was unable to understand any of it. His heart trembled violently and he doubted himself.

"Was this the ending you wanted?" Ye Futian's cold voice reverberated in Liu Chan's mind. He looked up at the young man who was still playing the guqin, and Hua Jieyu who was being possessed by a saint.

His hand that was holding the whip shivered. Liu Chan closed his eyes in pain. At the very next moment, he swung the God-beating Whip in his hand about. Countless light of particles shone in the air, gushing at the whip. In that very instant, it seemed as if the whip had turned into a howling dragon, imbued with power out to tear everything apart.

Ye Futian kept his head low as he played his guqin. His spiritual will radiated in the air, enveloping his body. Power of rules of space freezing was unleashed yet again. However, the swinging whip tore the power of rules around it apart, restricting the use of the space freezing rules.

Sage Wanxiang, in the Wanxiang Pavilion within the palace, looked at the Holy Zhi Palace completely submerged in the light of the ordeal. The entire palace crumbled with even the main palace destroyed, yet a light of hope seemed to have emerged from the ruins of the Holy Zhi Palace.

Sage Wanxiang trembled violently within.

How did things turn out this way? Was Douzhan really right about it all?

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    《The Legend of Futian》