The Legend of Futian
769 The Holy Land“s Early Demise
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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769 The Holy Land“s Early Demise

Evidently, Yuan Zhan had the capability to enter the top 100. He was extremely strong. Kong Qing was one of the Zhisheng Cliffs' strongest figures in this Nine State Forum, but he was dominated by Yuan Zhan and eliminated.

The Barren State is mystical indeed, many people thought to themselves. The Barren State was only left with seven people, and many people thought that Yuan Zhan was slightly weaker. However, after this battle, not many people would continue thinking that way.

"The victor, Barren State, Yuan Zhan," the elder announced the result, and Zhisheng Cliffs' experts lifted Kong Qing off the battle arena. He was in terrible condition.

"Barren State, battle," the elder continued. After Yu State was the Barren State's turn.

Yuan Zhan had already been challenged, so he could not participate before everyone had battled once. Therefore, he kept his wild aura and retreated to the edge to rest.

Many people looked at the Barren State. Who would step out from the Barren State next?

"Zhisheng Cliffs is indeed the Yu State's holy land. Its disciples are very strong," Ye Futian said from the viewing gallery, causing many people to look towards him. For Ye Futian to say something like that after Yuan Zhan had defeated Kong Qing sounded like sarcasm.

As expected, after hearing his words, Kong Yao's expression became bitter as he stared at him. However, Ye Futian acted as though he did not see it and turned towards Yu Sheng and the rest, saying, "Back then, Zhisheng Cliffs' disciple Qin Zhong descended on the Barren State's Holy Zhi Palace and dominated the Palace's disciples. Nobody could stop him then. Now, things have changed, many of the Barren State's disciples have grown. Since Zhisheng Cliffs' geniuses want to spar with the Barren State's disciples on the Nine State Forum, go ahead and challenge the Zhisheng Cliffs' disciples."

"This..." When the crowd heard Ye Futian's words, they gasped. Was Ye Futian targeting Zhisheng Cliffs?

Behind Ye Futian, Huang Jiuge, Xue Ye, and the others all had triumphant expressions. They could naturally see that this batch of Zhisheng Cliff's disciples was not strong, but they dared to emulate Xihua Sacred Mountain's example to target the Barren State? If so, they would grant Zhisheng Cliffs their wish and let them know their place.

"Yes, Palace Lord," Xu Que's voice still sounded lazy as he replied. He smiled and looked towards Zhisheng Cliffs' disciples with a look of ridicule on his face.

The others also nodded and Yu Sheng stepped forward.

Seeing Yu Sheng step out, Zhisheng Cliffs' disciples all tensed up and had an ominous premonition. Kong Yao's expression became even more bitter. Yu Sheng was evidently the leader of the Barren State's disciples. Based on the dominance that he had shown up until now, he was likely to be the Holy Zhi Palace's strongest disciple.

Now that Kong Qing had been defeated by Yuan Zhan, who in the Zhisheng Cliffs could stop Yu Sheng?

Probably no one.

Yu Sheng's finger pointed towards a person in the Zhisheng Cliffs' direction. He said, "Yuan Chen."

On the Zhisheng Cliffs viewing gallery, Kong Yao and the rest clenched their fists as crackling sounds could be heard. Although they had already guessed it, they still had an ominous feeling when Yu Sheng challenged Yuan Chen.

Yuan Chen and Kong Qing were the two strongest disciples from Zhisheng Cliffs taking part in the Nine State Forum. Although the others did not know, Kong Yao and the other higher-ups knew that Yuan Chen was even stronger than Kong Qing. He had already replaced Zhan Xiao and had been crowned one of Zhisheng Cliffs' nine Sons as a Noble because of his exceptional potential.

If Yu Sheng defeated Yuan Chen in this battle, Zhisheng Cliffs' journey in the Nine State Forum would come to a premature end.

Yuan Chen will definitely defeat Yu Sheng, many people thought, as though to give themselves solace. If the previous battle had not happened, they might have more confidence, but the battle between Yuan Zhan and Kong Qing was a huge blow to their morale.

Yuan Chen himself stepped forward calmly and his gaze landed on Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng had left a deep impression on them in the first battle of the Nine State Forum, so much so that they had all forgotten that he had not taken part in many battles. However, his dominance was unparalleled, making it hard for the crowd to forget him. However, he would show them in this battle that the Barren State's Yu Sheng was not as strong as they had thought.

Yu Sheng did not think too much. His thoughts were much simpler. Since Ye Futian wanted to eliminate Zhisheng Cliffs, the first thing he needed to do was to eliminate Zhisheng Cliffs' strongest cultivator. As to whether he could do it, he never even thought about it.

"Please," Yuan Chen turned towards Yu Sheng and said.

"Make your move." Yu Sheng did not say much. Since the opponent was one of Zhisheng Cliffs' disciple, he did not need to be courteous.

Yuan Chen's eyes became demonic all of a sudden, purple lightning shining within his eyes. A shocking purple light suddenly appeared in the skies, causing a stifling feeling.

A dark golden light flowed around Yu Sheng's body as he stared forward. The purple lightning surrounded Yuan Chen's body, and he slowly rose into the air, endless lightning being emitted from his eyes. In an extremely short while, the area had transformed into a lightning dimension.

Ray after ray of terrifying light shot towards Yu Sheng's eyes. Yu Sheng did not close his eyes and allowed the light rays to rush into his Spiritual Will and attack it. However, Yuan Chen saw a cold demon statue in Yu Sheng's Spiritual Will.

"What is this?" Yuan Chen frowned as he muttered to himself. Didn't Yu Sheng cultivate in his physique? Why would his Spiritual Will become a demon statue that was impenetrable?

At the same time, streaks of lightning shot from Yuan Chen's body towards Yu Sheng. In an instant, thousands of lightning bolts surrounded Yu Sheng's body, overwhelming him. The lightning had numbing and adhering powers, so it was rooted to his body. Yu Sheng lowered his head and looked at the thousands of lightning bolts. Although they were rooted to his body, their offense seemed to be on the weaker side.

However, a cold glint flashed across Yuan Chen's eyes at that moment. Following the lightning, boundless energy from the area rushed towards Yu Sheng. The lightning bolts flowed around his body, creating many pictures.

"You're courting death!" Yuan Chen's expression was ruthless as he declared. Gradually, the lightning bolts on Yu Sheng's body turned into a lightning beast, the Kui. At the same time, a giant Kui shadow appeared behind Yuan Chen.

This Yu Sheng is too arrogant, many people saw the scene and thought. At that moment, the Kui surrounding his body let out a terrifying destructive aura.

"Kill." A gleaming purple glow shot out from Yuan Chen's eyes with intense killing intent. No matter how strong Yu Sheng's body was, he would pay the price for underestimating him.

As his voice landed, the Kui let out an earth-shattering roar. Lightning flashed with its roar and strands of destructive power erupted in the area. Many people around the battle arena could feel their ears ringing and their Spiritual Wills shuddering, as though they were about to explode. There were even people who closed their eyes to try and resist it.

The destructive lightning flooded Yu Sheng's body. Standing within the terrifying rule power, he felt as though his Spiritual Will and body were about to be shattered. Yu Sheng closed his eyes as he felt the demon statue in his head receiving powerful blows and quaking. Moreover, the explosive destructive power rushed into his body, attempting to tear him apart.

All the forces erupted in an instant, crushing everything.

However, at the moment when the force erupted, the golden light on Yu Sheng's body turned into a golden whirlpool. Many people looked towards Yu Sheng's body, and a sharp glint flashed across his eyes.

"What's going on?" The crowd faintly saw the burly figure standing steadily, not fazed at all. The eruption of destruction rule power was actually rushing into his body and getting stronger. It caused the lightning's destructive power to become a torrent, quickly vanishing within the area after rushing into Yu Sheng's body.

It was as though it had been devoured by his body. Countless gazes froze there, staring at Yu Sheng's figure. This was devouring rule power? Yu Sheng did not just specialize in strength, he also specialized in devouring rule power.

Before this, the Luohou Palace's experts had demonstrated this rare rule power. Now that Yu Sheng had also used this devouring rule power, he gave people the impression of an even stronger, even more overbearing feeling by directly devouring the attacks on his body. He used his body to use the rule power. He already had a resilient physique. Coupled with this rule power, how would they defeat him?

Just as Yuan Chen was spacing out, Yu Sheng stepped forward and the battle arena quaked.

Seeing Yu Sheng walk towards him, the strongest person in Zhisheng Cliffs', Yuan Chen had a feeling of helplessness. He knew that his attack just now did not just strike his opponent's body, but also his Spiritual Will. However, it was all pointless.

He had no weak points.

Boom, boom… Yu Sheng's body sped up and his body flew into the air, his body filled with boundless energy. Seeing the demon-like figure, Yuan Chen was in despair. If his body collided with Yu Sheng's, what would the outcome be? Would he be disabled just like Zhan Yao?

Yuan Chen clenched his fists and was in a dilemma. He knew that victory was impossible. The question now was, in what way would he lose?

Would he be defeated, or concede? Could he handle the price of defeat?

Yu Sheng's figure got closer.

Yuan Chen took a deep breath, saying, "I concede."

The fist that had already swung out stopped in mid-air. Yu Sheng's body stopped in the air, and he glanced coldly at Yuan Chen, then turned towards Zhisheng Cliffs. He ignored the grim faces and turned to walk back to the Barren State.

Looking at his figure, many people thought that they would need to re-estimate Yu Sheng's strength. It seemed that his strength was not just worthy of the top 100.

Zhisheng Cliffs' strongest disciple Yuan Chen had conceded without Yu Sheng even launching an attack at him.

To Zhisheng Cliffs, this was a humiliation.

Not just that, but what did Yuan Chen's defeat mean?

This meant that Zhisheng Cliffs had prematurely been eliminated from the Nine State Forum. Moreover, they would continue to be targeted by the other members of the Barren State!
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    《The Legend of Futian》