The Legend of Futian
767 Eliminated
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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767 Eliminated

Hua Yunshu eventually laid his eyes on Zui Qianchou and said, "I will challenge Zui Qianchou of the Barren State."

On the grandstands, Ye Futian locked his gaze onto Hua Yunshu. The seat he was sitting in was that of a servant's, and as such, it seemed rather disrespectful. However, there was one advantage to be seated there—he was able to hear all the chatter of those in the grandstand area behind him very clearly. The people of Huatian City naturally knew that student from Xihua Sacred Mountain better than he did.

Hua Yunshu was lauded by everyone to be the number one among the participants of Xihua Sacred Mountain this year. Many talked about him when Hua Yunshu went up to fight, but Ye Futian had little memory and impression of that fight, as Hua Yunshu was able to easily defeat the other eight and win.

There were many who were still talking about Hua Yunshu behind Ye Futian.

"All eight of the Barren State stayed till this very moment. But since Hua Yunshu is making a move, it seems like someone from the Barren State will finally get eliminated."

"Indeed. All eight participants from the Barren State comprehend matured rules and are very powerful, but Hua Yunshu is indeed the very pinnacle of Xihua Sacred Mountain participants in this year's Nine State Forum. There is little left to the imagination."

"Actually, I look forward to seeing him fight against Yu Sheng of the Barren State, but he apparently won't be challenging Yu Sheng this early. He probably is thinking about saving the fight for the top hundred."

Many talked, and it was apparent that Hua Yunshu enjoyed great prestige among the younger generations of Xihua Sacred Mountain. While he did not possess a one-in-a-million talent like Liu Zong, he was extremely focused and dedicated to his training, capable of achieving the finest results with everything he did. This was why he was able to stand out and become the representative for all students below Sage Plane, earning the favor of the saints.

Zui Qianchou's eyes turned to the person who had just challenged him, and he knew how powerful his would-be opponent was. However, he walked out nonchalantly, seemingly paying no heed to it all.

"Hua Yunshu of Xihua Sacred Mountain of the Eastern State. Pleased to make your acquaintance," Hua Yunshu said to Zui Qianchou in a very proper and polite manner. While he did think that there should be someone among the eight remaining from the Barren State get eliminated, he maintained a facade of composure and courtesy. He was, after all, a symbol of those from Xihua Sacred Mountain participating in the Nine State Forum. As Xihua Sacred Mountain served as the host, he deemed it unacceptable to behave discourteously.

"Zui Qianchou of the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State. Pleased to make your acquaintance," Zui Qianchou said, returning the courtesy.

An aura emanated from Hua Yunshu.

"Please hold on," Zui Qianchou gestured as he said so, before taking out a jug of wine and pouring it into his mouth.

Many froze at Zui Qianchou's antics. Is this fellow a drunkard or what?

Hua Yunshu did not mind at all and simply waited while standing. Zui Qianchou shook his jug a little after a moment before smiling at Hua Yunshu. He said, "Sorry, we can begin now."

"Indeed," Hua Yunshu replied.

Zui Qianchou disappeared right from where he stood as soon as Hua Yunshu finished replying, shooting for his opponent like an extremely dazzling sword. That lazy and laid-back drunkard seemed to have become someone else within an instant, shimmering with blinding sword will all over him.

Hua Yunshu lifted his hand and clenched it in Zui Qianchou's direction. Incredibly powerful rules of power manifested from their surroundings and rushed at Zui Qianchou. The man thought to be a drunkard had flashes of rocks continuously appearing all over him, turning stiff and hard. Furthermore, the space that Zui Qianchou occupied seemed to have been fossilized and became extremely heavy.

Hua Yunshu specialized in earth elemental powers. He had achieved extreme heights with the use of earth elemental powers. He went deep in the subject, developing several types of rules of power derived from the element of earth: Fossilization rules, Gravity rules, and Force rules. All those power of rules were derivations with the element of earth serving as the base.

At that very moment, a blinding light burst from Zui Qianchou, unleashing his Sword Life Spirit. It looked to be as thin as wings of cicadas and there seemed to be the power of rules fusing with that sword.

"Cut." Zui Qianchou moved his will, and that dazzling sword shot through the space, cutting down all that power of fossilization. His body seemed as if it was overflowing with the power of rules, shattering all the Fossilization rules imposed on him. It was some spell of rules he had developed from his own training: the ability to cut rules.

The light of rocks shattered and flashes of swords as thin as wings of cicadas shot for Hua Yunshu with very lethal force. Hua Yunshu activated his will and had the vast space encased in it. Light of rocks continued to be manifested all around Zui Qianchou. While it was impossible to fossilize him, Zui Qianchou's movements were severely affected, making him look rather sluggish, when the rocks were used in conjunction with Gravity rules. When Zui Qianchou got near Hua Yushu, both Fossilization and Gravity rules turned even greater, holding him back.

At the same time, Hua Yunshu lifted his arm and slapped at the swords that Zui Qianchou sent at him. Hua Yunshu burst out in dazzling light all over him when he launched that strike, like a great mountain. His palm felt like mountains, emanating incredible power. It seemed to conjure a shadow of mountains, making it feel as if the palm strikes that Hua Yunshu sent at Zui Qianchou was not simple strikes; they felt as if Hua Yunshu had thrown out mountains.

Zui Qianchou's cutting sword turned incredibly overbearing as well, manifesting as a huge sword. It cutting through the air, cleaving a path through the mountains with overbearing force. The mountains were cut open, yet oppressive forces of tremendous magnitude still bore on Zui Qianchou's body, sending him flying.

Zui Qianchou hovered in the air after he steadied himself, looking at Hua Yunshu. Hua Yunshu's rules were not some rare power of rules, as all of them were very simple ones. Yet simplicity did not necessarily imply weakness. There were many top-notch figures who were able to do the very best with very simple powers, bringing unbelievably frightening might to bear.

Zui Qianchou flashed as the wind blew and kept moving forward. At that very moment, he split into multiple illusions. There were many silhouettes of Zui Qianchou seen rushing towards Hua Yunshu. He was the heir of the Ghost Sword, and both his movements and sword techniques felt like specters. His techniques turned to bear unforgivable, ferocious might after he trained under the Sword Demon.

Hua Yunshu lifted his head and took a look. His expression remained as calm as he had been and his mind remained unfettered. As the publically acknowledged number one figure among the participants from Xihua Sacred Mountain, his confidence was based on his own formidable abilities. If any one of the eight from the Barren State were able to make him lose composure, that title of number one noble of Xihua Sacred Mountain would have been little more than a joke.

He then looked at the afterimages rushing at him. Hua Yunshu extended his right hand in front of him and a very terrifying storm of rocks whipped up in the air in the very next second. The light of rocks coalesced maniacally, as if it was out to bury that space itself. At the same time, a tremendously powerful Gravity rules worked on that space, making it an entity in itself.

The storm of rocks sealed the space in an instant instead of fossilizing Zui Qianchou. He placed the entire space in a lockdown with fossilization. That space became like a fossilized mountain. There was sword aura lashing out, cutting the mountain apart, yet that storm remained and went on to keep burying the gashes. He knew without a doubt that those attacks were far from enough to hurt Zui Qianchou, as they were just there to trap Zui Qianchou and the afterimages within.

Hua Yunshu slowly took to the air and a terrifying power coursed all over him. Hua Yunshu kept his gaze on that stone mountain before him, pulling his arm back slowly.

His body then shot for the mountain like a bolt of lightning in the very next second, moving at unbelievable speeds.

Ye Futian's expression changed at that very scene at that very moment. He felt Hua Yunshu's strength and that Qianchou was in a ditch.

Boom! A thunderous rumble was heard as Hua Yunshu's fist landed on the very moment he had fossilized. The space trembled violently for a bit. Formless storms penetrated the inside of the mountain, and the wild, unruly power made the hearts of many present tremble. The mountain was blown to pieces, shattering completely.

Many saw a blinding flash of the sword when the mountain blew up. The sword flash was then seen retreating. A silhouette was retreating with it to the edge of the forum stage, and that silhouette was none other than Zui Qianchou.

The sword flash dissipated and Zui Qianchou's figure appeared. A streak of blood was seen at the corner of his mouth while he still felt his insides rattling. Hua Yunshu was able to actually ignore all of his attacks. There was no chance for him at all.

He knew he had been defeated and that he had no way of winning.

"You won," Zui Qianchou smiled and said, before turning around and leaving in a dashing manner, without giving much thought about winning or losing. It was, however, a battle that he would keep in mind.

Hua Yunshu stood calmly without any hint of elation seen. It was as if things simply worked out as they should.

"That's Hua Yunshu indeed. The number one among nobles of Xihua Sacred Mountain," many said to themselves. The hearts of many trembled when Hua Yunshu lashed out with that strike. It was as if they were able to feel how formidable that power was themselves.

Zui Qianchou's defeat was an honorable one, as he was eliminated by Hua Yunshu. The student from the Holy Zhi Palace did benefit from this trip after all.

"That was some formidable power indeed," Ye Futian said in a low voice on the grandstands. Zui Qianchou's defeat meant that there was finally someone who trained in the Sage Hall get eliminated. However, he was not surprised as it was something bound to happen sooner or later. It was near-impossible to have all eight of them make it to the top hundred. The participants from sacred grounds all over the nine states did not just show up for fun, after all.

"Well, Yu Sheng is probably the only one at this point capable of competing with him in terms of raw strength." Sage Wanxiang nodded at the side. He was able to feel Hua Yunshu's power. Someone capable of bringing that much power to bear simply using rules was nothing short of being among the highest class of geniuses.

"Yu Sheng, huh." Ye Futian then turned his eyes and took a look at Yu Sheng and the others, looking forward to it.

I wonder how many of the remaining seven are capable of making it to the top hundred.

Yu Sheng and the others all saw Hua Yunshu walking away as well. While Hua Yunshu presented himself politely, that overwhelming sense of pride from him at that moment was hardly suppressed.

So the number one of Xihua Sacred Mountain is now picking on the Barren State.
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    《The Legend of Futian》