The Legend of Futian
899 The Death of the Jiuying
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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899 The Death of the Jiuying

That incomparably arrogant voice made everyone's hearts beat faster. At this moment, in their eyes there seemed to be nothing but the halberd and the brilliant figure.

Everyone saw the light flowing in a curtain. The light flashed into veined lines, and an illusory figure appeared on the edge of the light curtain. It was the figure of the Ocean King. It seemed that a fragment of his will had been left in this light curtain before he died. Only by appearing this way could he get the Halberd of Time and Space.

Behind the light curtain, the statue of the Ocean King also lit up, like the Ocean King was being resurrected. It flashed with a multitude of colors, and the Halberd of Time and Space in its hands swallowed up all the light. It resonated with the halberd that Ye Futian had thrust forward. The two of them seemed to be separated by an epoch as they stared at each other.

The Ocean King had asked who in the Nine States was without match.

And he had answered that only he was.

The whole hall lit up as dazzling beams of light gathered together. The powers on both sides of the light curtain resonated, and then that incomparably brilliant light curtain dissipated into nothingness. It was broken and disappeared.

All of this happened in a flash. No one had yet recovered from this dazzling scene. They were all in shock.

The cultivators from the three holy lands had not been able to break the light curtain. For many years, no one had been able to do this. But today, someone that none of them knew had done it. In their moment of desperation he had realized the secret of the stone wall, and in only a day, he had broken through the strongest test left behind by the Ocean King.

In that moment, they felt a sacred power coming from inside where the light curtain had been. They doubted that without understanding the secret of the stone wall, even a cultivator of the Saint Plane could not have broken through that light curtain.

But he had done it.

Who on earth was he?

Liu Yu looked at him and her heart beat fiercely. She suddenly remembered that back at home, she had said to Ye Futian that in the Holy Zhi Palace in the land of the Barren State there was a Palace Lord who was unparalleled anywhere on earth. She wanted to go and see what kind of person could be called unparalleled. Ye Futian had laughed and said that maybe this person was like him.

At the time she had thought it was a joke, but now she was truly looking at what could be called unparalleled power. And then she couldn't help but recall that joking conversation.

She realized that she knew who he was, and her beautiful eyes became slightly wet.

Ye Huang.

Ye Futian of the Barren State [1].

Apparently, this unparalleled person had been right by her side these past few days. When she remembered that she had even wanted to pursue Ye Futian. she could not help but flush a little red. Her heart beat loudly. She was so embarrassed.

How could she deserve someone like him? He was destined to only be a passerby in her life.

Liu Zixuan and Liu Han also watched this scene with shock, their hearts beating rapidly. How could he be so strong? Who was this man who had followed the Liu Clan here?

The evil smile in the Jiuying's eyes disappeared. It frowned slightly, as if it had started to feel threatened. It may have made a mistake.

Ye Futian naturally did not pay any attention to anyone else's thoughts. He had already appeared before the statue of the Ocean King, which seemed to be coming to life. Brilliant light covered Ye Futian's body and streamed throughout the hall. The pattern on the stone wall lit up, as well as the patterns outside that had been extinguished before.

Ye Futian reached out and grasped the divine golden halberd, the Halberd of Time and Space. Nothingness.

"You can go." Ye Futian looked at the illusionary opening on the statue of the Ocean King. The statue collapsed, and the illusion gradually disappeared. It seemed to symbolize the glory of the Ocean King—completely disappeared into the past. Lost relics became ruins. The Ocean King could only exist in history, and would eventually be forgotten.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Ye Futian gripped the Halberd of Time and Space and turned to look at everyone. Divine light covered his body. At this moment he looked like a god. After so many years, someone had finally gotten the Halberd of Time and Space. The number three divine implement on the Divine Implement Ranking would once again appear in the world.

But who would own it?

"Congratulations," came a sincere voice. Everyone turned around and saw the Jiuying standing there, looking at Ye Futian. It smiled and said, "Give me the Halberd of Time and Space and I will honor the rules of the game. You can leave with two other people. Those two beauties seem pretty good. If I were you, I would choose them."

Everyone's faces contorted as they suddenly remembered the rules. Liu Shi said, "You came here with my Liu Clan. If you promise to get me out of here, I will fulfill any condition that you have."

"I am Lin Yu of the Ocean Palace, in the top ten of the Nine State Forum and a disciple of the Saint of Ocean Palace. If you get me out of here I will recommend you to my Master," said Lin Yu.

Suddenly everybody began talking in succession, begging Ye Futian to get them out of there.

Ye Futian swept his gaze over everyone, then finally looked at the Jiuying. He saw the Jiuying reach out to him and smile, saying, "Come on." His voice was full of temptation, but Ye Futian stood where he was, looking at it calmly and saying, "If I were you, I would be begging right now."

His words shocked everyone. Was this guy crazy?

The Jiuying's smile disappeared, and his face grew very cold as it gazed at Ye Futian.

"I forgive you for your impulsiveness," it said to him.

"Even if you begged me, I wouldn't let you go." Ye Futian seemed not to hear it and he continued, "At your level you should have felt it, and you should have understood why you could only be the Ocean King's mount, why you were enslaved by him."

The Jiuying's face darkened, becoming fierce and twisted. An evil aura emanated from him.

"You think you understood your master. You thought that no one would ever break through these ruins and that you would be sealed up in here forever. But even though the Ocean King was arrogant, he still always followed the rules. He never planned to release you. Even if someone broke through the ruins and got the Halberd of Time and Space, this was still a dead end for you." Ye Futian's voice grew colder and colder. As he spoke, the hall was filled with a terrible, seemingly divine, pressure. Countless lines flowed and the broken seal lit up once again. All of the power in the room gathered into the Halberd of Time and Space, where the image of the Ocean King could be faintly seen.

"The destruction of the statues outside was only an accident. When the Halberd of Time and Space goes out into the world, another huge killing matrix targeted at you will start up. No matter who gets the halberd, you shouldn't think of breaking the seal. Killing the person who has the Halberd of Time and Space won't let you get it either. The Ocean King planned all of this. How could he let a cruel beast, his mount, obtain his divine implement?" Ye Futian's voice made everyone's hearts beat faster. When they looked at the Jiuying's darkening face, they understood.

Everything that Ye Futian said was true. The Jiuying's fate had been fixed from the start. Either it would be sealed up forever or it would die.

The Ocean King had never given it a chance.

Even though someone stronger than the Ocean King had forcibly smashed the statue outside, and thus was stronger than the Jiuying, luckily, there was someone among them there was someone who had broken the statue and thus rescued the Jiuying from his situation. He could leave, or he could kill Ye Futian and everyone there.

But he had played a game with Ye Futian.

And that had led to this scene.

"You already knew this before?" the Jiuying stared at Ye Futian with its dark eyes as it asked this coldly.

"You don't understand matrices. But I do," said Ye Futian to the Jiuying. "Of course, before I was just guessing. It wasn't until I sensed this pattern that I knew. Everything here is connected, and the statue inside and the Halberd of Time and Space are another part of the matrix."

"So you watched all those people die until the right time came to share your thoughts?" The Jiuying stared fixedly at Ye Futian. It had actually been figured out by this weak human. Moreover, it never would have thought that someone could crack the Ocean King's secret within a day.

That was absolutely impossible, but someone had done it. It was as if this was fated to happen.

It hated him.

It had been fooled by the Ocean King, and now it had been fooled by this junior.

Its face grew more and more distorted, and its desire to kill him grew shockingly clear.

"This was in order to not let you release the evil in your heart. If I had brought it up, it would have led to a dead end. Of course, even though you agreed to only give me one day, this was a gamble that you lost." Ye Futian raised the Halberd of Time and Space, and the dazzling radiance bloomed even brighter. The whole hall shook as the endless pattern lit up. The whole hall seemed to form a complete matrix.

"Thank you for giving me time to start the matrix." Suddenly, Ye Futian smiled brightly under his mask.

The Jiuying froze, and then became even more furious.

"Roar!" Its loud voice rang out as its extremely fierce bestial nature appeared and its terrible power reached out towards Ye Futian. But Ye Futian's Halberd of Time and Space shot forward at the same time. The matrix had converged on the halberd, and space seemed to be distorted. An unimaginable frightening vortex appeared and struck towards the Jiuying's large body.

The palace began to be destroyed as all of its wild destructive power was gathered into the halberd. The entire palace was a huge matrix. The walls of the palace were swallowed up and destroyed. The crowd of people before Ye Futian saw the walls disappear, then the palace disappear, and then the vortex swallow up everything. All of the Jiuying's heads were sucked inside of it and torn to pieces. It tried to escape, but that storm of time and space swallowed everything. It was annihilating it.

The beast's giant body gradually became an illusion. It grew fainter and fainter until finally it disappeared. From that place came an incomparably bitter voice, "I hate you!"

Of course it did. He had been tricked by his master, the Ocean King. And now, just when he had seen a way out, had seen a way to see the sun and sky again, a weak human cultivator had buried him alive. The cry echoed throughout the sea, full of endless bitterness and making the depths of the sea roar.

A sacred beast had been annihilated on the spot. 

[1] In Chinese, "huang" means "barren."
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    《The Legend of Futian》