The Legend of Futian
911 Third Brother“s Battle
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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911 Third Brother“s Battle

Ye Futian walked off the stage as soon as he had gotten the Jiutian Order Token to the Seventh Layer of Heaven. Lu Chong walked off, looking dejected as well. Countless eyes were on Lu Chong, who was hanging his head low, and felt rather impressed by his unnerving streak of bad luck.

But then again, Ye Futian was indeed really, really powerful. Lu Chong's powers definitely qualified him for the Seventh Layer of Heaven, but he was severely lacking in luck. If Ye Futian was capable of taking down the likes of Lu Chong in mere seconds, it meant that he had secured a place even in the Seventh Layer of Heaven.

However, no one was certain if he would be able to make it past the Seventh. The rules in the Seventh and the Eighth Layers of Heaven in the Jiutian Temple were far more terrifying than that of the sixth. The rules were such that they were known to be devilish. 

Every battle fought in the Sixth leading to the Seventh would definitely yield one winner. Even if there were a few battles fought within a day, there would be many mighty ones gaining access to the Seventh as time passed. However, things were different in the Eighth Layer of Heaven. If one were to advance into the Eighth from the Seventh, one had to face greater challenges. It was the same going from Eighth to Ninth.

As such, even though Ye Futian was extremely exceptional and it seemed guaranteed that he would be able to get a shining result at the Seventh Layer of Heaven. He would have still face unnerving difficulty making to the Eighth. As such, there were no guarantees about anything. Furthermore, one needed good timing to do so as well.

Ye Futian took a seat instead of leaving immediately, as Yu Sheng had yet to fight. It seemed that the ten combatants in his round had yet to be gathered. The host was still waiting.

There were times where people would come to the stage he fought on, and other times, someone coming up from below. After waiting for quite a while, the host finally announced that the battles would continue, and Yu Sheng stepped onto the stage.

Ye Futian did not bother thinking about whether or Yu Sheng would be able to make it, as there simply was no need to do so.

As expected, when the battle started, Yu Sheng brought his overpowering might to bear and threw one of his opponents off, looking invincible as he was doing so. When Yu Sheng was battling, a dazzling beam of light showered down from above. Countless people around the stage looked up and saw glittering light way above the ground. At the same time, two beams appeared on the stage, shinning onto two different figures.

Ye Futian was able to see things clearer from his seat at the Sixth Layer of Heaven, catching sight of a figure standing from their seat, with eyes looking sharp as swords and piercing through the air, looking at the Eighth Layer of Heaven. That figure was clad in a white robe that looked as clean and flawless as snow. He wore headgear that made him look dashing. He might have looked like a scholar and was simply standing where he was, yet he looked mighty nonetheless.

"Third Brother." Ye Futian shouted deep within his mind. His Third Brother was actually at the Jiutian Temple and was actually at the Eighth Layer of Heaven. If his Third Brother was around, then Jieyu and the others should be around as well.

"Mu Fanchen." At that moment, one shocked voice after another was heard saying a name. It was apparent that they were able to recognize the one who was standing beside Gu Dongliu, an unparalleled genius named Mu Fanchen.

Among the super mighty ones at the Jiutian Temple's Eighth Layer of Heaven, it was said that he had secured a stellar record of eight consecutive victories, which meant that it would simply take him two more consecutive victories to earn a place at the Ninth Layer of Heaven, and subsequently be ranked in the Jiutian Ranking. That would put him to be on par with those legendary figures, becoming known as someone like those people. Furthermore, Mu Fanchen definitely had what it took to be recognized as such.

"That's Gu Dongliu, no?" One voice after another was heard.

"Yes. He appeared in the last showdown at the Seventh Layer of Heaven," someone said. Ye Futian finally understood from the surrounding chatter that in the key battles of the Seventh and Eighth Layers of Heaven, the stage above projected stronger light, enabling all within the Jiutian Temple to witness those battles.

"He is something indeed. Just look at how many days it took for Gu Dongliu to get eight consecutive victories in the Eighth Layer of Heaven," many quipped with a shocked and impressed voice.

"It was said that Gu Dongliu came from the Lower Worlds. That kind of talent is eerie indeed."

In the rules of combat of the Seventh and Eighth Layer of Heaven, mighty ones who managed to secure eight consecutive victories were arranged to fight another who had secured eight consecutive victories as well. One of them would definitely end up losing and was required to start all over again. It worked this way for everyone else. If Mu Fanchen had secured eight consecutive victories, that meant that Gu Dongliu, who was standing opposite him, had also secured eight consecutive victories.

That would be their ninth battle, and the winner of that battle would be granted the right to challenge another who secured nine consecutive victories at the Eighth Layer of Heaven. The winner of that tenth battle would then be granted passage to the Ninth Layer of Heaven and be ranked on the Jiutian Ranking.

"Powerful indeed, but I heard that Gu Dongliu and the others from the Lower Worlds have become enemies with Pei Qianying. The very reason why Gu Dongliu fought in the Jiutian Temple is to be able to challenge Pei Qianying, who is ranked on the Jiutian Ranking. He sure is going to be disappointed after this."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I've also heard news about the Little Princess in this matter. If Gu Dongliu is truly able to make it to the Ninth, I want to get a seat at the Ninth regardless of the price I have to pay, just to witness the battle between him and Pei Qianying for myself."

The people around were growing restless and a voice was heard in the air, "Gu Dongliu, who has secured eight consecutive victories, will be battling against Mu Fanchen, who has also secured eight consecutive victories, at the Eighth Layer of Heaven of the Jiutian Temple, an hour from now." The voice was cast from the Eighth Layer of Heaven, and everyone was able to hear it clearly. 

Ye Futian's eyes turned incredibly sharp. He had familiarized himself with the rules of the Jiutian Temple's battles and, as such, knew what was to come very well. His Third Brother had secured eight consecutive victories at the Eighth Layer of Heaven and was making the way to the Ninth one step at a time.

"Third Brother, wait for me," Ye Futian said to himself. He would be able to simply get up there and watch the battle as a spectator, but he apparently wanted to be more than a spectator. He wanted to see for himself, at the Jiutian Temple's Ninth Layer of Heaven, what that Pei Qianying, someone who dared to tear Wuchen's Life Spirit away, was like.

It would have been easier to do with Xia Qingyuan around, as the name of Emperor Xia was not allowed to be tarnished, and the same went for Xia Qingyuan as well. With Xia Qingyuan around, he could do anything and there was nothing anyone could do about him, a lord of a holy land of the Nine States of the Lower Worlds, so long as he played by the rules. As such, Ye Futian would have stuck to the rules and would not have challenged them. While he was a Palace Lord, he was in Emperor Xia's Realm, and his status fell rather short.

Yu Sheng heard the voice from the Eighth Layer of Heaven as well. He went to overpower all of the mighty ones on the stage with extreme might, taking the Jiutian Order Token granting him passage to the Seventh, then walked off the stage.

He came to stand beside Ye Futian and looked up. Gu Dongliu and Mu Fanchen were both standing at the forum up in the Eighth Layer of Heaven, but they had yet to fight. It was the rules of the Jiutian Temple. A noteworthy battle like that naturally needed more eyes on it, and it was one that would make some pay a hefty price just to witness it at the Eighth Layer of Heaven.

At that moment, none in the Jiutian Temple seemed to be in the mood to watch the battles in the stages before them anymore. They all looked up at the dazzling light at the Eighth Layer of Heaven. Those at the bottom layers hated being at such a low place and wanted to watch the upcoming battle up close to the Eight Layer of Heaven.

"Let's go," Ye Futian said to Yu Sheng, who nodded in response. They both walked to the steps at the side.

"They're going up to the Seventh." Those who had been paying attention to the battles fought by Ye Futian and Yu Sheng took a look at the air before turning their attention back to the two of them. Some got up and decided to head over to the Seventh Layer of Heaven, as that enabled them to watch the battle between Gu Dongliu and Mu Fanchen closer.

At the same time, they wanted to watch the performance of both Ye Futian and Yu Sheng at the Seventh Layer of Heaven. They wanted to see if those two, who fought only three battles before making it to the Seventh Layer of Heaven of the Jiutian Temple, were able to continue to shine in their next stages.

At that moment, a group of people appeared at the steps. It was none other than Li Qingyun and his people, who were tasked to guard the Sky Stairwell. Li Qingyun was formidable and he had a divine implement with him. It was due to said divine implement that he was able to make it to the Jiutian Temple from the Sky Stairwell in such a short period of time. He was rather shocked to see Gu Dongliu and Mu Fanchen appearing in the sky. He was rather surprised at how far Gu Dongliu had been able to go.

"It's them." Li Qingyun saw Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, who were heading towards the steps to the Seventh Layer of Heaven, and was somewhat shocked.

"They're fast." The ones behind him were impressed. They all made it there due to the powers of their divine implements. They had not been spending much time on their journey and were all shocked to find Ye Futian and Yu Sheng already at the Seventh Layer of Heaven.

Li Qingyun felt somewhat like a loser. He had been a very proud person once, but was quickly taken down by a strike from Ye Futian's halberd. They saw the obstacles of the Sky Stairwell to be non-existent, coming and going as they pleased. Li Qingyun and his people pursued them and found Ye Futian already at the Seventh Layer of Heaven. They were such geniuses that it filled him with envy. Ye Futian might actually be one who could make it to the Ninth Layer of Heaven.

"Follow them," Li Qingyun said, and they tailed Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, arriving at the stands of the Seventh Layer of Heaven.

Ye Futian had already handed his token to the person in charge at the Jiutian Temple and had them arrange his battles. However, no one was battling at the Seventh Layer of Heaven at the moment, and no one seemed to be in the mood of doing battle. Their eyes were all on Gu Dongliu and Mu Fanchen, ready to see who among them would emerge victorious.

There were fewer seats at the Seventh Layer of Heaven, and those who were able to sit there were all notable people. Many of them hailed from renowned clans of Emperor Xia's Realm.

"Mu Fanchen will win his ninth consecutive battle in this one, and he is but a step away from the Jiutian Ranking," someone commented.

"This Gu Dongliu fellow is not weak by any means. His Life Spirit is rather special as well. He wouldn't have been able to make it this far otherwise."

"He's definitely strong, alright, but he's still from the Lower Worlds. Mu Fanchen isn't someone he can win against. This battle will be Gu Dongliu's last at the Jiutian Temple. It's hopeless for him to be able to challenge Pei Qianying," a woman with exceptional looks said.

"Mu Fanchen gave you instructions before, so do you have a thing for him now?" a young man jested at the side.

"Quit spouting nonsense." The woman looked rather embarrassed and continued, "I'm just telling the truth as it is. Those from the Lower Worlds were taken by the princess for training, but some didn't know their place and actually wanted to make it to the Jiutian Ranking."

"The insignificant one from the Lower Worlds that you speak of now stands at the Eighth Layer of Heaven and all eyes are on him. Where are you now, if I may ask?" a cold voice was said!
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    《The Legend of Futian》