The Legend of Futian
848 Meeting Saint Jiang
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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848 Meeting Saint Jiang

The sound of music filled the entire palace. Ye Futian was the one playing while everyone else listened quietly.

A tinge of tranquil beauty was heard within the tune. A serene image filled the minds of those who listened. A sea of flowers was found somewhere within the image, with vibrant blossoms found all over the land as fragrant scents filled the air.

There seemed to be a woman dressed in white walking in the painting. She walked among the sea of flowers, immersed in the atmosphere as she plucked flowers and smelled them. Butterflies of all colors flocked from far away, circling and dancing around the woman in the sea of flowers.

It was an incredibly tranquil tune, illustrating a very beautiful, peaceful picture. However, for some reason, many pictured the woman in the painting to be Goddess Die without them realizing it. It was as if she had always been the woman in the painting. She looked serene and beautiful, like she belonged somewhere else instead of this world.

Many still had their eyes closed after the song ended, seemingly still immersed within the beautiful illustration brought forth by the music.

"Bravo," someone commented. Their eyes turned towards Goddess Die. Ye Futian's impromptu performance seemed to be one played specifically for her.

A peculiar look was seen in Goddess Die's eyes as she turned to look at Ye Futian. He seemed unreal and out-of-this-world as the strings stopped moving, and he pulled his slender fingers back. The Guqin Spirit disappeared and he looked up. A brilliant, clear smile was seen in that pair of very beautiful eyes. He then said, "I'm actually here at the Nine State College to pay a visit to Saint Jiang, and I think you know of that, Goddess Die. This is the first time I got to meet you, and the impression you left seems to be like the woman illustrated in the song. It is as if you don't belong to this world. As such, I present the song to you, Goddess Die. If I happened to offend you in any way, I beg for your forgiveness."

Ye Futian spelled out the very objective he came to achieve on that trip, and he needed her help to fulfill it. If it had not been such, it would have been rather frivolous to present a song to a woman that a man had just met. However, if one were to have a favor to ask, it was within reason to first present a gift. But then again, if he were to give her some other treasures, it would have looked rather boorish in his part, and Goddess Die would probably not have taken such a gift.

As such, a song like that looked to be in the right spot. It did not look out of place and frivolous while getting his point across without a doubt.

Goddess Die smiled faintly hearing his words. She looked at Ye Futian with a surprised look and said, "I like the illustration of the song. Thank you indeed, Palace Lord Ye."

Ye Futian knew from her reply that his request had been answered. He played her a tune as a gift and she accepted it, which meant that she accepted his request as well.

"Please name the song, Goddess Die," Ye Futian smiled and said.

"It shall be named 'Butterflies in love with the Flowers'," Goddess Die replied.

"Butterflies in love with the Flowers. Splendid." Ye Futian nodded with a smile.

"It is splendid indeed. The name suits the song's illustration just fine." Everyone present nodded. They looked at Ye Futian and thought that the Palace Lord was not only powerful in his training, but he had exceptional talents in other aspects. A song that fit the mood just fine not only enabled him to achieve his goal, but also made their relationship closer, and that was all done in the first meeting.

What happened that day probably be made into a lovely tale in the future.

They were both renowned figures after all.

"I accept your gift, Palace Lord Ye. However, my teacher is indeed training in isolation. Please don't blame my brother. If my teacher emerges from his training, I'll be sure to inform you and lead you to him," Goddess Die elaborated with a smile.

"And I thank you for that, Goddess Die." Ye Futian cupped his hands slightly in gratitude. The first step was considered a success. With Goddess Die's recommendation, it would at least enable him to meet Saint Jiang himself.

"You're too kind, Palace Lord Ye. Thank you again for the song. I'll be taking my leave now." Goddess Die got up and bowed slightly. Ye Futian and all the others stood and gestured as well. He then said, "Lin Xi, sorry to trouble you but I'd like to ask you to see Goddess Die off."

"You owe me a song as well then." Lin Xi looked at Ye Futian and smiled.

"No problem." Ye Futian nodded with a smile. He did not ask for Lin Xi's help, but she invited Goddess Die on her own, which meant that she wanted to help him. Both Ye Futian and Goddess Die understood that. There was no problem with returning the favor with a song.

"If it happens to be something less than 'Butterflies in love with the Flowers,' I'm not taking it," Lin Xi jested. She then left with Goddess Die.

Many put a thumbs-up to Ye Futian after both of them left. Someone smiled and said, "The world knows that you're renowned throughout the Nine States for your impeccable talents, but few probably know that you're equally as exceptional in some other aspects. I'm very deeply impressed."

"Indeed. Very impressed indeed," someone said with a smile again, a tinge of joking in their voice. They had been there for some time and they had all gotten somewhat familiar with each other. As such, they saw no need to restrain themselves, as Ye Futian had always been friendly with them.

"Gosh, you people." Ye Futian shook his head with a smile. If it had not been for the need to see Saint Jiang, he would not have gotten himself into such trouble.

Saint Jiang had two students. Xu Chehan ignored him, so the only way in was through Goddess Die.

"What's the ruckus about? You guys want to be like Palace Lord Ye? Do you have the requirements, fame, and talent to boot?" A woman swept everyone present with a look at that moment.

"Or looks for the matter?" the woman jested.

"Xi, don't go too far."

"While it is true that Palace Lord Ye is married, he doesn't have a concubine. Are you telling us that you're considering it?" someone else retaliated. Everyone was having a good time and the mood was very relaxed.


What happened with Ye Futian quickly spread throughout the entire Nine State College. Many were surprised as no one had expected Goddess Die to walk outside the Herb Garden and agree to introduce Ye Futian to her teacher.

Ye Futian had spent one whole month paying visits to the Herb Garden. It seemed like he had finally gotten his wish.

Ye Futian's reputation in the College throughout those days was stellar. Be it those who went to spar with him or simply asked for his guidance in things, every single one of them held him in high regard and were impressed with his character. It was apparent why he had been able to become a leader of the Barren State, unified the will of the entire Barren State—something that had never been done before—and went against the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

An impressively capable leader, both in terms of talents and bearing, had emerged in The Barren State. If Ye Futian managed to emerge from the Sacred War alive, the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty would have had a lot to deal with in the future.

It was precisely because of that that mighty ones from the Sacred Dynasty were there at the College in an attempt to prevent Sage Douzhan from attaining sainthood.

In the next day, Xu Chehan caught wind of some news in the Herb Garden. He came to the place where she took up residence.


"Brother, I have something to tell you." Goddess Die said, "Ye Futian has been visiting the Herb Garden every day for the past month. I intend to introduce him to Teacher if the opportunity presents itself."

"Didn't Jiang Chuan tell you before when he was here? Why involve our teacher in the feud between the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and the Barren State?" Xu Chehan asked.

"Ye Futian is a Palace Lord of a holy land in the Barren State, and he has been consistently visiting for a month. He has shown such sincerity for the sake of his teacher. Be it from the standpoint of sentiment or reason, we shouldn't just keep him outside the door." Goddess Die then elaborated with a smile, "As for whether should our teacher get involved, it's not our decision to make; it's our teacher's. I'm certain that he will have his own thoughts about the matter, and we will simply need to do the introductions."

Xu Chehan nodded lightly after hearing her words and said, "If you say so, sister. If he comes again, we shall go see him."

"Right." Goddess Die nodded with a faint smile. Xu Chehan left and found Jiang Chuan and asked, "Is Ye Futian here today?"

"No, he isn't," Jiang Chuan shook his head and answered.

"If he's here again, tell him to come see me," Xu Chehan said. Jiang Chuan nodded.

However, Ye Futian stopped visiting altogether. Since Goddess Die had already agreed to help, there was simply no need for him to go visit the Herb Garden every day anymore.

As for those visits, there was not a show for Xu Chehan to see. If Xu Chehan refused to entertain him, there was naturally no need for him to waste any more of his time on Xu Chehan. If it had not been for Saint Jiang, Ye Futian's status meant that he would not have been the one to ask to see Xu Chehan in the first place.

Half a month passed quickly, and Lin Xi found Ye Futian, telling him that he could now go to the Herb Garden. Ye Futian sighed and gathered his teacher, Sage Douzhan, and the others. They then made their way to the Herb Garden.

There was a servant girl waiting outside. She asked as soon as she saw him, "Are you Palace Lord Ye?"

"Indeed." Ye Futian nodded.

"Our mistress asked me to lead you into the garden, Palace Lord Ye," the servant girl answered with a bow. The mistress she meant was none other than Goddess Die.

"Thank you." Ye Futian nodded and walked into the Herb Garden.

The Herb Garden was a huge place brimming with spiritual energy. The fragrance of medicinal herbs filled the place. There were few buildings found within, and there were herbs to be found everywhere.

The servant girl led them to a corridor of a compound. Goddess Die was seen standing there. She smiled upon seeing Ye Futian coming.

"I have explained the matter to my teacher. Please come with me," Goddess Die said.

"Thank you, Goddess Die," Ye Futian said. They then passed through the corridor and came before a building. There was a cold figure standing beside the steps, dressed in black. He took a faint look at Ye Futian and the others.

The figure was none other than Xu Chehan. He stood silently and said nothing. Ye Futian took a look at him and was able to guess his identity. He nodded faintly and said nothing as well.

Goddess Die walked the steps and said, "Teacher, Palace Lord Ye is here."

A figure was seen walking from the hall.

Ye Futian cast his gaze at the figure and found the figure to look to be 30 to 40 years of age. The figure's hair had both grey and black, but he was incredibly handsome. If he had been younger, he definitely would have been a dashing man. However, the most exceptional part of his features was his eyes. They seemed like eyes that had seen many things happen in the world, able to see into someone's mind. The very second he locked gazes with Ye Futian made the young Palace Lord feel as if he was being seen through.

Ye Futian averted his gaze and bowed, saying, "Ye Futian of the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State, here to greet you, senior."

"Greetings, Saint Jiang." Sage Douzhan and the others bowed as well in respect. The figure before them was one who was ranked 12th on the Saint Ranking, which meant that he stood at the pinnacle of the Nine States.

Saint Jiang turned to look at Sage Douzhan and scanned his body. His will descended right upon the sage's body. He then said, "You're lucky indeed."

To cultivators, the breakthrough into Saint Plane was a baptism as well as a calamity. If one was unable to make the breakthrough completely, death was almost certain. Sage Douzhan suffered the might of said calamity, yet he was still able to stay alive. He was indeed tough and lucky.

"I sincerely hope that you will help us in this, senior," Ye Futian bowed and said.
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    《The Legend of Futian》