The Legend of Futian
849 Medicine Testing
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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849 Medicine Testing

Saint Jiang stared at Ye Futian and a faint pressure landed on Ye Futian. He looked a little nervous and his fists were clenched.

Saint Jiang's answer would determine his Master's fate.

Xu Chehan and Goddess Die stood at one side and did not say anything. Although they were Saint Jiang's disciples, they were evidently unable to influence his decision.

The people from the Barren State were all nervous. If it went through, the Barren State might have its second Saint.

"Now, the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty is in a Sacred War with the Barren State. If I help him enter the Saint Plane, I will offend another holy land. Even if it doesn't affect me much, there is still another issue. Have you ever thought about what kind of herbs I need to use to help him temper his body to enter the Saint Plane?" Saint Jiang said coolly. "Give me a reason to help you."

Ye Futian fell silent upon hearing Saint Jiang's words. He knew that he could not argue with Saint Jiang's words. They were unrelated and had only just met each other. Even his position as the Holy Zhi Palace Lord was unimportant to Saint Jiang.

Saint Jiang did not have a reason to help him.

Perhaps Saint Jiang did not care about the Great Zhou Sacred King, but he did not have any need to offend another Saint Plane cultivator for a stranger. Moreover, he would need to expend a lot of resources to help out Sage Douzhan.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Futian bowed and replied, "I know that I have nothing that can move senior. Any talk about the future is only a vague promise and is pointless to senior. The most valuable thing that the Holy Zhi Palace can give are Saint instruments. I am willing to use Saint instruments to make up for senior's resources. If senior has any other conditions, feel free to say them. As long as I can do it, I will."

"I don't need Saint instruments," Saint Jiang said nonchalantly, then asked, "I heard that on the Nine State Forum, the Holy Zhi Palace's disciple Yu Sheng came in first and has an unparalleled body. Is that you?" As he said that, his gaze looked towards Ye Futian's side where Yu Sheng was sitting quietly.

"Yes." Yu Sheng nodded and replied.

"I can help Douzhan to remodel his body and make his physique even stronger, strong enough to withstand the Divine Catastrophe," Saint Jiang said. "However, I lack a person to help me test medicine. You could also see it as testing poison."

Ye Futian's expression paled and he asked, "How dangerous is it?"

"I will not force you. In the past, there have been people who have tried it. They were all exceptional individuals, but they all failed. The price of failure is death," Saint Jiang said calmly.

Ye Futian stared at Saint Jiang. In rumors, Saint Jiang had saved countless people and killed countless people as well. He could be both good and evil. Today, Ye Futian had witnessed it for himself. He actually used people to test his medicine. How cruel.

"With his current condition, he is almost certain to die in the Divine Catastrophe. Treat it as a life for a life. However, I will not force you. You can come to a decision yourself," Saint Jiang said in a tranquil tone, as though he was talking about an insignificant matter.

"No way."


Two voices sounded out at almost the same time. A surprised expression appeared on Saint Jiang's face and he looked at the two of them, astonished. The person who had said no was Ye Futian, but the person who had agreed was Yu Sheng.

"No," Sage Douzhan also said. "My body is already decaying, it is not worth it to trade Yu Sheng's life for mine. In the future, Yu Sheng will also become a Saint through his physical body. It is only a matter of time. The Barren State can wait. Futian, let us go."

Ye Futian's expression was grim. For his Master, he was willing to pay any price, but Saint Jiang wanted to use Yu Sheng to test medicine. How could he agree to that?

"Master, I might not fail," Yu Sheng said to Sage Douzhan. "Let me try it."

"No," Sage Douzhan rejected him firmly.

"Senior, could you change this to another condition?" Ye Futian asked.

Saint Jiang shook his head and said, "The world has its ebb and flow. Your Master has already felt it before. If one wishes to attain the Divine Path, they must withstand the Divine Catastrophe. That is the price. Since you want him to become a Saint, you must pay a similar price. Since you are not willing, you may leave."

Ye Futian's gaze trembled. He clenched his fists in indignation and said, "I can replace Yu Sheng to test medicine for senior."

"You?" Saint Jiang looked at Ye Futian and replied, "Firstly, the prerequisite for testing medicine is a strong physique. If your body is not strong enough, you will die easily. There is no need to test the medicine."

"I am a body-refining cultivator as well. My physique is as strong as Yu Sheng," Ye Futian replied. He clenched his fists and his hair flew in a flurry. A wild aura erupted from him. In an instant, the shirt on his body turned to shreds and revealed his white skin. However, his body was surrounded by a golden glow at that moment, and his entire body had a golden sheen on it.

The blood in his body roared, sounding like a dragon and an ape. The lightning shone on his body and let out a magnificent light.

Saint Jiang looked at Ye Futian in surprise. He had only heard that Yu Sheng had come in first on the Nine State Forum and had an unrivaled physique. He had also heard of Ye Futian's name, but he had heard more about how strong his rule power was and did not know that Ye Futian also had such a strong physique.

If that was so, Ye Futian was more suitable than Yu Sheng to test his medicine with his strong physique and Spiritual Energy.

Beside him, Xu Chehan and Goddess Die also looked at Ye Futian with a shocked expression, especially Goddess Die. She had heard that Ye Futian had once activated the Sword Matrix of the Void and excelled in matrices. His mastery in the Guqin melody had also caused Lin Xi to respect him. What kind of monster was he?

"Okay." Saint Jiang nodded and agreed to Ye Futian replacing Yu Sheng.

"I disagree," Sage Douzhan said. "We don't need your help anymore." As he said that, he turned around and tried to leave. He had already disagreed to Yu Sheng testing medicine, not to mention Ye Futian.

Ye Futian was now the leading figure of the Barren State and represented the collective will of the entire Barren State. He embodied the hopes of countless people from the Barren State and shouldered a critical mission. Moreover, Ye Futian's future achievements would far exceed his as a Saint. Letting Ye Futian test medicine in exchange for letting him enter the Saint Plane?

If something happened to Ye Futian, what point would there be?

He would be a sinner.

The Sword Demon and the others were speechless and sighed silently.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were the future hope for the Barren State's Holy Zhi Palace. They were almost certain to enter the Divine Path and could surpass the Great Zhou Sacred King. If they needed to sacrifice one of them for Douzhan to enter the Saint Plane, it was not worth it indeed.

This was not a decision from their personal viewpoints, but one considering the benefit of the entire Barren State. After all, they were in a Sacred War now and the Barren State could face a crisis at any point in time.

"Master, wait a moment," Ye Futian called out to him. Sage Douzhan stopped and turned around, looking at Ye Futian and saying, "Futian, why did I go all out in the battle outside the Palace that day? Wasn't it for that glimmer of hope? You are the Palace's hope. If you go and test medicine in exchange my entering the Saint Plane, what point will there be?"

"Master, Saint Jiang's intention of medicine testing is not to kill people. Otherwise, he would ask for my life in exchange. Since it is to test medicine, he will not surpass my tolerance by too much," Ye Futian replied. He looked at Saint Jiang and asked, "Senior, am I right?"

"It will constantly surpass the limit of your tolerance," Saint Jiang replied.

"That's right." Ye Futian smiled, then looked at Sage Douzhan and said, "Master, if you ask the Starry School's Chief Chen, you will know that back in the Divine Sky City, I had all my meridians destroyed by someone. Everyone thought that I would die for sure, but I eventually made it through with my body's healing ability and remodeled my body to become even stronger than it was.

"If it is just surpassing the limit of my tolerance, it is not my first time. Master, you think too little of your disciple." Ye Futian tried to sound as relaxed as possible when he said that.

"No way," Sage Douzhan said firmly. Even though Ye Futian sounded relaxed, he knew that Saint Jiang's medicine testing would not be that simple and it would definitely be very dangerous.

Ye Futian's expression became solemn. He stared at Sage Douzhan and said, "Are you the Palace Lord or am I?"

Sage Douzhan's expression froze. He looked at the solemn Ye Futian, it was the first time Ye Futian had spoken to him with this tone.

"I command you as Palace Lord, you must accept it." There was a hint of superiority in Ye Futian's tone.

"Futian!" Sage Douzhan looked at Ye Futian and called out.

"You will agree no matter what. I will stay here and accept the medical testing." Ye Futian's tone was still commanding. He had no choice but to do this. With his Master's personality, he would definitely not agree, so he had to be more headstrong than him.

This matter was not about whether Douzhan could become a Saint, but about Sage Douzhan's life.

There were two options that Sage Douzhan could make: enter the Saint Plane or die.

All this was because of the Sacred War. He could not simply watch his Master die.

Before he had come, he had already thought it through. No matter what price he had to pay, he was willing.

Moreover, he might not necessarily die from testing medicine. Since Saint Jiang wanted to look for people with strong physiques to test his medicine, he was not doing it to kill them. He had confidence in himself, with his sturdy body and strong Spiritual Will. Moreover, he had his Life Spirit as his trump card.

"It is decided. Nobody is to object," Ye Futian looked around at the others and declared with a firm tone. His attitude was unyielding.

The crowd's expressions paled as Ye Futian turned to Saint Jiang and said, "Senior, it is decided. I will help senior test your medicine, so please help my Master."

"Okay." Saint Jiang nodded faintly. Ye Futian is a decisive person, he thought to himself.
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    《The Legend of Futian》