The Legend of Futian
801 The Secret of the Nether Sword Mound
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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801 The Secret of the Nether Sword Mound

The Hou was an extremely rare demonic beast that only existed in legends. It was rumored that the Hou fed on dragons, while other rumors claimed that the Hou was the ancestor of the Qilin.

Now, a teen from the Tombkeeper Village actually claimed to have the Hou as his Life Spirit.

"Brother Hou, are you alright?" Yaya looked at the teen beside her and asked.

"I'm fine. What about you, Yaya?" The teen looked back and asked as well.

"How could anything happen to me." Yaya shook her head, then glared at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian's expression became even more odd. The previous person's Life Spirit was the Kui, so he was called Da Niu.

Now, this teen's Life Spirit was the Hou, so Yaya addressed him as Brother Hou.

How wilful.

"Lass, fulfill your end of the wager." Ye Futian smirked at Yaya and said.

Yaya glared at Ye Futian hatefully, then said, "How could you believe a child's words?"

"...." Ye Futian did a double take and looked at Yaya, speechless. Really?

"Brother Hou, beat him up." Yaya glared at Ye Futian and said, falling out at will. Calling him brother? Dream on.

"Okay." The teen stared at Ye Futian and stepped forward. A giant Hou shadow appeared in the air and a violent demonic Qi rampaged in the air. The teen was at the sage cultivation level, one level higher than Ye Futian and had a terrifying aura.

Ye Futian had the feeling that the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's Zhou Ya would not be able to defeat this teen if they were at the same cultivation level.

The people from this village appeared to have an inborn wildness and had a primal Qi around them, perhaps closely related to their cultivation environment.

However, he was curious. If the people of the village cultivated in seclusion, how could they comprehend the Sage Plane's rule power?

Living in seclusion did not mean that they were actually cut off from the mortal world. Those who were in seclusion usually meant people with very high cultivation levels who stayed concealed in the mortal world to continue their cultivation in peace. However, if one was in seclusion since birth, it would not be easy for their cultivation level to increase and they would approach bottlenecks much more easily.

Without giving Ye Futian any time to think, the other party flew into the air with a loud roar that shook the earth. The giant Hou shadow in the air spat out a horrifying shock wave, synchronizing with the heavens and reverberated into Ye Futian's ears, attempting to shatter his Spiritual Will.

At that moment, the skies changed as the area seemed to transform into the Hou's dimension. The intense pressure crushed down as Ye Futian stood within it. The people in the surrounding area all stepped back to avoid the pressure.

Ye Futian's Spiritual Will transformed into a vigorous whirlpool, a destructive Spiritual Will spewing forth from within, unaffected by the roar. His gaze swept across the figure rushing towards him as he emitted a formless rule power.

In the next moment, the teen felt as though the area was coming to a halt. The energies in the skies appeared to have stopped flowing, and even his body was stopping still. However, an alarming rule power flowed around him, forcefully breaking through the Space-freezing rule power and continuing towards Ye Futian.

However, as he got closer to Ye Futian's body, his speed started to decrease. Apart from the Space-freezing rule power, there was also another extremely strong rule power pressure around Ye Futian. Waves of light screens circulated around Ye Futian, giving the teen a feeling as though there were constellations around Ye Futian.

It was the starry laws rule power.

The starry laws was an extraordinary rule power with multiple forms. It could be used in offense, defense and even to pressure others.

"Be careful, Brother Hou." Yaya's expression paled. Although she had yet to enter the Sage Plane, she could still feel the strength of rule power. Ye Futian specialized in multiple rule powers and could inhibit others to a large extent.

At that moment, Ye Futian moved. He clenched both his fists and stepped forward towards the teen, raising his fists and punching forward. With the starry laws contained in his fists, his punches were like a meteorite crashing down, shattering the earth.

In the area where the two of them clashed, a giant Hou shadow and a meteorite shadow appeared. The destructive force engulfed the entire area and a hurricane billowed on those watching the battle. Many houses in the village collapsed into ruins, but there were some others that were shielded by an invisible rule power, saving them from ending up as debris.

Bang, bang, bang…

Consecutive clashing sounds could be heard as the two of them fought from the ground into the air. The earth split apart as the Meteor Punch and Hou's force clashed against each other. The teen was knocked back by the impact and he looked coldly at Ye Futian as though he wanted to continue battling.

"That's enough, I'm not here to battle. Where is the Village Chief?" Ye Futian asked.

Hum. At that moment, winds gathered in the distance. Ye Futian raised his head and looked towards it and saw a brilliant golden light appear in the distant sky.

"The Roc." A glint appeared in Ye Futian's eyes as he looked towards it and exclaimed. The blinding light shone towards him, as a human that looked like the Divine Roc flew towards him. It was a handsome teen with Roc wings flapping behind him. His sharp gaze looked towards Ye Futian as he flew towards them at breathtaking speed.

It's Ying. The people from the Tombkeeper Village looked towards the devilishly-handsome teen and thought. However, Ye Futian suddenly felt a strong sense of danger.

He used his Space-freezing rule power and a terrifying starry light screen surrounded his body, as though a real constellation had appeared.

The glaring golden light darted across the air as the other party's figure disappeared, ignoring the Space-freezing rule power. Ying narrowed the distance and descended, the dazzling golden rays turning into feathers, slashing down onto the starry light screens. In an instant, a crack appeared and the starry light screen was split from the middle. The dazzling attack slashed towards Ye Futian's body, attempting to slice him in half.

"Space-manipulation, space-ripping."

The Barren State's experts saw the scene and their expressions changed. Sage Wanxiang shouted, "Be careful!"

As his voice landed, Ye Futian had already set up his defenses again. He raised his fist and struck forward. As it was slashed apart, he made use of the force to quickly retreat, moving back towards where the Barren State was like a gust of wind.

The dazzling teen floated in the air, his wings flapping behind him. His sharp gaze had an arrogance in it as he stared at Ye Futian and his friends.

Gu Dongliu and the Sword Saint stepped forward with displeased expressions. The Sword Saint said, "If the elder has invited us here only to treat us like this, we will have to leave."

The teen's cultivation level was much higher than Ye Futian's. He was already a Magi, with his cultivation level, coupled with the Space-manipulation and space-ripping rule power, how strong would he be?

Yaya was merely a small girl, so they would forgive her tomfoolery. However, the teen in the air had an arrogant expression and did not pull his punches.

Ying continued to float in the air, looking at the Sword Saint and Gu Dongliu with his insufferable expression and said coldly, "Go ahead."

Evidently, he did not care whether Ye Futian and his friends stayed or left.

"Ying, step down." A voice sounded from afar as a group of people walked towards them. The person at the front was the Village Chief.

Ying lowered his head and looked towards the voice, then glanced coldly at Ye Futian before flapping his wings and stepping back.

"Lass, enough of your mischief." The Village Chief glared at Yaya and chided.

"Village Chief." Yaya lowered her head, like a child who had done something wrong.

"This lass is too immature, please forgive her actions." The Village Chief looked at the Sword Saint, then turned towards Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, saying, "I've waited a long time for you."

"You're too courteous." Ye Futian cupped his fists and saluted, saying, "I wonder what elder has invited us here for?"

The Village Chief looked at the people around and said, "Well, time for the party to end."

The crowd started to leave, but there were a few who stayed, like Yaya.

"Please follow me." The Village Chief extended his hand to guide them as he said. Ye Futian walked alongside the Village Chief and in the air, Ying's gaze swept across Ye Futian one final time before he flapped his wings and flew off into the sky.

Ye Futian raised his head and looked at the disappearing figure, surprised at how fast he was. Space-manipulation was indeed very scary. The teen was extremely strong and could definitely be classified among the elite prodigies in the Nine States.

When his gaze moved back, he saw Yaya still glaring at him and felt dejected. He stretched out his hand and tapped on her head, saying, "You lost, aren't you going to call me brother?"

"Humph." Yaya snorted and turned away with an expression of refusal.

Seeing the little girl's expression made Ye Futian think of Ling'er. He shook his head and smiled to himself, Ling'er was much smarter than Yaya, probably because of the environment she grew up in. Ling'er was born into a prestigious family and was doted on while growing up, while Yaya lived in a village, so although she was extremely powerful, she was simple-minded.

Ye Futian smiled and put his hand on her head, rubbing it. He did not really mind the little girl's willfulness, he was not that petty.

Yaya jerked her head away, avoiding him. She glared at Ye Futian. Why did this fellow like rubbing others' heads so much?

"The person just now is called Ying and has an extremely proud personality. Apart from Yaya, his potential is the highest in the village. If he had participated in the Nine State Forum, he would definitely have the strength to go all the way. There are not many people in the same generation in the Nine States that can defeat him." The Village Chief explained, evidently also extremely confident in Ying's abilities.

"He has comprehended both space-ripping and space-manipulation in the space rule power. Adding on his offensive power, he is indeed very strong." Ye Futian nodded and replied. He had already bore witness to Ying's strength just now.

"He also specializes in swordsmanship." The Village Chief continued, causing Ye Futian to have a surprised expression. It seemed like he was a genius indeed.

"He seems to have something against me?" Ye Futian remembered Ying's expression and asked. He could feel the chilling intent in the other party's eyes and it was unusual for people who were meeting for the first time.

The Village Chief looked in the distance and said softly, "Ying dotes on Yaya the most, he probably saw you bullying her."

Yaya looked proudly at Ye Futian. He thought to himself, it seems like this little girl is the apple of everyone's eyes in this village.

The group of them chatted while walking further into the village. In the Village Chief's house, there were a few stone tables and chairs. The Village Chief looked at Ye Futian's group and said, "Have a seat."

Ye Futian nodded and they all found a seat. The Village Chief had yet to say anything about why he invited them.

"Recently, many people have entered the village and are now situated all around the village. There should be many legends about the village in the outside world now, I suppose?" The Village Chief looked at Ye Futian and asked.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded.

"What is the most popularly accepted rumor?" The Village Chief asked.

"The Nether Sword Mound has the Sword Saint of the Void's teachings. The Tombkeeper Village is likely to be able to affect the teachings." Ye Futian looked at the elderly Village Chief and said.

The Village Chief smiled and asked, "Is that what you think too?"

"Elder brought Yaya to participate in the Nine State Forum, Yu Sheng defeated her and the Village Chief invited me and Yu Sheng here. So, I feel that that is indeed possible." Ye Futian did not deny his conjecture.

"I did not invite you here to bestow any teachings upon you." The Village Chief shook his head as he clarified. A shocked expression appeared in Ye Futian's eyes.

"Disappointed?" The Village Chief smiled and asked.

"Not really, just curious." Ye Futian replied. What then, was the Village Chief's motive?

"The Nether Sword Mound is not simply the Sword Saint of the Void's teachings, but it does have some items that the Sword Saint of the Void has left behind." The Village Chief looked at Ye Futian and continued, "For example, the Nine States' number one sword matrix, the Sword Matrix of the Void."

The Village Chief's eyes lit up as he saw Ye Futian's reaction. He then continued, "If the matrix were to be activated, it can pursue any Saint from the Nine States. Nobody can escape from it."

A sword matrix that can kill a Saint. The people from the Barren State all had astounded expressions as they stared at the Village Chief.

The Forbidden Land of the Nether Sword Mound contained the Nine States' number one killing matrix, a matrix capable of killing any Saint Plane cultivator in existence. How terrifying it would be if someone obtained control of the matrix. Wouldn't that person be unparalleled in the Nine States?

Ye Futian suddenly wondered if the Chess Saint had entered the Nether Sword Mound for the Nine States' number one matrix!

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    《The Legend of Futian》