The Legend of Futian
865 Train Together
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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865 Train Together

Yi Kong stood upon the platform, as unmoving as a statue.

The wind blew upon his wounds, making him feel cold.

He had come out strong, only to be defeated by some no-name from the Barren State.

Before this, no one had heard the name Ying before.

However, his opponent could control many kinds of rule powers. He had a lot of power, as he had personally experienced. His defeat was not unfair. Just he had said of Yi Sheng before, he was simply not good enough.

Countless gazes were fixed on Yi Kong as he stood there unmoving. The Summer State was the strongest of the Nine States. The four top holy land forces of the Summer State were all in the top ten of the Nine States.

The Yi clan was the same way.

But today, when the Yi clan fought the Holy Zhi Palace, they had lost twice.

Many people looked at Ying again. His name would soon be well known.

Ying, a disciple of the Holy Zhi Palace in the Barren State.

It could truly be said that this time, the Yi clan had hurt their own reputation. Both battles had been open and aboveboard, and they had been directly suppressed. What could they complain about?

At this time, several figures descended quietly and landed in front of Ye Futian. It was the Village Chief, Qin Zhuang, and the others who had returned. They had escorted You Chi and the others to the Herb Garden and had just gotten back. They noticed that the atmosphere was a bit strange.

"Did Saint Jiang's senior promise to help?" Ye Futian did not look at Yi Kong anymore as he questioned the Village Chief. Little Butterfly and the Undying Old Man had not come back. They were probably in the Herb Garden looking after the wounded.

"Yeah." The Village Elder nodded slightly, and Ye Futian relaxed. If Saint Jiang got involved, even if he got seriously injured again, he could be saved.

Saint Jiang was a Saint. The power of the Divine Path to heal Sages naturally did not need to be mentioned.

Many people heard the conversation between Ye Futian and the Village Chief. Although it was a simple inquiry, they all knew what Saint Jiang's attitude was like. He had already promised to treat him. With Saint Jiang's habit of not asking about outside affairs too much, it was only because he admired Ye Futian a little bit that he had agreed to help. Otherwise, Saint Jiang had no need to show compassion to anyone.

The Holy Zhi Palace, which had once been neglected and looked down upon, had quietly risen and entered the field of vision of the people of the NIne States. It was even possible to say that them sitting on an equal level with any of the other holy lands was not blasphemy.

"You still haven't withdrawn." A voice came towards Yi Kong, who still stood on the platform.

Yi Kong trembled when he heard this voice. Even when he turned back to where the Yi clan was, he still did not calm down. After this battle, he would make a thorough inspection of his cultivation.

"I had heard that the Barren State was number one in the Nine State Forum, with the most overall strength. I see now that this reputation was well deserved. Yi Sheng was wildly arrogant and provoked Lord Ye. Lord Ye's man taught him a lesson, as he should." The voice came out from the Yi clan once again, making everyone look uneasy.

The one who would dare to speak like this was naturally an important figure in the Yi clan. It was the one who was generally acknowledged as the number one of the young generation—Yi Yang. 

In his time, Yi yang had defeated countless talents in the Summer State. There were only a few people of the same generation who were as revered as him. One example was Lin Shubai, a contender to succeed the president of Nine State College.

The two of them were of the same generation.

Yi Yang was now on the Sage Plane. However, most people would not have thought that Yi Yang of the Yi clan would stand before Ye Futian and admit Yi Sheng's fault.

Ye Futian also wore a different expression. He looked at Yi Yang. The Yi clan's attitude had changed. What was this man's intent?

"In the land of the Nine States, the Barren State was quite weak and its name was almost expunged from the lists. However, ever since Lord Ye burst onto the scene, the power of the Barren State has been revealed. His name is known throughout the Nine States, and he commands the wind and clouds with a wave of his hand. Now that Lord Ye has come to the Summer State, many people, including my disciples of the Yi clan, are very curious about what kind of person Lord Ye is." Yi Yang continued, "At the Nine State Forum, you instructed the Prince of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, Zhou Ya, and at Nine State College you defeated the disciple Duan Qinghe. You have only personally gotten involved a few times, but every time you have, it has been astonishing. Now all of us from the Summer State happen to be here at just the right time. There are countless refined and tasteful characters here, and presumably, they all want to see on the Noble Plane what level is this Lord Ye who has risen to become the leader of the Barren State's talent at."

Yi Yang had unintentionally said what many people had held in their hearts. Many people of refinement had come from the four holy lands, but Ye Futian had not revealed his skill. Yu Sheng and then Ying had defeated the proud sons of heaven.

Ye Futian, the true ruler of the Barren State, was not even 30. How strong was he really? How did he compare to the top talents of the four great holy lands?

When Yi Yang finished speaking, many powerful figures looked at Ye Futian. They indeed wanted him to show his skills.

"What do you all think?" Yi Yang looked indifferently at the people from the various holy lands.

Obviously, it hadn't been Yi Yang who had gotten tangled up with Ye Futian, because it had been Yi Sheng who had been unreasonable at first. And since he had lost both battles, what was there to say?

Now he wanted to see what kind of person this Palace Lord who had revealed his talents was.

As Yi Yang finished speaking, he saw a figure from the direction of Nine State College say, "When Lord Ye descended upon the college, I was practicing outside, and so I missed that sparring match. If I have the opportunity today I would like to spar with him."

Many people looked towards Nine State College. The speaker was a hallowed disciple of the divine path of the college, Su He. Although he was only on the Sage Plane, his reputation was great. The people of Nine State College said that besides Tong He and Lin Shubai, Su He was the most talented in the college. And if he advanced just a little, he would have a chance to compete with Tong He.

One could see Su He's talent by the fact that Duan Qinghe, who Ye Futian had defeated, was weaker than him. 

"When cultivating the Great Path, to have an opponent of the same generation can be regarded as quite lucky," another voice rang out. Many people looked towards the Summer State. A peerless proud son of heaven was the one speaking. He was clearly also interested in Ye Futian.

"Xia Hong would also like to fight with Ye Futian."

Everyone's heart skipped a beat. Xia Hong was famous when he was on the Noble Plane. The Xia Clan had high hopes for him, and he had not disappointed them. He had never met an enemy at the same level as him and lost. Now he was also on the Sage Plane. Otherwise, he would not have spoken.

Today these people all wanted to show their strength on the same stage.

"If I have a chance, I'd like to learn from Lord Ye's power as well." A cultivator spoke from the direction of the Yue Clan. Everyone looked at him and felt only a bit of numbness. He was also an extraordinary figure. Of course, would someone who was not an extraordinary figure who wanted to spar with Ye Futian have the courage to speak up? Even these top talents would have difficulty achieving victory against Ye Futian. But even so, they wanted to fight, no matter if they won or lost.

People's hearts were beating fast. They had thought today Nine States College would call its disciples to fight. In addition, it was possible that Sage Douzhan of the Barren State would break through the Divine Catastrophe, and therefore all eyes were fixed on Nine State City.

But no one had thought that before this there would be an astonishing interlude.

"Does everyone want me to show my hand so badly?" Ye Futian saw a line of figures walking out of the crowd. He was ready to make trouble, but he still sat in his throne. He swept his gaze over all of them.

Their words were putting pressure on him.

No one said anything, they just walked towards the battle platform. There was nothing that could be said.

Looking at those extremely famous figures, those surrounding the platform began to breathe rapidly. It seemed that they would force Ye Futian to fight.

They're here, Ye Futian. Are you going to fight?

An invisible pressure descended upon the Barren State's place.

The disciples of the Barren State looked cold and detached, and really quite impressive. They could naturally see that the cultivators from the various holy lands were putting pressure on Ye Futian with their challenges.

But Ye Futian still smiled with his eyes, his expression as light as the breeze. He got up slowly and stepped forward, and everyone's eyes moved with him. His every step seemed to touch people's hearts. 

Would the legendary Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace fight?

Looking at the powerful figures on the platform, even a legendary Palace Lord might feel a bit uneasy.

Ye Futian walked out step by step and then stepped on the platform. He looked around at the warriors from the holy lands and slowly said, "Although I am of the same generation as you all, I am the Palace Lord of a holy land. That makes me a higher rank than you. If I were to fight you, it would be like the strong bullying the weak. Thus, anyone who wants to train can step out. Today, we will all train together."

Everyone was shocked by his words. He would face them all alone.

They looked at that proud figure that had left the world of men. He seemed to be saying that of everyone in his generation in the vast land of the Nine States, he stood on his own level. Everyone else was on a different level!
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    《The Legend of Futian》