The Legend of Futian
768 The Zhisheng Cliffs“ Tragedy
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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768 The Zhisheng Cliffs“ Tragedy

The battles continued, and in the next battle, an expert from the Summer State selected an opponent and defeated him.

Next, the Qi State and Cloud State's experts battled in succession. There was one similarity in the opponents they picked: they all had not comprehended complete rule powers. Among those remaining, there were a group of people who had not comprehended complete rule powers. These people naturally became the target for many. Moreover, in these battles, the challengers all emerged victoriously.

After all, the challengers had all selected who they would challenge. Before the battle, they had already observed their opponents and hiccups were unusual. After seven battles, only Yu State and the Barren State had not issued a challenge. At that moment, a person from Yu State stepped out.

Ye Futian's gaze looked towards this person from Yu State. The person's name was Kong Qing, and his Life Spirit was a Demon Elephant. This naturally made Ye Futian recall someone—Zhisheng Cliffs' Kong Yao, ninth on the Nine States Sage Ranking.

Kong Yao had cultivated the strength of the divine elephant to the limit and dominated in his generation. Due to the difference in cultivation level, Kong Qing was not as strong as Kong Yao, but he was still very strong. It was likely that he was Zhisheng Cliffs' strongest person in this Nine State Forum. Zhisheng Cliffs only had one other person who could match him in strength.

Kong Qing was Kong Yao's disciple. He had changed his surname to Kong and recognized Kong Yao as his godfather. Due to Kong Yao's status in Zhisheng Cliffs, Kong Qing also received the best grooming, and Zhisheng Cliffs' Saints would personally teach him.

At that moment, Kong Qing's gaze also landed in the Barren State's direction. Back then, Zhisheng Cliffs had suffered a loss in the Barren State, and his godfather Kong Yao was forced to retreat without achieving his objective. He had held a grudge all this while and was extremely unhappy. On the first day of the Nine State Forum, Yu Sheng had disabled his Zhisheng Cliffs' Zhan Yao.

Now, it was time to settle the score.

He had heard that Brother Zhan Xiao had died on Taihang Mountain while heading to eliminate the ape clan. Today, he would use the Taihang Mountain's demonic beast's blood to pay homage to his brother Zhan Xiao and take revenge for Zhan Yao.

"I challenge the Barren State's Yuan Zhan," Kong Qing said. The opponent was an ape while his Life Spirit was a Demon Elephant. They both specialized in power and had some similarities, so it was as though this battle was destined.

Zhisheng Cliffs seem to have something against the Barren State, the crowd thought. They had heard a little about the enmity between Yu State's holy land Zhisheng Cliffs and the Barren State, it was rumored that even the Renhuang had appeared.

"Kong Qing's strength is one of the best among Zhisheng Cliffs' disciples. Yuan Zhan is probably going to be eliminated," someone commented.

The Barren State has maintained its eight-man strong lineup for so long. One of them was eliminated in the first battle by Hua Yunshu. After this battle, there will only be six left. It looks like they still have too little people. After this round, who knows how many people the Barren State will have in the top 100, the crowd thought to themselves.

When Ye Futian heard Kong Qing's words, he appeared very calm. From the previous battles, he could deduce that in this Nine State Forum, the Yu State would be the weakest state. Zhisheng Cliffs' younger generation was evidently weaker than the Summer State, War State, Qi State, and the other states. Although Kong Qing was by no means weak, he could not be considered strong. He would probably not be successful in trying to eliminate Yuan Zhan.

In Zhisheng Cliffs' direction, Kong Yao and Qin Zhong also looked towards them.

"Brother Kong actually picked someone from the Barren State. However, with his strength, he should be able to defeat Ye Futian," Qin Zhong said. Back then, when he descended on the Holy Zhi Palace, he had dominated all the Palace's disciples, until he had met Ye Futian.

However, the number of people that Ye Futian had brought to the Nine State Forum today was much more than when he had challenged the Palace. In the short span of a year after Ye Futian had become the Palace Lord, a batch of geniuses had emerged from the Barren State.

"That is only natural. Although the Golden Ape clan has outstanding potential, they are savages that only know how to rely on brute force, after all," Kong Yao said nonchalantly. He did not lower his voice, causing many experts from other holy lands to look at him.

Kong Yao was publicly humiliating the Golden Ape clan. However, his strength was ninth on the Sage Ranking, so he did not need to fear anything. If Sage Chunyang had not summoned Emperor Xia back then, that battle would be the Barren State's last.

Ye Futian and Yuan Hong also heard Kong Yao's words and looked towards him at the same time. However, Kong Yao ignored their gazes and continued looking at the battle arena. Ye Futian's gaze was cold as he turned back towards the forum's battle arena.

Yuan Zhan stepped forward with huge steps. The Golden Ape's body was burly and was surrounded by a golden glow as if it was created with gold. Its body was filled with a wild strength.

"Zhisheng Cliffs, Kong Qing." When Kong Qing spoke, he did not look at Yuan Zhan, but lowered his head and played with his fingers instead. He seemed to be intentionally showing his contempt for Yuan Zhan by doing that.

Yuan Zhan's gaze swept across him and he did not say anything. He turned to the elder at the edge of the battle platform and asked, "Can we start?"

"Yes." The elder nodded.

Kong Qing raised his head, his gaze becoming sharp all of a sudden. An elephant's cry could be heard as a giant Demon Elephant appeared behind Kong Qing, its hulking body filled with boundless strength.

Yuan Zhan also let out a roar, and in an instant, his body became even burlier and larger. The Golden Ape went into a rampaging state and stepped forward, causing the forum's battle arena to let out rumbling sounds.

Bang. Kong Qing also stepped forward. Like a divine elephant taking steps, an unparalleled force descended on the battle arena as multiple giant Demon Elephant shadows appeared. They rushed forward at the same time, creating a massive stampede.

The two of them had not even clashed but had both displayed unrestrained strength.

Yuan Zhan raised his giant fist and punched forward with a terrifying force. The golden fist tore through the air and crushed all the Demon Elephant shadows. However, Kong Qing's fist reached at the same time. When he punched out, his fist will was like a divine elephant rushing forward and trampling through the air, crushing everything. It was the divine elephant rule power, created by combining suppression rule power and force rule power, making it even more wild and strong.

A deafening explosion sounded as the two of them split after the clash. The giant Golden Ape was sent flying and crashed into the ground with a giant crash. Yuan Zhan's foot landed on the ground. He looked towards Kong Qing, who had slid back a short distance. In the clash of strength, he was at a disadvantage.

The divine elephant rule power combined with strong techniques. It is no wonder that Yuan Zhan cannot match up to it, many people saw the scene and thought. They saw Kong Qing retract his fist and look at Yuan Zhan with contempt.

Yuan Zhan stared at the opponent, the aura on his body still wild. With a roar, his body became even larger, like a giant beast. Not just that, terrifying golden rays shot through his body, causing his strength to skyrocket.

When Yuan Hong saw this, a glint appeared in his eyes and he looked at Ye Futian. In fact, he was unsure of Yuan Zhan's battle ability, even now. This should be Sage Douzhan's body-enhancing technique. Now, he had also taught it to Yuan Zhan. He was a demonic beast and his battle form was his physical body. By opening the Seven Star acupoints and linking the entire body, every muscle on his body should be even stronger.

A golden light fell on his body, and a golden storm started to brew in front of Yuan Zhan, becoming a giant golden polearm.

Bang. The golden polearm slammed in front of Yuan Zhan and the ground shook. Yuan Zhan stretched out both arms and held it in his hands. When he held it, a terrifying aura engulfed the area and his golden fur stood on end. His demonic eyes swept towards Kong Qing and at that moment. Yuan Zhan was filled with a savage demonic Qi, as though he had completely released his nature.

He was a Golden Ape, a vicious ape that could rock the heavens.

Thud. With a huge sound, Yuan Zhan launched off the ground into the air like a bolt of golden lightning above Kong Qing. He brandished the golden polearm in his hands and slammed it downwards. In an instant, Kong Qing felt as though the sky was collapsing.

Yuan Zhan was much stronger than before.

Clenching his fists, the divine elephant shadow behind Kong Qing merged with his body, turning into a rampaging giant elephant. He raised his fist and punched towards the golden polearm, the divine elephant attempting to suppress the heavens.

A roaring sound could be heard as the divine elephant shadow was obliterated. Yuan Zhan's body flew in the air, polearm shadows appearing throughout the skies, shadowing it. Kong Qing also flew into the air as martial arts mirages appeared around him. The divine elephant that could suppress the skies rushed forward.

In the next moment, the two of their attacks clashed again. The polearm shadows and divine elephant figures clashed and the area they were in became terrifyingly rampant.

What a terrifying force. The crowd was stunned.

"It seems that this Zhisheng Cliffs disciple picked a tough opponent to challenge," an influential figure from a holy land said softly. At that moment, the crowd could naturally see that Yuan Zhan had not used his full strength before.

Kong Qing seemed to have picked the wrong opponent.

The air seemed to be bellowing as a terrifying shock wave blasted past. The divine elephant and polearm shadows flooded the area and after countless clashes, everyone could feel the horrifying omnipresent force.

Yuan Hong was astounded. Yuan Zhan's strength now was much stronger than he was before. If he continued following Ye Futian, Yuan Zhan's achievements in the future would definitely exceed what he had achieved now. However, when he thought about the scene that Ye Futian had once shown him, he did not feel that it was strange. All this was only natural.

At that moment, in the air above the battle arena, a golden polearm shadow encompassed the entire forum battle arena and cleaved downwards. Many people felt their hearts clench. The force behind this strike was shocking.

Clang! A deafening voice was heard as the crowd saw the polearm shadows in the air disappear. At the same time, a figure landed on the ground like lightning and crashed into the battle arena with a thud.

That figure was the Zhisheng Cliffs' Kong Qing.

Kong Qing has been defeated. Many people were shocked, and Kong Yao's expression was grim.

Looking at Yuan Zhan again, he was like a wild Demon God, holding a giant golden polearm in his hand and standing proud in the air. He looked coldly at Kong Qing on the ground. At that moment, he was at his wildest, his demonic Qi overwhelming the area.
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    《The Legend of Futian》