The Legend of Futian
906 I Come as I Wish
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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906 I Come as I Wish

The middle-aged leader smiled and asked, "Qingyun, these two from the Nine States fared pretty well, didn't they?"

Li Qingyun recovered from his shock and nodded lightly, replying, "They are indeed outstanding to be able to send the shock back from the rule power and destroy the war drum matrix. However, if they wish to obtain the Decree of Ascension to enter the Upper Worlds, it is still far from enough."

"Let's continue watching." The middle-aged commander smiled as he continued saying, "Perhaps the people from the Nine States will surprise us."

As his voice landed, the wall of the palace suddenly let out a blinding golden light. The light was extremely brilliant and it flowed down the stairwell, heading towards Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

The two of them who were still a far distance from the palace raised their heads and looked towards the boundless glow. They had the illusion that every ray of light had transformed into shadows of Sage Plane cultivators and were rushing towards them.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng could naturally feel that the shadows were at the Magi level. The Path that Ascends to Heaven had its own rules as well.

Since they were at the Magi cultivation level, there were countless Magis rushing towards them. Coupled with the pressure of the stairwell, it was enough to overrun everything. They would not feel this much pressure even if they were facing an archmage.

Ye Futian continued as though he did not feel anything, taking step after step. Each step he took caused the stairwell to shake. Previously, although the two of them had faced immense pressure on the way up, it did not affect their speed much. They were only forced to stop when the war drum matrix appeared.

Thump. Ye Futian took another step and an invisible wave spread around his body. The rays of light that were rushing towards him were shattered and could not faze him.

Yu Sheng looked like a half-Buddha, half-demon and huge sounds erupted from his body. He was experiencing more pressure than Ye Futian since his cultivation level was lower than Ye Futian's

Even so, Yu Sheng did not step back an inch. He moved forward step by step, allowing the rampaging force to strike his body.

From the palace, they could see two figures walking through the army with steady steps and an exceptional aura.

"Even in the Upper Worlds, these people would be prodigious. I am really curious what their identities in the Lower Worlds are. Would they be the geniuses of the Orthodoxy holy lands." The middle-aged commander commented.

The pressure from the stairwell was multiplied with the matrix's pressure. Although the two of them appeared composed, they were under immense pressure. However, they continued forward steadily and did not waver in the slightest. They were indeed extremely outstanding.

"Commander." At that moment, figures flashed and appeared behind the middle-aged commander and Li Qingyun. The group of people all had impressive auras and they looked down and saw two figures walking up the Path that Ascends to Heaven.

"We had thought that it was our error, but there are people on the Path that Ascends to Heaven indeed."

"I thought that there would be nothing interesting this year. How unexpected, these people are from the Lower Worlds' Nine States."

Voices sounded from within the group. These people were all under Emperor Xia's command and were tasked with guarding the Path that Ascends to Heaven. To those in Emperor Xia's army, this was an insignificant task that would be rotated every once in a while, usually annually.

"Yes, the two of them are Magis. Does anyone among you with the same cultivation level wish to test them?" The middle-aged commander smiled and asked.

"Can they withstand the illusion attack?" "If we step it, we would be bullying them too much." Someone commented coolly.

"From the looks of it, it should be fine. These two should be the most outstanding people from the Nine States. If you wish to, you can step in." The middle-aged commander replied, smiling.

"Since that is so, I will send them back." A voice sounded out as a figure flashed across, moving towards the Path that Ascends to Heaven. Following that, there were people moving forward in succession. In the blink of an eye, nine Magis had stepped onto the Path that Ascends to Heaven, standing opposite Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

"Gentlemen." At that moment, a young Magi lowered his gaze and looked towards Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, saying, "Will you two go back yourselves or will we have to force you to?"

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng raised their heads and looked at the nine people in the air. However, they ignored them and continued walking.

"This is the Path that Ascends to Heaven, ascending it is a tribulation. You two have exceptional potential to be able to reach this far. Turn back, don't hurt yourself." A middle-aged figure crossed his arms around his body and advised them.

"The Path that Ascends to Heaven is a tribulation?" Ye Futian looked at the people in the air and stepped forward as he replied, allowing the rampaging force to rush onto his body.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Where is the difficulty in this?" Ye Futian said coolly, taking another step upwards.

A smirk appeared on the middle-aged man's face as he replied, "As you wish, experience its difficulty for yourself."

As he said that, his body moved forward like and he appeared in front of Ye Futian instantly, like a phantom.

As his sword appeared, Sword Qi flooded the area as countless swords slashed towards Ye Futian.

The Great Path's swords could eradicate everything.

Amidst the blades of light, the people in the air could not bear to look at Ye Futian. The Great Path sword had already slashed down and countless blades descended upon Ye Futian.

However, at that moment, their expressions became astounded. It was as though the middle-aged man had stopped moving as he held the blade and pointed it towards Ye Futian's head, but did not pierce forward.

Ye Futian raised his head and looked at the other party as the sword was unable to pierce forward. The middle-aged man's expression was pale, as if he were the one withstanding the pressure of the Path that Ascends to Heaven, not Ye Futian.

"Where is the difficulty?" Ye Futian asked again. He stretched his finger forward and flicked the sword lightly. He then waved his sleeve and the middle-aged swordsman was sent flying without any struggle.

"This..." The crowd looked at Ye Futian and mumbled in bewilderment.

"It's spatial rule power." The middle-aged commander's expression was sharp. At that moment, an extremely strong spatial rule power had appeared around Ye Futian, freezing the space around them, especially the region that was near his body. The rule power was so strong that it had caused the other party to be unable to even move.

Thump. Ye Futian continued stepping up and said nonchalantly, "Get out of the way."

There was an absolute pressure in his voice, causing even the middle-aged commander and Li Qingyun to shudder. His tone was like that of a superior being, with a commanding feeling.

This Magi must have been someone who gave orders in the Lower Worlds and had a high position.

However, no matter who he was, he still dared to be this arrogant in the Upper Worlds.

Daring to make them get out of the way, how impudent.

The eight experts on the stairway all looked down at the same time. They had been ignored by a person from the Lower Worlds.

The rule power on their bodies erupted. The light from the mirror caused immense pressure to Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, but to them, it boosted their power.

When the eight of them attacked, countless spears descended from the air.

At that moment, Yu Sheng stepped in front of Ye Futian. He changed into his battle form and looked like a Buddha. Boundless rays of light burst forth from him and tens of thousands of arms appeared on his battle form, like a thousand-hand Buddha, blocking out the entire area, allowing the rule power to land on it. They caused the Buddha form to shake, but Yu Sheng appeared unfazed and a terrifying demonizing rule power flowed around his body, devouring the oncoming attacks.

With Yu Sheng shielding him, Ye Futian casually continued forward. He did not step in, he also wanted to see how far Yu Sheng had come after the three years of cultivation.

The eight experts' attacks landed at the same time, but at that moment, the thousands of arms on the battle form moved. They flooded the area, releasing the force that they had devoured. It was as if the attacks it had suffered only made it stronger.

A catastrophic attack erupted on the Path that Ascends to Heaven, causing the air to vibrate vigorously.

"Beat the drums." Li Qingyun saw Ye Futian and Yu Sheng walking forward as though nothing was happening and said coolly.

These two people were treating them as though they did not exist. He could not have that.

Figures flashed as they beat the war drums. In a split second, the sound of the drums resonated throughout the area and the pressure crushed down onto the Path that Ascends to Heaven again.

"Form the matrix." Li Qingyun continued to say. Immediately, a huge Magi army stepped forward and appeared in front of the palace. They looked at the area below and to their surprise, the two of them had already made it this far.

"Commander, I will personally step in." Li Qingyun said as he stepped in front of the palace and floated in the air.

The aura on their bodies resonated with the drums and applied tremendous pressure.

"Suppress." Li Qingyun said. On his command, the experts all struck at the same time. It was as though they had combined to become a single battle matrix.

A giant burly figure appeared at the back of the battle matrix. He stepped across the air and launched a formidable attack that rushed towards Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

Bang, bang, bang!

Yu Sheng's body shook violently and the battle form looked like it would collapse anytime.

The other party had summoned experts to form a matrix and borrowed the strength of the war drums as well as the pressure from the Path that Ascends to Heaven. The combined strength had far exceeded the level of a Magi cultivator.

"Yu Sheng, let me." Ye Futian said.

"No need." Yu Sheng continued forward as he replied, allowing the dreadful force to rush into his body. Cracks sounded from within his body as rays of light passed through it.

Ye Futian had a surprised expression as he watched the scene. Yu Sheng was using their attacks to strengthen his body.

A holy Buddhist light emerged and it seemed all-encompassing. As it tempered Yu Sheng's body, some parts of his body gradually turned golden like pure gold.

Crash. With another deafening sound, the force entered Yu Sheng's body and turned into a blinding light. His chest was also gradually turning golden.

It seemed like his entire body would turn golden.

Dark rays flowed around his golden body, like a demonic light, causing his golden body to be even more overbearing.

Buddhist hymns sounded as brilliant golden rays appeared around Yu Sheng's body. Statues of ancient Buddhas appeared and Yu Sheng's battle form also transformed to an ancient Buddha. An even more tyrannical force erupted from his body as the aura around him reflected his cultivation level to be a mid-level Magi.

He had actually used the pressure to breakthrough the bottleneck of his physical body, forging a golden body and breaking through his cultivation level.

The golden ancient Buddha struck out with its hand, just like the Buddha's palm strike, but it contained less heat intent, but was fiercer.

The other party's battle matrix also fired a fist that tore through the air and clashed with the Buddha's palm. In an instant, the palm was torn apart and the fist exploded, causing the experts within the battle matrix to be sent flying.

Yu Sheng stepped forward and with a loud roar, the golden lion's roar clashed with the war drums' sound, causing the air to vibrate vehemently.

At that moment, a figure stepped in the middle of the war drums' and lion roar's sound waves, causing his robe to flap frantically. It was Li Qingyun.

The force of the war drums gathered within his body. Even the roar was unable to waver his Spiritual Will as he looked down at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng with a cold expression.

"No matter what your identity is in the Lower Worlds, keep your arrogance to yourself in the Upper Worlds. There are too many people that you can only look up to in the Upper Worlds." Li Qingyun said proudly. He stretched out his hand and the rule power in the area all transformed into his strength. A stunning current flowed around his arm as a terrifying thunderstorm appeared. The lightning flashed in the area and the current on the Path that Ascends to Heaven became extremely violent, as though it would destroy them at anytime.

A storm hammer appeared in Li Qingyun's hand.

"Is that so?" Ye Futian replied. He stretched out his arm and a halberd appeared in his palm. Terrifying rule power flowed around the halberd and every atom seemed to have limitless power.

Thump. Ye Futian stepped forward and floated into the air, ignoring the pressure and moving into the air towards Li Qingyun.

The thundering sound of the war drums reverberated around the area as Li Qingyun raised his arm. Waves of pressure engulfed the Path that Ascends to Heaven.

Seeing Ye Futian approaching him, he smashed down with the storm hammer, crushing everything in its way.

However, it was as if Ye Futian did not feel the destructive force as he pierced forward with the halberd in his hands. A destructive current rushed forward like a black hole, shattering every ounce of force in its way.

In the area, a destructive force rampaged and many people could not even open their eyes as they witnessed the two clashing.

With the humming of thunder, the storm hammer disappeared and the crowd was shocked to see Ye Futian's halberd pointing at Li Qingyun's throat.

"In the Nine States, under the Saint Plane, I do not need to look up to anyone. In the Upper Worlds, it is the same." Ye Futian replied proudly to Li Qingyun's words.

The halberd disappeared and Ye Futian walked past him, with Yu Sheng following behind. Apart from those who had been knocked down by him, the others did not dare to stop them and watched as they ascended the Path that Ascends to Heaven.

They were thinking how there could be people from the Nine States who could ascend the stairway to the Upper Worlds in such arrogant fashion!

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng walked towards the Village Chief, then started to leave.

A surprised expression appeared on the middle-aged commander's face as he said, "You still haven't taken the Decree of Ascension."

"Within the rules, I can come as I wish to the Upper Worlds. Why do I need the Decree of Ascension." A voice sounded from the distance. The middle-aged commander stood in the palace and the expression on his face froze.
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    《The Legend of Futian》