The Legend of Futian
854 I Will Kill You
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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854 I Will Kill You

As the end of the year approached, the Nine State College became livelier.

However, there were rumors circulating within the college recently about Ye Futian and the Goddess Die.

Ye Futian, the Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace, came to visit the Nine State College and stayed for several months. During this time, he and his teacher, Sage Douzhan, received care from Saint Jiang. Sage Douzhan would be able to cross the Divine Catastrophe on his way to be sanctified.

Ye Futian himself was rumored to have also broken through the plane. As to the success he had in the medicinal trial, some people thought that Little Butterfly had been particularly gentle in her approach.

Moreover, many began to gossip about Ye Futian's many visits to Great Teacher Xu when he first arrived at the college, and that Xu Chehan had refused his visits. Afterwards Ye Futian started to get close to Goddess Die, and many people now felt that Ye Futian clearly had ulterior motives.

So now Ye Futian had not only gained great benefits in the Herb Garden but may even win the heart of the beauty. 

But the irony was that Ye Futian was already married to a woman who was said to be extremely beautiful. If Goddess Die was to join with Ye Futian, she could only be a concubine.

These gossips seemed to be spread intentionally, and they had some repercussions. For the past few months Ye Futian had enjoyed a good reputation in the Nine State College and many people had come to his defense, even perceiving his relationship with Goddess Die as an auspicious news. But naturally there were many who were not fans of his.

An outsider, on the first day of his arrival, had defeated all the geniuses in the college, including the hallowed disciple of the Divine Path and later used Goddess Die to get close to Saint Jiang. Those who disliked Ye Futian naturally were drawn to these rumors, hence the repercussions.

Ye Futian's reputation was also polarized. 

At this time, there were many gathered together at a place inside the Nine State College. Among them there were even a few hallowed disciples of the Divine Path. Duan Qinghe, who was defeated by Ye Futian, was also present. It seemed to be a meeting.

The person who sat at the head was a young man who looked to be around 30, but his actual age naturally exceeded that. This person had an extraordinary appearance. There was a faint smile on his face, and his eyes were extremely spirited.

Lin Shubai, the direct disciple of the Chief of the Nine State College, was hailed as the dominant figure in his generation of hallowed disciples of the Divine Path and the representative of all the disciples of the Nine State College, possessing a distinguished position in the college.

Many outsiders believed that between Lin Shubai and Tong He, one of them would inherit the position of future Chief of the Nine State College, which demonstrated the high opinions that were bestowed upon these two. 

Lin Shubai was a few years older than Tong He, so he was in a higher plane of cultivation, and was already at the arch mage plane. In the next Battle of Saints, he would certainly be the leader of the Nine State College.

The group of people chatted casually. At this time, Lin Shubai's eyes fell on one of the people below. The man was concentrated on carving, and the slender fingers that held the knife were perfect and there was no error done to the engraving.

"Younger brother Tong, I haven't seen you for a year; how is your cultivation?" Lin Shubai asked with a smile. The person who was doing the carving was Tong He.

"Mid-level magi." Tong He continued, carving without looking up at Lin Shubai. Among all the disciples of the college, perhaps he was the only one who dared not to look at Lin Shubai while talking to him. 

However, Lin Shubai did not seem to mind. He but smiled and said, "You have progressed again, and it won't be long before you get to the plane of archmage."

"How is the progression of cultivation of senior brother this past year?" Tong He asked softly.

"Some slight comprehension, but nothing to elevate the level of the plane." Lin Shubai responded, "I heard that there have been some things happening within the college this year. The Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State, Xihua Sacred Mountain of the Eastern State, and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty have all sent envoys to visit, cultivate, and exchange here at the college. How do you all feel about that?"

Duan Qinghe was a little embarrassed. He had lost to Ye Futian.

"Except for junior brother Qinghe who had battled, there was not very much understanding," someone said.

"Lin Shubai." 

At this moment a voice was heard, and everyone's eyed landed on the handsome figure clad in a black robe that was walking toward them. His appearance was cold, and his chiseled face was slightly stern. Even when facing the hallowed disciples of Divine Path, there was no smile on his face.

This person was the eldest disciple of Saint Jiang, Xu Chehan.

"Coming," Lin Shubai smiled at Xu Chehan. "How come Little Butterfly is not here?"

"She's busy." Xu Chehan replied, then went next to Lin Shubai to sit down. Saint Jiang enjoyed an eminent status within the Nine State College. Likewise, his eldest disciple enjoyed an equally extraordinary position amongst all the disciples at the college.

Of course, he did not come because he was also a hallowed disciple of Divine Path, but only because he had a good relationship with Lin Shubai. 

"I heard that Ye Futian, the Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State, is cultivating in the Herb Garden. You should have quite a bit of contact with him; what do you think?" Lin Shubai asked. He was also curious about this infamous Palace Lord of that holy land.

"There is not much contact, but this person is truly talented. After a few days, he would be able to pass Master's medicinal testing." Xu Chehan said casually.

"There are some malicious rumors circulating in the college, saying that Little Butterfly had intentionally shown him mercy. What do you think?" Lin Shubai asked.

Xu Chehan said coldly, "All nonsense. Whatever the Master has commanded, Little Butterfly will only follow. Ye Futian was indeed relying on his own strength to pass the testing of the medicine. As a disciple of the Nine State College, to spread such rumor is either borne of our jealousy of others or lack of confidence in ourselves."

"My thoughts exactly. Ye Futian's reputation is widely known as an unusual character. I didn't think Little Butterfly would be so superficial either." Lin Shubai said, "I will order a prohibition of these rumors momentarily, to avoid embarrassing the college." 

"Yes." Xu Chehan nodded.

"But I have also learned a few things. In the beginning when Ye Futian asked to see Saint Jiang, he must have intentionally approached Little Butterfly. Now he is testing medicine in the Herb Garden. He must have had a lot of contact with Little Butterfly, hence these rumors in the college." Lin Shubai continued, "When you have time, remind Little Butterfly. After all, Ye Futian is married. Such rumors would have negative effect on Little Butterfly's reputation."

Xu Chehan frowned, slightly displeased, but still he nodded. He knew there were some basis in what Lin Shubai was saying.

"Chehan, you and Little Butterfly are the only two disciples of Saint Jiang, almost like childhood sweethearts. If you can come together it would be a perfect ending." Lin Shubai said with a smile. He was indeed thinking of Xu Chehan.

Xu Chehan looked at him and said lightly," As long as Little Butterfly is happy."

"If there is nothing else, I am going back." Xu Chehan seemed to be somewhat reluctant to continue the topic, leaving just moments after he had arrived. 

"Go, and I will visit Saint Jiang on another day." Lin Shubai said as Xu Chehan turned to leave.

Back to the Herb Garden, Xu Chehan was still thinking about what Lin Shubai had said. He was a little older than Little Butterfly, so it could be said that he watched Little Butterfly growing up. He had witnessed the most innocent stage of Little Butterfly's life; the most beautiful soul in the world was probably just like the one that Little Butterfly had.

The Master had always commanded him to guard this junior sister of his, and he had always done precisely that, especially because he did not consider his own cultivation particularly unsoiled, so he was more careful to guard the pure beauty of his heart.

As for what kind of feeling this was, perhaps even he himself did not know.

However, Lin Shubai was right about some things. 

"Senior brother." a voice interrupted Xu Chehan's thoughts. He looked up and saw a beautiful figure walking toward him with a smile, "What is senior brother thinking?"

"Nothing." Xu Chehan looked at the medicine in Little Butterfly's hands, "Is it for him?"

"Yes." Little Butterfly nodded. "Another few days and I can relax."

"Senior brother, I will go now."

"Very well." Xu Chehan nodded, but as Little Butterfly was leaving Xu Chehan spoke again, "Junior sister."

Little Butterfly turned around, "Yes?"

"What do you think of him?" Xu Chehan asked. 


"Ye Futian."

"The youngest palace lord of all holy lands in the Nine States, whose name is known through the Nine States. He went through the medicinal trial for his Master's sake and endured it all. Whether it is talent, achievement, or character, he should be considered extremely exceptional." Little Butterfly smiled in reply.

Xu Chehan gently nodded, so it seemed that Ye Futian was indeed quite perfect.

"If it wasn't that he was already married, he is indeed someone to whom one could be entrusted." Xu Chehan whispered.

"Senior brother, what are you talking about?" Upon hearing his comment, Little Butterfly revealed a look of surprise on her face, then turned to walk away.

But Xu Chehan still stood there, watching her figure disappear.

Turning around, Xu Chehan also left and walked in the direction of Ye Futian. 

At this time in the courtyard where Ye Futian was were Sage Douzhan, Qin Zhuang, Sword Demon and others, discussing the matter of Sage Douzhan crossing the Divine Catastrophe.

Saint Jiang's words made Ye Futian feel a sense of danger. Great Zhou Sacred King had come in person, and there seemed to be some movement in the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. It appeared that the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty was preparing to send troops again.

As for the destination, it was still uncertain. Would it be the Holy Zhi Palace, or Nine States City?

The sound of footsteps was heard. As Ye Futian and the others turned their eyes toward the sound, they saw Xu Chehan.

Xu Chehan also looked at him, only to hear Ye Futian asking, "What brings the Great Teacher here?"

"I want to have a word with you." Xu Chehan replied.

"Please." Ye Futian nodded. 

Xu Chehan cast a glance at those around Ye Futian, and everyone immediately understood his meaning and left them alone.

"A few more days and the testing will be over. I thought you would have died but you've persisted better than I thought." Xu Chehan said. Even in praise he still sounded icy cold. 

"The Great Teacher didn't just come here to praise me?" Ye Futian said.

"Have you ever thought of using Little Butterfly?" Xu Chehan's eyes suddenly became sharp and focused on Ye Futian.

"I don't understand what you mean." Ye Futian's expression cooled down a few degrees. 

"In the past, in order to see our Master, you got to know Little Butterfly from Lin Xi and then gained access to the Master through Little Butterfly. Isn't that considered using?" Xu Chehan 's voice was accompanied by a faint dominant authority directed at Ye Futian.

"I was outside the Herb Garden for a month begging to see your Master. If Great Teacher Xu had had accepted my plead, why would I have to resort to that?" Ye Futian said nonchalantly. "If Great Teacher Xu believes that this is considered using then I have nothing to say."

"What about after you got into the Herb Garden? Was there any deliberate..." Xu Chehan looked very cold and stared at Ye Futian. Although he did not finish the sentence, Ye Futian understood what he meant. 

"If Great Teacher Xu came here to question me, then please leave." Ye Futian's voice also cooled. Since Xu Chehan was not being cordial, there was no need for him to be polite.

The two stared at each other, an invisible current coursing between them.

Xu Chehan stared at Ye Futian without blinking, and after a long time, he said coldly "I hope that you haven't tried to, and that you won't in the future. If Little Butterfly is hurt because of you, I will kill you."

Ye Futian stared at the other and said coldly, "Do you think you can?"

"Try me." Xu Chehan said and left. 

Ye Futian looked at the departing figure and thought, Great Teacher Xu lives up to his icy reputation!
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    《The Legend of Futian》