The Legend of Futian
869 Sage Douzhan Became Sain
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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869 Sage Douzhan Became Sain


Countless gazes fixed on that mighty figure in the void; people across the Nine States had all heard of the battle at the Holy Zhi Palace. Sage Douzhan employed the power of the Heavenly Battle Matrix, burning his body to release all its potential to the limit, thus attracting the Divine Catastrophe that almost killed him. It was because of countless people in the Barren State who had banded together to shoulder the catastrophe for him that the Divine Catastrophe dissipated.

Although Sage Douzhan had made great progress, passing the Divine Catastrophe was still a difficult task and he was even turning his attention towards breaching the Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix to alleviate the pressure of the battle for the Holy Zhi Palace.

Sage Douzhan had done everything he could for the Holy Zhi Palace. He was indeed a person worthy of respect, whose belief was so strong it was no wonder that he could impact the Divine Path.

In the vast Nine States, among the Sage and Saint Ranking, there were merely seventy-two saints. 

Above the sky the storm was growing stronger, as if to cover thousands of miles of space just like an apocalypse.

The endless storm contained the indomitable power of the rules of the Great Path. Although this force would not attack the bystanders, by standing on the ground beneath one could still experience the frightening feeling of the authority of heaven.

Countless members of the Nine State City looked up toward the sky. They seemed to have no interest in the great battle that was taking place next to them.

Although the Sacred War was fierce, the Divine Catastrophe could be the only one that they would ever witness in their lifetime.

For the sages, even though the catastrophe of the Great Path was horrific, it was their lifelong pursuit. 

Feeling the power of catastrophe above the sky, they were even somewhat envious of Douzhan and held some expectations, hoping that one day they would also be able to attract that change of the world; for the rules of the Great Path descending from the sky to refine their bodies, transcending them so they could become saints.

Under the horror of the authority of heaven, the Great Zhou Sacred King still sat there, as if he had never moved since the beginning. He stared at Sage Douzhan coldly, and that gaze was as if he was watching a dead man.

Proving Holiness was such a rare chance, but for Douzhan to become saint would be his undoing.

"Boom!" Even more horrible Great Path rules descended. This time Sage Douzhan was no longer distracted and attempted to leverage the power of the catastrophe to fight, but instead endured all of it with his body, allowing it to wash over his body.

There was no shortcut to the Catastrophe of the Divine Path. Only by bearing enough catastrophe could transformation be possible. For his body to be sanctified, it must first undergo the true test of the Divine Path. If he relied on borrowing the power of battle instead of the true strength of the body, then he would continue to suffer from the catastrophe in the future, which meant that all the many tests before were borne in vain. 

Divine light was shining all over the body of Douzhan. The rules of the Great Path entered the body, refining it, impacting all the organs and limbs of Douzhan. He could clearly feel every part of his body bursting as they withstood the impact of the terrible rules of the Great Path and metamorphosed at the same time.

Sage Douzhan thought that the medicinal baths prescribed by Saint Jiang those days in the Herb Garden were not only to heal his injuries, but also to strengthen his body. At the same time, it was more as if the medicinal bath was preparing him for this sacred cleansing.

Saint Jiang's understanding of the Divine Catastrophe was frightening, especially with such strong ability to target. Even if he was ranked 12th on the Sage and Saint Ranking, it was not something that could have been done in a short time. 

As if from the beginning, Saint Jiang knew what to do.

Without thinking too much, Douzhan concentrated all his energy for the catastrophe of the Great Path above the Seven Star acupoints, with even more terrible power flowing and rays of light running through his body. He let out a great shout, stepped into the void, his body went toward the catastrophe of the Great Path and rose into the sky.

He had already died once under the Divine Catastrophe. He had nothing else to fear. 


Under the impact of even more terrifying forces, Sage Douzhan shot to the sky against the Divine Catastrophe, like a god of war with shocking impact.

Although his body was gigantic and stood proudly above the sky, compared to the Divine Catastrophe he still appeared small and insubstantial.

The authority of heaven was too strong. 

Sage Douzhan already felt that many parts inside his body had already been torn apart by the rules power, but his eyes still conveyed total determination without any hesitation. He looked up to the void and continued to step into the sky.

For him to be able to experience the catastrophe in person in this lifetime, he had no more regret.

What was more, putting his life or death aside, the Holy Zhi Palace was no longer the palace of the past. With the saint, it could compete as equals with the Great Zhou Dynasty.

Even if he really died this day, the Holy Zhi Palace would still exist and his two disciples already had their names known in the land of Nine States. In the future, their names would make Nine States shudder.

If so, what else did he have to fear?

He could consider himself to have lived his entire life spirited and to its fullest. 

Raising his head, proudly surveying the Great Path of the firmament, his arms trembled, and lights coursed all around. He rushed to meet the catastrophe, allowing the endless Great Path to impact his flesh; his heart was calm without waves, his spiritual will strong and unshaken.

Terrible rays circulated above his body, and there were faint blood stains as his skin and muscles broke open. Even with the strength of his body, it was still unbearable for Sage Douzhan at the moment, and the body seemed to be on the verge of complete destruction.

However, Sage Douzhan was resolute in his determination, and could not be swayed. 

Without regret in his heart, fully complete without blemishes, and with a will as strong as the rock of ages, he would welcome the catastrophe of the Great Path in his best state so long as he had breath within him. 

The rules of the Great Path continued falling and kept shaking the body of Sage Douzhan. He looked as if on the verge of crumbling, but his eyes were determined as ever and continued staring at the storm.

"This catastrophe is terrible." many sages were appalled. Even those at the peak of sage plane felt the same way. They all wanted to step into the saint plane but seeing the scenes before them they understood that if they were facing the catastrophe of the Divine Path at the moment themselves, their chances were not much better.

This meant that they were not yet strong enough, and the plane was yet beyond their reach.

Perhaps the first few on the Sage and Saint Ranking of Nine States were infinitely closer than the others.

Sage Douzhan was not as strong as before, but he was still holding on, no matter what he would be facing after the catastrophe of the Great Path. However, there was the ancient saying that if one had known the Way in the morning, then there would be no regretting death in the evening. 

Since he had no regrets in his heart, he would give his greatest to do everything he could to follow his heart. As to the ending, no matter what it turned out to be, he would have no regrets.

"The power of the catastrophe is weakening." many were shocked.

Not only that, the brilliance that was coursing above the body of Sage Douzhan was becoming more and more dazzling. The bronzed skin seemed to be washed by the divine light, and faintly reflected a crystalline luster as if he had been re-sculpted.

"Douzhan may be about to succeed."

The hearts of many people were beating; the land of Nine States would soon have one more saint.

However, Great Zhou Sacred King watched closely. It was still a question whether this saint could leave with his life intact.

It was highly probable that Sage Douzhan would be the shortest-lived saint in the history of Nine States.

Great Zhou Sacred King had the intention of killing him. 

Between the saints, there was still matters of levels within the plane. The Great Zhou Sacred King had been in the saint plane for many years; even if Sage Douzhan entered the saint plane, he would not be in a position of contention. It was very perilous.

"He's about to succeed."

Saint Li looked up at the void, and he already felt that Sage Douzhan was only a step away from being a saint.

Not only him, but all notable figures were watching at the moment as well, including Saint Jiang, who was at the Nine State College. They looked up to the sky, a place of infinite changes, to see Douzhan standing above the sky. His stature, like a god of war, could be clearly seen. 

Little Butterfly stood by his side. In the Herb Garden many people, including the injured You Chi, Undying Sage were all looking up, watching Douzhan who was above the void.

"Master, if the Great Zhou Sacred King wants to kill Sage Douzhan, would he have a chance to block it?" Little Butterfly asked. 

Saint Jiang shook his head and said mildly, "Great Zhou Sacred King's ranking is also on the top of the list. For the saint plane, the difference of one plane can mean a world of difference. If it's just the two of them, there is no doubt that Douzhan will definitely die. But we don't yet know at what level the other saint from Barren State is. However, it will probably be difficult to stop the Great Zhou Sacred King from killing Douzhan."

Little Butterfly looked a little pale, saying, "Master, you helped Sage Douzhan cross the most difficult hurdle. Could you help him again?"

Her Master, Saint Jiang, ranked number 12 on the Sage and Saint Ranking, before the Great Zhou Sacred King would be capable of helping Sage Douzhan.

Saint Jiang casted a glance at Little Butterfly and shook his head.

The Sacred War between the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and the Holy Zhi Palace was permitted by Emperor Xia, and personally monitored by the Nine States Supervising Inspector. Moreover, the Nine States Supervising Inspector was located at the Nine State Guard, and it was likely to be located around the Nine States Platform. After all, Nine States were under the rule of Emperor Xia. His power could be everywhere. 

Both sides have suffered heavy casualties in the Sacred War. What reason did he have to intervene?

Furthermore, Sage Douzhan and he were neither friends nor relatives; he granted Ye Futian's request to help Sage Douzhan pass the Divine Catastrophe. Now it was not possible for him to intervene in the Sacred War at will.

Little Butterfly's eyes revealed some disappointment. She knew that her request was a little overboard. The Master had no reason to grant it.

Now, one could only hope that Sage Douzhan would be able to survive the next catastrophe.

At this moment, in the area below Sage Douzhan, on the area of the Nine State Platform area, the sound of a guqin could be heard.

The sound of the guqin was magnificent, revealing a sense of pride, but also concealed within it a sense of heroics. Many looked toward it and saw that it was Ye Futian playing in the void. Hua Jieyu stood behind him, while Yun Shang and many other cultivators formed a battle matrix beside him and lent their Spiritual Energy to Ye Futian.

The sound of the guqin pierced the void, resounded between heaven and earth. There was a great battle taking place in front of them, that under this atmosphere appeared extremely solemn.

At this time, among the disintegrated army of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, many cultivators now marched towards him, their attention fixed on him to try to take him down.

However, when they came to the battle matrix, they felt the terrible rules power descending, shrouding their bodies as if this space was frozen. Time and space seemed to have stopped.

The fingers plucked the strings, and in an instant the sound of guqin turned into sparkles of light that swept out. In a moment, brilliant rays of light rushed toward those people, emitting violent sounds of collision. The skulls of some were shattered while the bodies of others were smashed. It was impossible to get close to Ye Futian. 

At this time, Ye Futian looked up slightly and glanced towards his Master. A brilliant light erupted from the Master, and holy lights coursed around his entire body and chased away the light of catastrophe that was between heaven and earth. The storm that was within the void disappeared, the might of Heaven nowhere to be found.

And Sage Douzhan, whose body was as if re-sculpted, bloomed with endless brilliance in the sky above.

With the Divine Catastrophe behind him, the Sacred Body was now complete.

Sage Douzhan had entered the Divine Path!
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    《The Legend of Futian》