The Legend of Futian
837 Unrest in the Sacred Dynasty
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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837 Unrest in the Sacred Dynasty

A fearsome aura erupted from Sage Wuliang. The giant battle form held the Infinite Ruler and turned into countless ruler shadows, slapping towards the giant spatial sword that was hanging down from the air.

In the sword matrix, Qin Zhuang's expression was sharp. He pointed at the space below with his finger and in an instant, the giant spatial sword had transcended the distance and passed through the countless ruler shadows and appeared below the battle form, crushing down upon it.

"Watch out." The elite figures beside Sage Wuliang shouted out, but the giant spatial sword was extremely quick.

Bang, bang, bang! The giant sword descended from the heavens, landing in the area around Sage Wuliang, creating an explosion of sword rule power. In an instant, many of the experts forming the matrix were torn to shreds and the matrix was destroyed.

Evidently, Qin Zhuang and the rest did not wish to see Sage Wuliang activating the power of the Infinite Matrix. Otherwise, it would be much more difficult to eliminate the Infinite Palace.

This time, the nine strongest swordsmen and the strongest 36 people to form the Heavenly Battle Matrix had come. They had only one objective, to eliminate the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's number one clan, the Infinite Palace.

Crash. The air vibrated vigorously and the 36-man Heavenly Battle Matrix had been formed. They had few people, so they could form the battle matrix quickly.

A giant Golden Ape stood tall and stepped forward, walking towards where Sage Wuliang was. At that moment, Yuan Hong seemed to have entered a rampaging state. His whole body was filled with a frenzied aura, wearing a Saint instrument armor and holding the Battleaxe of Judgment. It was the Saint instrument that Yu Sheng had obtained from the Nine State Forum, he had temporarily lent it to Yuan Hong. One could see their determination from that.

In this battle, they had sent 45 people and brought three Saint instruments and countless elite Sage ritual implement swords to form the sword matrix.

At that moment, Sage Wuliang's expression was exceedingly grim, he could naturally see that they really wanted him dead.

"Infinite law power." Sage Wuliang shouted and merged his body into his Infinite Body. That was also his Life Spirit, instantly, his body became exceptionally large, like a God. The Infinite Ruler in his hand also grew and slammed towards the air. The heavens roared as though it would be split apart.

As an expert on the Sage Ranking, apart from the Infinite rule power, he had also comprehended the shredding rule power.

However, Qin Zhuang and the eight other swordsmen had brought a Saint-level sword ritual implement and many other elite Sage-level sword ritual implements to forge the sword matrix. There was no reason for them to be afraid of Sage Wuliang.

Within the sword diagram, the Great Path rule power sword plunged down, stabbing into the area around Sage Wuliang, isolating the area with swordsmanship. They would not allow the opponent's matrix to take form.

At the same time, Qin Zhuang moved in a flash and swung his blade towards the Infinite Ruler. No matter how imposing the opponent's aura was, he was unafraid.

In that moment, the sword diagram burst forth with tens of thousands of Zhang of blades of light. The entire sword matrix and the Saint-level sword ritual implement seemed to transform into a giant holy blade that attempted to kill off the Infinite Ruler.

Crash... A blinding light erupted as Sword Qi filled the skies, blinding everyone. On the ground, many people from the Infinite Palace closed their eyes and retreated frantically. Many palaces were torn apart and leveled to the ground as successive sword strikes slashed on the ground.

The Infinite Body wavered. The giant battle form seemed to have countless Sword Qi penetrating it. Sage Wuliang humphed and spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Assist me." Sage Wuliang roared to the Infinite Palace's elders beside him. He was unable to match up to the opponent's sword matrix by himself.

The elites beside him all had pounding hearts and pale expressions. They had naturally experienced the power of that sword. If they could not summon the Infinite Matrix, they would be completely incapable of blocking the wrath of the sword matrix.

Behind them, the experts who were forming the matrix were still trying to destroy the sword that had isolated time-space. However, the giant Golden Ape's body descended upon them with an imperial aura, the Battleaxe of Judgment in its hand swinging like a polearm. When it slashed down, it was like the earth would split apart.

"Run." A huge outcry sounded out. How were they supposed to block the battleaxe?

Yuan Hong had gathered the power of the 36-man Heavenly Battle Matrix and swung the Saint instrument, the Battleaxe of Judgment down on them.

A brilliant holy light in the shape of a battleaxe appeared in the sky and crushed down on them. Wherever it passed by, the experts' bodies were sliced in half and the Infinite Palace was split apart. A horrifying fissure appeared in the middle.

The weaker Infinite Palace's disciples all escaped frantically, trying to get as far away as they could. They looked at the God-like figure in the air with only despair in their eyes.

As the number one clan in the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, were they going to be eliminated today?

This time, they had been ruined by a single order by the Great Zhou Sacred King.

Thump. Yuan Hong stepped across the air with a shocking aura. He walked right into the middle of all the experts, preventing them from forming the matrix. At that moment, he scared them out of their wits and had crushed the experts' morale in an instant.

The feeling he gave them was that he could not be defeated.

"Form the matrix and attack, crush them with numbers." An influential figure from the Infinite Palace bellowed. He understood that if they were scared and did not have the courage to battle, the Infinite Palace would be eliminated from the Infinite Palace without a doubt.

Yuan Hong's gaze coldly looked towards the person who had spoken. He slashed out with the battleaxe and its shadow sealed off the area. The expert quickly retreated, but under the battleaxe's slash, his body was split in half. He was completely powerless before it.

"Even the Palace Lord cannot withstand it anymore." At that moment, someone noticed the area that had been sealed off by the sword matrix and blurted. Within the battlefield, Sage Wuliang had been repeatedly pushed back. The blades of light flourished and a light screen of swords had surrounded the Infinite Palace, leaving them in despair.

"I am willing to step out of the sacred war." Sage Wuliang shouted. He was on the verge of cracking under the frenzy of attacks that the opponent had initiated.

"You thought that you could choose when to battle or retreat?" A person replied mockingly. Sage Wuliang was treating the sacred war too much like a game. Perhaps, he had thought that when the army descended upon the Barren State's Holy Zhi Palace, they could achieve a convincing victory against the Holy Zhi Palace and level it to the ground.

Back then, the Infinite Palace was the main attacking force in the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's army and Sage Douzhan had nearly died in battle while trying to stop them.

In the sky, Qin Zhuang waved both his arms. In an instant, the nine people in the sword matrix transformed into nine swords. 

"Kill." Under his order, the nine blades of light fired at the same time and shot through the air. In the sky, countless Sword Wills plunged down.

Sage Wuliang let out a roar and slammed out with the Infinite Ruler, attempting to seal off the swords' advance. The Saint-level sword transformed into a 100 Zhang sword, crushing down and blocking the Infinite Ruler. The nine blades of light slashed across the air at different speeds towards Sage Wuliang.

A figure flashed by and Sage Wuliang pushed out with his left palm. Instantly, it turned into an Infinite Matrix and crushed down.

However, in another direction, a blade had rushed towards him. Sage Wuliang's battle form exhaled and it transformed into an Infinite ancient mountain.

However, there were also blades firing from other directions. The Infinite Body erupted with a formidable aura, as though pushing itself to the limit.

The swords howled in the sky and the Sword Qi flooded the area. Many swords impaled the battle form, causing it to collapse under the countless Swordsmanship. Sage Wuliang appeared there with an extremely grim expression.

In the skies, a blade of light flew by and with a swift slash, the blade impaled Sage Wuliang's brain all the way to his body.

At that moment, Sage Wuliang felt his body go cold. An intense fear appeared in his eyes.

He, Sage Wuliang, expert on the Sage Ranking and ruler of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's number one clan was an important figure even among the entire Eastern State. Below the Saint Plane, there were only a few people who could be compared with him.

Now, he had actually died in the hands of people from the Barren State.

Within the Infinite Palace, countless people saw the blade impale Sage Wuliang's head and fear rushed into their heads and showed on their faces.

Rays of intense light fired and Sword Qi erupted, tearing Sage Wuliang's body to shreds, which then crumbled to dust.

"Keep the Infinite Ruler." Qin Zhuang said. It was a Saint instrument, in the sacred war, every Saint instrument was exceptionally valuable.

After he said that, Qin Zhuang looked at the people on the ground. The Sword Demon, Xu Shang and the rest of the people had come to his side.

The Infinite Palace's disciples all had pale expressions. Someone shouted abruptly, "Run."

Their Palace Lord, Sage Wuliang had been killed.

"Run." The voices sounded successively and everyone started to escape. The Infinite Palace was doomed.

"The Infinite Palace participated in the sacred war and killed our comrades from the Barren State's Holy Zhi Palace. Today, we will kill all the Sages from the Infinite Palace." The Sword Demon's expression was cold as he said mercilessly. As his voice landed, they all rushed towards the ground and joined Yuan Hong in killing the Sages.


Two hours later, many figures appeared in the air around the Infinite Palace. They were all from the surrounding regions.

At that moment, they were all astonished and there were even people who were shivering.

Before them, the once glorious Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's number one clan had been reduced to rubble. Many corpses were left on the ground, they were all Sage Plane cultivators.

The Infinite Palace Lord Sage Wuliang had been killed and nothing was left of him.

This was what the sacred war meant.

The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty had attempted to eliminate the Barren State's Holy Zhi Palace in one fell swoop, but failed. Now, the Holy Zhi Palace had started their counterattack.

"Sage Wuliang had been killed and the Infinite Ruler has been taken away." Someone mumbled. It all felt surreal.

The news soon spread throughout the entire Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. It even spread to the entire Eastern State, shocking the entire state.

Soon, another piece of news started to spread. Two elite factions that had participated in the sacred war and were of relatively close proximity to the Infinite Palace had been eliminated as well. After the news spread, the clans that had participated in the attack on the Holy Zhi Palace all started to move towards the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's capital to take refuge.

At that moment, in the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's royal palace, the Great Zhou Sacred King sat on the palace's throne, listening to the reports from his men. His expression was frosty and his killing intent engulfed the entire royal palace.

Ye Futian had actually ordered his men to come to the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and eliminate three factions that had participated in the sacred war.

"A bunch of useless garbage." The Great Zhou Sacred King said coldly. Sage Wuliang was an expert on the Sage Ranking and had the Saint instrument Infinite Ruler. He was actually killed by them and did not even have the ability to escape. How useless.

"Sacred King, what should we do?" Zhou Mian asked.

"Conscript the factions within the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty into the Great Zhou's army." The Great Zhou Sacred King said coldly.

"Understood." Zhou Mian nodded, then turned and left. However, he was extremely perturbed!

Before the sacred war had begun, who could have imagined everything that had happened today?
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    《The Legend of Futian》