The Legend of Futian
793 Limitless Magic
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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793 Limitless Magic

Yu Sheng's body, demon-like, stood there still, with his eyes deeply staring to the front, not avoiding the eye sorcery of Yaya.

In the spiritual will, the sword mound and the bloody sword existed as if in the end of time; the bloody sword was so sharp, and from it permeated a terrible Way of the sword will as if the swords of all heavens were also controlled by it, severing the spiritual will of Yu Sheng bit by bit.

However, at this time, in the world of eye sorcery there gathered streams of unlimited demonic magic, gradually morphing them into a statue of gigantic demon god. Ancient, solemn, emanating an essence that overpowered this world, as tyrannical as could be. In the depth of those eyes there was a terrifying disdain, like a real demon.

The will of the sword descended, but it did not affect Yu Sheng one bit. The demonic magic that he had cultivated was unique; when his cultivation reached a certain level, astonishing abilities would began to manifest themselves. He concentrated in the Way of the Demon and practiced the Unparalleled Body, but neither did he abandon cultivating the power of spiritual will. The Demonic Meditation could cast the will of the demon, and it was an extremely forceful spiritual defensive that could not be destroyed.

Yaya's lashes fluttered, revealing a shade of surprise. Clearly, she was shocked inside. This statue of the demon god appeared in the world of the Sword Mound cemetery, but it was not at all out of place.

Obviously, the attack of spiritual will could not shake Yu Sheng.

Yaya's long hair danced in the wind, and the wind upon the forum stage became ever sharper. She stretched out her hands, and endless airflow between heaven and earth gathered around her. Above the firmament, the Sword of No Limit appeared, her sword seemed to be different from all of the previous swordsman, as if it was summoned from ancient times, fierce and solemn.

Everyone on the grandstand platform felt the uniqueness of this sword, and quietly observing at the battlefield. Before this, Yaya had not fought seriously.

Would Yu Sheng be enough reason to force her revealing her real strength?

Heaven and earth seemed to have solidified. The swords that seemed to have come from time immemorial did not make sharp and harsh sound, but were surprisingly quiet, but the pressure they gave was even more pronounced.

Yaya moved her arms, and in the next moment, the sword from the sky suddenly disappeared from where it was, and instead, penetrated through space regardless of the distance and landed in front of Yu Sheng.

"Spatial rule power."

Everyone's pupils contracted. Before when Yaya used her ability there were some who were aware that it was the power of spatial rule. At this moment, they were even more convinced that the way of sword had been integrated into spatial rule, able to disregard distance and kill at will; just how horrendous would that be?

With Yaya's strength, on the stage of Nine States Forum, as long as she was willing, a swing of her sword could kill a genius.

At this moment, Yu Sheng was facing the horrible scene of countless swords coming at him.

Many were sweating profusely on Yu Sheng's behalf, wondering if his body, no matter how seemingly invincible, could withstand these terrible swords.


Yu Sheng stepped out the moment before the sword landed, both arms trembling, and rays of light on his body flashed simultaneously, which seemed to have penetrated his body. His Seven Star acupoints have opened six, spirit, breath, essence and the flesh have all elevated to their limits. The dark golden air flowing around rushed into his body and turned into his power, causing his body to continue its change, as if the demon god had reincarnated.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The sword arrived, as if piercing through the defense of the true body of the demon god, directly hitting the body of Yu Sheng. Shaken, he stumbled back several steps. The swords of all heavens, when simultaneously attacking was a terrifying scene to behold, even the invincible flesh was unsettled at the moment.

Many took a deep breath. Since Nine States Forum began, Yu Sheng had been undefeated, and this seemed to be the first time that he had retreated?

Even genius such as Zhuge Yi had not been able to make Yu Sheng retreat. But Yaya with just one blow, the ancient sword crossed the expanse and repelled Yu Sheng.

Countless people held their breath, and they knew that the confrontations at Nine States Forum had reached its peak. Yaya and Yu Sheng both would be invariably shaken.

The body of the demon god rubbed against the ground, then stopped. Yu Sheng stood there, head raised, his cold eyes stared at Yaya deeply. As his extended his hands, everyone felt an even more dreadful demonic magic pressuring down at that moment, centered from the body of the demon god, spreading outward toward the entire forum stage.

Thump! Yu Sheng walked out and the whole earth shook. Just one step, he crossed the expanse, unimaginably fast, like a god moving toward Yaya.

The petite body of Yaya seemed even more insignificant in front of the demon god that was Yu Sheng, but she did not evade him. She looked up at Yu Sheng. Heaven and earth seemed to have darkened and ushered in a world of doomsday. An ancient atmosphere descended upon the battlefield. Many looked up at the sky, revealing a strange look.

Zhuge Yi and Ye Guhong both contracted their pupils slightly. This is… the scene of the bloody place in Yaya's eyes.

Would that scene appear in the real world?

Under the shocked gaze of everyone, Yaya's petite body raised her fist that made the hearts of many beat wildly.

Did she want to collide hand to hand with Yu Sheng?

Was she crazy?

The ancient sword appeared out of thin air behind Yaya, and her small fists blasted out to Yu Sheng. Without knowing why, many felt that for once, in the face of Yu Sheng's overbearing power, perhaps her petite fists could really even the score.

Bang! The fists of the two collided. Yaya's body flew out to the far distance, hitting the edge of the forum platform, while Yu Sheng likewise fell back, not by the power of the fist, but a sword. The endless sword will penetrated the fists and rushed into his body, wreaking havoc.

Both of them retreated.

Just then, Yaya's body floated forward, as if nothing had happened, her long hair flying. For the first time, the invincible fist of Yu Sheng did not cause harm. Prior to that, those who dared to collide with Yu Sheng had met with unfortunate end.

Was this really flesh and blood?

Yaya looked up at the void, her eyes were bloody and witchy. In an instant, the sky darkened, the space was covered in gloominess, and that ancient sword. Zhuge Yi and Ye Guhong both trembled in their hearts; that scene really was going to appear.

Above the firmament, there were countless swords that cover the expanse.

Yu Sheng looked up and the demonic prowess on his body radiated and enveloped the entire forum stage. Horrible demonic airflow raged and gradually turned into countless halberds of the demon god, pointing toward the sky.

"Down." In Yaya's eye, a bloody brilliance flashed, and the swords above the sky fell down, once again ignoring the distance and slayed toward Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng roared, and endless halberd of the demon god flew upward to the void, and collided with the swords of all heavens that seemed infinite and eternal.

Yaya continued to direct her stare toward him, so that there were ancient swords continuous crossing the void to attack. If it was anyone less than Yu Sheng, they would have been annihilated already, and only Yu Sheng could withstand such attack.

Even so, the swords that defied spatial distance were simply unstoppable, and landed directly on the true body of the demon god, causing the body to shudder constantly.

If allowed to go on, even the true body of the demon god would collapse, and his body was not in fact invincible, merely extended to the limit of the realm of the nobles.

He had to end the battle soon.

Along with a loud boom, the demon-like body, marching on in the apocalyptic rain of swords, allowing the swords of all heavens continue its assault on the body; the scene was astounding to behold.

Yu Sheng alighted in front of the Yaya, and threw a punch that seemed to burst open the expanse. But a ray of light suddenly effloresced, and Yaya had disappeared with it.

Next, Yu Sheng felt a strong attack behind him as Yaya appeared, pressing down a finger behind him, and the horrible Way of Sword penetrated through the true body.

Boom! An extremely strong reactive force transmitted out, and shocked Yaya into retreat. Yu Sheng turned to look at her, only to see that Yaya was already at a distance. No matter how fast he was, facing Yaya's ability in space and distance, he would never be able to attack her if she intended to evade.

"Your ability is still not enough; how long can you withstand such attacks?" Yaya said to Yu Sheng. Even though Yu Sheng was extremely powerful, but if the Village Chief wished for her to find someone who could defeat her in the realm of the nobles, he would most likely be disappointed.

Everyone who heard her on the grandstand platform was speechless. Yaya had demonstrate unbeatable abilities, even with Yu Sheng's Unparalleled Body, it was only a matter of time before it would break down. Yaya's attacks clearly were capable to hurt him; continuous battle would eventually overwhelm him.

Yu Sheng's demonic eyes casted a glance at Yaya, he did not respond, but the rule power within his body was released to the fullest. A more horrifying air flow now coursed between heaven and earth, the body of the demon god became ever more massive, starting with his body as the center, many towering halberds of the demon god appeared in the void.

When Yaya saw what was happening before her, she released an extremely sharp light from her eyes. She took a step and disappeared again.

This time, Yu Sheng did not bother checking where she was, and called down the halberds from above, not to attack Yaya, but madly smote down, all embedded on the forum stage.

At the same time, Yaya appeared once again behind him, again with one finger pointing down. The true body of the demon god shook and cracks seemed to appear.

However, Yu Sheng's eyes were still controlling the descent of the halberds of the demon god. In no time, this space was turned into a world of demonic magic, and the halberds of demon god clamped the space shut.

"Do you really think this will work?" Yaya glanced at the space that was clamped shut, and the swords of all heavens likewise fell from the sky, turning this dark world into a scene of the end days with extreme horror.

Yu Sheng raised his head and looked at her. With just one look, Yaya felt that the heaven and earth seemed to resonate with Yu Sheng, as if the world of the ends days was now controlled by him.

An even more terrifying demonic will emerged, and the halberds of the demon god trembled on the ground, and ghostlike shadows of the demon god appeared between heaven and earth.

"With this as the boundary, here is my world," Yu Sheng's cold eyes stared at Yaya, and his voice was solemn and ice cold, which made Yaya's heart quiver. She felt that she was now within the space of the demon god, and in her mind's eye, she saw endless demonic shadows, walking toward her, step by step.

At this moment, Yaya was shaken.

Someone had actually made her shook.

She looked up, staring at Yu Sheng with bloody eyes, like a sharp bloody sword, the swords of all heavens came down on the forum stage. Above the sky, there was a terrible storm that resonated with the sword of heaven and earth.

At this instant, all the swordsmen viewing at the grandstand, some actually felt their own swords chiming in response behind them, as if they too, wanted to breakout of the sheaths. This phenomenon shocked them, and they now had their eyes fixed on Yaya.

How did she do it?

"No, this is my world," Yaya responded coldly. No matter where she was, it would always be her world, the world of the swords.

Above the firmament, there was an endless sword descending within the terrible storm. The swords upon the forum stage chimed, and a storm of destruction enveloped this space, the real horror of the slaughtering technique.

"Is this really the battle of the nobles?" The delegates of the Nine States stared at the battlefield; even the battle of the sages was just about as intense as this ?

Those who had just entered the realm of the sages, if encountered these two geniuses, perhaps would not be up to par to take them.

"I felt the essence of the Lord of the Way of the Sword, as if that girl could hold the sword of the world," a powerful swordsman looked at Yaya and commented. Although Yaya's essence was not yet strong, it was enough to move him.

"The same with Yu Sheng," someone said. It was the spirit that could overcome the world, demon god incarnate, ruling it all.

At this point, Yu Sheng exercise the method to the strongest level. Had Yaya not been powerful enough, he would not have done so. After the demonic attack was initiated, a terrible scene appeared in his mind: a demon-like figure sat on the throne, overlooking all beings, the demon god lord over the world.

"Do you admit defeat?" Yaya stared at Yu Sheng, still stubborn.

Yu Sheng casted a cocky look at her, said coldly ,"Little girl, you are in no position to ask me that."

"Sword Burial."

When Yaya heard what Yu Sheng had to say she spat out the command in an extremely cold voice. As soon as she finished, a bloody blade of light fell from the sky. The next moment, the swords of all heavens broke through the sky and took aim at Yu Sheng.

Bury Yu Sheng with the Sword Way of All Heavens.

"Limitless magic," a voice sounded inside of Yu Sheng. He looked up and his eyes released a ray of dark light. An immense shadow of demon appeared in the space now, the sword that penetrated the emptiness for the kill suddenly appeared in mid-air, as if the spatial rules were forcibly interrupted, unable to continue its direct attack toward Yu Sheng.

Many beheld this scene with trembling hearts.

Could the power of spatial rule be forcibly interrupted?

Yu Sheng had said that this was his world.

The expanse oscillated, and the swords of all heavens chimed and continued their paths to kill. But Yu Sheng stepped out, and suddenly the Eternal Demon Shadow hauling the halberd of the demon god to slaughter toward the sky, colliding with the falling swords of all heavens, exploding and bursting like crazy.

Throughout the firmament, streams of air flew madly into Yu Sheng's body, as if he was devouring and demonizing all the power of this world.

Immediately after, Yu Sheng raised his arms and smashing toward the firmament, violent sounds boomed and rumbled. Eternal Devil's Fist seemed to blast open the void, running through heaven and earth, destroying the swords of all heavens, and blast toward Yaya who was above the expanse.

Yaya looked at the scene before her, with disbelief in her eyes. How could her world of Sword Way be crushed!
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    《The Legend of Futian》