The Legend of Futian
725 New Leader
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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725 New Leader

Ye Futian's wedding day finally arrived. On that day, the winding staircase from the bottom of Book Mountain all the way to the top was filled with people. Most of them were people from all over the Eastern Barren Territory who showed up to celebrate the event. It was only natural for the Sword Saint not to stand in the way of all the people who attended the event and offer their best wishes, which led to the grand scene where the place became filled with people everywhere.

Book Mountain was all rowdy and festive with everyone talking about the wedding to be held, as well as the ones—Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu, Yu Sheng, and Ye Wuchen—involved.

"Thinking back all those years ago when the Qin Dynasty wanted to reign supreme all over the Eastern Barren Territory, conferring the royal prince his title and sending mighty ones out, Ye Futian, who had studied in the cottage, showed his mettle for the first time and caused a massive sensation. The third student, Gu Dongliu and the second student, Zhuge Mingyue, of the Cottage, followed by demonstrating their impressive capabilities, taking down the Qin Dynasty and the mighty ones of the Donghua clan. Within a period of several years, Zhuge Mingyue and Gu Dongliu were said to have become sages like the Sword Saint. Ye Futian is about to get married as well. All that felt like a dream and time really did fly by."

"The new is replacing the old. Mighty ones of Noble Planes are impressive like none other all those years before. Ye Wuchen went on his pilgrimage for several years and came back to cut down the Liu Kingdom's old princes and ministers. Even Grade One Nobles ended up being cut down with a single slash of the sword. So what did that all mean? I'm afraid all three bridegrooms of the wedding are near the Sage Plane."

"Indeed. The tide of time washes everything old away. New legends began to rise on the stage of history. I'm afraid they have all carved out their own places in the Barren State now."

Talk of the three men was heard all over the mountain. One would be able to see all of Book Mountain from its peak, and everyone below was able to see in that direction as well. The staircases were filled with beauties at the moment, and all of them were once female students of the Moon Clan, who had all now submitted. Seniors were seen above.

The seniors of Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Ye Wuchen were all found sitting there.

Hua Fengliu had a beaming smile on his face. It was, after all, his happiest day for the past several decades. He was once in love with Nandou Wenyin and they were forced to separate. He stayed alone at Donghai Academy in Qingzhou City, yet he never expected that ordeal to have changed his fate as well. The student that he picked up unintentionally back in the academy reunited him with Nandou Wenyin, restoring his training and Life Spirits. Everything felt like a dream. That student that he treated as his son was now to be married to his own daughter. He was so happy that it looked like he had never been happy before. Nandou Wenyin was just as happy as he was. Both looked at each other and held their hands tightly together.

"Fengliu, Wenyin, you both can finally take it easy for real now," Nandou Wenshan said with a smile.

"I've always been taking it easy," Nandou Wenyin said with a smile.

"I don't think I can actually take it easy with that kid," Hua Fengliu said jokingly.

"Back when the students of both the Guqin Devil and the Art Saint fought in the Luo Palace all those years ago, I knew Fengliu had gotten himself a good student," Nandou Wenshan reminisced.

"Yeah." Hua Fengliu nodded. "He was 80 percent like me, even with looks considered." At the moment, Hua Fengliu was thinking of the time when Ye Futian carried him on the back all the way to Donghai. Both teacher and student had never been so miserable before.

"You are one hell of a fellow indeed." Nandou Wenshan laughed. But Hua Fengliu was indeed uncannily handsome. His sister would not have fallen for the man otherwise.

"Elder Yi, you have to drink up today," Nandou Wenyin looked at Yi Xiang beside him and said.

"I will." Yi Xiang nodded frankly.

"The old man looks happy today. Have fun indeed." Hua Fengliu laughed a bit.

"Don't get my teacher drunk." Tang Lan, who was standing right beside, glared at Hua Fengliu.

"It's fine. I'm around still," Emperor Ye and Lord Ye, who were both sitting at the side, smiled and said.

Other than them, there were also Sage Douzhan, the Sword Demon, and Sage Daozang sitting at the same table. Seeing the chatter of the group before them, all three men smiled. Such was the vigor of life, and it was something they had not experienced for years.

They were able to get to know some of the things Ye Futian went through from those people, and it was also natural for them to get a better understanding of his personality.

At that very moment, changes in the weather happened and a blinding light flashed in the air from far away.

"What is happening?" Everyone in Book Mountain was able to feel that daunting air from far away, and one after another, they went looking in that direction. They then saw a golden dragon pulling a carriage with a group of mighty ones on it. All of those people sported an unusual and impressive bearing. The one who took the lead looked incredibly imposing, sitting on the carriage, looking dashing.

"That fellow." Douzhan, the Sword Demon, and the others smiled at the incoming guests.

"Alchemy City from the western region of the Barren State is here to offer our best wishes." A booming voice reverberated throughout the place. The one who was sitting at the front of the carriage was none other than You Chi, City Lord of Alchemy City.

A vermillion bird swooped past. The carriage pulled by the divine bird was equally as dazzling and carried figures who were just as eye-catching.

"Fire Emperor Palace of the flames is here to offer our best wishes." The group consisted of mighty ones from Fire Emperor Palace. Everyone in the Barren State was able to tell that they were family members of Li Futu. You Chi was now considered the supreme clan in the western region of the Barren State. With the relationship between Ye Futian and You Chi, as well as Ye Futian's own status and talent added to the mix, the group deemed it necessary to show.

"Hahaha." A squeamish laugh was heard and everyone saw the group of Jiutian Goddesses descend from the heavens. The woman who took the lead was fascinating and glamorous like none other.

"The Goddess Pavilion is here to congratulate Mr. Ye on the auspicious event," the Lord of Goddess Pavilion said with a smile.

"Chu Ji, behave yourself today," You Chi said plainly.

"I know." Chu Ji glared at You Chi. That old fart really likes sticking his nose into places it doesn't belong. She turned off her will of seduction and everyone felt less dazed in an instant. They felt cold sweat all over them. A frightening woman indeed. One look is all it takes to seduce people so that no one is able to think straight. Just who the hell are all those people coming to celebrate out of nowhere?

Boom, boom, boom! The earth beneath Book Mountain shook as if the place was experiencing an earthquake. Many shuddered and then saw one enormous golden great ape after another in the air, appearing in all corners.

"What..." The crowd was totally startled. Are they here to start trouble?

"Taihang Mountain is here to offer our best wishes," Yuan Hong said with a voice so booming that it shook the mountain.

"The Zhuge family is here to offer our best wishes." Yet another group descended. It was a group of mighty ones led by Zhuge Qingfeng.

"The Sovereign family has come to offer our best wishes."

"Mortal World has come to offer our best wishes."

"Taixuan Mountain has come to offer our best wishes."

Voices were heard here and there, and the air above Book Mountain was quickly filled with a tremendously dazzling scene. A massive number of mighty ones seemed to have taken over the skies. Those who showed up were glittering, eye-catching figures, exuding powerful auras.

The people of the Eastern Barren Territory were unable to stop themselves from shaking. What is happening right now? Is this really Ye Futian's big wedding day?

"The Mortal World and Taixuan Mountain. Weren't those two incredibly imposing top forces of the Barren State that descended onto Book Mountain all those years ago? Why are they here to join the celebration?"

"There is also the Zhuge family. Isn't that the family of the second student of the Cottage? It was said that they were the topmost force in the Barren State. Why are they here today? Surely it has more to do than just because of Zhuge Mingyue, right?"

More showed up: Starry School, Dragon clan, Gu clan, Zhaixing House. Just about all who were acquainted with Ye Futian came. Many forces who were not acquainted with him were there as well.

The people of the Eastern Barren Territory had hardly ever seen a grand scene like that. They all felt rather numb at all that was unfolding before them, not knowing what it was all about. Even Emperor Ye, Nandou Wenshan, Hua Fengliu, Yi Xiang and the others were hardly accustomed to such an uproar. They were all extremely restless.

Just what kind of ruckus did Ye Futian manage to kick up in the Barren State?

It seemed that more than half of the top-class forces from all over the Barren State were there.

Ye Lingxi, Ye Danchen, Lin Yueyao, and the others stood in a group, looking at the scene before them with gaping mouths, feeling their hearts about to jump out of their chests. They had entertained the possibility of Ye Futian achieving extraordinary achievements in the Barren State, but they had never expected to see such an uproar right before them.

At that moment, one figure after another went up the platform. It was Huang Jiuge, Xu Que, Yi Xiaoshi, Yuan Zhan, and Zhong Li. Girls like Yun Shuisheng, Phoenix, Gu Yunxi, and Mu Zhiqiu showed up as well. Many felt their hearts undergoing tremors looking at the silhouette of the youths who showed up.

What a group of young people.

The girls alone looked stunning, and all of them were incredible beauties. They were all standing at the side of the stairs, waiting to receive the soon-to-be-married couples.

Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu, Yu Sheng and Yi Qingxuan, and Ye Wuchen and Liu Chenyu walked up the stairs to the platform. Countless eyes were on them, and at that very moment, Book Mountain was all quiet again.

The mighty ones from all over the Barren State who descended from the air all settled down, as it was rather inappropriate to steal the couples' thunder. They all remained in the air but slightly lower than the height of the platform, as a sign of respect for the wedding itself.

Ye Futian and the others went before Hua Fengliu and all the other elders. Huang Jiuge, Xu Que, and the others handed the couples their cups before pouring wine into them.

Ye Futian knelt with both knees and all the others followed suit. While it was said that gold lied with a man's knees and one should have never kneel easily, the ones who sat before them were Hua Fengliu and Nandou Wenyin—Hua Jieyu's parents and Ye Futian's teachers.

Douzhan, Yi Xiang, their Eldest Brother, and the other seniors were people who fought for the married couples' sake, putting their life on the line. Yi Qingxuan's father, Yu Sheng's teacher, Emperor Ye, and Ye Wuchen's parents were among them. It was only appropriate for all six of them to kneel before all the figures before them.

"I never knew where my parents were. Teachers and all of the elders before me are like my own parents. I wouldn't be here today without any of you. A toast to all of you seniors." Ye Futian emptied his cup in one gulp.

"Father, mother, and teacher," Hua Jieyu called out and emptied her cup as well.

Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen followed suit.

Smiles were seen in everyone's eyes. Tears were even seen in some of them, such as Hua Fengliu and Nandou Wenyin. Those were tears of joy.

"Stand up." Nandou Wenyin's voice was rather shaky as she held both Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu.

"I got myself a student, and that cost me my daughter. Man, what a loss I've suffered," Hua Fengliu smiled and said.

Beaming smiles were seen on everyone's faces. Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu smiled as well.

"Time for the second cup," Long Ling'er smiled and said. A group came and poured them their wine.

Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu looked at each other. Both smiled, but Ye Futian said softly, "My second cup, to the one I love the most."

They crossed cups and emptied them.

"The third cup. Not to the heavens nor the earth, but to the cottage, to my brothers and sisters." Ye Futian held his cup up and toasted his Eldest Brother, Second Sister, Third Brother, Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, Yi Xiaoshi, Yuan Zhan, Yun Shuisheng, Phoenix, and the others, then emptied it. All the others followed and emptied their cups in a very frank manner.

"Xu Que, more wine." Ye Futian extended his cup and Xu Que poured wine into his cup. Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu went to the edge of the platform, turned his eyes to all the seniors from all over the Barren State and said, "To all of you seniors who came all the way here, I owe my life to many of you as you have fought for my sake. The fourth cup will be for all of you."

He and Hua Jieyu emptied their cups. Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, and the others felt rather moved as they walked up.

"Wine," Ye Futian continued. Many looked at him and they saw him drinking down two cups in succession. Hua Jieyu and the others followed suit.

"The fifth and the sixth. A toast to the past, and a toast to the future," Ye Futian had the seventh poured after drinking two cups. He raised his cup and turned his gaze to the countless people before him and said, "The seventh cup, to the Barren State."

"A toast to the Barren State. A good one indeed. Drink up." You Chi took out his cup and every one of the great figures followed suit, drinking with Ye Futian.

"To Barren State."

"Futian, this is your big day today. Time to make your decision," Zhuge Qingfeng said, looking at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian nodded and said proudly, "I agree to take the place of the Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace."

Many stood as soon as he finished. Even Sage Douzhan, the Sword Demon, and Sage Daozang stood up and walked in his direction. Many students of the Holy Zhi Palace who were present that day looked at Ye Futian solemnly. When Ye Futian spoke those words, he became more than just Ye Futian; he became the leader of the Holy Zhi Palace, the sacred ground of the Barren State.

"Douzhan of the Battle Sage Palace of the Holy Zhi Palace."

"Sword Demon of the Sword Palace of the Holy Zhi Palace."

"Daozang of the Daozang Palace of the Holy Zhi Palace."

"All hail the Palace Lord." The three lords bowed to Ye Futian. It was a necessary ritual, even if Ye Futian was their junior.

"All hail the Palace Lord." Xu Que, Huang Jiuge, Yun Shuisheng and all other students of the Holy Zhi Palace bowed solemnly at that moment.

"You Chi, City Lord of Alchemy City."

"Zhuge Qingfeng, clan leader of the Zhuge family."

"Xu Shang of Tingxue House."

"We hereby pay respect to the Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace."

One great figure after another bent at the hip and bowed in Ye Futian's direction. The Holy Zhi Palace was the place of the divine path in the Barren State, and that made it the leading place of the Barren State itself.

With Ye Futian taking the place of Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace, he was now a leader of the Barren State to a degree.

The voices rumbled throughout Book Mountain. Many gazed at the scene and were unable to keep calm. It was a sight that would be etched in their minds, a sight that many would recall for many years to come!
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    《The Legend of Futian》