The Legend of Futian
890 Teachings
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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890 Teachings

Liu Yuan was from a side family of the Liu Clan that lived north-west of the Liu Clan, far away from the central region. Their location was a direct representation of how their family was faring. However, although they were not in the central region, they also owned a compound. Ye Futian lived here for a few days, waiting for news from Liu Yuan.

Liu Qing and Liu Yan would often pester Ye Futian to teach them in his free time. The two kids were filled with energy and would call him 'Big Brother Ye' and occasionally praise him, making even Ye Futian a little smug. He secretly thought to himself that they got familiar with him too easily.

With his current cultivation level, teaching two little fellows in the Arcana Plane was no problem to him. Just casually teaching them was enough for the two of them to benefit greatly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Mister Ye, good news." At that moment, in the courtyard that Ye Futian resided in, Liu Yuan walked in. Ye Futian looked towards him as he heard Liu Yuan say, "The Clan Leader has given the order that the Liu Clan's outstanding figures can follow along. When the Ocean Palace's experts descend, we can follow them into the ruins."

Ye Futian nodded and said, "If that's the case, I'll have to trouble Brother Liu."

"Okay, my eldest girl's potential is extraordinary and she has a say within the clan. I will ask her to interact with you and submit your name for a slot," Liu Yuan said. In the past few days, apart from cultivating, Ye Futian had taught his daughters to cultivate, so he probably had no other motives. He was also completely at ease and was willing to try and help Ye Futian.

"If that's the case, thank you, Brother Liu." Ye Futian nodded his head towards Liu Yuan. He could save himself some trouble by following the people from the holy lands. After all, the Ocean State's holy lands knew much more about the ruins than him, so he could leverage on them.

"I won't disturb Mister Ye then." Liu Yuan saluted him and left. He then looked towards Liu Qing and Liu Yan on the side and said, "Learn from your Big Brother Ye, remember to ask him if you have any questions."

"We know." Liu Yan was a little disgusted with her father's nagging and replied in an annoyed tone. Liu Yuan glared at her before leaving.

"The seniority in the family is all messed up," Liu Yan mumbled to herself before walking to Ye Futian's side and hugging his arm and asking, "Big Brother Ye, what cultivation level are you at now?" She could naturally see that her father's attitude towards Ye Futian was special, so she faintly felt that Ye Futian might be stronger than her father.

"There should be an acceptable distance between men and women. Is this appropriate?" Ye Futian looked at his hand; the lass had already clung onto him. As a lady 18 years of age, she was already completely developed.

"I'm still young. Moreover, Big Brother Ye is not a stranger." Liu Yan grabbed Ye Futian arm and swung around. Ye Futian thought to himself, It's really a woman's nature to act like a spoiled child.

He looked at her, speechless, and said, "Don't be too ambitious. Try your best to reach the Noble Plane first."

Liu Yan made a face at Ye Futian after he refused to tell her. She then continued to say, "Big Brother Ye, be careful of my sister. She's a beauty."

"So?" Ye Futian replied, speechless. Her sister was most likely the eldest girl that Liu Yuan was talking about.

"I'm just reminding you out of goodwill, don't get charmed by her," Liu Yan continued.

"Don't worry." Ye Futian glared at her and said, "Go and cultivate." For someone who had been used to Fox being beside him since he was 15, how could he be charmed by someone else?

However, when he met Liu Yu the next day, he was still a little taken aback. Ye Futian was cultivating in the courtyard when he saw a figure walking towards him. She was wearing a red body-hugging dress that showed her beautiful figure and highlighted her curves. The side view of her body also showed her stunning hourglass figure.

Liu Yu's facial features were also exceptionally exquisite. Although she was extremely sexy, she did not give others an enchanting feel. Instead, she had an elegant aura. Her looks were outstanding and she was definitely worthy of being called a beauty. Of course, compared to beauties like Jieyu, Little Butterfly, and the Glass Saint, she was still a far cry away.

Liu Yan walked to Ye Futian's side. Seeing Liu Yu walk over, she smiled and said in a soft voice to Ye Futian, "Beautiful, right?"

Liu Yu seemed to have heard her and glared at her, saying, "Go and cultivate."

"Okay," Liu Yan replied weakly and stood up to leave. She even winked at Ye Futian before leaving. Ye Futian was speechless. This lass had too many tricks up her sleeves.

"Mister Ye, don't mind her. This girl has always been like that," Liu Yu said to Ye Futian.

"I have already experienced it." Ye Futian smiled and said, "Have a seat."

Liu Yu looked at Ye Futian only to see his calm expression. There was no wavering in his eyes, it seemed like he was a cultivator in the Sage Plane and had a firm frame of mind.

"I heard from father that Mister Ye wishes to go to the ruins to train yourself?" Liu Yu casually laid out her slender legs, giving others a captivating feeling.

"Yes." Ye Futian did not admire her looks and seemed to care more about the ruins as he asked, "Is there any way to do so?"

"In a few days, the people from the holy land the Ocean Palace will be here. There will be a chance to follow them, but I have to warn you that this time, the three holy lands will descend together. If Mister Ye wishes to obtain the treasure in the ruins, you will probably not get a chance, and the ruins will be very dangerous. Have you thought it through?" Liu Yu asked. These were all the things she had to make clear to let Ye Futian consider going for himself.

"I understand," Ye Futian nodded as he replied.

"Since that is so, I will submit Mister Ye's name as Liu Qing and Liu Yan's master to fight for a slot. Please wait for news from me," Liu Yu replied. Ye Futian was not from the clan so he needed an identity.

"Okay." Ye Futian did not care about the details.

"Finally, I have to ask Mister Ye, is your cultivation in the Noble Plane or higher?" Liu Yu asked.

"Higher," Ye Futian replied.

"I understand. I'll take my leave then." Liu Yu stood up and left. If a Sage Plane cultivator was willing to follow them, the family would probably not reject him.

Just as she was walking out, a figure walked towards her with his head held low and called out to her, "Sister."

"What happened?" Liu Yu looked at the oncoming Liu Qing and asked.

"Nothing," Liu Qing said, attempting to walk by her, but was grabbed by Liu Yu. He raised his head and she could see the bloodstains at the edge of his mouth. His shirt had also been torn and he was evidently injured.

Liu Yu stared at Liu Qing. Feeling the pressure from her gaze, Liu Qing said, "I met Liu Yun outside just now."

"You went to provoke him again?" Liu Yu asked.

"I didn't." Liu Qing raised his head, then looked towards Ye Futian and said, "He was the one who poked fun at me..."

"What did he say?" Liu Yu asked.

Liu Qing had a shifty expression and did not reply. Ye Futian felt his gaze just now and asked, "It's related to me?"

"It doesn't involve Big Brother Ye," Liu Qing shook his head and denied it.

"Liu Yun is also part of the family, but he's from another branch that has ongoing disputes with our branch. That's why conflicts break out often," Liu Yan stood beside Ye Futian and explained softly.

Ye Futian smiled, shaking his head. With his current frame of mind, it was merely children fighting to him.

"What cultivation level is he?" Ye Futian asked Liu Qing.

"He's the same level as me, but he found himself a strong Master half a year ago and has been improving rapidly. His combat ability is much stronger than before," Liu Qing replied.

"The most important aspect of the Arcana Plane is feeling one's connection with the heavens. If your comprehension ability is strong, you will be able to assimilate the will of the world into your attacks and not have to rely on techniques," Ye Futian said. "However, if you wish to learn, I'll teach you one move. After cultivating it for a period of time, you will be able to defeat him." With his current level, he naturally had a more thorough understanding of lower-level cultivation.

"Really?" Liu Qing was stunned as he asked.

"Yes," Ye Futian nodded and replied. He would just treat it as helping the little guy vent his anger.

"I'll take my leave then." Liu Yu nodded at Ye Futian, then left.

"Big Brother Ye, can you teach me now?" Liu Qing appeared anxious as he requested.

"Alright." Ye Futian nodded. He stood up and, in an instant, the Spiritual Qi in the air materialized into a spear. Liu Qing cultivated in the art of the spear.

"I will demonstrate this strike using the ability you specialize in. Watch closely," Ye Futian said. He stepped forward and the spear pierced forward in Liu Qing's direction. He did not use any rule power, but the plain strike seemed to contort space-time. A terrifying might rushed forth from the spear.

In that instant, Liu Qing felt as though he was suffocating. The spear had yet to reach him, but he had already felt waves of force rushing towards him with overwhelming power.

He stood there blankly as the spear stopped in front of him and did not continue forward. Next, there was a fearsome sound wave that engulfed him, and Liu Qing's body was sent flying. He humphed as he felt an alarming force slamming into his body. He was hit purely by the residual might of the strike as Ye Futian did not continue attacking.

Liu Qing stood up from the ground with an excited expression on his face.

"Did you see it clearly?" Ye Futian asked.

"Yes." Liu Qing nodded animatedly and asked, "Big Brother Ye, what spear move is that?"

"It was just a casual strike, it doesn't have a name. If you can't replicate it in one try, then do it ten times, and 100 times to comprehend it. This one strike should be enough for you to deal with opponents on the same cultivation level as you," Ye Futian said.

As an Arcana Plane cultivator, Liu Qing naturally understood that and he felt his breathing become hasty. Big Brother Ye was really strong, much stronger than his father.

"Go and cultivate then," Ye Futian said.

"Yes." Liu Qing nodded, then started to cultivate as though in a trance.

"Big Brother Ye, you can't play favorites." Beside him, Liu Yan grabbed onto his sleeve and looked at him pitifully, as though she was suffering.

Ye Futian pinched between his brows as he thought, This lass is always up to her antics.

"Fine, fine." Ye Futian was speechless as he sighed. He then taught Liu Yan some offensive techniques before she happily went off to cultivate on her own.

Ye Futian sat quietly, watching the two of them cultivating seriously. A faint smile gradually appeared on his face. He remembered his own cultivation in the Cottage when he was their age. That period of time was one of the most precious memories of his life.

Ye Futian being in the Cliff State City did not cause any commotion, and in the blink of an eye, a month had passed. It was now the day when the experts from the holy land, the Ocean Palace, would descend. Liu Yu had invited Ye Futian to the Liu Clan to watch!
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    《The Legend of Futian》