The Legend of Futian
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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Gu Dongliu walked to the bottom of the Lapis Lazuli Pagoda and also felt a strong attracting force. His Spiritual Will seemed to move out of his control. The Lapis Lazuli Pagoda spun as it let out a dazzling light. 

In an instant, nine words surrounded an illusory figure that was surrounded by light, rushing into the Lapis Lazuli Pagoda like an immortal's shadow.

Hum. The nine words let out a dazzling light, causing a Zhang to light up on the Lapis Lazuli Pagoda. Next, Gu Dongliu retracted his strength, and a strong light sank down as his Life Spirit returned to his body. He then stepped out of the Lapis Lazuli Pagoda's radius.

As more people took the test, the people after them had started to figure out some of the workings of the pagoda. As such, there would not be a repeat of what had happened to Lin Shubai. Gu Dongliu was evidently very composed when he went in and out.

Lighting up one Zhang on the Lapis Lazuli Pagoda was considered a pass, but it was not considered special. About half of those who had stepped out were able to do it. However, they did not know what the chances of passing the next examination were for those who were able to light up the pagoda.

As he walked back to his position, he saw Zhuge Mingyue step forward as well. Evidently, she wanted to go too.

"Is Second Sister going too?" Hua Jieyu saw Zhuge Mingyue step out and muttered to herself. Not long after, Zhuge Mingyue had also lit up one Zhang on the Lapis Lazuli Pagoda, but she did not clear it as easily as Gu Dongliu. However, she had at least gotten the right to take the test.

After that, people started to step out successively from the Barren State. Huang Jiuge, Ye Wuchen, Zui Qianchou, Xu Que, and a few others were able to light up the pagoda. Moreover, they all lit up only one Zhang on the pagoda. This caused many people to be surprised, was this because of the Barren State's lack of ability, or were they doing this intentionally?

"These fellows," Ye Futian looked at the figures that had stepped out and mumbled to himself. He did not think that they were doing this to obtain the right to enter the Upper Worlds to cultivate. These fellows were probably treating the test as a means of training themselves. After all, because of the Sacred War, their movements in the Nine States had been restricted. Apart from cultivation and fighting, they had no opportunity to go anywhere they wanted.

Now that they could not make use of battle matrices in the Sacred War, they would be of no use in battles. The Sacred War would be determined purely by the strength of the elite Sage Plane cultivators again. So, they needed to raise their cultivation levels as soon as possible.

Beside Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu looked towards him. Seeing Hua Jieyu's expression, Ye Futian knew what she was thinking. He transmitted a message to her, saying, "No way."

This lass, what was she going to join them for?

"There's Second Sister and Third Brother taking care of me. Also, Sister Yun and Phoenix will also be going," Hua Jieyu replied.

"My answer is still no," Ye Futian insisted.

Hua Jieyu held his hand. She naturally understood that Ye Futian wanted to protect her, even if her cultivation would not progress forever. However, after all this, she knew it was not what she wanted.

"I am a Divine Spiritual Sorcerer. Moreover, I have the guidance of a Saint Plane Divine Spiritual Sorcerer. If I don't go out and explore, how will I be able to protect you in the future?" Hua Jieyu said jokingly. Ye Futian naturally understood that there was a Saint within Hua Jieyu's body. If she ever encountered serious peril, she could use a strength that far exceeded her cultivation level and could even protect the other people from the Barren State. However, since the last time he nearly lost her outside the Holy Zhi Palace, Ye Futian had hoped that she would not put herself at risk anymore.

"It's more fitting for you to look after me. I've gotten used to having you by my side. If you leave, I won't promise what will happen," Ye Futian threatened.

Hua Jieyu glared at him, then broke into a radiant smile and transmitted a message to him, "Sure. When I'm not around, you can do anything you want."

Ye Futian looked at her, speechless. He asked, "You really want to go?"

"Master told me that the potential of a Divine Spiritual Sorcerer is not limited to only this. If I keep staying under your protection, how am I going to help you take care of your harem in the future?" Hua Jieyu smiled and replied. 

Ye Futian transmitted a message to her in a woeful tone, saying, "Am I that sort of person?"

"Yes." Hua Jieyu nodded seriously. Evidently, he was.

"Can't you not go?" Ye Futian asked again.

Hua Jieyu shook her head.

"Then I'll go with you," Ye Futian said in a gentle voice.

"No need. I don't know how long I'll be gone for. Don't forget what you promised Saint Jiang about testing medicine," Hua Jieyu replied.

Ye Futian stared at Hua Jieyu's beautiful eyes. There seemed to be a hint of obstinacy in her beautiful smile.

"Be careful," Ye Futian said in a soft voice.

"Okay." Hua Jieyu turned around and walked down, passing by Xia Qingyuan. Xia Qingyuan looked at Hua Jieyu in confusion. Why was Ye Futian not with her?

Hua Jieyu similarly lit up the Lapis Lazuli Pagoda by one Zhang. She did not return to Ye Futian's side but walked over to the Holy Zhi Palace's group with Zhuge Mingyue instead.

"Little Brother." At that moment, another voice sounded. Ye Futian looked in the Barren State's direction, and the person who had transmitted the voice to him was his Big Brother.

"I'll go as well," the Sword Saint said.

Ye Futian naturally understood his Big Brother's thoughts. Now, Hua Jieyu wanted to go along as well. Moreover, Gu Dongliu, Ye Wuchen, Huang Jiuge, and the others were the disciples with the most outstanding potential, but their cultivation levels were not high. Gu Dongliu was the one with the highest cultivation level as a Magi, while the other holy lands from the Nine States would have archmages following them. Therefore, there needed to be someone to oversee them.

If he and Hua Jieyu were both around, they would not need to worry about being schemed against. Moreover, the Sword Saint's current cultivation level was not that high either. He still relied on the demonic blade during battle, so this trip would also be training for him.

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded in reply. The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's Zhou Huang and Zhou Ya also went to participate in the test. They did not want to miss out on the opportunity. As such, the Sacred War would probably die down for a period of time. He also planned to cultivate in seclusion for some time.

When the people from all the Nine States' holy lands had stepped out, several hundred of them had obtained the right to take the test. They were all geniuses from the various holy lands. However, the Saints in the Saint's seat understood that the test would definitely be extremely difficult. Xia Qingyuan had said that it would take several years. As expected, it would not be that easy to obtain the qualification to enter the Upper Worlds to cultivate. 

Of course, even if they could not pass, it would be good training for these people to go out and experience the outside world. As for the risk of dying, they should also experience it. It was originally a part of cultivation anyways.

They guessed that Xia Qingyuan was likely to be a direct descendant of Emperor Xia, so she would not harm the Nine States' geniuses intentionally. However, they were curious about why Ye Futian did not step out.

"The opportunity is rare. Does Palace Lord Ye not wish to go for it?" Saint Xihua smiled at Ye Futian and asked. Immediately, many people looked towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian also looked at Saint Xihua. He heard the other party continue to smile and ask, "Previously, atXihua Sacred Mountain's Nine State Forum, I had a deep impression of Palace Lord Ye and Yu Sheng. Now, Palace Lord Ye has the potential to dominate your generation. Yu Sheng has that potential as well. Are the two of you not interested in the opportunity that Emperor Xia has offered?"

Many people were also curious. They had thought that Ye Futian would go. That way, during the trial, he would not have to worry about the Great Zhou Sacred King dealing with him.

Xia Qingyuan turned around. Because she was standing at the edge of the stairs and Ye Futian's seat was the last on the Saint's seats and near the stairs, the two of them were not far apart.

The Sacred War this time had been because of the Great Zhou Sacred King and Ye Futian. As such, even Xia Qingyuan knew about Ye Futian. Although she did not know much, she had heard about his outstanding potential that could be considered elite in the Nine States.

"Saint Xihua, you flatter me too much." Ye Futian looked at Saint Xihua and smiled, replying, "In this time's test, all those with outstanding potential will be going. I will not go and join in the fun. There are still many things waiting for me to do in the Holy Zhi Palace. As the Palace Lord, I naturally need to oversee the Palace. As for Yu Sheng, his personality is rather irritable. Without me by his side, he might not listen to others."

Many people had witnessed Yu Sheng's personality on the Nine State Forum. Many people had ended up begging for mercy at his hands, including the people from Xihua Sacred Mountain.

"I see. However, it is a pity that Palace Lord Ye and Yu Sheng will not be going," Saint Xihua continued.

"This trial is a special opportunity that will not appear again. Since the two of you have extraordinary potential, go to the Lapis Lazuli Pagoda and take the test and follow us," Xia Qingyuan suddenly opened her mouth and said. Ye Futian raised his head and saw a pair of endlessly deep eyes. Her flawless looks could cause anyone to fantasize. However, Ye Futian did not have time to think about it. He did not expect Xia Qingyuan to invite him personally.

From Saint Xia's attitude towards her, Xia Qingyuan did not just come from the Upper Worlds; her identity was also remarkable. There was an unquestionable look in her eyes, as though she had not asked them, but had merely informed them.

"Supervising Inspector, I have many matters that I need to attend to. I can only reject your good intentions." Ye Futian smiled. The Lapis Lazuli Pagoda was extremely bizarre. If it really extracted his Life Spirit, it could cause a huge commotion. Especially with Xia Qingyuan's identity being unknown, he would definitely not reveal his Life Spirit.

Xia Qingyuan raised her eyebrows. It was a very minute action that could be easily overlooked, but Saint Xia had noticed it. He looked towards Ye Futian and said, "Palace Lord Ye, since the Supervising Inspector asks you to try it, just do it. It will only do you good."

"I am not evading it, but in the Nine State College, I promised to do something for Saint Jiang," Ye Futian replied. He would not forget about testing medicine. Currently, even if testing medicine was risky and caused him extreme pain, he was willing to try it. It was not just because of his promise to Saint Jiang, but also because he had the desire to do so. After all, the previous round of testing medicine caused him much pain, but he also gained a lot from it. He believed that if he could withstand this round of medicine testing, it would not be any less beneficial than the previous round.

"I will ask Saint Li to bring word to Saint Jiang," Saint Xia continued to persuade him. Many people had shocked expressions. Usually, Saint Xia would not persuade a younger generation person like this. However, because of one sentence from Xia Qingyuan, Saint Xia kept trying to persuade Ye Futian.

This caused more people to think even more highly of Xia Qingyuan's identity. A few of the Saint Plane experts could not help thinking if she really was a descendant of Emperor Xia… Her identity was perhaps too shocking.

"I thank Senior for his goodwill, but..." Ye Futian continued. However, before he could finish a sentence, a crisp sound interrupted him. The wine glass in Saint Xia's hand had dropped to the ground, cutting him off.

At that moment, the atmosphere became tense. Countless gazes looked towards Ye Futian. Everyone felt that although Ye Futian had unparalleled potential, he really failed to appreciate kindness. Evidently, the Supervising Inspector's identity was very special. Saint Xia had even personally spoken up but Ye Futian did not give him any respect.

The Great Zhou Sacred King's gaze swept across Ye Futian as he gently shook his wine glass. In reality, he did not want Ye Futian to participate in the test. After all, Xia Qingyuan had said that it might be very long and nobody knew exactly how long it would take. If he really passed the test and obtained the right to enter the Upper Worlds to cultivate, it would not be that easy to kill him.

"Palace Lord Ye experienced a huge battle not long ago. Saint Xia, you have personally helped to mediate the Sacred War, but it has yet to end. As the Holy Zhi Palace's leader, Palace Lord Ye must have his own troubles," Glass Saint said with a gentle tone. As the only female among the Saints, coupled with her ravishing looks, she was the most suitable person to regulate the tense atmosphere.

"Moreover, the Supervising Inspector has also said that she will not force them. She only said that because of Palace Lord Ye's potential. There is no need to get angry with someone younger." As her voice landed, the repressed atmosphere lightened a little. Saint Xia's expression also relaxed, but he was still rather unhappy.

"We have already said that this kid does not know his manners, why are you speaking for him, Glass Saint?" the Hall of Holy Light's Saint Ji said coldly. "The geniuses from the Nine States are all willing to take the test. He is the only one who thinks too highly of himself. Moreover, all the people from the Holy Zhi Palace who entered the Lapis Lazuli Pagoda only lit up one Zhang on the Lapis Lazuli Pagoda. Are they trying to show how special they are?"

"Today is Saint Xia's birthday banquet. He indeed has no manners," Zhisheng Cliffs' Head Saint also chipped in.

In the seats below, the people from the Nine States' holy lands all looked towards the Saint's seats. The mood at that moment was rather subtle. They naturally understood that Saint Xia was not picking on Ye Futian intentionally. He had only invited Ye Futian to participate in the test because of Xia Qingyuan. However, Ye Futian's repeated rejections caused Saint Xia to become unhappy.

The Glass Saint had spoken up for Ye Futian likely because she valued him highly. However, Saint Ji and the Zhisheng Cliffs' Head Saint evidently had a bias against Ye Futian.

In reality, not just the two Saints, but many people had witnessed what Saint Ji had mentioned. They had felt that the Barren State's actions were a little too self-important. They had probably let the Holy Zhi Palace's rise to fame within the Nine States go to their heads!
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    《The Legend of Futian》