The Legend of Futian
840 Confrontation Outside the College
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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840 Confrontation Outside the College

The Nine State City was one of the oldest cities in the Nine States. It was rumored that this was the place where the Nine States originated from. According to historical records, in ancient times, the names of the Nine States were determined in this city.

The Nine State College was the symbol of the Nine State City. It had countless years of heritage and had weathered many storms. Now, it still stood tall within the magnificent city.

The Wind Cloud Inn was one of the renowned inns within the Nine State City.

One day, a blade of light suddenly steered into the Wind Cloud Inn. The surrounding people all saw the blade of light, it was extremely brilliant. Even someone who was tens of kilometers away could feel a strong Sword Will. As such, before the sword had arrived, many experts had already raised their heads and looked into the air, causing them to see the flashy scene.

Afterwards, news spread from the Wind Cloud Inn that the Barren State's Holy Zhi Palace Lord Ye Futian and the Palace's Holy Elder had brought a Saint-level sword with them. Now, they were residing within the Wind Cloud Inn.

Once the news started to spread, it caused a huge commotion.

The legendary figure, the young leader that had led the Barren State to confront the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty had arrived.

It was rumored that apart from the Saint-level Tombkeeper Village Chief and the nine swordsmen, the number one person on the Nine State Forum, Yu Sheng had also accompanied Ye Futian here.

For a period of time, all the younger generation cultivators were all eager to meet them.

The number one person on the Nine State Forum meant that the person was once first in the entire Nine States. It had extraordinary meaning.

Many people flocked to the Wind Cloud Inn, but soon, another piece of news started spreading. The Holy Zhi Palace's Qin Zhuang had personally headed to the Nine State College to submit a visiting letter. The Barren State's Holy Zhi Palace Lord Ye Futian would pay a visit to the Nine State College the next day.

They had not descended upon the Nine State College directly and had chosen to reside at an inn and send a visiting letter. This was a show of their respect to the Nine State College, by ensuring they did everything with decorum.

After all, they were here with a request. Moreover, it was an extremely important matter to Ye Futian and he would not allow any mishaps. No matter how large of a price he had to pay, he would do it.

If he succeeded, the Barren State would have another Saint; If he failed, his Master would likely die under the Divine Catastrophe.

There was no need to further discuss the pros and cons of the matter.

The Wind Cloud Inn soon reached maximum capacity. Many people within the city had come after hearing the news.

At that moment, in the open-air wine cellar in the inn, many people were drinking and chatting. Among them were many descendants of major clans.

"That is the Mu Clan's Mu Feng. He is also in the Sage Plane, did he come for Ye Futian?"

"The Yu Clan's daughter has also arrived. I did not expect Ye Futian to have such appeal, even the descendants of some of the Nine State City's major clans are here to see him."

"It is rumored that the Holy Zhi Palace Lord Ye Futian does not just have exceptional potential, his looks and demeanor are also remarkable. With his dashing looks, he is really worthy to be called a peerless talent. If he was not married, he would probably attract the daughters of many major clans."

The crowd whispered among themselves. Although Ye Futian was born in the Barren State, he had shook the Nine States before he was even 30. How could such a talent not move the hearts of women, not to mention his dashing looks.

"So what if he's married, many influential figures in the Nine States have many concubines. Just look at the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty that is at war with the Holy Zhi Palace, it is rumored that the Great Zhou Sacred King's harem is full of beauties." Someone smiled and said. Many people nodded with smiles, it was true indeed.

If they could become an elite figure, they would not mind being surrounded by beauties either.

After all, wasn't the point of cultivation to enjoy themselves?

They all did not guess that there were already many people who had already tried to visit Ye Futian. However, they were all rejected with the reason that Ye Futian needed to shower and rest so that he could be in his best condition when he visited the Nine State College the next day. Although they knew that it was an excuse, they could not refute it.


At dawn the next morning, the morning sunlight sprinkled onto the Nine State City, giving the ancient city a holy feel.

The Nine State College was located in the middle of the Nine State City, at the end of the Nine State Street.

Outside the Nine State College, there was a plaza with many statues. Each statue was of a famous person in the Nine States, they were all Saint Plane cultivators that had been groomed by the Nine State College.

These statues were the hallmark of the Nine State College's prosperity.

Today, many of the College's disciples had gathered in this area, especially the younger generation. They knew that not long after, two of the legends in their generation would arrive. They all wanted to see how outstanding Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were.

However, before they could see Ye Futian, they heard a phoenix's cries from the distance. In the distant sky, a giant Golden Phoenix bathing in golden flames landed at the end of the Nine State Street. From the back of the Golden Phoenix, a few experts stepped down.

Each one of them had an exceptional aura.

"This..." Many people were shocked and mumbled. These people seemed like they were not from the Barren State's Holy Zhi Palace?

"Golden Phoenix." Many people looked at the Divine Bird, then towards the pattern embroidered on their clothes and blurted out their identity.

They were from the holy land that was in a sacred war with the Holy Zhi Palace, the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

They had descended onto the Nine State College before the Holy Zhi Palace.

Evidently, they had come prepared.

Many experts from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty had come. The person leading them was the Great Zhou Sacred King's eldest son, the Sage Ranking expert Zhou Huang.

His identity was sufficient to represent the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

The people from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty stepped forward, bowing to the statues that were standing in the plaza. They then walked to the door of the Nine State College and said, "The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's Zhou Huang has come to the Nine State College to visit."

"Allow me to go in and report this." The guard at the door replied. He then turned around and went in to report.

He had thought that he would welcome Ye Futian, but he had not expected the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty to come first.

In a moment, another group of experts came out. The person leading them was the person who had gone to the Eastern State to participate in the Nine State Forum, the Sage Ranking's Sage Liuyun.

After Sage Liuyun arrived, he exchanged salutes with Zhou Huang. Both of them were experts on the Sage Ranking but Sage Liuyun's ranking was higher and he was older, so he could be considered Zhou Huang's senior.

"Apologies for visiting abruptly." Zhou Huang offered his apology.

"Don't be, what is the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's purpose for visiting?" Sage Liuyun smiled and replied. He faintly understood that the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty was probably here for the Holy Zhi Palace.

"These are my younger brothers Zhou Ya and Zhou You. Senior should have met them before." Zhou Huang smiled and said, addressing the other party as senior as a show of respect.

"I have met them during Nine State Forum." Sage Liuyun smiled as he nodded.

"The two of them have decent potential, but have faced some setbacks during the Nine State Forum that might be beneficial to their growth. Now, they have faced a bottleneck while cultivating in the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. Father has instructed me to bring them to the Nine State College to cultivate."

Zhou Huang continued saying, "The Nine State City is full of outstanding people and the Nine State College is the congregation of the Summer State's most outstanding talents. If they can enter the College, their improvement will definitely be immense."

Sage Liuyun had a knowing expression on his face. The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's objective for choosing to send Zhou Ya and Zhou You to the Nine State College to cultivate at this point in time was obvious.

They wanted to get on the Nine State College's good side and prevent Ye Futian from achieving his goal.

The Great Zhou Sacred King had evidently guessed what Ye Futian wanted to do. Sage Douzhan had experienced the Divine Catastrophe and lived through it. Now, the Barren State's Holy Zhi Palace wanted to create their second Saint.

The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty would naturally not allow Ye Futian to achieve that easily.

Sage Liuyun had a pensive expression. Under the circumstances, he would not agree haphazardly.

This matter involved the sacred war between the two holy lands.

It was not wise for the Nine State College to get involved in it.

"Do you think they are worthy?" At that moment, a voice sounded from a distance. A cold glint appeared in Zhou Huang's eyes. He did not need to turn back to know who had arrived.

In reality, before Ye Futian had opened his mouth, he had already known.

Zhou Ya, Zhou You and the others turned around and glared coldly at the group of people who had arrived. The person leading them was none other than Ye Futian.

Ye Futian was wearing a white robe that was spotless and a crown on his head. Coupled with his ravishing looks, he was really peerless.

Ye Futian continued walking forward. Yu Sheng was on his left while the Village Chief was on his right.

Behind Ye Futian, Qin Zhuang, Xu Shang and the rest had their swords around their waists. Their hands were on the handle while a sharp aura emanated from them. The group of them walked by Zhou Huang and rest without even a side glance to the people from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's people just stared at Ye Futian and the rest walking by without even a single glance at them.

"The Holy Zhi Palace's Ye Futian meets senior." Ye Futian saluted him.

"Palace Lord Ye, you're too courteous." Sage Liuyun returned the salute, then turned to the Village Chief and bowed, saying, "Respects to you, senior."

Bowing was a sign of respect when meeting a Saint.

The Village Chief bowed slightly as a reply.

"The Nine State College has the reputation as the Nine States' number one college. More than half of the Summer State's experts have graduated from the Nine State College. Since ancient times, it has been offering its teachings and groomed countless Sages and Saints." Ye Futian said slowly, praising the Nine State College. Sage Liuyun smiled and looked at Ye Futian, he was naturally happy that someone was complimenting the College.

Ye Futian continued to say, "Who are Zhou Ya and Zhou You? Insufferably arrogant during the Nine State Forum, full of themselves and zero self-awareness. Now, they want to enter the Nine State College to cultivate just by asking. The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty thinks that Zhou Ya and Zhou You can enter the Nine State College to cultivate as and when they like?"

Sage Liuyun had a smile in his eyes. Zhou Ya and Zhou You had frigid expressions. Ye Futian was humiliating them in public!

Zhou Huang's expression also became one of embarrassment.

Zhou Ya was reputed by many to be the Sacred Dynasty's successor, even more so than him. Zhou You also had exceptional potential, although he had suffered defeat on the Nine State College, it was only because his opponent was too strong. In reality, with their potential, it would not be a problem to enter the Nine State College to cultivate.

So, he had said it bluntly without thinking too much.

However, once Ye Futian had said his piece, it sounded like the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty was undermining the Nine State College.

Especially when he praised the Nine State College highly first, then contrasted it against the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's actions. That made it all the more obvious!
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    《The Legend of Futian》