The Legend of Futian
898 In the Nine States, Only I Am Unparalleled
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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898 In the Nine States, Only I Am Unparalleled

The crowd walked forward numbly. When they walked by Jiuying, they felt their bodies tense up. It was a demon. The middle-aged man that Jiuying had transformed into stood at the side, smiling. Looking at him now, it was impossible to imagine that he could be such a ruthless killer.

Ye Futian and Liu Yu also walked to his side. They heard Jiuying laughing as he said, "You are very smart. If you had asked me to let you off just now, you would have died a terrible death. However, you came up with a very interesting suggestion to win yourself a chance at survival. However, with your cultivation level, you will probably not be the person to live until the end."

Evidently, he did not think that these people were capable of obtaining the Halberd of Time and Space. He had followed the Ocean King for so many years that he understood his master's arrogance too well. His master was an extreme narcissist. He had set up all this before he died not to search for a successor to his legacy, otherwise, he would have used a more gentle approach, but rather, his master had done all this to ensure that the people of the Endless Ocean would remember him forever. He wanted them to remember his greatness and that nobody would ever be able to surpass him.

Even in death, he wanted his name to forever live within the Endless Ocean.

That was why these people's only outcome was to fight to the death until one remained.

Ye Futian would evidently not be that person.

"Since Senior has set this rule, what use is there is begging for mercy? As long as there hope for survival, I will fight for it," Ye Futian said to Jiuying.

A crooked smile appeared on Jiuying's face as he looked at Ye Futian and said, "I almost can't bear to kill you now."

Ye Futian naturally did not believe it and said, "I'll be going ahead then." As he said that, he raised his foot and stepped forward. He would not be that foolish to beg for mercy. To a demonic beast that had been imprisoned for countless years and had a seething vengeance, he was only using slaughter to excite himself. Ye Futian was very clear that the only hope for survival in that scenario would be to satisfy it by coming up with an even more exciting rule. After killing so many experts, Jiuying had also become numb to it. So, he would naturally not reject a more exciting rule to the game.

Climbing up the stairway, they came to the final palace. The palace was littered with gold, and the spacious hallway had gold diagrams etched onto the walls on both sides. The diagrams showed a person cultivating and a strong aura emanated from the diagrams.

In front of them, they could see a towering statue of the Ocean King and the Halberd of Time and Space in his hand. However, a golden light screen stood in between the statue and the Halberd of Time and Space. This was the last barrier. On the golden light screen, they could see a diagram of a majestic figure holding the Halberd of Time and Space and piercing forward with it. Just by watching the diagram, they could feel an overwhelming aura.

There was a sentence inscribed on the diagram. It read: I am the only owner of the Endless Ocean. Who can be unparalleled in the Nine States?

A proud aura could be felt from those words. Although it was a question, it also implied that the Ocean King, who had controlled the Endless Ocean, would also be unparalleled in the Nine States.

Ye Futian looked at the words and recalled what Jiuying had said before they had entered the palace. He knew that the Ocean King was indeed an extremely arrogant person. His gaze turned towards the diagrams around them again. These diagrams had a certain grace to them, like a halberd technique had been inscribed into them. The crux of obtaining the Halberd of Time and Space would probably lie in these diagrams.

An arrogant person like the Ocean King, who wanted to prove his superiority, would definitely not leave a mystery that could not be resolved. If it was really like what Jiuying said, the Ocean King had left the Ocean Palace here to show that nobody would be able to surpass him, he would leave an obvious hint. However, even with the hint, it would be so difficult that nobody would be able to solve it. Only then would he be unparalleled in the Nine States.

"Thank you." At that moment, a gentle voice sounded out. Ye Futian turned around and saw Liu Zixuan and Liu Han walking over. The person who had spoken was Liu Zixuan. If it was not for Ye Futian's suggestion just now, Liu Han and her would have been dead.

Ye Futian looked at Liu Zixuan. At that moment, there was no trace of that untouchable demeanor that she had in the Liu Clan. Although she was still calm, he could see a hint of weakness under her ravishing beauty. No matter how much of a prodigy one was here, it seemed that only death awaited them. She had stepped foot into the holy land the Ocean Palace not long ago. However, she was staring death in the eye so soon. How ironic.

"No need, I didn't do it for you," Ye Futian said nonchalantly with a casual tone. In reality, he did not do it to save Liu Zixuan and Liu Han. Under those circumstances, he could not even ensure his own survival, not to mention caring about others. It just happened that the time was right. If he had brought it up earlier, Jiuying would not have vented enough and would ignore his suggestion. Just as Jiuying picked Liu Zixuan, bringing it up then would make Jiuying think that he wanted to save the damsel in distress and fight for a chance at survival.

Liu Zixuan nodded gently. Ye Futian seemed to be different from the others. He had followed the Liu Clan here, but he did not have the same admiration and respect for her that the others had. There was only indifference, as though she was no different from anyone else. Of course, she did not have the leisure to think about that now, it was only a fleeting thought. At that moment, there was probably nothing else more important than their lives.

"One day is completely insufficient to solve this last barrier," someone exclaimed. The people from the three holy lands looked forward with grim expressions.

"I heard from my elders that some prodigies had come here before, but they were totally unable to comprehend it and could only back out. Moreover, we only have one day," a despairing voice said. It seemed like they could only wait for death to creep up on them.

Now, there were not many archmages left in the crowd. They all had glints in their eyes as they looked across the area, causing many people to feel threatened. Previously, Jiuying had said that even if they did not obtain the Halberd of Time and Space, one person among them could live.

"We are all cultivators in the holy lands. If you are thinking of killing each other before we even try, then I advise you to think twice. If someone starts killing others to try and survive, those with lower cultivation levels will team up to kill those of higher cultivation level," Ye Futian said coolly. Instantly, the few archmages had piercing gazes as they glared at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian continued speaking as though he did not feel their gazes, his gaze sweeping across everyone as he said, "At least we have one day to fight for our survival." As he said that, he stepped forward and walked to a wall, utilizing his Freedom Meditation. His eyes seemed to turn golden as the diagrams on the stone wall appeared to come to life. In an instant, he seemed to see a drawing of a majestic figure floating above the sea with the Halberd in his hand. He struck out and the Halberd pierced through the air.

It did not seem to be that difficult.

The other people also started to look at the diagrams on the stone pillars. The people here were all geniuses, so their frame of mind would not crumble even though they were faced with a desperate situation. As such, they were all trying.

Ye Futian would look at each diagram for a long time as he comprehended each one, his footsteps slowly moving.

Liu Yu also attempted to comprehend the diagrams, but with her cultivation level, she could not even comprehend the first diagram. She looked at Ye Futian and thought to herself, Big Brother Ye must have been an extraordinary genius in the past. His frame of mind and concentration was not inferior to any holy land genius. What a pity that they were about to die here. Otherwise, she would even consider pursuing him. As she thought about it, Liu Yu smiled mockingly at herself. At this moment, the fact that she could still think about this was probably proof that she had resigned herself to her fate.

As time passed, some people started to become uneasy. Only a few geniuses with determined mindsets could carry on comprehending fearlessly. At the same time, there were people who tried to attack the Ocean King's statue. However, it was pointless as they were unable to destroy it. Their only chance was with the diagrams on the stone pillars.

Ye Futian had already completed one pillar and had started comprehending the second pillar. The diagrams on the pillars recorded a complete halberd technique that was extremely strong. It required one to comprehend the spirit of the pillars to understand it, but to Ye Futian, it was not hard. He not only cultivated in the Freedom Meditation, he also specialized in spatial abilities. Coincidentally, the Ocean King also specialized in spatial rule power, thus the halberd technique was linked with spatial powers.

One day was too short for them. At that moment, footsteps sounded and many people turned around, shivering. They saw the middle-aged man that Jiuying had transformed into, standing there, smiling as he said to them, "You still have one hour left."

"Let's all work together to see if we can break through it," someone suggested. The crowd all nodded and fired their attacks towards the golden light screen at the same time. However, the golden light screen did not budge in the slightest. The words "Who can be unparalleled in the Nine States" continued to float there.

"I don't believe it, continue," Lin Yu's expression was pale as he said, feeling bleak. The vicious attacks continued and the crowd attacked the light screen in front of the statue wildly. However, their attacks did not even leave a dent.

"You only have one hour left." An evil voice sounded, "Perhaps, you could try another way out?" The middle-aged man looked at them with an interested expression, watching them fall into madness and despair.

At that moment, his gaze landed on Ye Futian. He saw Ye Futian continuing to stand calmly at one side and looking at all this as though it had nothing to do with him.

"Interesting," Jiuying said, smiling.

Ye Futian closed his eyes. In his head, the pictures on the pillars seemed to come alive as brilliant figures appeared, holding the halberd in their hand and attacking, attempting and failing to break through the light screen, just as many of them had tried to do just now.

"You have a last joss stick's worth of time." Jiuying's voice sounded like a deadly countdown. Ye Futian ran through all the diagrams in his head rapidly, halberd in hand, piercing forth with the halberd technique. Rays of light shone as all the halberd strikes gradually combined and the countless diagrams overlapped with his figure.

Crash. Ye Futian's brain shook vehemently and everything became clear to him.

The Ocean King was indeed self-absorbed and cruel and had already planned everything. Jiuying understood him but he had underestimated his master's cruelty.

"Time is almost up, are you all ready?" the young man that Jiuying had transformed into said again. His voice sent many people into despair.

"Are we really going to die?" Liu Yu raised her head and saw Ye Futian opening his eyes and walking towards the statue.

"Big Brother Ye," Liu Yu called out softly to him.

"Don't worry, you won't die." A voice sounded in her head. Liu Yu looked at his expression under his mask, it was a confident expression filled with charisma, as if she would not die as long as he said so.

"I don't want to die," Liu Shi said with a pale expression. He had just entered the holy land and his bright future had just started. How could he die here?

Many people had crazed expressions as they attacked the golden light screen frantically. There were also others who looked coldly at the others, as though they wanted to choose the other way out.

Liu Zixuan stood at the back of the crowd, looking at the crazed crowd with a desolate expression. At that moment, she lifted her head slightly and saw Ye Futian walking towards the crowd with steady steps. She could not see his face under the mask, but his dark eyes were filled with determination. They were filled with a belief that he could survive.

"There is no more time left. Enjoy your final rampage." Jiuying put both arms behind him and tilted his head slightly, his face contorted with cruelty. His voice made them despair even more. They were helpless and could only wait for their death.

"Move aside." At that moment, an indifferent yet powerful voice sounded and everyone looked towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian stepped forward, walking to the center of the crowd. The crowd stared coldly at Ye Futian in madness with mocking expressions. Moving aside, did he want to try? However, feeling the aura around Ye Futian's body, many people involuntarily made way for him.

"Big Brother Ye," Liu Yu saw Ye Futian walking into the crowd and called out to him. The aura around his body seemed to have changed and a formless light surrounded his body. The aura that emanated from his body was that of a Magi's.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

So Big Brother Ye's cultivation level was actually this strong.

They all saw Ye Futian's body floating in the air and a terrifying current flowed around his body. His Spiritual Energy entered the stone pillars and in that moment, the diagrams on the pillars seemed to light up, turning into rays and moving towards Ye Futian's body.

The light around Ye Futian's body became brighter and blinded many people. They all stared at the scene, astounded.

Could it be that he had really solved the Ocean King's mystery?

Jiuying also had a surprised expression. Could it be that it was really possible?

Liu Yu also watched the scene in amazement, looking at his unparalleled figure.

Countless currents gathered around his body. Ye Futian stretched out his arm and a halberd appeared in his palm with a brilliant light. All the diagrams in the palace lit up and resonated with him. Apart from that, the light screen in front of Ye Futian lit up as well. The words on the light screen also lit up, as though attempting to imprint itself into everyone's heads.

Who can be unparalleled in the Nine States?

Ye Futian's body moved. The countless currents followed him and with a single strike of the halberd, the heavens shook and the entire palace shuddered.

"In the Nine States, only I am unparalleled." A proud voice sounded out, as though replying to the question. The halberd that was covered in light struck the light screen!
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    《The Legend of Futian》