The Legend of Futian
893 Nine States Will Change
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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893 Nine States Will Change

The sky above the Endless Ocean, bright blue and cloudless.

The group was travelling upon Kunpeng, moving forward mightily. It was the group from Ocean Palace that departed from Cliff State City.

The horrifying Kunpeng beast and the powerful conglomeration of more than 100 people scared away even the monsters in the Endless Ocean. Just that faint air of pressure was daunting enough.

As indicated in the name, the Endless Ocean was immense. Although the location of Lost Ruins was not a secret, it would still not be easy for Ye Futian to find it alone. Above the Endless Ocean, there was no way to clearly identify any directions.

The Ocean Palace was one of the three holy lands of the Endless Ocean. They even had cultivators who were stationed at the Lost Ruins, so they would most likely know how to travel there.

At this point, a person walked to Ye Futian on the back of Kunpeng and put his hands together, bowing slightly in greeting, "Senior." 

Ye Futian's eyes landed on the other party. It was a young man who looked about twenty-five or so. He was handsome and elegant, and his temperament was extraordinary.

"I am Liu Han. The shot of spear before by you seemed simple, but it had integrated the world of heaven and earth, turning into rules attack to suppress Yan Lu all in single maneuver. I had seen many sages of the family in action but had never seen such stunning move with a spear." Liu Han said softly, somewhat curious about the silver mask on Ye Futian's face, which gave a chilling sensation to those who beheld it.

"It is the grandson of the clan leader from the main branch, the younger brother of Liu Zixuan, whose cultivation level is closer to mine, superior Noble Plane." Liu Yu transmitted her voice to Ye Futian. Ye Futian replied to Liu Han, "That move was passable, but is not considered a high-level maneuver." 

"Precisely because the maneuver was so simple and yet was able to release such power, that it was even more unusual. Presumably, that move did not truly display senior's the real strength." Liu Han still appeared polite and said, "Would you return to Cliff State City after this trip?"

Ye Futian shook his head gently, eyes forward. The descendants of many clans were arrogant by nature, but if your own strength could be recognized by them, they were often also very respectful and polite.

Although Liu Han was only of superior Noble Plane, he had a good eye and was able to detect that one shot was not as simple as it had appeared.

"Unfortunate, but I would still like to ask for instructions in the future." Liu Han said.

Next to them, Liu Yu's beautiful eyes revealed a special spirit; it was a good opportunity for Ye Futian, and gave him the opportunity to enter the core of the Liu Clan. 

However, Ye Futian's gaze was still directed ahead, seemingly uninterested in any of this. He just said casually, "Since the family allowed you go to trial, they must have the intention to let you perform. Your goal should be the Ocean Palace. "

Liu Han smiled a little bitterly and shook his head, " You should know by now what kind of place Lost Ruins is. In my plane, even if our clan has such an idea there will be no opportunity of performance."

"I just read some records regarding the Lost Ruins in ancient books. The rumor has it that it was the palace of the Ocean King. Then when the Ocean King died that most splendid palace of Endless Ocean also sank to the bottom of the sea, along with the entire island city." Ye Futian said.

Since it was his intention to get the Halberd of Time and Space, he had done some research before coming.

The Halberd of Time and Space was now a divine implement without owner, but many years ago it was a weapon of notoriety and the weapon of choice of the Ocean King, who was the strongest cultivator of the Endless Ocean. It was rumored that in that era, the Ocean King ruled the Endless Ocean, and there were not yet the three holy lands as it was today. Today's Ocean Palace was created by those who later claimed to be the descendants of the Ocean King. 

"Hmmm." Liu Han nodded. "Until this day, the palace in the Lost Ruins was still standing like a god in the Endless Ocean, even the saints cannot step into it. Some have said that the statue of the Ocean King outside contained the soul left by the Ocean King and had not dissipated even today."

If the gods of many years ago were able to stop the cultivators of the Saint Plane even now, then it was indeed amazingly powerful, and in turn Ye Futian was looking forward to it even more.

"For many years the three holy lands have not been successful, so why try again this time?" Ye Futian asked, "And as far as I know, many disciples of the Nine States holy lands are not in the holy lands at the moment."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I am not really sure either, l think we are better off asking the people from Ocean Palace." Liu Han said.

"Just because there was no success before does not mean I'm unable to this time." In front of Kunpeng a voice was heard, and then a young man who was dressed in a silver garment and emitted a sharp and proud intention from himself. He turned around, his eyes landing on Ye Futian. 

In an instant, countless eyes looked toward the man. He stood in the middle of those from the Ocean Palace. Liu Shi and Liu Zixuan were both also standing at his side at the moment, which further accentuated his transcendental temperament. The majority of the people knew who he was.

"Lin Yu was said to be a saint disciple of the Ocean Palace. He participated in the Nine State Forum two years ago and actually entered into the top ten. Supposedly he was now a mid-level sage." Liu Han transmitted his voice to Ye Futian. Ye Futian suddenly understood that he seemed to have misspoke.

Because of the Sacred War, the Barren State did not participate in the Nine State Forum two years ago, so he had not seen Lin Yu. But he was able to enter within the top ten in Nine State Forum. It must have been that his talent was extremely outstanding. It was especially precious because it was from the Ocean Palace holy land of the Ocean State, so it was even rarer.

He had said that many disciples in the Nine States holy lands were not in position, but the other must have thought that he had said that geniuses of the Nine States had all left and naturally there was no hope of getting the Helberd of Time and Space. 

"Apologize." next to Lin Yu, Liu Shi's eyes fell on Ye Futian and he spoke calmly.

Ye Futian came with the people of Liu Clan. Although he did not know who Ye Futian was, by deduction he must have been a cultivator of the Liu Clan.

His careless speech had led to the displeasure of Lin Yu of the Ocean Palace, so he was required to apologize.

Ye Futian's eyes landed on Liu Shi. Under the mask those eyes were calm, and without too much concern simply regarded Liu Shi nonchalantly.

He was within the top ten of Nine States Forum, and he was asked to apologize?

What was more, even though what he had just said would cause some misunderstanding, there was in fact nothing wrong with it. The Nine States holy lands were currently missing quite a few people. 

"Older sister." Liu Han looked at his sister, Liu Zixuan, and secretly transmitted his voice. After all, Ye Futian had drawn the displeasure of Lin Yu because he was chatting with him. He did not want Ye Futian to get in trouble. 

The other party was the people from Ocean Palace.

Liu Yu's face was slightly pale. Lin Yu, who had great standing, just by simply standing there, gave an invisible pressure to the cultivators of the Liu Clan.

"He didn't mean anything." Liu Zixuan whispered. After all, Ye Futian was with the Liu Clan.

Lin Yu's gaze still fixed on Ye Futian, and then he smiled faintly "It's okay, there was no issue with what he said."

As soon as his voice trailed off, everyone from the Liu Clan felt the pressure suddenly disappear. Many looked at Ye Futian, and thought that he had secretly escaped disaster.

Liu Shi simply cast a sideway glance at Ye Futian. He had just entered the Ocean Palace. Naturally he did not wish to see his clansman offend the geniuses of Ocean Palace.

"The Nine States today has geniuses emerging one after the other. In recent years, there have been many with the talent of Saint Plane. Zixuan, have you heard about it?" Lin Yu said gently.

Liu Zixuan nodded. Although she was extremely cool and proud, even her arrogant self knew that Cliff State City did not represent the whole world. It was no more than an island city within the Endless Ocean. Her goal was set in an even more distant place.

"I heard that the disciples of the Nine State First College, Lin Shubai and Tong He, both possessed the talent to the Divine Path. Tong He once took the first place at Nine State Forum, and the son of Saint Ji of the Hall of Holy Light, Ji Mo, is widely believed to be the next Lord of the Hall. And then Liu Zhong of Xihua Sacred Mountain, disciple of Three Saints." Liu Zixuan said slowly, "And then there is Ye Futian of Barren State, whose meteoric rising is unparalleled, and enough to dominate an entire generation." 

Even though her voice was still calm when she spoke, there was a sense of soberness. Those people were her goals.

Liu Han, who was next to Ye Futian, was also a little excited. He transmitted his voice to Ye Futian, "My sister once told me the story of Ye Futian, the genius of a generation that came out of nowhere, with such indescribable style and talent. Although I have never witnessed it, Ye Futian is the idol of my sister and I, and also our goal."

The look under Ye Futian's mask was even stranger. Was his reputation really this great?

Even in the distant land of Ocean State stories about him circulated, but in recent years, there was indeed no one who could compare with him in the younger generation in terms of fame. However, he often heard of his name when he was in the Endless Ocean, and still felt surprised. 

"Yes, these people are indeed the most outstanding of this generation in Nine States. However, the times are constantly changing. Before Ye Futian became famous overnight, no one knew of him, and in the future others would also replace him. Although no one had taken the Halberd of Time and Space in the Ruins for many years, it didn't mean that those would not get it in the future."

Lin Yu spoke slowly, as if he had hidden limitless ambitions like mountains and rivers within his chest.

"And, the reason for the three holy lands to explore the Lost Ruins again is precisely because so many in the Nine States have left. Now that everything that had happened in the Nine States signified the ushering in of a new era. The Nine States holy lands may face another upheaval. The Halberd of Time and Space must show itself." Lin Yu continued; this was not a false statement. 

The rise of the Barren State, the explosion of Sacred War, and the mysterious supervising inspector who led all the geniuses of the Nine States. Everything pointed to the possibility that there would be great turmoil in Nine States. The historical annals also recorded that every time Nine States turned over, it was an earth-shattering event: prosperous holy lands buried in ruins, and legendary figures who were saints had fallen like meteors. 

But it was also a sign that there would be extraordinary figures who would lord over the mountains and rivers.

Lin Yu, of course also dreamt of a stage such as this could have his name.

On the top of the Kunpeng, the people of the Liu Clan could only feel fascinated looking at those rare and attractive figures, such Lin Yu and Liu Zixuan standing together. They were the real geniuses who had the opportunity to step onto the stage of an era. 

Ye Futian's heart was somewhat unsettled. In fact, he also had the feeling that Nine States may yet be in chaos, and that Barren State would encounter a greater danger. This is why he came to the Endless Ocean.

It could be inferred from the dialogue of Lin Yu that the saints of the Ocean Palace had the same feeling as him. All three holy lands were eager for the Halberd of Time and Space to appear so they could get ahold of it.

Would this mean that Nine States will change!
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    《The Legend of Futian》