The Legend of Futian
866 Admirable Spiri
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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866 Admirable Spiri

At that moment, on the battle platform, Ye Futian stood alone in one corner while the other holy lands' geniuses stood in another corner, all staring at him. Ye Futian's words had not been wrong. They were born in the same generation, but from their statuses, Ye Futian was a Palace Lord, so he was naturally their senior. As such, it was only to be expected that Ye Futian would not stoop down to battle with them.

It would be demeaning to him.

However, Ye Futian had proudly claimed that he would teach the geniuses today. That way, he could display the dignity of a holy land's leader. However, from the holy lands' geniuses perspectives, it was a display of insufferable arrogance!

Xia Hong, the Xia Clan's elite genius.

Su He, the Nine State College's hallowed disciple.

Yue Yunsheng, a peerless figure from the Yue Clan. His Great Path sealing rule power was matchless and had sealed off many geniuses from the same generation in the past, rendering them powerless.

Yi Xing, a Sage Plane genius, also stepped out from the Yi Clan. He was also a figurehead of the Yi Clan's younger generation.

Any one of these people would be enough to shake up a region. However, Ye Futian would spar with all of them by himself.

As the strongest State in the Nine States, the Summer State's four holy lands all had one representative step out and stand before Ye Futian.

"Who else is there?" Ye Futian looked around at the people from the various holy lands and said nonchalantly, "I have already said, since you want to see me in action, I will spar with you all at once. However, this is the last chance. I do not want to see anyone come forward after this battle." He would not bother to further partake in the Summer State's geniuses' charades.

"The four of them represent the Summer State's four holy lands' strongest Sages. There is no need for anyone else," an expert from the Xia Clan said. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement, the four geniuses were enough to represent them. If Ye Futian could crush them, even if they sent people with higher cultivation levels into battle, it would just be the holy lands bullying him.

"Who does Palace Lord Ye wish to challenge first?" The Xia Clan's genius Xia Hong looked at Ye Futian and asked. His shirt puffed up as his aura was imposing.

Ye Futian looked casually at Xia Hong and replied, "Since I started cultivating, I have been undefeated not just in my own cultivation level but even one level higher. Now that I am an upper-level Sage, it would be too much of a handicap to challenge Sages one by one. Previously, I said that I will take you all on together, don't worry too much about the result."

The surrounding crowd all held their breaths in anticipation. Ye Futian was going to challenge all four geniuses from the holy lands by himself. What made them speechless was the confidence in his voice. Undefeated even by cultivators one level higher and not worrying about the result.

He was hinting the four geniuses that even the four of them together stood no chance. He would teach them today that the outcome was already predetermined and they need not take it to heart.

Their reputations all preceded them. As geniuses that dominated their generation, they were hard-pressed to even find an opponent. Even by standing there, they could stir the hearts of countless people. However, in Ye Futian's eyes, geniuses in the same generation were not even worthy of his attention.

No matter how unparalleled and dominant over their generation they were in the Summer State, they were all not worth mentioning before the Holy Zhi Palace Lord.

He himself was the pinnacle. No person in his generation could stand alongside him.

How many people in the Nine States could have the same pride that he had?

"Since Palace Lord Ye put it this way, there is no need for you all to be held down by your statuses. Go forth and unleash your greatest strength," Saint Li also said calmly. As the leader of a holy land, Yu Sheng, Ying, and many other extraordinary figures were willing to take orders from him. The Barren State's will was united and even the Saint Plane Tombkeeper Village Chief was willing to follow by his side.

It was a given that he was matchless in the Barren State. Even within his generation, he would be hard-pressed to find an opponent in the Nine States.

Since Ye Futian was already an upper-level Sage, one person was probably not enough to deal with him.

Although the four geniuses were unhappy, feeling the pride emitting from Ye Futian, they understood that they could not afford to underestimate him. The person before them was likely the strongest person on the same plane they would ever meet.

Wisps of threatening aura erupted as the Yi Clan's Yi Xing released his Life Spirit. Countless arrows appeared before him and a terrifying aura locked onto Ye Futian.

Before this, the Yi Clan had lost both battles, so he could not afford to take this battle lightly. Golden dragon boas coiled around the bows like real-blooded dragons, and the entire area turned golden. As the bows vibrated, the arrows shot through the air and the dragon arrows tore through everything, rushing towards Ye Futian. The golden dragon boas bared their sharp teeth and attempted to swallow Ye Futian in one gulp.

Around Ye Futian, wisps of light flowed like Starry Brilliance. The golden dragon boas reached him in an instant, their giant bodies swallowing him up. However, Ye Futian stood their calmly as though he did not see anything.

With a thunderous sound, the arrows shot through the air onto Ye Futian's body, the dragon boas drowning out his body. Many people's hearts pounded furiously, did he just withstand it with his body?

Was he out of his mind?

Although they knew that Ye Futian was very strong, underestimating Yi Xing this much was being too overconfident.

The destructive rule power overwhelmed Ye Futian in an instant. However, at that moment, there was light flowing around his body, and every part of his body contained a terrifying force, resisting the invasion of the rule power. It caused the rule power within his body to dissipate into nothingness, just like the time when he had tested medicine.

A blinding light emitted as the arrows disappeared along with the golden dragon boas. In the brilliant golden light, a figure continued to stand silently with a glow around his body, looking like a God.

Ye Futian originally cultivated in body-enhancement techniques and his body was already extremely strong. In the 81 days of testing medicine, he had gone through nine rites of passage and each time, a different force tempered his body. His bone, flesh and every atom in his body had been activated and contained extremely strong resistance and recovery abilities.

Now, with his body, it was difficult for anyone to stand up to him in the same cultivation level. There was probably only one person in the Nine States who was his equal in physique and that person would never battle against him.

"If the three of you don't strike now, you won't have another chance." Ye Futian looked at the other three geniuses and said indifferently.

Around the battle platform, countless people were astonished. Was he really that strong? He had fended off Yi Xing's attacks with his body and completely ignored them.

The other three experts were also shocked, but they were not shaken. As the elites of their holy land, their frame of mind was naturally very firm.

The stronger Ye Futian was, the more meaningful this battle would be.

The Yue Clan's expert Yue Yunsheng stepped forward and looked towards Ye Futian. In an instant, Ye Futian felt the scenery around him change and everything in the world seemed to be flowing. Boundless Spiritual Qi gathered and roared at him while five elemental gods of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth appeared in the five major directions, surrounding him. In an instant, Ye Futian felt the Spiritual Qi around him being drained while a layer of frost covered the earth, giant mountains crashed down on him and golden pillars trapped him in.

"The five elements sealing techniques." The crowd was all in dismay as they mumbled. The area that Ye Futian was trapped in looked like an apocalypse as all forces were sealed within it.

Yue Yunsheng was already able to use the Yue Clan's sealing techniques to such a terrifying extent. Not just that, but Ye Futian also felt the use of Eye Sorcery as the same image appeared in his brain. The opponent was attempting to seal his Spiritual Energy as well.

A terrifying storm appeared in his eyes as though there was a thunder raid going on. It pierced through the air and Yue Yunsheng's Spiritual Will was uneasy, and his eyes looked as though they were about to be swallowed by Ye Futian's eyes. He retracted his strength and did not continue using his Will to attack.

Ye Futian clenched his fists and the light around his body flowed. The area around him started to slow down, as though everything was about to come to a halt. He stretched out his arm and clenched his fist. Instantly, a tremendous pressure swept in front of him and without hesitation, Ye Futian punched out into the air.

The Great Path's rule power fist fired in an arc and every atom of light turned into a Starry fist, heading towards every corner of the sealed area. The heavens trembled as the space exploded and everything turned to dust.

At that moment, the Xia Clan's expert Xia Hong stepped forward with pure-blooded dragons surrounding him. He stretched out his arm and grabbed into the air. In an instant, a domineering Attracting rule power latched onto Ye Futian.

The golden dragon rushed towards Ye Futian, tearing through the air.

Ye Futian looked coldly at Xia Hong and did not resist the Attraction rule power, allowing it to attract him and travel at rapid speeds towards Xia Hong. Seeing the divine dragon bellowing towards him, he struck out with his fist and the dragon's body shattered while the divine aurora from the fist continued to head towards Xia Hong.

Xia Hong's expression paled as a Repelling rule power erupted, keeping Ye Futian at bay. At the same time, Yi Xing's arrows shot through the air again. The geniuses had finally started to attack together.

In an instant, the entire area fell to a halt. The arrows became exceptionally slow and Ye Futian's left hand stretched out towards Yi Xing. Clenching his hand, the arrows were all buried within his Starry Brilliance.

His right hand changed direction and moved towards the sealed area. It crashed into one of his stars and a huge explosion happened in the air. A figure was sent flying by the impact, spurting out blood. It was Yi Xing.

Turning around, Ye Futian looked at the other three experts and they were all standing in one place. Seeing this, Ye Futian stepped forward and an invisible pressure engulfed the area.

"Imprison," Xia Hong said coldly. The Attracting and Repelling rule powers erupted at the same time on Ye Futian's body. In that instant, Ye Futian felt his body being imprisoned and found it hard to even move.

At the same time, the hallowed disciple Su He let out a formidable glow from his eyes. Ye Futian felt a God-like figure standing before him, putting immense pressure on him and trying to stop his movements. It was a Spiritual attack.

Yue Yunsheng's sealing techniques activated once again and sealed off the area Ye Futian was in. The three experts had struck at the same time to keep Ye Futian rooted to his location.

Ye Futian was too overbearing. His physique and offensive ability were all matchless.

However, at that moment, a blinding light shot out from Ye Futian's eyes and he looked towards the three of them. In an instant, they felt as though a god had appeared in their heads. It was dignified, tall and arrogant. They needed to prostrate themselves as though they were facing an emperor.

A terrifying Spiritual Will attack rushed into their heads and clashed with their Spiritual Wills, causing their expressions to pale. Next, Ye Futian, who was supposed to be frozen in place stepped forward. Just that one step was enough to cause their hearts to pound furiously.

Ye Futian continued stepping forward and the three of them felt an immense pressure crushing down on them.

"In the Nine States, heroes are born in every generation and geniuses are aplenty. Every generation has its figures that are famous throughout the world. I look forward to seeing who will be able to leave their name throughout the Nine States in this generation and stand above his generation to enter the Saint Plane," Ye Futian said calmly, then continued stepping forward. He then said in a loud voice, "These geniuses, I wonder which State, which holy land, they will come from. The Xia Clan, the Nine State College, or my Barren State. I will witness all this as the Barren State's Holy Zhi Palace Lord."

As his voice landed, he took another step forward and punched out into the air. It landed on the sealed area and the heavens shook and transformed into a terrifying wave, sweeping across the air. The three geniuses humphed and coughed up a mouthful of blood as they were sent flying.

The vast area fell silent. The four geniuses were no match for Ye Futian, if they were truly battling, they would definitely be crushed.

The three of them had joined forces but had been imprisoned by Ye Futian and injured with one punch.

Ye Futian had claimed that heroes were born in the Nine States every generation and he would witness who they were as the Holy Zhi Palace Lord.

This meant that in the fight to see who could dominate their generation, he would only witness and not participate.

What admirable spirit.
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    《The Legend of Futian》