The Legend of Futian
894 Undersea Palace
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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894 Undersea Palace

Ye Futian and his people traveled on the Endless Ocean for five days before finally reaching an island. There was no city to be found on it, which made it an uninhabited island. However, when the mighty ones from the Ocean Palace came, many others gathered around.

Ye Futian apparently sensed that the number of demonic beasts in the area grew exponentially, so much so that they even dared to provoke him and the others. All that made him speculate that the Lost Ruins were somewhere nearby, and those people were probably mighty ones from holy lands who were stationed there.

"So the ones from the North Deep and the Celestial Cliffs are here then?" A figure was seen walking out of the crowd from the Ocean Palace, asking the ones who gathered around. The figure was stout and brimming with power. His name was Pang Kun. Ye Futian and the others saw him on their way there, and he was probably the leader of those people. Pang Kun was of the archmage level in training.

Many genius figures from holy lands all over the Nine States left with Xia Qingyuan at Saint Xia's birthday banquet, but there were also some who did not attend the banquet in the first place, especially those from somewhere as far as the Ocean State. Pang Kun was one of those people. His status at the Ocean Palace was unquestionably supreme and he had great powers.

"We were already here yesterday," someone from below answered. Two groups of people were seen coming from afar as soon as he spoke.

"Pang Kun, I knew you would be the one coming from the Ocean Palace." Voices were heard. Ye Futian lifted his head and looked far away. The two groups were very distinct and both groups were over a hundred-strong. All of those people had an exceptional bearing. The ones on the left were dressed in black robes and exuded coldness, while the ones on the right were dressed in blue robes. Ye Futian had seen those clad in blue before; they were mighty ones from Celestial Cliffs.

"North Deep Eagle." Pang Kun turned his eyes to the one who spoke. It was a man with deep eyes, which emanated immense pressure. The North Deep were a race of people who inherited the powers of the Endless Ocean for generations, and they were extremely powerful.

"We're all here now, let's go," a middle-aged man dressed in blue at the Celestial Cliffs' direction said. His tone was bone-chillingly cold, making him unapproachable.

"Fang Tu, are you unhappy to see an old friend?" North Deep Eagle smiled and said to the middle-aged man dressed in blue, but his smile was rather cold. Fang Tu, was an archmage level figure from the Celestial Cliffs, who had exceptional talents, and he missed Saint Xia's birthday banquet as well.

"I heard that the Ocean Palace took in a very capable female student as of late. I guess she was the reason for the detour then." North Deep Eagle's sharp eyes looked at Liu Zixuan, who was standing beside Lin Yu. He smiled, baring his white teeth and asked, "You're quite the beauty, how about you come train with us at the North Deep instead?"

Liu Zixuan frowned slightly. Mighty ones from the North Deep all exuded thick heretical auras all the while. Even if she were to not join the Ocean Palace, she would have picked the Celestial Cliffs instead.

"Thank you for your kind offer, senior, but I've joined the Ocean Palace." Liu Zixuan was naturally reluctant to offend North Deep Eagle, and as such, resorted to simply declining politely. North Deep Eagle's eyes continued to linger on her, however, gauging her figure from top to bottom, making her shudder.

"North Deep Eagle, are you here for the ruins or here to ask for trouble?" Pang Kun asked coldly.

North Deep Eagle smiled for a bit before turning his eyes away. He answered, "The ruins of course, but since you guys have taken in such a beautiful one, I was just wondering who would the lucky boy be."

Pang Kun frowned and looked even more irked. It was only then that North Deep Eagle said, "Let's go." He turned around and took to the air. They did not take their steads, the Kunpeng, with them. They left them where they were, as they needed them when they returned.

"Let's go." Mighty ones from all three holy lands took to the air one after another in an instant, continuing to make their way forward.

Later, Ye Futian sensed a mysterious aura far away. There seemed to be a terrifying vortex appearing from the ocean. What was even more frightening was that there was a terrifying demonic aura expanding from the ocean. The aura was so thick that not even the waves were able to conceal it.

"We're here. The Lost Ruins are right beneath the ocean. We'll need to go through the surface, as there are packs of demonic beasts surrounding the ruins. Stick close to me," Lin Yu said to Liu Zixuan. It was obvious that he had a thing for her. She was stunning in both looks and talents after all.

"Brace yourselves," a mighty one from the Liu clan said. Everyone looked sharp and solemn. They had all heard of the legend of the Lost Ruins, which had once been the palace of the most powerful being of the Endless Ocean—the Ocean King. The place held mysterious powers.

There had been a time when all three of the holy lands wanted to just take the ruins for themselves, but quickly found endless waves of demonic beasts coming one after another, endlessly assaulting any who approached. There was simply no way for them to take the place. As such, they took the nearby islands instead.

"You two, stick close," Ye Futian said to both Liu Yu and Liu Han. He was able to tell from the demonic aura emanating from the ocean that people at Noble Planes should not have come. The ones from the three holy lands consisted almost entirely of sages. However, the Ocean Palace did not stop the Liu clan. They simply did not care about their presence, and as such, did not bother to even ask about them.

"Yeah." Liu Yu nodded. She was rather nervous, but at the same time, excited. That was the first time she had been this far from Cliff State City. Furthermore, she was able to see the legendary Endless Ocean up close.

One figure after another dived straight into the Endless Ocean. The water washed all over them. However, cultivators were unaffected by such an environment. Furthermore, most of the cultivators from the Endless Ocean were trained in water type powers, and some were even capable of wielding seawater as a weapon.

Ye Futian dived into the ocean and soon found the demonic aura washing over him with the seawater. He looked down and focused on the depths, quickly finding one demonic beast after another coming for them. All mighty ones from the three holy lands cast auras of rules and simply went about to carry out an onslaught in the depths. Ye Futian was at the rear. Several mighty ones came up to protect Liu Han, as he was the heir of the Liu clan.

"Take care of Senior Ye and Liu Yu," Liu Han said to them.

"No need for that. Just take care of yourself," Ye Futian replied and then took Liu Yu to the depth below. He then saw demonic beasts coming to attack him. Liu Yu, whose hand was taken by Ye Futian, felt rather embarrassed, but she was nonetheless able to quickly cast aside unnecessary thoughts, as she too saw sea pythons heading their way.

Ye Futian's eyes changed and looked rather demonic. There seemed to be a terrifying storm being whipped up, lashing out at the demonic beasts coming at them. One look was all it took to deter the beasts, making them change course. They became reluctant to attack Ye Futian and went to pick on some other targets around instead.

Liu Yu, who was all prepped for battle, looked puzzled. What the hell just happened?

Liu Han, who was right behind, knew right away that Ye Futian was capable of handling himself and said, "Let's go." He then moved forward as well.

Extremely violent rule spells erupted about them and made the sea howl. Terrifying waves were kicked up as a result. They went all the way down. It was a given that the demonic beasts were incapable of stopping the advance of mighty ones from all three holy lands.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Ye Futian kept his speed steady and was a fair distance away from the others in front. He did not have to fight at all. It took little more than a look from his eyes to deter any nearby demonic beast.

Liu Yu's eyes looked at his face and saw nothing but a cold silver mask. Her heart raced, and she was able to feel that his powers far exceeded her expectations, so much so that no demonic beast dared to come near them.

Golden light shone on Liu Yu's face. Ye Futian looked below and saw a golden palace sitting at the bottom of the ocean. The palace was tall and regal, shimmering with boundless holy light. There was a huge golden statue in front of the palace, standing tall like some kind of god. A set of steps that seemed to be made of gold was seen before the statue, which led straight to the palace.

"We're here." All the mighty ones from all three holy lands shuddered deep down at the miraculous sight before them. Even those who had been there before could not help but felt shaken.

The Ocean King had once been the king of the Endless Ocean. His palace was buried deep within the ocean, with the Halberd of Space and Time held within, and it was something that many from the Nine States would have killed for.

Other than the miraculous place, the palace's surrounding areas seemed to be surrounded by countless huge monsters, which all were seen looking up. Countless pairs of cold eyes gazed at the ones from the holy lands coming down. All of those monsters were intelligent, some even wise. There were quite a number of them who were of the archmage level as well. It helped with their growth, simply by being around the ruins and feeling the aura emanating from within.

"You people again?" a boundlessly huge black dragon said in a cold voice. It was apparent that it knew about the three holy lands of the Endless Ocean.

"We're not here looking for a fight. Please just make way. There is no need for us to be killing each other," Pang Kun said coldly to the monster standing in their way.

"It seems that you haven't brought enough men with you this time," the black dragon retorted with a ferocious look.

"More than enough to take on you all." North Deep Eagle's tone was frosty. He then asked, "So you people want to be trashed again?"

The black dragon below grinned ferociously. It was not powerful enough to take on the three holy lands, as there were saints among them. However, the people from the holy lands were unable to get a hold of it nonetheless, as the Endless Ocean was simply too huge. However, it had no intentions of leaving, for there was no need to fight to the death with those from the three holy lands.

"Make way," the black dragon uttered. Those humans were there for the halberd, and it actually hoped they were able to find it, as that meant that the monsters could simply kill all of them and take the weapon when they came out later.

The black dragon seemed to be the king of the monsters down there. It took only one line from it to make them make way. The mighty ones, however, continued to keep their guard up by releasing the power of rules as they went downward, arriving at the golden path. Their group was hundreds-strong, yet it seemed insignificant at that moment. All the monsters around had their eyes pinned on the humans, making them shudder.

Ye Futian could not help but count his blessings deep down. If he had been there alone, he might have ended up as food for the monsters, and still, it would have taken a lot more to fill even one of the monsters' bellies. He never expected the outside of the Lost Ruins to be so terrifying. He kept his eyes forward, looking at the magnificent statue at the golden steps, the statue of the Ocean King.

Holy light shrouded his entire body, and at that moment, Ye Futian felt as if the Ocean King's statue was filled with life. A terrifying will washed over him and the entire palace lit up with dazzling gold holy light. Vast and unparalleled might seemed to be descending from the heavens, making the monsters shudder in fear.

Ye Futian heard during his journey that the Ocean King statue had gotten in the way of the saints from the three holy lands of the Endless Ocean, forbidding the saints from entering. Legend had it that it would take a saint stronger than the Ocean King to forcefully break into his palace and take away his divine implement!
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    《The Legend of Futian》