The Legend of Futian
867 Douzhan“s Divine Catastrophe
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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867 Douzhan“s Divine Catastrophe

What did it mean to be a witness?

People like Saint Li, Saint Xia, and the Great Zhou Sacred King, who had entered the Saint Plane and controlled a holy land. They were fit to be witnesses, to watch the ever-changing world and witness the rising up of geniuses in the generation.

Although Ye Futian was the Palace Lord of a holy land, he had yet to enter the Saint Plane and was considered part of the younger generation. If it was the former, he would be a witness. If it was the latter, he would be competing against his generation.

Evidently, the majority of the people in the Nine States saw Ye Futian as the latter and not the Palace Lord of a holy land. As such, they had incited Ye Futian to spar. The geniuses wanted to personally spar with Ye Futian and the older generation wanted to see how strong Ye Futian was compared to the geniuses from their holy lands.

Everyone had treated Ye Futian as part of the younger generation. However, at that moment, Ye Futian was proclaiming to them that he was the Lord of a holy land and only needed to watch the changes and watch the geniuses battle it out.

He was a generation by himself, so he did not need to duke it out with the Nine States' geniuses.

Around the battle platform, countless gazes fixed on Ye Futian. There was a light flowing around him and he looked unparalleled, as though nobody could rival him. There were many geniuses who felt that Ye Futian was too arrogant, but they had no way to disprove him. It was true that he was the Palace Lord of a holy land. When he took over the reins of the Barren State's Holy Zhi Palace, it had been weak and Zhisheng Cliffs could easily push it around.

Now, facing the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, they went into a Sacred War and in their two confrontations, had fought them off once and obtained victory in the other.

He had made his claim as the Holy Zhi Palace Lord, so who could refute him? Moreover, he had swept the four holy lands' geniuses by himself. Who could match that?

If fighting Zhou Ya on the Nine State Forum was not proof enough, he had shown his mastery in the matrix in the Nether Sword Mound and today, on the Nine State Platform, Ye Futian had shown the world that he had what it took to stand at the pinnacle of the Nine States. How many people in the Nine States could stand up to him?

Today's battles had seen the uprising of two other prodigies in the Nine States, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. Even Ying had earned himself that right as well.

Ye Futian turned around and went back to the Barren tablet throne. The four geniuses also stepped back into their own holy lands.

Previously, Ye Futian had given them all a chance and agreed to one battle. Since nobody stood out, there would naturally be no one else who would challenge him today.

The Nine State Platform was a huge event for the Nine State College to take in disciples, but it had helped Ye Futian and Yu Sheng to attain fame instead.

The Barren State had once again shown its incredible potential.

At that moment, the Barren State's experts all stood around the throne with solemn expressions, sharing in the glory.

In the past, the Barren State was alienated from the Nine States. When facing people from other holy states in the Nine States, they would not have confidence. This was evident back then when the Zhisheng Cliffs' Kong Yao brought Qin Zhong to the Holy Zhi Palace. However, at present, no matter where they were, they could confidently say where they were from.

Although there would be a fierce battle coming up in the near future, the Barren State's people were not afraid.

With their current lineup of cultivators under the Saint Plane, the Holy Zhi Palace was confident that they would not be weaker than the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. No longer would they have the panic they had before the Sacred War.

They had an extremely strong belief that the Barren State would definitely win the Sacred War.

At that moment, their greatest crisis was Sage Douzhan. The Great Zhou Sacred King was already keeping a close watch on them, now the Holy Zhi Palace was standing out so much as well, the Great Zhou Sacred King would definitely not let them go and would definitely aim to kill Sage Douzhan.

However, even if misfortune befell Sage Douzhan, the Holy Zhi Palace would not collapse. It would rise up one day under Ye Futian's leadership and trample the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

In the two battles of the Sacred War, how many people died? Who could be sure that they would not die? Even people as strong as You Chi and Sage Jingang had been seriously injured.

They naturally hoped that the Barren State would have a second Saint to watch over the Palace. However, even if things turned out for the worst, it would not waver their conviction.

Sage Douzhan must have had the same conviction. Back then, in the battle outside the Holy Zhi Palace, he had said something along these lines.

Around the battle platform, all the holy lands looked towards the Barren State's direction. The figures beside Ye Futian all had determined expressions. War was sometimes the best motivation. The sacred war had caused a transformation in the Barren State. Their wills had united and everyone fought for a common belief.

The experts around the Nine State Platform could feel the atmosphere around the people from the Barren State. Saint Li opened his mouth and said, "Today has come to an end, you may leave now." As Saint Li's voice landed, there was a slight bustle among the crowd, but many people continued sitting there, as though waiting for something.

In the outer regions, many experts moved towards the center like an army, heading towards where the Great Zhou Sacred King was.

A subtle mood was spreading, signaling the coming of a storm.

Many experts stepped back and vacated their positions.

In the Barren State's direction, there were people moving as well. Many experts started to move into position, gathering near Ye Futian. The elite figures stood beside Ye Futian and Sage Douzhan, taking precautions against the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's experts.

Saint Li had already announced that the Nine State College's matters had ended. What would happen next would be the grudge between the two holy lands.

"Master, if you want to return to the Palace before summoning the Divine Catastrophe, we will escort you back," Ye Futian said in a soft voice.

The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty had received news that his Master had come to the Nine State College, so the Great Zhou Sacred King had personally led his men and moved his army to the Nine State City, evidently trying to keep them all here. Therefore, everything after that had happened. The Village Chief and Qin Zhuang had gone to the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty to impede them and the Holy Zhi Palace had sent troops to ambush them.

All his plans had been for today.

Now, they all knew his Master's condition. He was unable to use any strength. Once he used any rule power, the Divine Catastrophe would be summoned. Since the Great Zhou Sacred King had set up an inescapable net, he naturally wanted to force Sage Douzhan to summon the Divine Catastrophe and enter the Saint Plane to kill him.

"No need, since they want to see it, I'll do it here," Sage Douzhan replied. With the Great Zhou Sacred King keeping watch, clashing was inevitable. There would be no point in stalling, moreover, once they stalled, the opponent's two Saints would gather and the situation would become worse.

Therefore, there was no need to.

He would summon the Divine Catastrophe right here, right now.

If the Divine Catastrophe was destined to be his downfall, he would have no complaints. However, before that, he had some things to do.

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded and his expression became exceptionally determined.

No harm would befall his Master.

At that moment, Qin Zhuang walked up to Douzhan and handed a Saint instrument to him, saying, "You Chi took this off and asked me to pass it to you."

Sage Douzhan looked at the Saint instrument armor with a solemn expression, then took it and stepped forward onto the central region of the Nine State Platform.

In an instant, countless gazes turned towards him.

Was the Holy Zhi Palace's Battle Sage Palace Lord Sage Douzhan going to summon the Divine Catastrophe and enter the Saint Plane?

"Senior." At that moment, Ye Futian looked towards Saint Li and asked, "Could you ask everyone to leave this area?"

Saint Li knew what Ye Futian meant. He looked around and said, "All uninvolved people, step back 50 kilometers."

The Sacred War was about to erupt here.

Everyone started to leave the area. They also knew that what was happening next would impact a huge radius. Those with lower cultivation levels could die just by being hit by the residual attacks.

Even the experts from the Summer State's holy lands also stepped back, away from the Nine State Platform. They stopped in the distance and set up camp in mid-air, looking towards the Nine State Platform.

Saint Li waved his hand and personally brought the Nine State College's people to retreat. Soon, two factions could be distinctly seen around the Nine State Platform. They were the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and Holy Zhi Palace.

The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's army that had descended upon the Nine State City finally showed themselves. The Great Zhou Sacred King's strongest army, the Golden Phoenix Army had arrived.

Apart from that, there was also the army led by the Sage Ranking expert Nie Gai. These were the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's two strongest armies. These two armies were prepared for Ye Futian, in attempts of killing them all in the Nine State City.

Other than that, the people who had been ambushed by Qin Zhuang and You Chi had also made their way to the Nine State City. At that moment, they were regrouping with the Great Zhou Sacred King. Although they suffered heavy losses, they still gathered together to form a huge army.

"Form the matrix," Ye Futian said. Instantly, the Barren State's experts all started to move and form their matrices.

In the center of the battle platform, Sage Douzhan took a deep breath, then looked up towards the sky. His arm shuddered as he clenched his fists. In an instant, a terrifying force appeared on his body.

The wind billowed as the force on Sage Douzhan's body gradually became stronger. The wind echoed and became wilder.

In the sky, the wind bellowed and a fearsome Great Path rule power streamed in the area. Soon, all the experts around the battle platform could feel the suffocating aura, as though it could crush all of them.

Thud. An imposing aura emitted from Sage Douzhan and headed straight for the heavens. The elements circulated in the heavens and the Great Path rule power was created. In that instant, countless people from the Nine State City raised their heads and looked at the brewing storm in the sky, as though the heavens was crushing down on the mortal realm.

Is this the Divine Catastrophe? countless people thought in astonishment. Just the pressure was enough to make people want to grovel and worship it.

It was too strong. No wonder the Saint Plane experts detached themselves from the mortal world, away from the masses. They were not on the same level, that was why they were called Saints.

"Bring it on!" Sage Douzhan raised his head and shouted out. The skies shook as air currents engulfed him. His body became towering like a war god. He did not wear the Saint instrument before summoning the Divine Catastrophe but was topless instead. His bronze-colored skin felt full of power.

Within the terrifying storm, a ray of light descended from the sky. The Great Path's pressure descended and many people felt suffocated. Among the experts who had backed off, some of the people with lower cultivation levels felt their legs shaking.

Crash! The light of the Divine Catastrophe struck down, causing the light around Sage Douzhan's body to become even more dazzling. Around his body, an immeasurable amount of light circulated around him and an alarming force rushed into his body.

However, this time, Sage Douzhan felt boundless energy in every part of his body. Even the light of the Divine Catastrophe could not move him.

The Great Zhou Sacred King stared at Sage Douzhan. He knew what Douzhan wanted to do the moment he heard that he had come to the Nine State College. The Barren State wanted to create another Saint, but it would not be that simple. The eventual outcome of the sacred war would be determined by the strongest people. So, each time the Barren State's Holy Zhi Palace had a Saint, he would kill that Saint.

So what if the Barren State's disciples all had exceptional potential? He would be the gatekeeper keeping them away from the Saint Plane.

Once they entered, they would die.

Ye Futian was also looking at Sage Douzhan. Today, his Master would enter the Saint Plane and nobody would be able to stop him.

"Convey my command, surround them!" Ye Futian stepped forward and ordered the army!
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    《The Legend of Futian》