The Legend of Futian
795 Robbing Talented People?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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795 Robbing Talented People?

They all looked at the young, handsome leader of the Barren State, and many felt impressed one way or another.

The Barren State, who had not had saints among them for many years, had a young leader bring a group of people to participate in the Nine State Forum and ended up achieving a very surprising, miraculous, glorious result.

It could even be said that the students of the Barren State were the strongest in this year's Nine State Forum.

Among the top ten who stood on the forum stage at that moment, there were two from the Barren State, two from the Summer State, and two from Qi State. Furthermore, Yu Sheng emerged as the champion of the event.

No one had even anticipated before the Nine State Forum was held, that the Barren State would emerge on top of everyone else.

Many wondered before, that with the ones from the Barren State being so exceptional, just how capable the new young palace lord from the Holy Zhi Palace truly was. Many had been curious about it, but such curiosity reached new heights with Yu Sheng being crowned champion of the event. After seeing how Yu Sheng fought, many were in the opinion that it would be impossible for Ye Futian to overpower Yu Sheng, no matter how powerful the young palace lord was.

Yu Sheng was one specimen of top-notch, a cutting-edge genius that was difficult to find in all of the nine states. There were even some who wondered if it was possible to take Yu Sheng in and have him train in their sacred ground instead.

"I have said before that all top ten participants in this year's Nine State Forum are to be rewarded." Saint Xihua's voice was heard, and he turned to look at the ten. "Yu Sheng, the champion of Nine State Forum, bestowed with the holy item, the Battleaxe of Judgment." He waved his hand as soon as he finished, and a battleax gleaming with terrifying aura throughout its entire form appeared and floated before Yu Sheng.

Everyone looked at that holy item. While none of the sacred grounds lacked such equipment, a holy item was still something incredibly precious, and every one of the geniuses throughout the nine states wanted one for themselves. The holy item now belonged to Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng extended his hand and held the ax. Terrifying aura pulsed, but he did not rush to feel its might, putting it away instead. He said to Saint Xihua, "Thank you, senior."

"You deserve it," Saint Xihua smiled and said. He then waved again and the Catalogue of Saints floated before Yaya, saying, "First runner-up of the Nine State Forum, Yaya, bestowed with the Catalogue of Saints."

Yaya took it without any hint of reservation and said, "Thanks."

"Which village are you from, young one?" Saint Xihua asked with a smile. All eyes suddenly shifted to Yaya. Ye Futian's talent and Yaya's background were perhaps what everyone present was most curious about.

"The Nameless Village."

"Nameless Village?" Saint Xihua looked puzzled.

"You know, just a village without a name," Yaya said again. Saint Xihua looked stunned and took a good look at the young girl, but there was no way he would have gotten into a petty argument with a 15-year-old girl.

"Ahem..." Ye Futian looked at the scene feeling awkward. The girl actually dares tease a saint. She is something, alright; almost every bit like that village chief of hers.

"Second runner-up of Nine State Forum, Zhuge Yi, bestowed with the Holy Pill," Saint Xihua continued. All remaining seven of the top ten were rewarded one after another.

Saint Xihua looked at everyone present. After all ten were rewarded, he smiled and said, "I have said before that if any of the top ten would like to train in Xihua Sacred Mountain, they would be welcomed as my student and would be tutored by all three saints of ours. Would of you be willing to take the offer?"

Many peoples' eyes sparkled as they looked at Saint Xihua. Seven out of the ten were tutored by saints and they all hailed from other renowned sacred grounds. In truth, Saint Xihua's words were meant for three people: Yu Sheng, Yaya, and Hua Jieyu. There was still hope for the three of them to train under saints.

There was no reply. It was naturally impossible for Yu Sheng and Hua Jieyu to train in Xihua Sacred Mountain. As for Yaya, she was simply looking around the place without much care, making it apparent that she had not given it any thought.

Saint Xihua felt somewhat disappointed at the response. Any sacred ground in the nine states would have wanted someone with talents like Yu Sheng and Yaya among their ranks. Hua Jieyu was just as exceptional, and her potential had yet to be truly brought to light. Telekinetic powers capable of attacking and controlling spiritual wills were signs of her being the ultimate sorcerer, which meant that she had incredible achievements waiting for her in the future.

Saint Xihua did not respond immediately. He turned around to look at Ye Futian and said, "Ye Futian, I promised you that if there were to be any from the Barren State in the top ten, I would reward the Barren State with a holy item."

Saint Xihua knew by then, without a doubt, that he had fallen into Ye Futian's trap. That boy knew Yu Sheng was incredibly exceptional right from the beginning and deliberately led me into a trap. He was incredibly humble and polite, so far so as to offer a holy item from the Holy Zhi Palace.

As a saint, there was simply no way Saint Xihua would have lost his bearing right there and then. As such, he had to respond to Ye Futian's offer, but by doing so, he had fallen into Ye Futian's trap. Worse still, there was no way he could have blamed Ye Futian for anything, as the young man had not behaved inappropriately before. Ye Futian had been so polite and humble that he even refused the counter offer at his own will, making him look like a humble member of the young generation like no other.

Besides, Ye Futian said it himself. This is his first time venturing outside the Barren State and he has no idea how powerful the others from other states are. What more can I say to that?

Saint Xihua had no choice but to admit defeat in front of everyone.

Many wore bewildered looks on their faces after hearing Saint Xihua's words. The Sky Saint wore a faint smile. It was quite surprising for Saint Xihua, the lord of the sacred mountain, to be set up by a member of the younger generation, and, worse still, rendered utterly incapable of retorting.

Many turned to look at Ye Futian with amused looks. Kong Yao turned to look at him with cold eyes. While Saint Xihua had indeed lost in this battle of wits, will Ye Futian be able to stomach an extra holy item like that?

Ye Futian stood and bowed slightly at Saint Xihua, saying politely, "I beg your forgiveness, senior."

Many looked puzzled at Ye Futian's reaction.

"What do you mean?" Saint Xihua felt puzzled as well, looking at Ye Futian.

"I was somewhat looked down on when I came to participate in the Nine State Forum after taking over as the Palace Lord of the Holy Zh Palace of the Barren State, and I couldn't help but feel rather dissatisfied. As such, despite knowing how immensely talented Yu Sheng was, I went on to incite you with words, Great Saint, so as to vent my frustration. With Yu Sheng emerging as the champion of the Nine State Forum, we from the Barren State share the glory as well. Furthermore, Yu Sheng has been bestowed with a holy item by you. I'm afraid I dare not accept yet another gift from you, and I hope you don't bear a grudge against me for my trespasses," Ye Futian said with a smile.

Many great figures throughout the nine states looked at him with great interest, rather surprised by his actions. The level of proficiency in dealing with social matters is nothing like that of a member of the younger generation who is still in his twenties. Not only did he not ask for the promised holy item, but he even went on to apologize to Saint Xihua, speaking his mind about everything related to the matter.

In truth, everyone knew by then that Saint Xihua had been set up by Ye Futian. If Ye Futian had truly taken that holy item, it would have been anyone's guess if that item would have been boon or his bane. However, the words he had just spoken gave ample face to Saint Xihua.

Saint Xihua felt rather surprised as his deep eyes stared at Ye Futian. He continued, "I've made my promise and I cannot back out of it."

"And that promise was my fault, senior. There is no need for you to behave as such with me. If you insist, I'd be more than willing to hand the holy item to Xihua Sacred Mountain for safekeeping. Should I need help with anything in the future, I'd like to exchange a favor for the holy item. What do you think?" Ye Futian smiled.

"This kid..." Many stared at Ye Futian, surprised at how clever he actually was. This guy is trading the holy item for a favor from Saint Xihua.

A favor from a saint was no small matter. Furthermore, not only had his actions given face to Saint Xihua, but there was also no need to take out a holy item. There was no way the saint would be petty with him about what happened before, which had rid Ye Futian of any loose ends.

Saint Xihua took a look at Ye Futian with eyes of admiration. He had indeed misjudged things, as he should not have underestimated the people of the Barren State simply because the state had no saints.

This young palace lord of the Holy Zhi Palace is sure not someone to be trifled with. Furthermore, there are people like Yu Sheng and the others by his side. The Barren State might truly be able to achieve a great deal in the future.

Saint Xihua naturally would not argue any further since Ye Futian was willing to give him face in the matter. He smiled and said, "Ye Futian, I look forward to the future achievements of the Barren State. If you should need help with anything, you are welcome at Xihua Sacred Mountain."

"Thank you," Ye Futian bowed and said.

The Sky Saint and the Glass Saint both looked at Ye Futian with eyes of admiration. Not only did he not offend Saint Xihua, but he had also actually forged closer ties with him, wiping off the friction on the battlefield without a trace. The kid sure knows his way with things.

Things were, at the moment, very much in Ye Futian's favor.

Sage Wanxiang, Zhuge Qingfeng, and the others beside Ye Futian also looked at Ye Futian with eyes of praise. There had been quite a number of people waiting for him to take the place of Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace back then, yet he simply went off to the Eastern Barren Territory to train alone, only agreeing to the arrangement several months later. It seemed that he was truly prepared at the very moment when he agreed to become the Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace.

The Barren State was deemed weak, and they had attracted too much attention in the Nine State Forum. A nail that stuck out was to get hammered. If Ye Futian had really gone on to take an extra holy item from Xihua Sacred Mountain, it would have worried Ye Futian's elders. However, Ye Futian's actions right there were impeccable, tying up all loose ends and ending all troubles that would have come.

Saint Xihua turned his eyes to everyone present. His eyes were smiling and he seemed to be in a very good mood. He raised his voice and said, "Any who made it to the top hundred in the Nine State Forum are welcomed to train in Xihua Sacred Mountain. I'll tutor them when I'm able to."

"Thank you, Great Saint." Many bowed slightly at Saint Xihua.

Saint Xihua continued with a smile, "With that, I conclude the Nine State Forum for this year. Thank you all for coming here from all over the nine states. It is my honor, as well as that of Xihua Sacred Mountain, to be able to hold this event."

"It's finally over." Voices were heard from the western side of the grandstands, with many feeling that they had not yet had enough. Those people had witnessed what the best among the young from all over the nine states were truly capable of. Some of those people would make it to the Sage and Saint Rankings of the Nine States in the future.

"Hey kid, you're training in the power of Rules of Space. Do you mind coming to train with me for a while?" The Sky Saint's eyes turned to Yaya, who was still on the forum stage, making the place silent once again.

The Sky Saint was versed in space-related powers, and the Sky Saint felt rather itchy seeing Yaya, wanting to take in another student.

"I'm not going nowhere." Yaya shook her head and turned to look at the village chief, seemingly having no interest in training under a saint.

"Alright." The Sky Saint did not push her and smiled, nodding instead. The kid sure has an attitude.

"Yu Sheng." Someone was shouting at that moment. Everyone turned their head and found it was someone from Vajra Region. A high monk draped in a kasaya looked at Yu Sheng and said, "You've trained your body well and are unparalleled in the physical arts. The Vajra Region has many arts to train the body with and is most suitable to further your training. Besides, you train in the demonic arts. While it is indeed extremely powerful, it will make you succumb to your demons, thus losing yourself. The Buddhist methods of Vajra Region would be able to help complement that weakness and make you stronger. Would you like to like to train in the Vajra Region?"

"Even the monks go about fighting for talented ones now?" Many looked at the high monk from Vajra Region. It seemed that they were unable to sit still. Yu Sheng's talents were indeed enough to prompt them to do so, and the high monk was right. Vajra Region was indeed very suitable for Yu Sheng to train in.

The Sky Saint and the Glass Saint smiled at each other. What the monks were doing was akin to trying to rob the Barren State, and they did so without reservations. If it were other sacred grounds, they might have argued and fought the Vajra Region right there and then. For instance, would Vajra Region even try to rob Jixia Holy Palace and the Xia clan of Zhuge Yi and Xia Yi?

"Yu Sheng. The Great Chu clan has the most suitable holy arts for you to train with, and we have holy items that would benefit your training as well. What do you think?" s mighty one from the Great Chu clan of Cloud State said without any reservations.

"The Nine State College is versed in many arts, we are also the number college in all of the nine states..."

"The Jixia Holy Palace..."

One mighty one after another opened their mouths. Representatives from many sacred grounds actually made offers to Yu Sheng at the same time. All the conditions were very good, throwing out holy arts and holy items like they cost nothing. All of those were things that students of sacred grounds could have only dreamed of, and they were easily within Yu Sheng's reach, so long as he said yes to any of them.

"They really have no reservations," Ye Futian saw the scene and said. If someone from some sacred ground were to take the lead and ask, it was only natural for others to follow suit. They did not care if Yu Sheng actually agreed to it, but they owed it to themselves to at least try.

Yu Sheng scratched his head, hearing all the invitations thrown at him. The offers were indeed enticing. He turned around and took a look at Ye Futian, before shaking his head, saying, "I'm a student of the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State, so it is only natural that I cannot train in other places. Thank you for your offers."

"There is no saint to tutor you and their resources are limited. Your training will be hindered," someone said.

"Are you concerned with how the Barren State thinks of you?" someone else said, and their eyes were on Ye Futian.

Ye Futian waved his hands, seeing the eyes of everyone on him, and said, "Please do whatever you wish. If Yu Sheng is willing, the Barren State would be willing to let me go any time. Please, do continue!"

"..." Many looked at Ye Futian feeling rather speechless. Is he… welcoming others to come rob him? Something sure is wrong with his brain.

However, Ye Futian was actually taking it all like he was watching a circus performance. They were welcomed to do whatever they pleased while he simply sat back and watched.

Robbing Yu Sheng from the Holy Zhi Palace, eh? This looks amusing. Many continued to throw offers about without reservations after hearing what Ye Futian said.

Yu Sheng turned around and glared at Ye Futian. This sh*thead is doing this on purpose!

"I'm sorry." Yu Sheng simply broke through the noise at the moment, bowed, turned around and left with those from the Barren State. You had to be direct at times like this!
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    《The Legend of Futian》