The Legend of Futian
897 Game of Death
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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897 Game of Death

Everyone's faces went completely white. This Jiuying was a Sacred Beast, how could they get passed him? His tone was full of infinite resentment. Anyone who had been sealed away for many years would be the same, not to mention a naturally cruel and murderous beast.

"Let's begin." The middle-aged scholar's gaze was full of malice. In his eyes, they were all like ants. They were nothing but playthings to him. He would let them slowly feel their fear, and feel their deaths.

For so many years, the people from the three holy lands had come into the ruins and looked at him as a decoration, like he was only a demon slave that guarded the divine implement. No one remembered that he was the Demon King Jiuying, who had ravaged the Endless Sea.

At this moment, no one in the hall dared to step forward. Everyone was deeply afraid.

"Since you are so inactive, I will come to you." The middle-aged scholar swept his gaze over everyone with eyes full of humor. He reached out and pointed at the North Deep Eagle and said, "You seem pretty strong, why don't you try it?"

The North Deep Eagle's face went pale. Although he was extremely proud and confident, the one in front of him was a Sacred Beast that had broken its seal.

"Senior, I will take these people away from here. We won't disturb you again," North Deep Eagle said with a bow.

"I'll give you one more chance. If you pass by me, you may live." The middle-aged scholar's voice was still calm. The blood drained from North Deep Eagle's face. He was very stiff, but he still stepped forward. His whole body was tense. His life spirit blossomed, and his incomparably large wings opened. 

He said to the middle-aged scholar, "Since you're on the Saint Plane, please show your inferiors some mercy." In the instant that he finished speaking, he shot forward and his wings slashed out directly towards the middle-aged scholar as his body rushed in the other direction.

The middle-aged scholar glanced at him calmly and reached into the air. In a flash, his arm turned into nine heads, each of them fiercer than the last. They shot forward, accurately targeting North Deep Eagle and biting into him. With a scream, North Deep Eagle's body was torn into nine pieces, and the nine heads swallowed the pieces before turning back into an arm.

"No..." The faces of the people from the North Deep were ashen, and their whole bodies trembled. They saw the middle-aged scholar bring his arm back. He stuck out his tongue and licked his lips. They felt only an infinite sorrow.

"Hahaha..." The middle-aged scholar threw back his head and laughed. His smile was full of malice, and his eyes were cold as he stared at everyone. "For so many years, the three holy lands have treated me like a pet. Now it's your turn. Next, you."

He pointed at Pang Kun of the Ocean King Palace. Apparently, he had seen everything before, and those he chose were all leaders.

"Senior, we have always regarded you as a guardian Sacred Beast. We absolutely never disrespected you," said Pang Kun. 

"A guardian Sacred Beast? What am I guarding?" The Jiuying stared coldly at Pang Kun. "This is the greatest shame of my life," he said slowly.

Pang Kun realized he had made a mistake. The Jiuying was full of resentment towards the Ocean King.

"Come on." His cold voice was like a note that urged him on to his death. Pang Kun suddenly shot forward, trying to escape. Even if he wanted to pass the Jiuying's test, at his level, there was no chance of success. It was better to flee in the opposite direction.

The Jiuying reached out with both arms, and in a flash, the nine ferocious heads rushed out along the hall. They quickly caught up to Pang Kun and barred his path, revealing their bloodthirsty fangs.

"No..." Pang Kun did not want to die there, but that did not mean anything. The evil heads rushed forward and engulfed him without hesitation. There was not even a skeleton left behind. Everyone's face went ashen as they saw this bloody scene. It was as if they had seen their own dooms.

Ye Futian stood amid the crowd and also felt a bit of sorrow. This was the reason he had wanted to retreat before. He had sensed this. Moreover, he had most likely been the reason why the Jiuying was able to break the seal. Of course, he had not intended it, but the will of the Ocean King statue wanted to completely wipe out the will of the emperor. This had led to the statue destroying the matrix and being destroyed, which had affected the seal.

"Hundreds of years. I followed him for hundreds of years. I fought in the Endless Sea for him and unified it," the middle-aged scholar slowly said to everyone. "But in exchange for all this, he made me guard this divine implement? When the divine implement leaves is when I will be free from my toil. What's funny is he was so conceited that he would never let anyone get the Halberd of Time and Space. He just wanted to prove that no one was stronger than him. He surpassed all others both in the past and in the future. For hundreds of years, none of the worthless forces of the Nine States have succeeded. And so for this impossible task, I have been sealed here for generations to come, forever and ever." His voice grew louder and louder until he was almost yelling the last words. They echoed throughout the hall. His resentment was endless.

"However, he never thought that this day would come. The seal has been broken. There was no omen that this would happen. Who did it?" the Jiuying asked everyone with a smile.

No one answered, even Ye Futian. He knew the Jiuying's mental state had been thoroughly twisted. He only wanted revenge, revenge on everything.

"No one will admit it?" The Jiuying smiled at the group and said, "No matter. Let's continue."

He looked at Fang Tu. Fang Tu looked desperate.

Soon, he followed in North Deep Eagle and Pang Kun's footsteps.

This was a game of death, a game that everyone in the hall would lose. And the price of death was their lives.

Cultivator after cultivator died at the Jiuying's hands. He seemed to enjoy this process very much. Perhaps he had been alone for too many years. He kept hunting and kept talking to himself.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

A madman on the Saint Plane was a disaster.

Almost all the top figures of the three holy lands were killed by the Jiuying.

"Brother Ye," Liu Yu came up by Ye Futian's side and whispered, "It looks like we're going to die here today. I shouldn't have brought you." She looked at Ye Futian with a despairing gaze. She knew without a doubt that she would die today. If she hadn't agreed to Ye Futian's request and hadn't let him follow the Liu clan, he would not have to die with them.

"I was the one who wanted to come. It's not your fault," Ye Futian said to Liu Yu. He sighed inwardly. At this point, he was also in despair.

This was a dead end; a dead end with no way out. He did not think that if he broke the statue that the Jiuying would be grateful and let him go, not when the Jiuying was as twisted as he was. If he stood there and voluntarily admitted that he had the will of the emperor, he would, no doubt, die even faster.

Liu Yu was also regretting that she had been so headstrong. Her father had tried to stop her, but she had been bent on getting her own way.

"No one has taken the initiative yet?" asked the Jiuying. His gaze fell upon Liu Zixuan, and the evil in his eyes was still there.

"Such a beautiful human woman will probably taste very good." The Jiuying smiled evilly.

Liu Zixuan's face went deathly pale, and her heart was filled with sadness.

"Sister." Liu Han looked pale as well. He rushed forward and said, "I'll go."

"Get back." Liu Zixuan swept her gaze over Liu Han.

"We're all dead anyway, sister. I'm a man, so I should die first," said Liu Han. Liu Zixuan said nothing.

"You have a backbone. In that case, I'll fulfill your wish." The Jiuying looked at Liu Han.

Ye Futian looked at Liu Han and stepped forward with sorrow in his heart. He took a deep breath and said, "Senior, I have something I'd like to say."

The Jiuying smiled evilly. "Why? You want to go first?"

Ye Futian looked at the Jiuying and said, "I have asked about your story before, and so I naturally understand the resentment you hold in your heart. You were a beast that could sweep through the Endless Sea, but you were sealed up for so many years due to the Ocean Kings selfishness, and you could not bear the pain of not having control over your fate. At this moment we have already experienced your pain."

The Jiuying looked at Ye Futian. Indeed, he wanted these humans to suffer his pain, fear, and powerlessness, and watch as they moved step by step closer to death.

"Are you going to beg?" The Jiuying asked.

Ye Futian shook his head. "We've already felt the pain of not having control over our fates, the fear, and the helplessness. Under these rules, there's no more suspense. The ending is already predetermined. Why don't you just give us a reprieve and kill us all at once?"

Everyone gazed coldly at Ye Futian. Did he want to die sooner?

"Oh?" The Jiuying looked interested.

"Or, perhaps you'd like to change one of the rules?" Ye Futian asked.

"Let's hear it." The Jiuying was not in a hurry. He still looked calmly at Ye Futian. If Ye Futian tried some petty trick, he would die a painful death.

"You said that the Ocean King left behind a task that was impossible to complete. We came here for the Halberd of Time and Space, and we're not willing to die like this. Why don't you let us try? If one of us can get the Halberd of Time and Space within a certain time and hand it over to you, they can trade it for their life. You can freely execute the others. At least, in this desperation, there will be a chance to live, not like now when there is no chance at all," Ye Futian continued.

A strange excitement flashed in the Jiuying's eyes. He looked at Ye Futian and said, "That indeed seems a little more interesting. Then I will change this one rule. If someone can get the Halberd of Time and Space, they can not only trade it for their life, but for two other lives as well. If you can't get it, I will give you one more chance to live, but only one of you. Isn't this a bit more interesting?" The Jiuying smiled evilly. He had just killed many people and was a bit numb. It was indeed quite boring.

Ye Futian's words had revived him. 

"You have one day," the Jiuying said, and then he moved to the side, letting them pass.

Everyone took a deep breath. They could live for one more day?

Within one day they couldn't get back to the holy lands to send out news, nor could they get the Halberd of Time and Space, but at least with one more day, there was a little hope.

Liu Zixuan and Liu Han just felt a burst of coldness. They had escaped death, but for how long?
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    《The Legend of Futian》