The Legend of Futian
790 Undefeatable Duo
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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790 Undefeatable Duo

Upon the Forum Stage, four battles erupted simultaneously, which caused a flurry of excitement so that no one knew just which one to focus on.

Yu Sheng and Moluo; Wubei versus Chu Xiang; Xia Yi of the Xia clan against Zhuge Yi of Jixia Holy Palace; the fight between Ye Guhong, the top contender from Nine State College, and Yaya.

Any one of these battles would rock the audience to the core, much less all four happening at once.

"What's wrong with Ye Guhong? His attacks seemed to have stopped, and he doesn't look so good," many looked at Ye Guhong and marveled.

"Eye Sorcery. The two of them are fighting using Eye Sorcery. Ye Guhong might be under some terrible attacks," some guessed. Was Yaya really that dangerous?

In the grandstand area, the old Village Chief was the picture of calm as he watched the battle between Yaya and Ye Guhong. Even though there were many excellent candidates in this year's Nine State Forum, and there were some top geniuses within the top ten, to find someone who would subdue Yaya was still a tough task. After all, from a theoretical perspective, this girl was unbeaten by all the nobles and was literally invincible.

"Careful!" In the direction of Xia State, someone from Nine State College let out a low cry. They saw Yaya disappear right where she was standing and reappear in front of Ye Guhong, still pointing with just the one finger. Ye Guhong concentrated all his power to defend against the power of this one finger, nevertheless, his defense crumbled to nothing, and the instant the fingertip landed on his brow chakra, Ye Guhong's face paled. If Yaya had willed, this one fingertip could end him for good.

Ye Guhong lifted his head to look at the girl and saw that her pupils were abysmal and dreadful. He felt a coldness penetrating through him, so unshakably strong.

"Spatial rule." So many people on the grandstand moved their attention to Yaya. She hopped through the expanse with one step, not with speed but with the power of spatial rules, just like shifting in space, disregarding distance and space to descend in from of Ye Guhong.

Who was this girl? Many eyes were attracted by the battle between Yaya and Ye Guhong, and all shared an expression of misgiving. Was there already a winner and loser? Could someone as strong as Ye Guhong be defeated so quickly?

Yaya still appeared indifferent. After defeating Ye Guhong, she turned around and glanced the battlefield. She Hua Jieyu alone without any challengers. Yaya levitated and drifted toward Hua Jieyu. Likewise, Hua Jieyu stared at the oncoming opponent. Life Spirit bloomed and exploded with tremendous Telekinesis, encompassing the expanse. But when her eyes met Yaya, she felt as she was sinking, just as Ye Guhong had, into a horrific scene. The sword mound stood like Armageddon; the boundless sharp sword thrust in the grave. The bloody sword stared at her, slowly chopping away her will.

Hua Jieyu released her Telekinesis rule power to the utmost, controlling the powers between heaven and earth, and the spell of Godly Creation of All Things unfolded once again. An ancient god stood skyward, and this ancient Thunder god seemed to have thousands of arms, reaching through the expanse to launch an attack at Yaya.

A scene of the apocalypse manifested between heaven and earth. The hands of the ancient god turned into thundering lightning and landed on Yaya, thrusting through her body, aimed toward her crown. Hua Jieyu intended to strike her Will, but all she found was that bloody sword.

"Cut," Yaya spit, and the sword erected upon the grave started to chime. At the same time, boundless Sword Qi traversed the expanse, hacking at the ancient god. Immediately, Hua Jieyu paled; her will power was being smashed and chopped. The body of the ancient god shook violently and started to crack. With a loud boom, the ancient god burst open, the spell of Godly Creation of All Thing was repelled.

"Nay, you better get off," said Yaya to Hua Jieyu.

Hua Jieyu looked at the girl in front of her, feeling a slight sense of defeat. She glanced at Yu Sheng, wondering if he could win against this magical girl. She turned and swiftly joined Ye Futian at the grandstand area.

Ye Futian looked up and smiled at her, pulling her to sit next to him. "Don't be discouraged. This girl is a bit tricky, you did well." If Hua Jieyu were to fight against others, she had a chance. But with Yaya, there was no doubt of the outcome, which he already knew. Otherwise, he would not have predicted that the final battle would be between Yaya and Yu Sheng.

Hua Jieyu nodded lightly, glanced at the girl on the Forum Stage, then directed her beautiful eyes at Ye Futian. "Her Spiritual Will is very unusual."

"How?" Ye Futian looked at Hua Jieyu.

A flash went through Hua Jieyu's eyes. She secretly transmitted her voice to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian's pupils contracted imperceptibly, and he turned his attention once again to Yaya on the Forum Stage. He certainly knew Yaya was exceptional, but he didn't expect that it would be her Spiritual Will.

Then, it was possible that she…

At this time on the Forum, another battle has come to an end. Moluo was knocked to the edge of the Forum by Yu Sheng. There was a frightful trail of blood upon him. He was defeated.

Turning around, Yu Sheng's eyes fixed upon Yaya. He was about to step forward.

"Yu Sheng." Just then, a voice was transmitted into his ears. It was Ye Futian. Yu Sheng looked up at the grandstand area, and heard Ye Futian say, "Leave her for the end."

In the final battlefield of Nine State Forum, Yu Sheng and Yaya ought to be the strongest two; there was no need to hasten the final conflict.

A terribly loud clanging was heard. Wubei and Chu Xiang separated. Both possessed secret yet dreadful offensive powers and techniques. It turned out they were equal in prowess, and there was not yet a winner.

There was still an ancient Buddha standing behind Wubei, and various illusions of the Divine Buddha appeared. Behind Chu Xiang, there was an unimaginably savage forceful Demonic Ape, with the Overlord Spear in hand, looking indomitable.

They glared at each other, unsure if one could vanquish the other, and then they scanned the other battle stage; even as they were battling, they were aware of the results of the other battles. Yaya was a bit demonic; Yu Sheng defeated Moluo; Zhege Yi was still fighting with Xia Yi.

Bang! A loud sound, Chu Xiang abandoned Wubei and went directly towards Yu Sheng; he wanted to feel which one of them was stronger.

From the firmament, the terrifying Demonic Ape behind Chu Xiang descended from the sky, holding the Overlord Spear like a deity coming down to earth. An immense power of pressure descended along with it. A savage storm surrounded Yu Sheng, his clothing fluttering wildly.

A dreadful Demonic Might surged forth. Gloomy golden rays weaved with Demonic Might upon Yu Sheng. At once, Yu Sheng appeared to have donned the Demonic Armor, an illusion of the demon manifested and merged with Yu Sheng's body, and he seemed to have become even taller, muscular, and omnipotent.

Yu Sheng's arms trembled, and rays pierced through his body. An endless power exploded. The devilish illusion raised both arms, aiming at the Overlord Spear that was heading toward him. The Spear crushed down with immense vigor, but a pair of demonic mighty hand prints plunged down and then closed together, accompanied by a horrendously loud boom. The Overlord Spear was thus clamped by the palms.

Suspended in the expanse, Chu Xiang watched the scene unfolded with chills. His terrible strike was blocked by the opponent's palms. The palms suddenly clapped abruptly, and the Overlord Spear continued its momentum downward, grinding along the palms. Chu Xiang seemed to have transformed into the Mighty Demonic Ape, smashing down from the firmament.

Bang! With the loud boom, the Overlord Spear found its way to the front of Yu Sheng, but Yu Sheng had shot up with the Wings of Devil appearing behind him. The next instant, both of his arms punched forward and collided with the incoming Chu Xiang.

The hearts of many pounded; the scene before them resembled the collision between a humongous invincible Demon Ape and a Demon god. The instant they made contact, a frightening hurricane started between heaven and earth, sweeping through the surrounding area.

Everyone saw Chu Xiang hurled toward the sky, and the Wings of Devil fluttered behind Yu Sheng, taking him up, chasing after Chu Xiang. His two arms cleft open the firmament, attacking with madness. Palm after palm of Devil Fist tore through the space, heading straight toward Chu Xiang. Chu Xiang growled and confronted Yu Sheng's power straight ahead.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Heavy loud booms exploded between heaven and earth. Everyone saw Chu Xiang go higher until finally, an aurora from the fist pierced through the expanse and blasted Chu Xiang toward even higher altitude.

"Chu Xiang's strength still failed." The hearts of many quivered; that figure of Demon god had peerless power

The Wings of Devil vibrated, and without stopping, Yu Sheng hurled his terrible body toward Wubei. Webei seemed to have anticipated that, waiting for this moment.

The Sound of Buddha enfolded the space. The gods of heaven appeared upon the firmament and blasted out the great Buddha Handprint. Yu Sheng stopped in the expanse arrogantly, wings vibrating, eyes fixed upon the blazing Buddha Handprint with terrifying Demonic Will lingering in his eyes. With gloomy, golden rays coursing within his body, Yu Sheng stood in the expanse quietly, without evasion. Presently, his body melted with the Buddha pure body and became Demonic pure body, with dreadful light screens flowing around him. When the palms blasted down, loud booms were heard, and everyone beheld the enormous body of the Demonic god remained standing like an unbreakable statue.

Everyone's pupils contracted. Wubei's body seemed to be engraved in gold—the Vajra Incorruptible body from the Vajra Region, widely known as indestructible. However, Yu Sheng, standing opposite of Wubei, seemed to also be in possession of an indestructible body, but his was the gloomy, golden Demonic pure body, a strength completely opposite to that of Wubei's.

Wubei's strength was comparable to Chu Xiang, and Chu Xiang was defeated by Yu Sheng, so Wubei has almost no chance of winning, many thought. The prowess of Yu Sheng was shocking. Undoubtedly he would be included into the top four strongest, and even the top three was now just a step away.

Countless Buddhas appeared and prayed along with the Candle Buddha, chanting in Sound of Buddha. The great sun was suspended in the sky, burning it all. The apotropaic Palm of Mahavairocana radiated intense light, swooping down on Yu Sheng. Palms together, eyes closed, Wubei continued to chant in Sound of Buddha, as if to concentrate all his power within this one strike, in an attempt to upend Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng's arms tremored, dark air streams coursing through the space, the endless power of heaven and earth seeming to have gathered within him. He lifted his arms, and monstrous demonic light concentrated upon them. When the Palm of Mahavairocana slaughtered toward him, his wings trembled, and his body turned into a ray of light fluxed toward the Palm.

His arms raised to attack and brought the countless demonic air currents between heaven and earth with them. It settled upon the fists, blasting forth as if to blast apart the space. A terrible hurricane formed ahead, resembling a black hole that could swallow everything.

The masculine and bright Palm of Mahavairocana collided with Yu Sheng's fists. Glaring rays made it hard for the eyes to open. Dark and bright lights effloresced. Everyone scrutinizing the battlefield saw that the figure of the demonic god penetrated through the Palm of Mahavairocana, like a dark ray rushing against Wubei, and with that momentum, dispatched a strike.

As the fist made contact, Wubei felt the entire power of the universe land with it. Cracks started appearing on the brilliant Vajra pure body and then broken into pieces. Wubei's body was thrown as he spit up blood.

"It's still the same method of battle, but stronger than before." On the grandstand, everyone's attention was fixated on Yu Sheng. In the battle of the top ten, Yu Sheng alone defeated four of them—Ji Hua, Moluo, Chu Xiang, and Wubei.

Four geniuses were all defeated by him alone. This signified his powerful stance.

Ultimate body, ultimate power.

Even the talented cultivators of the Vajra Region and Chu Xiang of the Great Chu clan were all beneath him. One power expelled all methods. It was the ultimate power that could create the universe.

"Natural cultivator for body enhancement and natural possessor of the Juggernaut," said some dignitaries from the grandstand, amazed that such incredible talent was born out of the Barren State and not theirs.

Many notable figures among the Nine State sacred lands had a mind to treasure such talent, wondering if they could recruit him to join their own sacred land.

Indeed, it was a bit of a waste for Yu Sheng to cultivate in the Barren State, which was weak and disadvantaged. It would make his journey to becoming a saint a difficult one. His chance would be augmented if he choose to cultivate in a prestigious sacred land.

Now, upon the Forum stage, only four remained.

Yaya, Yu Sheng, and Xia Yi still battling Zhuge Yi. If their battle would yield a winner, then the top three would present itself.

The top three would be standing on the apex.

Would the final battle really be as Ye Futian predicted, between Yu Sheng and Yaya?

Many looked toward the direction of the Barren State grandstand, staring at Ye Futian. Yu Sheng was already exhibiting an aptitude for the Divine Path and could very well be sainted while still remaining in a physical body. Such rare talents were hard to come by in other sacred lands of the Nine State; to reach the apex of Nine State Forum.

By what good fortune should the Barren State possess such disciple?

Many also remembered the interest surrounding Ye Futian, the leader of the Barren State. Could his talent really tower over that of Yu Sheng? Many had their doubts. After all, Yu Sheng was certainly powerful.

Suppose Ye Futian could not overpower Yu Sheng, then there was no reason for Yu Sheng to remain in the Holy Zhi Palace at the Barren State to cultivate.

"The result is almost here." At this instant, in the midst of the battlefield, the battle between Xia Yi and Zhuge Yi exploded in luminous light, as if to announce the final confrontation!
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    《The Legend of Futian》