The Legend of Futian
798 The Village
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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798 The Village

The eyes of all those from the Nine States were directed at Ye Futian, the young leader of the Barren State. At this moment everyone truly felt as if he was also the Palace Lord of the sacred land. Although he was still young, the spirit Ye Futian exuded was already that of a Head Saint.

Zhou Ya's provocation of Ye Futian was thought of as a potentially exhilarating showdown. However, against expectations, it turned out to be no more than a lesson akin to an experienced elder giving guidance to a young underling.

Strong as he was, Zhou Ya could offer no resistance at all.

Humble, unassuming, polite, but arrogant at this moment. Which attitude was that of the real Ye Futian?

"It was unexpected that his martial arts would be so powerful." The Chess Saint's ninth disciple praised from the direction of the Eastern State. He only knew that at the Chess Saint's Villa, Ye Futian displayed extraordinary comprehension and cultivated diligently. However, on this day, he saw the other side of Ye Futian: an authoritative master and Palace Lord of the sacred land. Although still somewhat inexperienced, he had a bright future.

The many disciples of the Chess Saint showed a touch of surprise. Yang Xiao even cast Li Kaishan a sideways glance. He did not know how accurate the Master's choice was, but he did know that were it not for the slight bias of Second Brother Li Kaishan, Liu Zong might not have beaten the chess game that day. Had Liu Zong proven unable to solve the game, the Master would have chosen Ye Futian. Still, none of that mattered anymore. Right now, it was more important to look ahead and free the Master from his prison.

"He is indeed strong. I was not amiss in my judgment." Liu Zong smiled. It was a pity that he hadn't been able to recruit Ye Futian, who could have been an asset of considerable strength in the future.

The Barren State had garnered all the attention this day. Now, all those who had spoken before fell silent. This battle had proven the strength of Ye Futian.

Ye Futian sat and surveyed those around him before saying, "Many who came today are the geniuses and prodigies of the Nine States. I dare not instruct those of higher planes, but if those in planes near my own desire my feedback, I shall do my best to please."

Everyone looked at him curiously. Zhou Ya was a warning. Even though many from the Nine States did not consider themselves to be weaker than Zhou Ya, Ye Futian had not simply defeated Zhou Ya—he had totally crushed him. For Zhou Ya, it was a humiliating fight, and under such circumstances who would be insane enough to ask for it?

"Would someone still like to try?" questioned Saint Xihua from the direction of the Eastern State as he looked out across the crowd. However, those who were curious and doubtful remained silent. Even members from the Hall of Holy Light were quiet.

If the fight took place on the same plane, even the rule of light might be subdued by the power of space-freezing rules coupled with the many other rule powers exhibited by Ye Futian in that battle. Defeating him in this plane would be difficult.

When no one answered, the Sky Saint looked in the direction of Ye Futian and smiled. "It seems the youngest Lord of the holy land in the history of Nine States has shocked all the geniuses of the Nine States with a single battle. For someone who just entered the Sage plane and who uses rules so skillfully, the multi-rule ability itself is an extraordinarily powerful ability. It seemed that it was just a matter of time before the Barren State rose in power."

The Sky Saint was a figure of the Saint Plane, but he was also a gentle and relaxed soul who had not establish any sects in the holy land. Instead, he was willing to assist gifted youths in their growth and watch them become additions to the Nine States.

"Thank you, revered Sky Saint. I shall endeavor to do my best and hope that one day the Barren State will yield saints so that we no longer bear the name of holy land in vain." Ye Futian bowed his head to Sky Saint.

"Is your goal so low?" Sky Saint smiled at Ye Futian as if he could see through him. Judging from the strength of the Barren State's representatives, the emergence of strong cultivators from the Saint Plane was very likely.

"I dare not set the bar too high. This is the immediate goal for the Barren State," Ye Futian replied.

"Well, I also practice the way of space rules. If there's an opportunity, you can always ask me for advice." The Sky Saint nodded to Ye Futian. Even if he had a mind to take Ye Futian on as a disciple, Yu Sheng, and Xu Que had both refused to become the disciples of saints, and as the Palace Lord of a Holy Land, Ye Futian would be even more unsuitable. But he did not mind if there was ever an opportunity to counsel Ye Futian; perhaps he could witness the birth of a legend.

"I will remember that." Ye Futian nodded with a smile.

Those of the Nine States who witnessed this scene knew that the Sky Saint was partial to Ye Futian and were becoming impressed as a result.

In the direction of the Zhisheng Cliffs, Kong Yao had a strained look. In the past, the Zhisheng Cliffs had never even considered the Barren State as an equal. Yet the entrance of Zhisheng Palace from the Barren State in the Nine States Forum was so dazzling under the leadership of Ye Futian that he felt threatened.

Saint Xihua smiled. He looked at everyone present, and said, "Well, this time at the Nine States Forum, the Barren State has passed. With so many young and intelligent palace lords, it seems that there is something worthy of hope. In this session of the Nine States Forum, there were astonishments and surprises, but moreover, there was passion just as there was during my youth. The forum has now concluded fortuitously. Everyone from the holy lands of the Nine States is welcome to stay awhile at the Xihua Sacred Mountain if they so wish."

"No need. It's over now and we should return home," the elder of the Xia clan smiled and replied.

"The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty has other duties to attend to, so we are unable to dally," said Great Zhou Sacred King. This time at the Nine States Forum, the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty suffered the most severe losses. Zhou Ziyi was swept out in the first battle, and in the battle after the Nine States Forum's conclusion, Zhou Ya had been crushed. As the Sacred King of the Great Zhou Dynasty, he felt disgraced and was naturally unwilling to stay.

"Just as well, I will not keep you any longer. But those who are willing to stay with us will be hosted by the Xihua Sacred Mountain," Saint Xihua repeated with a smile. Everyone from the Nine States got up at once and prepared to leave.

In the grandstands, everyone from the Eastern State also felt sadness. Was it finally over? The Nine States Forum had left a deep impression this time.

"Farewell," the Sacred King of the Great Zhou Dynasty said lightly, looking at the Glass Saint. "Shall we?

"Since the Sacred King is occupied, he should feel free to take his leave." The Glass Saint shook her head gently. She knew that the Sacred King of the Great Zhou Dynasty had always been interested in her, but it was obviously an impossibility.

"Well, I will visit you at the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple when I can." The Sacred King of the Great Zhou Dynasty waved and stepped into the void, followed by a dazzling army of Golden Phoenixes, with Zhou Ziyi, Zhou Zichao, Zhou You, Zhou Ya and the others close behind. They hung their heads and glanced in the direction of the Barren State, still looking a little apathetic.

Many cultivators of the holy lands in the Nine States had risen to say their goodbyes, and each cultivator took to the sky in a spectacular scene.

Just then, Liu Zong looked out at the crowd and his gaze fell on Yaya. He walked over to Saint Xihua and whispered something. Saint Xihua's eyes suddenly flashed with resplendent light and he also turned his gaze towards Yaya.

By now, Yaya had returned to the side of the old Village Chief, who was squeezing through the crowd toward the Barren State.

Ye Futian had already stood up and saw the old Village Chief appear in front of them, his eyes traveling between Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. He took the opportunity to come to the Nine States Forum to find someone who could defeat Yaya, and Yu Sheng had been able to achieve that. Therefore, the one he wanted to see would naturally be Yu Sheng.

But after Yu Sheng's fight, he'd seen Ye Futian's abilities. Even though the young Palace Lord did not use the entirety of his power, he had displayed his extraordinary talent to all.

So, Yu Sheng or Ye Futian?

At the old Village Chief's side, Yaya glared at Yu Sheng. It seemed that she was still sore over her loss to him.

Yu Sheng returned her stare and said, "What?"

"You'd better be careful." She fixed her stare on Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng was speechless. This girl was a moron.

Ye Futian was also somewhat stunned. Did this girl still want to retaliate?

"What are you looking at?" She turned around and stared at Ye Futian instead, pouting.

Ye Futian blinked, then smiled and walked up with his hand extended. Yaya looked up at his hand, which was placed well above her head. She glowered madly, bright flashes like a sharpened sword appearing as her entire being was surrounded by a trace of Sword Will.

An invisible force shrouded Yaya, and Ye Futian's hand slowly came down until he rested it on top of her little head and gave it a rub. Smiling he said, "Where does this little girl get her hot temper?"

Yaya's stare turned stiff and she blinked while regarding Ye Futian.

"What are you looking at? Something to say?" Ye Futian knocked on Yaya's head. Her jaw tightened in response, and her body emitted traces of strong and powerful energy.

"Yaya, don't mess around," the old Village Chief said. Finally, Yaya reined in her energy but continued to glower maliciously at Ye Futian. She lifted up her small fist and snarled.

This guy, how dare he rub my head?

And then knock on it?


Ye Futian smiled and looked at the old Village Chief, asking, "Is there anything I can be of service for?"

"Yes." The old Village Chief nodded. "I would like to invite you all to our village as guests."

Since Yu Sheng and Ye Futian were together, they'd be invited together.

"Village?" Ye Futian looked surprised. "Where?"

"You will know when you get there," The old Village Chief continued. Ye Futian's countenance appeared slightly strange. From Yaya, he could deduce that the old Village Chief would not be a straightforward character, and similarly, their village would not be so simple either.

"We would be willing to visit. Would the honorable elder care to lead us?" a voice piped up. The old Village Chief and Ye Futian both turned their attention to the speaker and saw Liu Zong walking towards them. Seeing this scene play out before them, those who had not left the Forum yet were all watching intently.

This was Liu Zong, one cultivated by the Three Saints and the most talented of all at Xihua Sacred Mountain. He actually wanted to visit the village that Yaya came from.

Could it be that there was more to the situation than meets the eye?

Liu Zong smiled and nodded at Ye Futian before continuing to look at the old Village Chief.

"Why do you want to go to the village?" the old Village Chief asked.

"Once an elder of ours embarked on a trip there but encountered some troubles. Could the honorable Village Chief be willing to render aid?" Liu Zong said again.

"Going where one should not have, this I cannot help." The old Village Chief sharpened his eyes and glanced at Liu Zong.

"Since the honorable Village Chief is the head of the Tomb Village, naturally he would be able to help." Liu Zong acted unfazed, replying with a smile.
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    《The Legend of Futian》