The Legend of Futian
843 Hallowed Disciple of the Divine Path
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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843 Hallowed Disciple of the Divine Path

Ye Futian looked at Sage Liuyun and saw him say with a smile, "If Palace Lord Ye wouldn't mind, please help me instruct these youngsters of the Nine State College, lest they are unaware that there are more powerful ones out there."

Upon hearing the words of Sage Liuyun, Ye Futian smiled and nodded. He got up and walked down the steps, his gaze falling upon Zhu Ya as he said, "If it's just a sparring session, then we won't go all out. There is no winning or losing, so don't take the outcome too seriously and let it affect your heart and mind."

Everyone who heard Ye Futian expressed an odd look because although he said that the outcome was unimportant, his tone obviously implied that Zhu Yan would lose, reminding him not to let the loss influence his heart.


"Please," Zhu Yan said calmly to Ye Futian while he got up and came to the center of the stage, slightly releasing his aura.

The rules power now coursed between heaven and earth, and behind Ye Futian, there appeared the shape of a demon ape, gradually solidifying its massive body, great like a mountain.

From the body of the demon ape, there came an extremely unbridled force, with rules power descending and pouring into its body.

Bang! With a loud boom, the demon ape crossed the void with horrifying momentum towards Zhu Yan.

Zhu Yan glanced at the Demon Ape and felt its dominating aura. His body suddenly released a flow of blazing brilliance, and as his entire body was reddened with heat, extremely wild energy exploded. Suddenly, a savage beast appeared behind him that was somewhat apelike. 

He Ran was a creature called by Zhu Yan "the Fierce Beast," and this one was extremely wild. With a long flaming stick in hand, his forcefulness rocketed skyward, and he howled to the Demon Ape that was coming towards him from the void.

"Is this the collision of spirits?" Many people showed a look of surprise. Rules power integrated into the spirit, as if the real great demon had been made flesh.

The Divine Ape trampled on the void, brandishing a long stick in hand with great might. A powerful force came down from the sky, and the clouds suddenly changed color. Occasional flickers of light radiated onto their bodies of the cultivators below, but many immediately retreated because the pressure they felt gave them a sense of suffocation.

With a growl, fire and magma seemed to be flowing through Zhu Yan's body as his body continued to expand and increase. Like a demon god standing between heaven and earth, the strength of the Infinite rules power between heaven and earth was being integrated into that primordial and savage body.

"Space-freezing rules power is not my forte. This is the other rule that I have comprehended, starry laws; something for you to experience." Ye Futian still stood on the steps with his hands behind his back, an invisible radiance coursing along his body and climbing upward.

Just as he finished speaking, starry laws of the Great Path shredded the void, blasting down with all its might. In an instant, a wave of incomparably violent storms rolled out. Those geniuses who sat cross-legged had to release their own power to resist this wild force so that they could remain sitting, but the robes on their bodies made sounds in the storm and danced in the wind.

Zhu Yan's countenance changed slightly. Behind him, the gigantic body of the Fierce Beast had raised the long stick in his hand and smashed it into the Demon Ape that was descending from the sky. As one stick landed, the two sticks collided, and for a moment, Zhu Yan felt the stars fall down while the gravel and dust flew at his feet, cracks appearing on the ground. The body of Zhu Yan the Fierce Beast was crushed along with Zhu Yan himself, both legs bent, unable to bear the force on top of him.

But at this moment, the body of the Demon Ape rocketed into the sky, its wild power dissipating. The Demon Ape stood above the void, glanced downwards, and then returned inside of Ye Futian.

"You cultivated in the shredding rules power. Its power for destruction is very strong while the power of starry laws is boundless. You chose to counter the starry laws head-on, suffering a natural disadvantage. You should not have battled me head on, but should have found an opportunity to concentrate your rules power to one weakness in the starry laws to destroy it," Ye Futian said to a stunned Zhu Yan. "Of course, these are all theories. The reality of combat still depends on people."

Numerous people at the Nine States College looked up at Ye Futian on the steps. He continued standing there. He had defeated Zhu Yan just like that, as if to confirm what he had said before: the strength of the person could overpower all.

Clearly, Ye Futian was stronger than Zhu Yan. It has been said that no prestige was vainly earned. Ye Futian's reputation was known throughout the land of the Nine States, and it was unlikely that it was undeserved. Space-freezing rules and starry laws were all rare and powerful forces of the Great Path. 

Zhu Yan stood there, speechless. He was considered an excellent disciple at the Nine States College, so naturally, he had pride and thought highly of himself. Therefore, he believed that he at least had a chance in the battle.

But in the end he suffered total defeat.

"I am unworthy." Zhu Yan turned to return to his own seat and sat cross-legged. He may have appeared calm, but there were waves inside his heart.

At this time, another figure appeared. This person was clad in white, without a speck of dust anywhere on him. Even though he was not handsome, he gave out a pleasing aura. Because of the special cultivation that he practiced, his body seemed to flicker with some magical brilliance that caught the eye. 

"Jiang Chuan from the Nine States College requests teachings from Palace Lord Ye."

All the disciples of the Nine State College on the periphery looked surprised. Jiang Chuan was also going to take a shot, wanting a taste of Ye Futian's strength.

"As you please." Ye Futian replied without moving.

Jiang Chuan nodded, his shirt fluttering in the wind. In the next moment, he disappeared. Suddenly there was endless thunder and lightning between heaven and earth, and flashes of lightning bloomed above the firmament. Their strong glare was blinding.

Ye Futian glanced up and saw that Jiang Chuan's body seemed to have disappeared and integrated into the power of lightning and thunder. With every flash of lightning, his shadow could be seen vaguely within as if he was omnipresent. 

Boom! Crack! Another loud sound, and in front of Ye Futian, there appeared a blade of lightning cutting through the void. Their entire area then became even more terrible, with lightning and thunder completely drowning the area of the Qingyun Building. The clouds and wind had changed their color.

Another loud boom and the real blade of thunder fell down and chopped towards Ye Futian's head. It was unbelievably swift, and the gazes of many were glued to the scene, their hearts beating rapidly.

Jiang Chuan was known for his explosive attacks, killing in the blink of an eye, and his rules sorcery attacks were very strong. However, at this time, an invisible power of rules shrouded the vast void, and everyone faintly felt that the flow between heaven and earth had slowed down so that time and space seemed to come to a stop.

That blade of thunder started to condense and appeared in front of Ye Futian.

In front of Ye Futian, a terrible rules light screen appeared, the blade of light chopping down and emitting a piercing, sharp, sizzling sound. 

Ye Futian looked up and saw that there was a terrible thunderstorm gathering in the void, cutting through the space where he was. A figure appeared in the sky above; it was Jiang Chuan.

Ye Futian raised his hand toward the void and made a grabbing gesture. In an instant, a frightening storm rolled out, and the space in which he grasped in his palm seemed to solidify into a star sphere. The thunderstorm raged within but was unable to destroy its confines. Jiang Chuan was trapped in it.

Then his palm slammed forward, and suddenly the star sphere was broken. Jiang Chuan's body, likewise, was pushed back by the shock. Suspended in the air, his eyes gazed at Ye Futian, and he said, "What sorcery is this?"

"You integrated speed into lightning, rendering it shapeless and invisible. You have also integrated rules into your attacks. Rule sorcery can rupture everything. Its power is frightening. Those on the same plane as you within the Nine States College who can beat you probably does not exceed ten people," Ye Futian said to Jiang Chuan. "It was just that I comprehended space-freezing rules and starry laws. The sorcery that resulted in the combination of these two different rules was named starry prison, and it was meant for entrapment." 

"I submit." Jiang Chuan put his hands together and bowed to back down, but his heart was incredibly turbulent. Just as Ye Futian had said, even at the Nine State College, not many could compete with him in this plane except for a select few.

But in front of Ye Futian, he was still no competition.

Ye Futian was only in the mid-range of the sage plane and he already had begun to create rules sorceries with different rules. This kind of talent, which was rarely seen, could not simply be described by the term "genius."

No wonder he was this well-known in the Nine States at such a young age.

"Who else would like to give it a try?" Ye Futian smiled and surveyed the crowd. Although he was not high in plane, he gave out the eminence of a master. 

"I would also like to request instruction from Palace Lord Ye." Another got up and stepped forward. Naturally, Ye Futian granted the request. After that, several consecutive cultivators came forward to spar, some even higher in level than him, but all within the sage plane. Without exception, they were all easily defeated by Ye Futian. The techniques he employed were many and various. It was amazing that he always seemed to find the easiest way to defeat his opponent.

At this time, Qingyun Building was quiet. The people who had tried before, although they were not the most outstanding figures of the Nine States College, were excellent among the disciples of the College, and they were crushed by Ye Futian, which showed his prowess.

Never mind the Barren State, even in the lands of Nine States, Ye Futian's genius could be considered the apex of a pyramid.

Some people wondered, How would Ye Futian compare with others at the Nine States College? 

"I have long heard of the renowned Palace Lord Ye in the Barren State. Today, since you are at our college, I would like to experience it." At this time, a voice came from afar, and the crowd quickly separated to give way.

As everyone turned to look, they saw a handsome young man with long flowing hair coming their way. The disciples who had parted way for him expressed looks of admiration. Finally, a truly excellent figure had arrived.

Out of those who cultivated at the Nine State College, the strongest group was called the hallowed disciples of the Divine Path.

At Nine State College, there were very few hallowed disciples of the Divine Path, but they were all once-in-a-lifetime geniuses able to cultivate under the saints.

Each one was extremely powerful. 

Strong disciples such as Zhu Yan and Jiang Chuan occupied extraordinary places at the Nine State College, but they were only candidates for hallowed disciples of the Divine Path and had yet to obtain the qualification.

For example, Jiang Chuan, who possessed special status, was just a boy under Saint Jiang, but his status was still far beneath that of the two disciples under Saint Jiang.

And the person who had arrived at the moment was a hallowed disciple of the Divine Path!
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    《The Legend of Futian》