The Legend of Futian
825 Battle of the Two Armies
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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825 Battle of the Two Armies

The people from the Holy Zhi Palace stared at the oncoming Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty army. The Sword Demon and Sage Wanxiang stepped forward and commanded, "Noble Plane cultivators, set up the matrix."

As their voices landed, all the Noble Plane experts stepped forward and stepped into an array.

However, the Palace's Noble Plane army was not as large as the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's. They only had four large arrays, located in the front, back, left and right.

In the matrix at the front were cultivators who specialized in martial arts, as well as sorcerers. The martial arts cultivators stood at the front while the sorcerers stood at the back. The person at the front of the matrix was the Golden Ape, Yuan Zhan.

The experts from the Ice Temple and Sovereign Family were at the back. They had already taken out their bows.

Yuan Zhan's burly body stood at the forefront, larger than any human being and surrounded by an imposing aura. He was topless, revealing his golden body that was rushing with power.

At the matrix on the left, Yi Xiaoshi was there. After the visit to the Eastern State, many of them had deep insights and many of them broke through to the Sage Plane.

Now, the only three people who had not entered the Sage Plane were Yuan Zhan, Yi Xiaoshi and Zui Qianchou.

Moreover, if it had not been for the sacred war, they would be in seclusion, attempting to break through to the Sage Plane. Especially for Yi Xiaoshi and Zui Qianchou,

The Noble Plane's battle needed them.

Since that was so, they would naturally do it.

Yi Xiaoshi's matrix had the most experts. Apart from Yi Xiaoshi, there was another famous person from the Palace, the Law Rank expert Lian Yuqing.

Initially, when Ye Futian started to rise up in the Palace, he was among those that tried to trample him. Ye Futian's existence was also the reason that Lian Yuqing had yet to break through to the Sage Plane.

However, as Ye Futian's achievements increased, he finally accepted that he was not of the same level as Ye Futian. He had tried to let go of some of his obsessions, but it was not that easy for him and his mindset was unable to achieve inner peace.

Before the sacred war, Ye Futian had looked for him for a chat and asked him if he wanted to prove himself.

Lian Yuqing naturally wanted to prove himself, so he did not leave and agreed to fight in the sacred war.

Ye Futian had imparted the Guqin pieces that he had learnt in the Guqin Valley to him and given him the Soul Guqin that Liu Kuangsheng had once used to him.

His mission would be to support Yi Xiaoshi in unleashing his strongest battle ability.

This time, Lian Yuqing did not question if Ye Futian was looking down on him. Yi Xiaoshi was one of the top few in the Nine State Forum, which was something that he could not have done.

So, he did not have any other purpose this time. He only wanted to use Liu Kuangsheng's Guqin to prove himself. The Nine-fingered Guqin Demon and Guqin Valley were once his biggest ambitions in the Palace.

Since Ye Futian had let go of everything that happened in the past, he could as well.

At the matrix on the right, the main fighter was Zui Qianchou. All the Sword Palace's swordsmen were there, coupled with the support of sorcerers.

The matrix at the back was the same. It was a mixed lineup with swordsmen, martial artists and sorcerers. All the swordsmen from the Tingxue Sword were here.

The two armies got closer and everyone released their aura, not daring to hold back.

This was not a man-to-man battle, but a war.

No matter how strong their personal ability was, faced with a battle of such scale, they could be killed with the smallest careless move. Who would dare to lose their focus?

"Summon lightning." At that moment, a voice sounded from within the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's army. At the forefront, a group of figures summoned the power of lightning at a rapid speed. In an instant, countless thunderbolts had gathered and a terrifying scene appeared in the area. Boundless lightning gathered in the area and let out an alarming amount of destructive force.

The lightning flew rapidly and expanded to the entire area, descending upon the Barren State's people, causing the sky to resemble an apocalypse.

Terrifying dark lightning birds appeared in the sky. With a deafening screech of lightning, the dark lightning birds rushed down towards the four matrices. The giant lightning birds' bodies could shroud an entire army as it dived down.

This was the Black Thunder Clan's lightning summoning matrix. It could merge the power of lightning from the heavens and fire a Thunderbolt Spell that could destroy everything. Its power was beyond measure.

While they were firing the attack, the Barren State's army had also made their moves. Yuan Zhan and the others had created a formidable matrix, the golden glow lit up the skies and Yuan Zhan opened his Seven Star acupoints. With a fierce roar, the surrounding experts' aura had all gathered onto his body. His body became even more burly as he stood tall like a battle God.

The golden veil shone and Yuan Zhan held the Polearm of Divine Destruction in his hand as he swung it towards the thunderbolt in the air.

Ye Futian had lent his Polearm of Divine Destruction to Yuan Zhan temporarily. In this battle, Yuan Zhan's impact was crucial.

The giant divine birds disappeared under the Polearm of Divine Destruction's attack. However, there were still rays of lightning striking downwards and crashing onto the light screen, causing many people to vomit blood. The power of the combined spell was evident for all to see.

"Attack." In the air, the Sword Demon said with a powerful voice. He and Sage Wanxiang were the commanders of the Noble Plane battle.

They were at an absolute disadvantage in numbers. As such, the strategy they had planned was to assemble their experts into four major camps and rush into enemy's encampment, breaking the ranks of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's army.

As long as the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's army was scattered, they would have a fighting chance.

This battle was meant to be a decisive one from the start. They had resolved to do so.

The four camps from the Barren State sped up at the same time as an unbearable frost aura permeated the air, freezing the entire area. The experts from the Ice Temple had cast their spells.

The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty army's explosive power tore through the freezing force, but what awaited them next were waves of powerful arrows that shot towards them.

Humph. Zhou You let out a cold sneer. These people were trying to throw their battle matrices into disorder?

"Golden Phoenix battle matrix." Zhou You said coldly. As his voice landed, countless people's strength flowed into the skies. A huge Golden Phoenix appeared in the air with terrifying flame power and defensive power. It expelled the frost and shielded the arrows that were flying towards them.

Thump, thump... Yuan Zhan stepped across the air, the Barren State's army started their charge forward, casting spells at a rapid rate. At the same time, the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's army also constantly cast spells, sending mountains towards the Barren State's army, attempting to crush them. It was a sight to behold.

Crash. At the front, Yuan Zhan's body was extremely resilient. Many experts had transferred their strength onto his body and the Polearm of Divine Destruction had transformed into a hundred-meter long polearm and had unparalleled strength. The Nine Heavenly Attacks erupted and they could only see a rod smashing down from the air.

"Kill." Zhou You let out a furious roar and controlled the Golden Phoenix battle matrix, sending the terrifying Golden Phoenix towards Yuan Zhan. The polearm clashed with the giant Phoenix and the Golden Phoenix was knocked back while Yuan Zhan also felt as though the Polearm of Divine Destruction had struck on an invincible defense.

"Send out the demonic beast army." In the air, Zhou Mian said coldly. As his voice landed, wild demonic beasts appeared above the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's army. They were all demonic beasts in the Noble Plane and did not use any battle matrices and rushed forward, ramming into everything in their way.

The people from the Barren State wanted to scatter their formation, but they had the same thoughts as well.

Zhou Mian was the commander for the battle and he could see the Holy Zhi Palace's intentions in one look.

War was different from the usual sparring. Strategies were required during war, even if they had multiple times of the other party's numbers, once their army was scattered, they would be massacred by the other party's battle matrix.

"Left and right battle matrix, charge." The Sword Demon's tone was solemn as he commanded. The Golden Phoenix Army's experts were all on the same level and should be one of the strongest forces in the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, so there was no need for a direct confrontation. Attempting to defeat the Golden Phoenix Army was too difficult and they would definitely lose in a drawn-out fight.

Lian Yuqing's expression was serious. At that moment, he was playing the Guqin with both hands and strumming the Guqin's strings with all his fingers. The experts around him had all released their Spiritual Energy and assimilated into the Guqin melody. Suddenly, many different Spiritual Energies merged with the Guqin and became even stronger, causing Lian Yuqing to be under immense pressure. At that moment, he felt people establishing a connection with him through the Guqin melody and achieving resonance.

I can do it. Lian Yuqing's gaze became extremely sharp as he thought to himself. He closed his eyes and immersed himself in the melody.

The melody was loud and sonorous. It was one of the Guqin Devil's famous pieces, the High Song. It could merge the Spiritual Energies of the cultivators in the surroundings, causing them to become one.

At that moment, the Guqin melody was rushing into Yi Xiaoshi's brain, causing Yi Xiaoshi's Spiritual Energy to become extraordinarily terrifying.

"Godly Creation of All Things." Yi Xiaoshi's gaze was sharp as a giant ancient God appeared in front of him and grew continually.

The overwhelming Spiritual Energy rushed into Yi Xiaoshi's brain and then flowed onto the golden ancient God, causing him to become bigger. It actually grew to a hundred Zhang and it seemed as though it could trample the earth beneath its foot.

"Grow, grow, grow!" Yi Xiaoshi continued saying. He had already closed his eyes and was showering in the endless rays. The Guqin melody combined more experts Spiritual Energy with his, causing him to withstand a dreadful burden. However, he continued persevering as he was one of the few elites among the Noble Plane battle. If Ye Futian had known there was going to be a sacred war back then, he would not have let Yu Sheng and the rest break through to the Sage Plane.

"Disrupt him." Zhou Mian said coldly. The power that Yi Xiaoshi was storing had become far too strong.

As Zhou Mian's voice landed, a giant Golden Phoenix wing slashed towards the ancient God's arm with the destructive power of lightning. It engulfed the air above ancient God and huge ancient mountains landed from the air, crushing towards the ancient God.

The ancient God that had been created by the Godly Creation of All Things seemed to have been created out of pure gold. The golden wing was unable to slash through it and as for the lightning striking their direction, many experts stepped in to defend against it. However, under the destructive lightning, some people were killed.

However, the giant ancient God erupted with unparalleled strength.

It stepped forward, across the air and struck down with both arms. Instantly, its arms transformed into two ancient Divine trees, golden vines engulfing the people below. The golden vines were as sharp as razor blades while at the same time, the ancient God's feet trampled on the Golden Phoenix.

On the right, Zui Qianchou led the swordsmanship battle matrix into offense headed for the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's army.

"Kill." A giant blade hovered in the air and slashed down.

The Noble Plane was in full-blown mode now!
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    《The Legend of Futian》