The Legend of Futian
889 Cliff State City
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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889 Cliff State City

Cliff State City was an island city located in the eastern part of the Endless Sea. It was the most powerful city within 100,000 miles. The strongest cultivators of this island city were at the Sage Level, and there were several of them.

The winds of war blew very strongly in Cliff State City. At this time there, were many cultivators on the beaches preparing to go into the sea and hunt monsters. This was a common trial for Cliff State City cultivators. If they didn't hunt the monsters in the sea around them, the monsters would gather in greater numbers and attack the city. Additionally, many powerful monsters had treasure all over their bodies.

A huge wave crashed upon the shore, knocking many people back. The waves were huge, and they were hitting one after another. Everyone felt this was quite strange. What was going on?

"Come quickly!" came someone's surprised yell. Someone looked up and saw a huge monster in the distance.

"A monster is attacking, prepare to fight."

"Go tell the guards, quickly." The yells came one after another. Cliff State had stationed troops on the coast specifically to repel monster invasions. A line of figures rose into the air in full battle array.

"It's a dragon." The large figure in the distance gradually became clearer. Many people trembled in their hearts. This dragon was hundreds of meters long. It was at least a King-level monster, and those were top-level.

The dark dragon broke through the water, sending out huge waves, and approached the coastline. Many people who had cultivated weakly were forced to retreat, showing their nervousness.

"There's someone on it," a noble-level cultivator said. Everyone was shocked when they heard this, and then they saw a white-robed figure standing calmly on top of the dragon. He let the wind and waves blow on him, but he stood there steadfast.

Someone was coming out of the sea, riding on a dragon. This scene was visually shocking.

"No need to worry, he's probably a monster hunter," a middle-aged man standing in mid-air said. Everyone relaxed. It didn't look like a monster attack.

Soon, the dragon flew up into the sky on the wind, and then slowly landed on the beach. Many people's gazes were drawn to its giant figure, and their hearts trembled.

"This must be a king-level dragon," someone guessed. If that was the case, what level was the young man?

"He's so handsome," a female cultivator exclaimed. His robes were white as snow, his hair black as ink. He stood up straight as he stepped on the dragon's head, fascinating everyone.

Ye Futian cast his gaze around the group of people. He had gleaned a rough understanding of the situation in lower Ocean State from the collection in the Nine State College library. But the Endless Ocean was so big, and there were so many island cities that he could not possibly know them all. Even the books in the library did not document them well. Thus, he had grabbed a dragon to lead the way for him.

Now, an upper-noble level middle-aged man came forward and bowed to him. "I am Liu Yuan of Cliff State. Are you from Cliff State?" The others couldn't see it, but he had a feeling this dragon might be a great monster of the Sage level. This meant that this cultivator, who looked quite young, must also be a Sage. Of course, it was also possible that he was not as young as he seemed.

"Cliff State," Ye Futian whispered. He looked at the middle-aged man. "My name is Ye Huang. I am not from Cliff State, but have come from far away to train." He did not use his real name. After all, the name Ye Futian was too famous, and there were too many people in the Nine States who knew it. If he was recognized, it would affect his journey and could attract the Great Zhou Sacred King's attention.

Liu Yuan nodded slightly. This kind of situation was common in the Endless Sea.

"Father, isn't this dragon is a high-level demon king?" A young man and a young woman came over. They were 18 or 19 years old. When they saw Ye Futian standing atop the dragon, their eyes were full of curiosity.

The dark dragon's massive eyes swept over the young people. A demon king? I am one step away from the Sage level! My rage can shake Cliff State City. But I ran into this monstrous human.

"You'll have to ask Master Ye." Liu Yuan pointed to Ye Futian.

"Senior, you're so cool! I want you to teach me!" The youth looked at Ye Futian with faces full of worship. He had ridden a dragon to get there. He was so cool!

"Liu Qing, you're too unruly," the woman beside him sneered. Then she looked at Ye Futian. "Brother Ye, he is not worthy. It would be better for you to take me as a disciple."

"Who's not worthy, Liu Yan?" the youth said angrily.

"Shut up, you two," Liu Yuan scolded them. The two of them seemed to not understand that the one before them was at the Sage level. "My son and daughter are stubborn and stupid, please don't blame them," he said to Ye Futian.

"No problem." Ye Futian looked at the two of them indifferently, like he was a master.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Liu Qing, Liu Yan," he said to them.

"Yes." They nodded.

"I won't take you as disciples, but I'll be staying in Cliff State for a little while. I don't know for how long, but while I'm here, I can give you some pointers," said Ye Futian. Liu Yuan had cultivated to the peak of the Noble level, and he probably knew many things about this island city. He was ready to start looking for information about the Halberd of Time and Space.

The two of them were stunned and then looked excited.

"Thank you, Master." They both bowed.

"I said you're not my disciples. Call me 'Brother Ye'." Ye Futian smiled as he said this.

"A teacher for a day is a father for life," said Liu Qing with a smile.

"Ah, I still haven't invited you in for a rest." Liu Yuan obviously had no objections. To have a Sage be willing to instruct his children was all that he could wish for.

Ye Futian floated up and cast a cold glance at the dragon. "Go," he said. The dragon looked at him with his huge eyes, then turned away and rushed into the sea, sending up a huge wave.

Those around him twitched when they saw this scene. He just let a king level dragon go? Liu Yuan also looked at him deeply. He wanted to say something but didn't.

"Brother Ye, you let such a strong mount go." Liu Qing looked a bit disappointed. "That dragon was a top-level demon king."

"Sort of." Ye Futian nodded. Actually, he already controlled that dragon. If he didn't achieve his goal in Cliff State City, he would call back the dragon to take him somewhere else.

"You're so nosy, Liu Qing. Brother Ye must be tired from training out there. Come back to our house to rest and I'll personally cook something for you."

"With what cooking skills?"

"You don't get to eat any." The two of them kept bickering. Ye Futian smiled. Youth was a good time, full of vitality.

As the group started forward, Liu Yuan asked Ye Futian, "Master Ye, do you have any plans for this trip?" Although he was happy to have a Sage teaching his children, he was still a little nervous. He was a stranger after all, and he didn't know what kind of a person he was.

"I plan on going to the ruins of where the Halberd of Time and Space was to go through trials. I'm going to look for them in Cliff State City. Do you have any information about this?" Ye Futian asked Liu Yuan.

Hearing Ye Futian's words put Liu Yuan's mind at ease, and he said, "In that case, you're very clever to have come here. There is news of this in Cliff State City. The Liu family is one of the top families in the city. Although I am just from a branch of the family, there are two members of the direct line who are powerful figures and have been recognized by the Ocean Palace. It is said that they are going to the lost ruins together to undergo trials, and this place is also where the Halberd of Time and Space is."

Ye Futian's eyes flashed. It seemed that his luck was quite good. In this case, he wouldn't have to waste too much time.

"Unfortunately, I don't think it will be easy for you to go with them." Liu Yuan frowned as he thought of something. "I will go mingle with them and see if I can recommend you to them." After all, he was only a member of a branch of the Liu family and had no right to speak. Especially since those two were so dazzling, and would have a chance to cultivate on the Saint plane. They might just completely ignore him.

"Father, are you talking about Liu Shi and Liu Zixuan?" asked Liu Yan.

"Mm." Liu Yuan nodded. Liu Yan suddenly looked fascinated. These two powerful members of the Liu Clan who were in their thirties were on the Sage plane. Liu Zixuan, in particular, was a mid-level Sage and was almost a mythical figure in Cliff State City. Her father had said that even if you looked all around Ocean State, this cultivation speed was frightening.

It was no wonder that the Ocean Palace had made an exception and wanted to accept them into the holy land to cultivate. However, if they ran into these two legendary figures from the Liu clan on the road, they would probably not even stop to look at them. They lived in two different worlds. If Ye Futian wanted to journey with them, it wouldn't be easy.

Although Ye Futian had shocked them by riding in on a dragon, some ideas were ingrained in them. The names Liu Shi and Liu Zixuan were legendary in Cliff State City.

They didn't know that the man before them who had agreed to train them was legendary in all of the Nine States.

Liu Yuan had not lied to Ye Futian. The Liu Clan was the most powerful in Cliff State City. They were located in the center of the city, and their residence towered like an imperial palace. Now, many people had gathered outside one of their great halls. The clan leader had called all the branches of the family together to discuss official business.

"I have received word that not only will the Ocean Palace participate in this journey to the ruins, two other great holy lands of the Ocean State, the Celestial Cliffs, and the North Deep will also participate," said the clan chief of the Liu clan. There was suddenly a wave of uproar.

Three great holy lands of the Ocean State journeying together? Could it be that the holy lands of the Ocean State really wanted the Halberd of Time and Space to go out into the world?

They had never succeeded at this for many years. And now it would still be difficult.

"I don't know the details, but it must be a trial for the three holy lands. You all should know that in a month people from the Ocean Palace will come here to Cliff State City. At that time, Liu Shi and Liu Zixuan will journey together to the Ocean Palace to cultivate. I called you here today to choose the best people to send along with them."
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    《The Legend of Futian》