The Legend of Futian
789 A Terrifying Scene
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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789 A Terrifying Scene

Countless eyes at the grandstands turned to look at Yusheng. Ji Hua was yet another top-class genius to be thrown off the forum stage by Yu Sheng. Just how many formidable geniuses have lost to Yu Sheng already? Yu Sheng is just like a walking embodiment of malice. Anyone who dares to mess with him will end up being thrown out of the stage.

Hua Yunshu, Zhou You, Ji Hua, all of whom were unparalleled figures of their generation; all of whom were crushed by Yu Sheng.

Who will be the next to fall by his hands?

A pair of cold eyes were seen glaring at Yu Sheng on the forum stage. His body was clad in terrifying aura, and he was none other than the most powerful student of the Luohou Palace—Moluo. His powers were incredibly frightening as well, and the arts he practiced were similar to Yu Sheng's in the sense that it was demonic: Demonic arts, Devouring Rules.

However, Yu Sheng's rules were a mutated form of Devouring Rules—Demonizing Rules—which was even more overbearing and violent.

The battle between Yu Sheng and Ji Hua made Mo Luo extremely excited, as if he had found his prey.

Aside from wanting to be crowned champion of the event, a person like him was on the stage wanting to fight the most powerful of participants in all of the nine states, clashing with the very best. An extremely powerful being would only make them extremely excited, and Moluo was indeed in such a state of excitement. He would not have felt fear just because Yu Sheng was powerful. The way he behaved was like a beast that smelled blood. His shivering cold eyes were focused on Yu Sheng as he clad himself in demonic might. Slivers of dark aura swept through his surroundings as Moluo approached Yu Sheng.

The elder had made it clear in the announcement before the final stage of the Nine State Forum began that the process of battling would continue until there was the last man standing. There was no need for salutations and greetings. So long as none of the participants were allying with each other to gang up on a participant, he was allowed to kick Yu Sheng out anytime he wished, even if Yu Sheng was severely injured. As such, he simply approached Yu Sheng.

"Moluo is going to fight Yu Sheng." Many turned their eyes to the forum stage. Every single remaining participant on that stage was the most terrifyingly talented of geniuses to be found, and that one had a particular crazed fixation for martial arts. Moluo knew well what Yu Sheng was capable of, but he did not hesitate for a single second to pick Yu Sheng as his opponent.

Yu Sheng burst forth with his dispersed powers once again. Dark golden lights shimmered, and his battle form appeared. Beams of light shot through his body and filled him with boundless power.

Ye Futian, who was on the grandstands, felt rather speechless. Even a being like Yu Sheng must have been exhausted having to fight consecutive battles like that. None of those whom he fought before—Zhou You, Hua Yunshu, Ji Hua—had been weaklings; all of them had been the best the nine states had to offer.

And at that very moment, Moluo went up to Yu Sheng. Dark demonic aura extended to his surroundings and turned into arms. A terrifying, ferocious-looking demonic figure appeared behind Moluo, making him look like a demon king with three heads and six arms, which looked extremely ugly. The arms of that horrific figure all went to grab Yu Sheng at the same time. Yu Sheng extended his hand with a cold expression, and a dark golden battleax appeared, carrying terrifying power of rules.

The arms reached out to grab Yu Sheng, yet he was seen taking a single step forward, shaking the ground as he took flight. He swung his battleax right afterward, and as how one would split logs, an arm was split down the middle by the attack, leaving little to the imagination. However, Moluo seemed unfazed, sending more arms to grab Yu Sheng's body. Yu Sheng charged straight into the mass of arms and kept swinging about with the ax in his hands, creating a bloodbath right there and then.

At the very same time, Wubei of the Vajra Region of War State put his hands together and said, "We shouldn't be sitting around and looking." He stepped out as soon as he finished and walked towards Chu Xiang of the Great Chu clan of Cloud State. Incredibly dazzling golden ancient Buddha appeared as Wubei lowered his head, chanting his mantras. Buddhist voices were heard throughout the air soon, and the shadows of Buddhas appeared in the air, blocking out the sky and shrouding the entire space.

Chu Xiang continued walking out, looking imposing and dashing with his robe billowing, even without any wind. Streams of formidable power burst and an incredibly huge thing appeared behind him—a Demon Ape of Great Strength. The demon beast had truly existed, possessing great strength and was a natural born king of sheer power. Members of the Great Chu clan were versed in such godly powers. Their sheer strength was known to be indisputable.

The Buddhist voice was getting increasingly intense, shaking the entire space while that Demon Ape of Great Strength roared, shaking its surroundings with its voice. The entire space was vibrating as one Buddha after another descended from above, bringing their palm attacks to bear on the ground below, heading for Chu Xiang.

Chu Xiang was entirely unfazed. The Demon Ape of Great Strength extended its hand and shook its surroundings by clashing with the palms of the Buddhas, and the two sides crumbled at the same time.

The Buddhist voice, however, got increasingly loud. The light of the ancient Buddha shone brightly behind Wubei, and a sun appeared; a signal of the All Buddhas Returning to the Source.

Of course, other than them, Wubei's immensely strong and forceful attacks were also incredibly formidable as well. Their surroundings shook violently and intense fires burned. The Palm of Mahavairocana descended from the heavens with a force to crush everything beneath it as it went for Chu Xiang.

Chu Xiang seemed to have merged with the Demon Ape of Great Strength—his Life Spirit—as a single being, wielding a spear in his hand. Streaks of flashes of the spear tore through the space before him.

Boom. Chu Xiang stepped forward with a loud rumble, and his body charged forward. The Overlord Spear in his hand was wielded in an imposing manner and lashed out at the incoming Palm of Mahavairocana. The Demon Ape roared, shaking the air, and cracks appeared. The Palm of Mahavairocana crumbled and Chu Xiang's body was thrown back to the ground.

Even so, the spectators from the nine states felt themselves trembling. These people are indeed the top ten.

Wubei's Palm of Mahavairocana was blocked. The sheer godly strength of Chu Xiang of the Great Chu clan and the overbearing art of the Overlord Spear proved capable of fighting Wubei toe to toe.

The others in the other corners moved.

Xia Yi stood before Zhuge Yi and said, "Your reputation as a member of the Jixia Holy Palace precedes you in all of Qi State, and I'd like to have a match with you."

"After you," Zhuge Yi returned the courtesy.

Power aura emanated from both of them. Xia Yi's body was encircled by nine dragons. The air of the true dragons shrouded the air and the roar of the dragons resonated with the heavens and the earth. Five huge ancient symbols appeared behind Zhuge Yi and took their respective corners, turning into powers of the five elements. He waved both arms and all powers of the five elements in his surroundings were rendered under his control and made their mark in the air. Five elemental doors appeared one after another and flew towards Xia Yi at breakneck speed.

Xia Yi moved his arms and lashed out with a martial art technique. Every single move melded with the great ways of the world as he mobilized the powers of his surroundings. Dragon roars were heard, and one shadow of dragons after another circled in the air around Xia Yi, giving birth to extremely frightening power of rules.

Shadows of treasured towers appeared on the marked doors surrounding them, flying downwards with the doors, heading for Xia Yi.

When the marked doors were near Xia Yi, the circling aura of dragons formed an extreme form of repelling power, stunning off the marked doors which were about to attack, rattling the doors enough to make crisp creaking noises.

"Xia Yi's Repelling Rules." The spectators' eyes sparkled. Xia Yi was versed in two rules of powers: attracting and repelling, which were capable of bringing frightening power to bear when used proficiently in battle. At the moment, Zhuge Yi's attacks using the five elements were utterly incapable of getting close.

The battle between both of them attracted countless eyes from the audience. Those two are Xia Yi of Xia clan and Zhuge Yi, the hidden genius of Jixia Holy Palace. Who among them will win the fight?

Zhuge Yi continued to craft marks with his hands, and the marked doors surrounding Xia Yi in the air continued to emanate dazzling lights as they formed a unified formation.

Xia Yi raised his arm all of a sudden. A dragon shadow descended from above with a roar. The huge dragon shadow appeared in the air and snatched several of the doors in the air. The dragon clapped and the snatched doors shattered in an instant.

Zhuge Yi remained unfazed. The ring of light of the five elements shone even more brilliantly. More doors appeared in the air in an instant. Doors appeared beneath Xia Yi's legs, which were materialized from the power of the five elements. Xia Yi became surrounded by dazzling marked doors quickly, isolating him from his surroundings.

An incredibly terrifying holy dragon's shadow shot up when Xia Yi saw that happen. He waved his arms and an even more terrifying might burst. Storms of dragon shadows whipped up, encasing the entire space. The marked doors seemed to be shrouded by that power as well, flying towards Xia Yi's body after being put under control by the Attracting Rules.

"This aura..." Many were shaking deep down. It was just too powerful. It was said that the great figures of the Xia clan had practiced their methods to the extreme, enabling both attracting and repelling forces to complement each other, controlling everything in the world. It was said that the methods they trained in were taught by Emperor Xia himself, a form of qigong capable of manipulating the surroundings, with every breath, shaking the world around them.

"Ye Guhong and Yaya are fighting as well." The pupils of many grew wide as Ye Guhong was seen attacking Yaya in another corner of the battlefield. Many great figures said before that the people of the nine states were in the opinion that Yaya had a better chance of coming out on top instead of the top class genius of the Nine State College, Ye Guhong.

Ye Guhong intended to show the world just what kind of a place the Nine State College was.

His eyes were locked onto Yaya. His eyes emanated intensely frightening power, as if he was able to cut things down just by casting his gaze alone. When Yaya turned to look at him, she surprisingly felt a kind of power encroaching her spiritual will, bringing formidable force to bear.

Her eyes sparkled, and in the next moment, the face that had looked rather naive turned bone-chillingly cold. Her eyes looked incredibly deep, as if she intended to swallow Ye Guhong's eyes with her Eye Sorcery Zone.

Ye Guhong's body shivered all of a sudden as if he had seen something frightening. His eyes could not help but contract, staring straight ahead. A doomsday scene was unfolding in his mind. There was a cemetery with countless swords were stabbed into the ground, as if the place was a cemetery of swords.

A blood-colored sword was seen in front. Yaya's silhouette seemed to be standing there and staring at him. The blood-colored sword swung straight at Ye Guhong. He felt as if his body had been cut into two by the sword, from top to bottom.

"No..." Ye Guhong yelled and broke free of the realm he was trapped in, preventing himself from getting completely shackled within. He would have died with that Eye Sorcery Zone otherwise. At that moment, Ye Guhong came to truly realize how terrifying it had been for those who had been defeated by Yaya before.

That brat is a demon!
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    《The Legend of Futian》