The Legend of Futian
909 Unmovable
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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909 Unmovable

On the grandstand countless eyes gathered, staring at the defeat of Wang Yin.

Previously when they saw Ye Futian's crush Lin Yuxiu with tremendous force, they knew that it was going to be good. This person would definitely anger Wang Yin, but no one had thought that the ending of this battle would be like this.

Wang Yin was crushed in a single blow, defeated.

"Wang Yin of Qianshen Clan was subdued in seconds."

"Who was that?" Many looked to Ye Futian in shock. Someone who could subdue Wang Yin in seconds must not some nameless unknown. At the very least, the Seventh Layer of Heaven was definitely possible.

Many top cultivators in Emperor Xia's Realm were able to get to the Third Layer of Heaven in Jiutian Temple. In other words, those that were able to advance beyond the Seventh Layer of Heaven were all proud sons and daughters of the Realm, extremely extraordinary characters. 

"How could it be?" The people of Qianshen Clan were at a loss for a while, stiffly looking at the scene before them. The debut of Qianshen Clan's Wang Yin and Lin Yuxiu at Jiutian Temple ended in terrible defeat. Never mind first place, right now they were completely out of the top ten. This meant that they were not even qualified for the Second Layer of Heaven and must join the battles later.

This debut ended tragically.

In the area above the battle platform, many looked at Ye Futian with uneasiness. This person was a force to be reckoned with. Ye Futian paid no attention to the thoughts of these people. He glanced at the many cultivators still left in the void. His body slowly levitated, and a force of the rules swept out covering the heavens and everyone within it. 

The expression of many changed. This guy wanted to challenge everyone head-on with his own strength?

All the cultivators stopped battling and turned to face Ye Futian. The rules power bloomed, and his look was cold. Ye Futian raised his palm and made a grabbing gesture in the void. In an instant, the space storm was born. Everyone felt that their bodies seemed to be imprisoned, and the light of the endless starry laws shone forth.

"Make your move!" a cultivator called out harshly, and the Broadsword of Spirit in his hand hacked through everything and split toward Ye Futian's body. But as if he did not see it coming, Ye Futian simply allowed these many rules power landing on him without moving. After two rounds of medicinal testing and refining, both his physical and spiritual will had been transformed greatly to resist rules powers and the ability to ignore the rules power and attack remotely.

On the vast battle platform with its endless space, an immensely large star sphere seemed to have appeared. As Ye Futian closed his hand, the space was completely restrained and turned into Star Prison. All the movements of the people stopped and slowed down. They madly compelled their own rules power to try to tear down the rule power that bound them. However, as Ye Futian raised his right hand and struck toward the void, in an instant, countless Star Fists pierced through the space and pulverized the void.

Bang! Bang! Bang! With violent and turbulent sounds, many vomited blood as they were hit by the fists and lost their ability to combat upon impact.

The bodies of all the cultivators rolled back like streams of light. On the battle platform, this radiant scene shocked anyone who beheld it. Many people's heartbeat increased, their eyes glued to the battle platform.

Way too forceful. With his own strength, all the cultivators who participated in the same battle were defeated. 

However, there were still some cultivators who were able to block the attack from Ye Futian, but their hearts were trembling violently. If the cultivation was great to a certain extent and there was enough of a gap, it was not something that could be made up simply by number of people. The power of the rules force was enough to trample over everything.

"You will fight to determine the rest of the ranking." Ye Futian glanced at the people who were still standing.

He had already locked in first place in advance.

This time, no one disagreed, and the battle erupted. On the battle platform, Ye Futian stood with both hands behind his back, as if none of this had anything to do with him.

His goal was not here—it was the Ninth Layer of Heaven on the Jiutian Ranking.

"Who is this guy?"

"Does anyone know him?" 

The people in the grandstand watching Ye Futian stood there quietly, but that presence was so much more than Wang Yin previously as if even he had not just been battling and was just standing there. No one could surpass his glory. He had locked in the first place in advance for the rest of the people to compete for the rankings behind him, and no one dared to disagree.

Just now there was a violent noise coming from the battle platform next to them, and many suddenly turned their attention that way. All they could see was an immensely dominant sturdy body that stood above the void. The glory of Buddha radiated from him, the Palm of Mahavairocan crushed the firmament suppressed all things, no cultivators were spared and were all subdued on the spot. The one not only had conquered all but left no room for even the second or third place to the others.

"This..." The people witnessing this scene were completely speechless. What was happening today? This was only the First Layer of Heaven, and there were two such strong cultivators appearing at the same time.

Wang Yin of the Qianshen Clan debuted at the Jiutian Temple but ended up just as a side note. Because of the existence of Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, the two battles ended very quickly. The elder in the void bestowed the Jiutian Order Token, and on it was engraved one word only: Four.

The First Layer of Heaven of Jiutian Temple was the battle of general selections. The person in the first place could skip the Second and Third Layer of Heavens and enter the Fourth Layer of Heaven of Jiutian Temple. Those in the second and third place could directly enter the battle platform of the Third layer of Heaven. People in fourth to tenth place may only step onto the battle platform of the Second Layer of Heaven. As for the others, in order to continue, they must stay and continue to battle in the First Layer of Heaven until they could get within the top ten.

Ye Futian left the battle platform after he had received the Jiutian Order Token, and immediately headed toward the stairs on the side. He looked up and looked up, and saw that each layer of the nine heavens was thousands of feet high, so magnificent that the building at the very top was like a temple of the gods.

The lord of the Jiutian Temple was also an extremely powerful figure, well-known in the Emperor Xia's Realm and was someone who could actually meet Emperor Xia face-to-face.

Lifting his feet, Ye Futian walked towards the top, and Yu Sheng also came to Ye Futian's side, walking up the steps. They both possessed the Jiutian Order Token and could advance directly. 

"They will go straight away to the Fourth Layer of Heaven."

"The two of them were together?"

Many people had the same thought across their eyes, thinking that today, there may be a good show to see. With two such formidable cultivators at Jiutian Temple, who had just crushed all the cultivators with incomparable force to step onto the Fourth Layer of Heaven, their goal would definitely not simply be the Fourth Layer of Heaven. It was highly probable that the younger disciples of great and influential figures came to Jiutian Temple for the first time, and such participants would have only one goal in mind, and that would be the top three layers of heavens. A higher goal might even be the Jiutian Ranking. Regardless of which was their goal, it was worth paying attention to.

"Let's go and purchase seats in the Fourth Layer of Heaven." Many got up and wanted to see the following battles with these two. 

"Let's go and watch as well," people from the Qianshen Clan said. Wang Yin and Lin Yuxiu looked at Ye Futian, who was departing, then gave up the thought to continue battling and decided to observe Ye Futian's battle instead.

The seats at the Fourth Layer of Heaven were not cheap and the seats of the Seventh Layer of Heaven were nearly priceless. In fact, the battle could be faintly observed from below, but they were not clear and lacked the live experience when observing the combat in close range. 

This was how the Jiutian Temple became one of the richest principalities in Emperor Xia's Realm. Nevertheless, people were still willing to come. The people who cultivated could learn and fight with countless others in their same planes, thus judging where their strength may be among their peers. The Jiutian Temple provided an unparalleled platform for all fight-lovers. 

In particular, the influence of the Jiutian Ranking was recognized by Emperor Xia's Realm, therefore countless generations of geniuses had set their eyes on the Jiutian Ranking. Even the Little Princess, Xia Qingyuan, had come to the Jiutian Temple to battle and entered on the Jiutian Ranking with decisive gestures. This demonstrated just how much influence Jiutian Temple had. 

As he sat down on the seat in the Fourth Layer of Heaven, Ye Futian looked up at the battle platform. At the Fourth Layer of Heaven, the battle was no longer that of 100 people. There would only be ten cultivators involved in the battle.

The rule at this stage was that the first three could advance, with the person in first place directly skipping the Fifth Layer of Heaven to enter the Sixth Layer of Heaven. The second and third place could enter the Fifth Layer of Heaven. Under this rule, eventually more people were able to gather to the top and they would be the strongest and the most powerful.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were still occupying adjacent battle platforms. Naturally, they would not appear together on the same platform.

The number grandstands here were obviously a lot less than at the First Layer of Heaven. The First Layer of Heaven was open to everyone. There was no need to pay, so every day, there would be countless people coming to watch the battles. If there were very powerful competitors, or the possibility of exciting battles in the Seventh Layer of Heaven or above, then they would consider coming up to watch the battle.

For example, at this time, many followed Ye Futian and Yu Sheng to come up, which surprised many who were in the Fourth Layer of Heaven. After some inquiry, many looked in the direction of Ye Futian, who came directly from the First Layer of Heaven directly to the Fourth. It seemed that the following battle would be quite interesting. 

Soon, after the battle above ended, Ye Futian did not wait any longer and stepped on the battle platform right away and displayed the Order Token, which signified that he was eligible to participate. Shadows of figures levitated into the air. It didn't take long before there were ten cultivators appear on the battle platform.

"Who do you think will take first place?" someone in the stand asked.

"Xu Tu. In the previous battle, he lost to the strongest fighter, but in fact, he had the strength to compete for first place, so in this battle, he should have a chance," someone said.

"Shan Zhi. She was equally strong in her battle, and her Spiritual Will was terrifying," someone else said while looking at a woman.

"None of them have any chance," someone laughingly said. "Ye Futian. It's the first time he came to Jiutian Temple, and in the first battle, he defeated all the strongest cultivators of the First Layer of Heaven, so he will be likely to continue to skip the Fifth Layer of Heaven and enter directly into the Sixth, and then launch his offensive in the Seventh." 

"He's only first in the First Layer of Heaven, and those who can set their foothold in the Fourth were all coming from the First Layer of Heaven. It doesn't mean anything," someone else commented casually.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Watch," many said, and the voices of various discussion did not escape the ears of the top ten cultivators on the battle platform. Xu Tu cast a glance at Ye Futian and Shan Zhi, then walked toward Ye Futian. Aggressive sword will swept out, a Shredding Sword appeared in his hand, his spirit also turned into a broadsword with boundless brilliance that wanted to chop off everything.

Buzz. A residual shadow appeared. Although Xu Tu's body looked heavy and awkward, he was an expert at the rules of the wind, with extreme speed. His whole person was like the sharpest sword.

"Look closely. Storm Blade Techniques blended with the powers of wind rules and Shredding rules," someone who favored Xu Tu said. Xu Tu, along with a horrible sword will, landed in front of Ye Futian. The sword light came down as if to split the void open, and that pressure was simply chilling. Many who were watching were sweating for Ye Futian.

The sword light disappeared in a flash and was about to smash down, but Ye Futian stood there and still did not move. Xu Tu revealed a look of coldness and had no intention to restrain his force. If Futian was asking for it, then he would oblige. 

But just as the sword light was getting close to Ye Futian, suddenly, there was an extremely strong conception which seemed to solidify the sword, making it difficult to continue moving forward and slowing down its speed. 

Psst, psst… sharp and shrill sounds pierced the eardrums, and the sword was still slashing downward, seeming to break the rules defense and hacking toward the shoulder of Ye Futian.

Chop. a cold look flashed across Xu Tu's eyes. Was he not able to counter his attack?

Above the body of Ye Futian there was a layer of starry radiance shining, and the sword light landed on his shoulder, but it only made a crystal-clear sound. The rules powers were broken and could not continue its way down.

"This..." The countless eyes on the grandstand were glued to them. Even those who were waiting to see Ye Futian being taught a lesson were speechless. Even the cultivator from the Fourth layer of Heaven could not break down his defense, so much so that he couldn't even have the power to make him move?
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    《The Legend of Futian》