The Legend of Futian
811 Scram
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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811 Scram

Liu Zong looked towards Yaya, but he saw Ye Futian look at him, then said, "Xihua Sacred Mountain's Liu Zong should have no part in the Chess Saint's escape?" He intentionally said this because he wanted to see if Liu Zong actually dared to do it.

If he stepped in, it would mean that he had actually participated in the Chess Saint's escape plan. If that was so, would Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty let him off?

Liu Zong's gaze landed on Ye Futian as he said, "The Chess Saint is a Saint. How many Saints are there in the Nine States? Every Saint Plane cultivator is a treasure to the Nine States. Since the situation is like it is now, the most important thing to do is to help senior Chess Saint break free. Palace Lord Ye, if you help out in cracking the matrix now, perhaps senior will not begrudge you."

"In that case, the people from Xihua Sacred Mountain, Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, and the Chess Saint Villa's disciples all deserved to die?" Ye Futian's expression was frigid as he replied.

"In the Nine States, how many people are on the Saint Ranking?" Liu Zong stepped forward as he retorted. A few experts from the Xihua Sacred Mountain followed him. These were the important people in Xihua Sacred Mountain and were not sacrificed. Of course, Li Kaishan was there as well.

"Go crack the matrix," the Sword Saint looked at Ye Futian and said as he took out his broadsword.

"Go," Zhuge Qingfeng and Sage Wanxiang chipped in as well. The situation at hand was extremely dire. At least the Chess Saint was being restricted now. Once the Chess Saint completely broke free, they would all die.

The Chess Saint had already made his choice and would not stop.

Ye Futian nodded and looked at Yaya, then turned and walked towards the matrix, saying, "Follow me."

Gu Dongliu, Hua Jieyu, and the others followed Ye Futian even though they were of no help. Yuan Hong also followed Ye Futian. At that moment, he had transformed into a giant Golden Ape and stood tall like a Demon God, standing guard at the side. He would protect Ye Futian. To him, Ye Futian's life was more important than anything else.

In this chaotic matrix, danger was in every corner.

"You guys, deal with them. Li Kaishan will accompany me in cracking the matrix," Liu Zong said as he left the Sword Saint to Xihua Sacred Mountain's experts. The opportunity to crack the matrix had already appeared, so he needed to crack it before Ye Futian. Otherwise, once Ye Futian cracked the matrix, they did not know what changes would appear.

Liu Zong exerted his Spiritual Energy to the limit. A Buddhist light glowed as he formed the hand of wisdom and he started to decipher in his head. Signs of cracking finally appeared in the terrifying sword matrix. Yaya's appearance had activated the matrix, it was no longer a dead matrix and could be cracked.

In his head, the sword diagram in the sky let out a boundless glow and the Sword Wills in the area filled the vast area. The center was filled with killing intent and the five elements and eight trigrams appeared in the matrix. Cracking the matrix would require technique, not cultivation level.

"Li Kaishan, follow my instructions," Liu Zong said as he pointed to a location. "Go there."

A glint appeared in Li Kaishan's eyes. His mastery in matrices was also extraordinary, even among the nine disciples of the Chess Saint. His mastery in matrices could be ranked first alongside Yang Xiao.

He could naturally see that the step that Liu Zong had chosen was extremely exquisite. attempting to destroy the life of the matrix. He had chosen the location where the matrix was born, and Liu Zong had asked him to destroy one of the cores of the matrix.

However, he was still hesitant. Seeing that, Liu Zong frowned and transmitted his voice, saying, "Li Kaishan, if we are successful today, there will be a place for you in the battle for the Divine Path."

Li Kaishan's expression lit up. Why did he look for Liu Zong initially?

The masses thought that he was an honest person, but in reality, he had already understood the truth of the world. When his master had taught them, he had once said that the masses were mere chess pieces. He was unwilling to accept his fate as a chess piece and wanted to become a chess player.

His Big Brother and Third Sister were in love, but he was single and understood his master the most. Although he had taken in nine disciples, it was for the purpose of advancing his own Path. By teaching disciples, he could comprehend the deeper meaning behind the Path. Although the Chess Saint usually treated them extremely well, he was actually a heartless person. In all his years of cultivation, he had no Path Companion and no children, only focusing on his cultivation.

He, Li Kaishan, was the person who was most like his master—the Chess Saint.

He would naturally leave a way out for himself and also for the battle for the Divine Path in the future.

Now, Liu Zong had a way out, but he did not.

Stepping forward, Li Kaishan had no choice but to become Liu Zong's chess piece. He released an extremely strong aura as his footsteps landed heavily on the ground, trampling the swords beneath his feet. There were no other swords that flew towards him from the air, meaning that he had chosen the correct path. This step was exceptionally important.

I have a chance. Liu Zong's expression was sharp as he continued to observe the matrix. He then pointed out another step for Li Kaishan to continue walking.

Li Kaishan continued forward, moving through the matrix, continuously destroying it. The direction that Li Kaishan was walking in was the direction where the giant sword was.

Liu Zong did not move and stood still, occasionally looking at Yaya, as though waiting for a chance. If he wanted to destroy the matrix, Yaya was an important element.

Many people watched the scene with gleaming expressions. Perhaps, there really was a way to destroy the matrix.

On the other end, a battle had already erupted between the Sword Saint and Liu Zong's men. They did not dare to move recklessly as the terrifying demonic blade slashed through the air towards them. The other party struck out with his palm with the force of a mountain to counter.

Ying, Hou, and the other people from Tombkeeper Village all stood around Yaya, looking cautiously at the various factions.

The people from the various holy lands had it the worst, completely becoming onlookers that were at risk within the trap that the Chess Saint had set. They had no way of resisting against the matrix. Perhaps a Saint could do so, but Saint Plane cultivators would not put themselves in danger easily. After all, even the Chess Saint had been trapped here.

At this moment, Ye Futian also started to crack the matrix. He closed his eyes and released his Spiritual Energy. The sight from the outside world was imprinted into his head as he started deciphering the matrix.

Hua Jieyu released her Life Spirit and used her telekinesis to fuse everyone's Spiritual Energy together. However, Ye Futian did not give the command after a long time and continued deciphering.

Hua Jieyu, Yu Sheng and Gu Dongliu all looked towards Ye Futian, waiting patiently.

"Whoo…" Taking a deep breath, Ye Futian opened his eyes again and looked at the people beside him, saying, "Let me test the matrix personally."

"Among us, only you can decipher the matrix. If you test the matrix and something goes wrong, all of us will die here." Gu Dongliu looked at Ye Futian with a sharp expression and said, "Be decisive when you need to."

As cultivators, their mindsets were firm. The Chess Saint did not even have a shred of hesitation when sacrificing his disciples.

As for Ye Futian, he hesitated even when his friends were willing to test the matrix for him. This was Ye Futian's weakness.

His emotions could be a weakness as well.

Although the Chess Saint was ruthless, he was decisive and had no weaknesses. That was why he could immediately make a decision that was most beneficial for him at any time.

"There is no time to hesitate." Ye Wuchen also attempted to persuade Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked at the friends in front of him. He did not know whether it was the correct decision to enter the trap. Sage Wanxiang had once divined that this trip would be ominous. However, if they grabbed the opportunity, it could be a blessing.

"The Barren State's Palace has made it through every battle so far. So what if we're in this trap today, it is merely a repetition of history," Xu Que said lazily, as though he did not care. Since they had chosen to leave the Barren State, since they had chosen to enter the Nether Sword Mound, there was nothing to hesitate about.

Taking a look at the Chess Saint, Yaya, and his Big Brother's battle, Ye Futian's expression became more determined all of a sudden. He closed his eyes and fused his consciousness with the others. In an instant, a terrifying sword diagram appeared in everyone's heads. The sword diagram appeared huge, with yin and yang supporting each other, the five elements all present, the eight trigrams imprinted. The swords hovered in the air with an unyielding aura.

All of them appeared to have seen through the giant formation. Everything that was in Ye Futian's head was presented before them. They even saw Liu Zong ordering Li Kaishan to weave through the sword matrix. Every step he took was a breach in the matrix, attempting to walk out from the matrix to retrieve the giant sword. This was Liu Zong's method of destroying the matrix.

"Dao begets one, one begets two, two begets three; three begets all things." A voice sounded from Ye Futian's head and said to them, "Enter from the Kun position."

As his voice landed, the ancient directions—Qian, Kun, Li, Kan—all appeared on the giant sword diagram. There were also the yin and yang formation as well as the five elements. They all fit into the formation and the sword matrix surrounded the sword diagram with endless life, creating countless Sword Wills.

"I'll go," Gu Dongliu said. As he said that, he stepped forward, and Ye Futian clenched his fists tightly. Every movement by his Third Brother was played in slow motion in his head. There was even a bead of sweat on his forehead.

The ending that he had deciphered was completely different from before and the complete opposite of what Liu Zong was doing. He was not attempting to destroy the matrix. If his conjecture was wrong, it would be fatal. His Third Brother could end up dying, so naturally, he was scared.

Not just him, Zhuge Mingyue and the others also watched intently. Time appeared to have slowed down; this first step was extremely crucial. If this step was wrong, Ye Futian would know that he was wrong, but his Third Brother might have to pay with his life. He had wanted to take the step himself, but Gu Dongliu had said that he was the only one with the mastery to decipher the matrix. If anything happened to him, all of them would end up dying here.

Then, Gu Dongliu was the first to step out and test the matrix. This was his resolve.

Time passed slowly as Ye Futian's heart pounded. At that moment, nine words surrounded Gu Dongliu, emitting a brilliant light. He had already released his Life Spirit, as though he was preparing to ward off a killing strike at any time. Finally, his foot landed in the direction, and immediately Sword Wills passed by his body with no killing intent. The formation in the sky appeared to have lit up even more.

"Success." Ye Futian heaved a sigh of relief. He did not dare to imagine what would have happened if his Third Brother had taken the wrong step. How would he be able to face himself then? It was no wonder he was that nervous.

He opened his eyes and looked at Yaya, his gaze becoming resolute.

When Yaya communicated with the blood-colored sword eye, adding on what the Village Chief had said to him, he had an extremely crazy thought. Since there was a chance of survival, that chance of survival was the opportunity. Why did they have to destroy the matrix?

The sword matrix was only able to be activated because of Yaya.

It had been activated from a dead matrix.

Since that was so, why did they need to destroy it?

Perhaps, the Chess Saint was wrong from the start. As such, he had misled the Chess Saint Villa, Liu Zong and everyone else.

Liu Zong had also seen Gu Dongliu's movements. An astonished expression appeared in his eyes. What was Ye Futian trying to do?

He was not destroying the matrix, he was guiding the matrix.

Was he out of his mind?

Li Kaishan was destroying the matrix's momentum while he was accumulating it.

Ye Futian's method of destroying the matrix was the complete opposite of his.

Did Ye Futian really want to destroy the matrix?

"Kun position." Since his Third Brother was fine, Ye Futian's expression became even more determined and he closed his eyes again. He did not let anyone else take the next step. The people around him were all close to him, he would not make a decision or sacrifice anyone.

If he decided to sacrifice someone, his mind would waver and he would feel guilty.

Zhuge Mingyue took the second step, following in Gu Dongliu's footsteps and landing in the Kun position.

"Li position," Ye Futian continued. Following that, Hua Jieyu and Yu Sheng stepped forward one after the other to gain momentum for the matrix, causing it to become even brighter. The entire sword matrix appeared to have been activated, becoming stronger.

In the skies, where the blood-colored sword eye was, countless Sword Wills flowed and landed on Yaya's body, circulating within her body. Yaya closed her eyes and her ordinary aura had disappeared and the current her had a razor-sharp aura.

It was as though she had become a sword.

At that moment, the Chess Saint, who was facing off against the figure that the giant sword had transformed into, looked in Ye Futian's direction and realized what Ye Futian was trying to do.

The god-like figure frowned. Ye Futian's every step was restoring the matrix's momentum, rejuvenating the parts of the matrix that had been destroyed by Li Kaishan and creating a complete matrix. Moreover, he made the people around him stand in the key positions, causing force to gather there and guide the matrix. They had caused the sword diagram to become even more brilliant, as though it was going to be restored completely.

Impossible. The Chess Saint was astounded as he thought. His heart had wavered.

For the Nine States' number one matrix, the Sword Matrix of the Void, he had put himself in danger and stepped foot into the Forbidden Land of the Nether Sword Mound. He was the strongest matrix sorcerer in the Nine States, he was in the Saint Plane, excelled in matrices, and could create impressive chess games, that was why he dared to enter.

Even when he was trapped, he still believed that he could escape and had planned a scheme on the Chess Saint Villa for today when hope would reappear.

His heart had never wavered.

However, at this moment, it had wavered.

As the Nine States' number one matrix sorcerer, could it be that what he previously thought was wrong? He had easily deciphered the matrix on the periphery and reached here. Could it be that the matrices outside were all misleading him, making him feel that he was naturally destroying the matrix and limiting his frame of mind?

However, when he saw Ye Futian's movements, he suddenly realized that there was another option apart from destroying the matrix.

This option was related to the reason he came here, the Nine States' number one matrix, the Sword Matrix of the Void.

Why could it not be to guide the matrix?

If he could continue to expedite the matrix and activate it completely, what would happen?

As he felt the rushing Sword Will from the blood-colored sword eye, he looked at Yaya again. This was not his fault. Previously, when Yaya had not appeared, the matrix was a dead matrix.

But why could Ye Futian think of that?

At that moment, the matrix became even stronger. In the area, countless Sword Wills flowed into the matrix, and Yaya stood in the center of the matrix, absorbing the countless Sword Wills.

At that moment, the Chess Saint understood that he had been wrong.

Ye Futian might be on the right track.

This was a genius. Ye Futian had actually thought of a method to decipher the matrix that he had not.

Moreover, this was his initial aim.

"Liu Zong, take down that girl!" The Chess Saint shouted. Yaya was the crux of the matrix. Since he was already wrong, he would go all the way.

The Chess Saint attempted to activate the chess pieces in the air to descend and attack Ye Futian, but he saw countless Sword Wills rushing towards him. The figure that was fighting with him appeared to come alive, its body moving and creating an even stronger Sword Will, crushing the descending chess pieces and depriving him of the chance to attack.

At that moment, Liu Zong also realized that Ye Futian could be on the right track, while he had been wasting his time all along.

Stepping forward, Liu Zong headed towards Yaya, a Buddhist palm striking forward with frightening power. However, an eye-catching figure descended in front of him like a Roc. It was Ying, who had appeared in front of Yaya, his palm grabbing towards the front like an invincible claw. His palm had Sword Will and spatial rule power in it and crushed the Buddhist palm.

At the same time, the two experts from Tombkeeper Village protecting Yaya released their aura, and it descended onto Liu Zong.

However, Li Kaishan had also retreated and appeared behind Yaya. As Li Kaishan cleaved down with his ax, the ax's light gleamed and traveled forward. He was the Chess Saint's second disciple and an archmage, so he was extremely strong. The ax's cleave seemed as though it would kill Yaya.

The two experts from Tombkeeper Village immediately turned around and struck out with their fists. Ferocious beasts appeared and let out earth-shattering howls, but they were still cleaved apart by Li Kaishan's ax.

The two of them stepped forward at the same time and a wild aura erupted from them, stopping Li Kaishan in his tracks.

With Yaya at the center, a huge battle broke out.

Ying tore through the air and reached Liu Zong, his brilliant Roc blade slashing down. The two of them were at similar cultivation levels and a terrifying fight broke out.

Liu Zong was extremely strong. He was the most outstanding cultivator of the young generation in Xihua Sacred Mountain and was reputed as the next successor. He was taught by three Saints and they pinned their hopes on him. As such, everyone could see how high their expectations for Liu Zong were. Liu Zong also had huge ambitions and had even wanted Ye Futian to follow his orders and serve him, to make the Barren State's Palace Lord work under him.

However, at that moment, Ying, at the same cultivation level as him, had stopped him and erupted with an astonishing battle ability.

This caused Liu Zong to be shocked. Tombkeeper Village actually had such a prodigy that could battle with him in the same cultivation level?

Ye Futian was still deciphering the matrix and exerted his mastery of matrices to the limit. In the sky, the blood-colored sword became even more demonic and the sword eye gradually opened and was becoming stronger as though Sword Wills were coming to it from the Void.

The Chess Saint naturally felt the aura and he raised his head and looked at it. His expression changed, and he said, "Ye Futian, your mastery in the matrices is extraordinary. No matter what happened in the past, I will not dwell over it. If you lend me a helping hand today, I can help you to enter the Divine Path in the future."

Ye Futian heard the Chess Saint's words and opened his eyes, looking at the Chess Saint. He said coldly, "Scram!"

Now that the Chess Saint had already tried to kill him, he still had the gall to open his mouth?

The Great Path has no place for sentiments. In order to break free, the Chess Saint had sacrificed his own disciples. He could sacrifice everyone's lives in order to break free. If he agreed, what could the Chess Saint not do to break free and obtain the Sword Matrix of the Void?

His promise?

What a joke. He was devoid of even kinship and humanity. Under these circumstances, after seeing him decipher the matrix, the Chess Saint actually had the face to open his mouth and ask him for assistance. As for helping him to enter the Divine Path?

He could enter the Divine Path himself. He had his own Path.

Since their Paths were different, there was no room for cooperation. That was why he had only one word for the Chess Saint: scram!
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    《The Legend of Futian》