The Legend of Futian
802 Two Signs
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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802 Two Signs

Ye Futian looked at the old village chief and continued, "What does the first sword matrix of the Nine States has to do with your invitation to me to the Tombkeeper Village?"

What is Tombkeeper Village guarding?

Was it really just to guard a sword matrix?

Naturally he would not believe everything that the old village chief had said.

"Within the Nether Sword Mound there engraved with a magical sword matrix that can kill any intruders unless there is someone who can breach the matrix." The old Village Chief continued, "Chess Saint was unparalleled in the way of matrix and had already destroyed its formation. Although he was trapped by the sword matrix but he had learned some secrets about the Nether Sword Mound and the Tombkeeper Village, and spread the news about. This has to do with the survival of the Tombkeeper Village. You saw it before that the people of Tombkeeper Village were unusually accomplished. Do you know why?" 

"I don't know," Ye Futian shook his head and listening to the old Village Chief, it sounded like he went out this time to Nine States Forum was in fact, a preemptive precautionary move.

He had experienced in person what happened at Chess Saint Villa. If the news was spread by Chess Saint, then Liu Zong must be the recipient of it. On that day, he also saw that both Liu Zong and Saint Xihua intentionally let the news be known, otherwise there was no need to point out the identity of the old man in public. The intention was self-evident.

Then the old Village Chief's fear was understandable. Even if they did not leave, sooner or later Liu Zong would come with others, and not just by himself.

The old Village Chief took Yaya to participate in Nine States Forum and moved all this ahead of time. 

"The Nether Sword Mound was right behind Tombkeeper Village, and inside the Nether Sword Mound, there nurtured many rule powers. People of Tombkeeper Village can enter the outer sector inside the Nether Sword Mound to cultivate, and they have perceived and adapted to the power of rules since birth. With the elevation of cultivation, they naturally comprehend some of these rules." Said the old Village Chief.

Ye Futian's heart beat wildly; could the Nether Sword Mound really be so amazing?

This was equivalent to the cultivation area inside the Holy Zhi Palace, and it was a more advanced version. With the natural breeding ground of rules within it, this kind of cultivation conditions were so coveted that it was enough to upend all the holy lands of Nine States.

"The Nether Sword Mound is known as a vicious place, no one dared to set foot, as invaders all perished in it. Chess Saint was an exception, and knew its secret. Do yu understand it now?" The old Village Chief looked at Ye Futian.

The innocent man was only guilty because of the precious jade in his possession.

Such conditions for cultivation were enough to attract even the saints to plunder.

If holy land could be built here and let the people of holy land cultivate, what a glorious future that would be?

Ye Futian understood even more why Chess Saint chose Liu Zong and not him; Liu Zong's identity was very important.

Ye Futian, Palace Lord of Holy Zhi Palace in Barren State, holy land in name only, naturally was not worth much in the eyes of Chess Saint.

This may have affected the life and death of Chess Saint, so he pinned his hopes on Liu Zong. Rather than saying that Chess Saint chose Liu Zong as his heir, It might be more fitting to say that Chess Saint chose Liu Zong as an ally for mutual benefit.

Ye Futian did not speak, just watching the old Village Chief and waiting for him to continue.

The old Village Chief had not touched upon what he wanted to know. What did all this have to do with him?

"I hope that you can enter the Nether Sword Mound, help to activate the Nether Sword Matrix to shock and awe the people of Nine States." The old Village Chief stared at Ye Futian, "this has to do with the survival of Tombkeeper Village, so here I am pleading with Palace Lord Ye for help."

While speaking, the old Village Chief got up and bowed slightly to Ye Futian.

"Sir," Ye Futian got up to steady the Village Chief, "the sword matrix in the Nether Sword Mound can kill all invaders; how can I enter it?"

"Perhaps this is the will of heaven," The old Village Chief looked at Ye Futian, "the sword matrix inside the Nether Sword Mound is very magical; its strength mirrors that of the intruder. The stronger the intruder's strength, the stronger the power of the sword matrix. Only the real genius can have a chance to break into it. I went to Nine States Forum because I wanted to find someone who could overcome Yaya and without any faults and then let him familiarize the sword matrix. But by chance or design, Yu Sheng and Palace Lord Ye were together. Moreover, Palace Lord Ye, like Liu Zong, had also solved Chess Saint's Celestial Dragon Chess Game."

Ye Futian's eyes flickered, and he stared intently at the old Village Chief, "do you mean that the Celestial Dragon Chess Games of the Chess Saint is in fact..."

"If I am not mistaken, the Celestial Dragon Chess Game is a matrix that was evolved by Chess Saint from the sword matrix in the Nether Sword Mound. When he was searching for someone who could breach it, it was in fact a setup." The old Village Chief said.

Ye Futian revealed a surprised look; if so, he did seem to be a most suitable candidate.

"Never mind the danger of entering the Nether Sword Mound; suppose we were really able to enter, and having me block the way of the rest of the people of all the holy lands of Nine States, doesn't that spell death for me?" Ye Futian looked at the village chief and remarked.

"After you have familiarized with the sword diagram, I will let Yaya and others follow you in, so you should be reassured." The old Village Chief continued, "the people here today are all at the core in the village, as long as Palace Lord Ye says nothing, no one would know about today's conversation, and will not know who activated the Nether Sword Matrix. What's more, I heard that the last Palace Lord had invited Emperor Xia, that before the conclusion of the next Battle of Saints, anyone from other holy lands whose intent is to make a move on Palace Lord Ye would have to think it through."

"This matter is of great importance, and the survival of Tombkeeper Village depends on it. If Palace Lord Ye can help, Tombkeeper Village would be forever grateful. Henceforth, people of Barren State can all come here to cultivate. And, perhaps Palace Lord Ye would find other fortune inside the Nether Sword Mound," the old Village Chief continued. 

Ye Futian looked at the old Village Chief and glanced at the others. But just then Zhuge Mingyue could be heard saying, "precisely as you have stated, this matter is of great importance so we beg your indulgence for some time to think it over."

"No hurry, the people of Nine States won't act so fast. You can all cultivate at Tombkeeper Village for some time. If Palace Lord Ye agrees, I will hand over the sword diagram to Palace Lord Ye for his perusal and enlightenment."

"Yes," Ye Futian nodded.

"Girl, take Palace Lord Ye and the others to their rooms to rest. These few days you will take care of Palace Lord Ye and no more nonsense." The old Village Chief instructed Yaya.

Yaya looked at Ye Futian, pouting, seemingly reluctant.

"Palace Lord Ye, this girl lacks discipline, please excuse her," said the old Village Chief.

"It's nothing," Ye Futian nodded.

"Let's go." Yaya said begrudgingly, and then led the way in front. Ye Futian shook his head with a wry smile, but just then Hua Jieyu came to the front to be at Yaya's side.

Looking at her and seeing the smile on Hua Jieyu, Yaya couldn't help but felt a sense of familiarity.

"That guy is terrible, don't mind him," Hua Jieyu said with a soft smile. Yaya looked her and express a look of surprise, and then gently nodded, "older sister, sorry about that day."

"Isn't it normal for there to be winning or losing in competition? I don't know how you cultivated, but it was powerful." Hua Jieyu replied with a smile.

Yaya felt a little embarrassed, whispered, "I don't know either." 

Then they started chatting while walking in front. Ye Futian looked at the two with a shocked look. This... she was addressing Hua Jieyu as sister?

He massaged his furled brow and wondered, am I not charming enough?

This nymph could even bewitch little girls.

But seeing the two chatting, Ye Futian also smiled. Although Yaya repeatedly defy him, he did not mind, and not only because she was incredibly talented.

But because he detected that this girl was a child who endured hardships.

He had talked about it with Jieyu so she knew.

But perhaps even Yaya herself did not know.

"Little brother, do you believe what the Village Chief said?" Close by, Zhuge Mingyue secretly transmitted the sound to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian turned his attention to second sister. Earlier second sister rushed to respond that they need more time to evaluate, presumably it was because she did not entirely trust the words of the old Village Chief.

"Second sister, we've just met and the implication was so great, naturally we can't believe everything." Ye Futian replied by secret transmission, "The old Village Chief's words, should be taken with a grain of salt."

After all, the existence of Yaya itself was a secret, and the old Village Chief did not reveal any of it.

However, everything regarding Chess Saint should be true; Chess Saint spreaded the news, and sooner or later it was going to lead to chaos at Tombkeeper Village, but the old Village Chief took the initiative to preempt it.

"Then, do we promise him?" Zhuge Mingyue asked.

Ye Futian looked at the Sage Wanxiang in the other direction and smiled to transmit the message, " Does Uncle-Master want to divine the signs first?"

"Sure," Sage Wanxiang nodded; to divine the signs of favorability was a relatively simple process and did not require much time.

Yaya set up a living space for Ye Futian and the rest, so that the people of Barren State temporarily settled down in the Tombkeeper Village.

Whether it was himself, Jieyu, Wuchen and the rest of them, they all need to cultivate for a period of time to overcome the sage plane. After the Nine States Forum, the use of the rule powers had become more mature, and the time for level up the plane had also arrived.

At evening time, a red glow appeared on the west side of the sky, and the afterglow of the setting sun reflected on the village from the distant mountains, making the village looked even more peaceful and serene.

In front of a cottage in the village, Ye Futian quietly lay on the wicker chair, rocking, with Jieyu resting quietly by his side, enjoying the rare tranquility.

"Woman, what do you say that we go away from the world and just cultivate like this?" Ye Futian whispered softly.

"Whenever you want to, I am with you." Hua Jieyu laughed softly.

"Well, and couple more babies," Ye Futian smiled, "no, three or four..."

Hua Jieyu blinked, and then rolled her eyes at Ye Futian, "keep dreaming, at most two."

"That won't do. You see that I am so perfect, the children would also be excellent, so we must have a few more." Ye Futian joked.

Hua Jieyu smiled and nodded, "There is some truth in it...."

"Since you agree, shall we go make babies now?" Ye Futian looked at the beautiful woman reclining on the wicker chair, the glory of the setting sun shined upon her perfect body, made her especially attractive.

"What are you thinking about?" Hua Jieyu's face reddened; this lascivious guy, the day was not yet dark.

"What do you say?" Ye Futian stretched out his talons toward Hua Jieyu, and she hit the hand that was coming at her, and moved her body slightly to evade.

"Sister," at this moment, a voice was heard, and Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu both turned their eyes toward the girl who was coming.

"Sister, let's go eat." Yaya said again.

"Coming," Hua Jieyu said with a smile and got up and together with Ye Futian, walking toward Yaya and took her hand to leave together.

Yaya looked at Ye Futian and whispered: "Punk."

"I..." Ye Futian looked at Yaya with a blank look. This little girl, what did she know about punk?

Standing up, Ye Futian was ready to go with them, but heard a voice calling him, "Palace Lord."

Ye Futian turned and saw that Sage Wanxiang coming, and asked, "what is it, Uncle-Master?" 

"The signs are more evil than auspicious." Sage Wanxiang spoke; the divinatory signs were more evil than good.

Ye Futian felt a headache coming on and rubbed between his brows.

"But there are also some hidden opportunities." Sage Wanxiang added. Ye Futian nodded gently, how to choose!

"What about the other sign?" Ye Futian asked again. He had also asked Sage Wanxiang to divine another sign for fortune.

Sage Wanxiang looked at Ye Futian and said: "If we leave, her sign is the worst of worst, it is certainly death. If we enter, there is a chance."

Ye Futian's brows knitted when he heard Sage Wanxiang, this is indeed troublesome!
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    《The Legend of Futian》