The Legend of Futian
838 Saint Ranking 12
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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838 Saint Ranking 12

Eastern State, Xihua Sacred Mountain.

In a courtyard, Saint Xihua was playing chess with Rain Saint as Liu Zong and some cultivators from Xihua Sacred Mountain came to visit and brought the news from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

"Ye Futian had sent people to destroy the Infinite Palace?" Saint Xihua showed a look of surprise.

"Not only the Infinite Palace, but Black Thunder Clan and Thousand Leave Clan were also razed to the ground; their peak figures of sage plane were all annihilated. This chain of events has shocked the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, and anyone who were involved in the Sacred War feared for their own safety and went to the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty for refuge. The Great Zhou Sacred King had ordered them to be incorporated into their army." An old man responded. 

Saint Xihua smiled and continued playing chess. He looked at Rain Saint, "what do you think?"

"Ye Futian appears to be humble, but he is in fact extremely arrogant. He is not afraid to challenge existing rules of the secular world, and as he is extraordinarily gifted, he is capable of great achievements. If such a person was to become an enemy, it is imperative that he be destroyed completely." Landing a pawn on the board, Rain Saint showed great acuity.

Saint Xihua smiled and nodded, "it seems that you have a high opinion of him."

Judging from the words of Rain Saint, it is obvious that he had also become aware what a dangerous character Ye Futian really was. He was still young and only in the sage plane, yet he had slaughtered a saint, causing the turmoil in the Eastern State. Not only was he not content with just guarding the Barren State, but he had invaded the three most powerful clans and destroyed them. His actions from the past had marked him as a ruthless leader; once he had decided what to do, there was no hesitation in its execution.

And Yuan Hong, who went to destroy the three major clans did so with the divine implement from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, the Battleaxe of Judgment," the person continued. Saint Xihua continued with the game, commented with nonchalance, "since it was a gift, it no longer belongs to Xihua Sacred Mountain. What was unfortunate was that what he thought would be an easy Sacred War, had now turned into quite a headache for Great Zhou Sacred King."

As he finished, he looked up at Liu Zong, "Liu Zong, you have to focus on cultivating. There are many extraordinary characters of your generation in the land of Nine States; even the Barren State had raised strongmen who wanted to break free from their constraints and march into Nine States. I know you have ambitions, but ambition needs be backed up with great strength. In the next generation of fighting for the Nine States, I hope you can stand out amongst these geniuses and lord over them." 

"I will remember the words of the Master," Liu Zong nodded and then bowed to leave.

Not just Xihua Sacred Mountain, but there were too many cultivators in Eastern State who also talked about this battle.


In the Barren State, in the Holy Sage Pavilion at the Holy Zhi Palace, Ye Futian gradually returned to his former self and spirit, with a deeper understanding of the way of the rules between heaven and earth. These days he had been hard at work in cultivation and hoped to break through the plane as soon as possible.

Not only did everyone at the Holy Zhi Palace was affected by the war, but many also retreated to focus on cultivation, or entered into the sacred temple for contemplation. During this time, many people had broken through the bottleneck of the plane that they had been staying for a long time.

Sword Demon and Yuan Hong had also returned. This kind of ambush and attack was enough of a warning to the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, that it was impossible for them to continue throwing their weight around. The destruction of the three clans was enough to weaken part the power of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty so that it would not lightly make war on the Holy Zhi Palace. 

Moreover, this was also a shock to other clan forces in the Eastern State.

"Futian," at this moment, a voice was heard and Phoenix came in a flash.

"Phoenix," Ye Futian called out.

"Palace lord Douzhan is awaken," Phoenix said to Ye Futian, and her master, the Undying Old Man, had instructed her to inform Ye Futian.

Ye Futian blanked for a second and then let out a breath. With a smile on his face he said, "let's go."

As he finished speaking, he levitated and flashed toward the Battle Sage Palace.

Soon, many in the Holy Zhi Palace had also received news, and went straight to the Battle Sage Palace.

In a short time, the Battle Sage Palace was receiving an influx of cultivators. 

In the meantime, in the Battle Sage Palace, Sage Douzhan appeared very peaceful. When he saw Ye Futian, he showed a smile and called out, "Futian."

"Master," Ye Futian saw Sage Douzhan standing in front of him, as if in a dream, that massive form which stood between heaven and earth and suppressed the most elite army of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty on his own, now stood in front of him peacefully.

"All is well," Sage Douzhan smiled.

"Douzhan." At this time, many people, such as Sword Demon, Sage Daozang, You Chi, Huang Xi, and many others, descended from the sky, and assessing Sage Douzhan. 

"What are you doing?" Sage Douzhan felt the reaction a bit odd; everyone was staring at him.

"Many thanks to you," everyone said again toward the Undying Old Man. 

"I didn't expect you to endure the baptism of the Divine Path; it was like a dream." Sage Daozang said with emotion, "You must not allow the power to bloom right now."

"I know, the Holy Elder had cautioned me."

"Mmm," Sage Daozang nodded, "although your situation is extremely rare, almost unheard of, but there were still such records in the ancient annals. Your body had been through the Divine Catastrophe, but not been baptized completely, so if you release the power of the rules, you may attract the catastrophe of the Great Path."

"How is Master's physical body now, could he cross the catastrophe?" Ye Futian asked, he did not understand the process very well.

The Undying Old Man shook his head, "No, that day the Divine Catastrophe almost destroyed his body; even though the Divine Catastrophe is a baptism, but it was also a two-fold destruction. Your Master's situation is very complicated, but in his current state it's absolutely impossible to survive the catastrophe of the Great Path." 

Ye Futian's expression suddenly changed, and it did not look good.

The inability to cross the Divine Catastrophe meant that the Master could no longer use his own power. If so, wouldn't it mean that he was disabled? 

That was absolutely unacceptable to him.

"Whether I'm able to cross it or not, I have to try." Sage Douzhan spoke proudly; he had already reached this step, whether it was life or death, he must gave it a try.

"Douzhan, don't be impulsive." Sage Daozang implored, "You have already experienced the catastrophe of the Great Path, you should know how terrible it is, even in your best state, you may not be able to survive it, not to mention the fact that your physical condition is very complicated right now."

Naturally Sage Douzhan understood, but he was still reluctant. 

"Is there a solution?" Ye Futian asked the Undying Old Man; he was already on the threshold of the Divine Path with one step short. If he stepped over, he would be sanctified in the flesh, but it was just that he could not use his own power to do so. Never mind what Sage Douzhan felt, even he could not accept this predicament.

"Yes." The Undying Old Man nodded.

"How?" Ye Futian stared at the Undying Old Man.

"Do you know the Sage and Saint Ranking of the Nine States?" asked the Undying Old Man.

"Yes, I know," Ye Futian nodded.

"Do you know who ranked 12th on the Sage and Saint Ranking of the Nine States?" asked the Undying Old Man.

"Saint Jiang," Ye Futian replied. 

"And what are Saint Jiang's other monikers?" asked the Undying Old Man.

"Medicine Saint, Poison Lord." Ye Futian replied. According to the record of the Sage and Saint Rankings of the Nine States, Saint Jiang, ranked 12th, was apparently a legendary figure, some called him Medicine Saint, while others called him Poison Lord.

Rumor was that he had saved countless people and poisoned countless more.

Later, Saint Jiang retired.

And the place where he retired to was the premier academy of the Nine States, the Nine State College. 

"My cultivation is too shallow to do anything about your Master's condition. But Saint Jiang is the number one pharmacist in Nine States, if he is willing to help, he could reform the body of your Master and stimulate its strongest potential to cross the catastrophe of the Great Path. This is the most likely chance of success." The Undying Old Man said.

Ye Futian's heart beat wildly; Saint Jiang, who was the superior figure ranked 12th on the Sage and Saint Rankings of the Nine States, stood on the peak of Nine States; even Great Zhou Sacred King and Saint Xihua were ranked behind him.

Although he was the Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State, but to request Saint Jiang for his help, the title still seemed to be insufficient in weight.

On the other hand, if he could move Saint Jiang to help, the Master may metamorphose and entered the saint plane, not only as a wish come true, but the Barren State would have a second saint.

On the contrary, if this action was not taken, the Master would probably still try forcibly to cross the catastrophe of the Great Path and would most likely die from such attempt.

"Let's go to the Summer State," Ye Futian clenched his fists, eyes sharp, without any hesitation.

How could he live with himself without at least an attempt. 

The eyes of everyone gather on him and they all felt the determination in Ye Futian's eyes.

Indeed, not entering the Divine Path would possibly meant death; trying is a natural choice.

"Last time we got rid of the spies from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, after which they would no doubt dispatch others to hide within Zhongzhou City to monitor our movements. If we were to go to Nine State College, how many should go?" The Sword Demon said, "This still needs planning."

Ye Futian and the others understood what Sword Demon meant. They had destroyed the three major forces including the Infinite Palace. If the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty knew that they were going to the Nine State College, if there were too few, they would most definitely be intercepted and immolated. If they dispatch too many people and left the palace defenseless, if the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty were to launch the attack there, how would they defend it?

After a moment of consideration, Ye Futian said, "Yang Xiao was leading his people to set up the matrixes in the Matrix Palace; we can set off after the matrixes have been completed. Not to mention Xihua Sacred Mountain still owes me a favor."

Sword Demon and the others showed a look of surprise. They remembered that during Nine State Forum when Yu Sheng took the first place, but did not ask for the divine implement that was promised by Saint Xihua. This meant that if Ye Futian made a demand, he would agree. 

However, everything that happened at Tombkeeper Village seemed to have Xihua Sacred Mountain's influence lurking behind; Liu Zong entered into the Nether Sword Mound to rescue Chess Saint and made Ye Futian an enemy.

They didn't think about it until Ye Futian had mentioned it.

"Since we cannot hide it, we will make a public announcement when the time comes, and then send envoy publicly to Xihua Sacred Mountain so everyone will know. I like to see if Saint Xihua would swallow the promise he had made at Nine State Forum." Ye Futian said lightly; clearly, he had some unflattering thoughts regarding Xihua Sacred Mountain.

Xihua Sacred Mountain had owed a doubt at Nine State Form, and it was time to collect.

"This guy..." Many looked at Ye Futian. Indeed, if they openly announce the matter and let it be known to the world, if Saint Xihua did not agree to fulfill what he had promised at the Nine State Forum, it would be very embarrassing.

Ye Futian was exploiting the weakness of the human heart.

"Master, use this time to rest and recover, and leave everything to us." Ye Futian said to Sage Douzhan. In that battle, Sage Douzhan waged everything to protect the Holy Zhi Palace.

Now, it was their turn to do something for the Master.

Barren State would have its second saint!
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    《The Legend of Futian》