The Legend of Futian
912 Absolute Advantage
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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912 Absolute Advantage

Zhao Shi looked back and saw a handsome face, but the eyes were extremely piercing, and there was a touch of coldness about his figure. This person seemed extremely young, but he made those around him feel a lot of pressure.

Her face changed slightly. She had belittled Gu Dongliu in order to raise up Mu Fanchen. But in reality, Gu Dongliu had had an eight battle winning streak and was only two victories away from getting onto the Jiutian Ranking. This was extraordinary and was obviously not something that she could do.

However, she naturally could not admit this, and so she frowned and said, "I said that people from the Lower World do not have any kind of profound understanding. Do you have a problem with that?"

"The chick mocks the phoenix, but in its self-satisfaction, it doesn't even know how high the sky is." Ye Futian glanced at Zhao Shi coldly. Afterwards, he didn't look at her but looked at the two figures in the Eighth Layer of Heaven.

"You..." Zhao Shi's face changed. He had actually used an insulting word like "chick" to describe her. The youth beside her cast his gaze upon Ye Futian. His eyes were sharp, and there was an air of threat about him.

A Saint had come into the Zhao clan decades ago, which meant that they had a place in Emperor Xia's realm. They were a power that was at the Saint level, so they were able to get in touch with Mu Fanchen. They were close to Mu Fanchen's family, and Zhao Shi was indeed interested in him, so she would naturally speak up for him and belittle Gu Dongliu, but she did not want to be mocked and humiliated like this.

"Take back what you just said and apologize." Beside her, Zhao Ci's eyes were cold as he glanced at Ye Futian. He was filled with a cold, invisible pressure.

Ye Futian looked back and glanced coldly at Zhao Ci. These two obviously came from the same force. However, here on the Seventh Layer of Heaven, they had mocked Gu Dongliu in order to raise up Mu Fanchen, thus revealing their low breeding and humble origins.

Yu Sheng took a step forward. His burly body carried a compelling force with it. Several people were standing by Zhao Shi and Zhao Ci, all of whom had a faint force around them that then fell upon Yu Sheng and Ye Futian. There were even Sages among them, all of whom were cultivators from their clan.

"Get out of here," Yu Sheng said coldly to Zhao Ci. Ye Futian averted his gaze, looking at him no more. Someone who had shown himself to be so petty was not worth looking at anymore, let alone apologizing to. If it had not been for him insulting his Third Brother, he would not have paid any attention to him.

Zhao Shi and the others' faces all changed. These two were so supercilious. Ye Futian seemed to be disdaining them by his actions, as if he were too lazy to even look at them. They had never seen anyone so pretentious. Even Mu Fanchen was modest and polite; when had he ever been like Ye Futian?

The more lowborn someone was, the more they liked to embody their own uniqueness in such an independent way. They thought they were a cut above everyone else, but they didn't know how stupid they were.

Now, a cultivator looked over at them and said, "You must know the rules of Jiutian Temple. If there is a problem you can solve it on the Law Battle Platform."

"I understand." Zhao Ci nodded, then looked at Ye Futian. "Have you come to participate in the Law Battle of the Seventh Layer of Heaven?" Since they had displayed themselves so ostentatiously, they must have some power, and thus had come to fight in the Seventh Layer of Heaven.

Ye Futian still ignored him, but the one who had come with him said, "We've already fought here in the Seventh Layer of Heaven."

Everyone looked interested and watched with excitement.

This Ye Futian was exceedingly arrogant. He had been disdainful to the Zhao clan. Zhao Ci had fought many times in the Seventh Layer of Heaven. His record winning-streak was seven victories, so he could be said to be very strong. Although, as he had approached his eighth victory in a row, he had been defeated and had to start all over again, his strength was undoubtable. Moreover, it seemed that he was once again on a five-match winning streak.

"In that case, why don't we learn from each other on the Law Battle Platform?" asked Zhao Ci.

"Can you shut up?" Ye Futian still did not look at Zhao Ci but looked at the two figures in the sky.

The battle was about to begin.

"This..." the people around them were speechless. He was so arrogant that Zhao Ci was simply not in his line of sight.

"You express your extraordinariness in this way, yet avoid a direct confrontation? That's ridiculous." Zhao Ci's eyes were cold.

Ye Futian turned and finally looked at Zhao Ci and Zhao Shi. Coldness flashed in his eyes and he said, "If the people of Jiutian Temple arrange it, then I have no objections."

"Good." Zhao Ci nodded, then looked at the person who presided over the Law Battles up on the Law Battle Platform. "Could you arrange a Law Battle for us?"

He looked at Zhao Ci and said, "You already have five victories in a row."

People who had five victories in a row would usually face cultivators who also had five victories in a row, so the farther they went the higher the difficulty became. Most people could never get through it and would stay on the Seventh Layer of Heaven.

"This battle doesn't have to go on my record," said Zhao Ci indifferently.

"Fine." The cultivator did not say much. There was a touch of coldness about Zhao Ci's mouth. Before, when Ye Futian and Yu Sheng had released their power, he had naturally felt their cultivation. They were mid-level Magi, while he stood at the peak of the Magi Plane. The best he had done upon the Law Battle Platform of the Seventh Layer of Heaven was a seven battle winning streak.

How could someone who was just stepping onto the Law Battle Platform for the first time hope to fight him?

Zhao Ci sat on the platform that looked up to the Eighth Layer of Heaven, and he looked very indifferent.

"Let's begin." At that moment a voice rang out. Up in the Eighth Layer of Heaven, Gu Dongliu and Mu Fanchen stood up and faced each other.

At that moment, in all the vast and high Jiutian Temple, other than the endless Law Battles, all other fights were temporarily suspended, and everyone's eyes were fixed on the Eighth Layer of Heaven.

An eight-battle winning streak was the most impressive accomplishment aside from a nine-battle winning streak. Thus, the audience was obviously engrossed in it. An endless brilliance was released from the Eighth Layer of Heaven's Law Battle Platform, making it easier to see and invoking the emotions of the cultivators of Jiutian Temple.

The reason why Jiutian Temple was so famous in Emperor Xia's realm was because of the hardships and bloodshed experienced there. This was what every cultivator yearned for.

The radiance was extremely dazzling. Gu Dongliu's Life Spirit bloomed, and in a flash, the Nine Word Ring surrounded him, swallowing up the brilliance. A Celestial Shadow also appeared on him, the Celestial Shadow of the Nine Word Ring, making Celestial Light flow across his body. It was glorious to behold.

I never would have imagined there were such peerless figures in the Lower World, many people in the Jiutian Temple stands thought secretly. The battle had not yet begun, but they could already feel the brilliance.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

At the same time, a figure appeared behind Mu Fanchen. Afterward, he split into several different bodies that stood in different positions upon the Law Battle Platform. Each one of them was based on Mu Fanchen, but each had a different temperament, and the auras that came from them were different.

A deafening roar sounded around Jiutian Temple. Mu Fanchen obviously enjoyed a great reputation, and many of the people clustered around believed he would win this battle.

"Each of Mu Fanchen's exterior incarnations has different abilities. He has already produced six exterior incarnations. It is said that he practiced so hard that he can produce up to nine. Each one is different. With such a powerful ability how can Gu Dongliu win?" Zhao Ci said indifferently.

Ye Futian also saw Mu Fanchen's body changing. These exterior incarnations were much stronger than the Zhuge Family's. Since Mu Fanchen was able to win eight matches in a row in the Eighth Layer of Heaven, he was hailed as the next one to fight his way into the Jiutian Ranking. He was quite outstanding.

But even so, Ye Futian was not greatly disturbed. When Third Brother's Life Spirit had undergone its transformation he had become much stronger than before. Now after more than three years of trials, it was naturally impossible for him to fail to achieve results.

Third Brother would definitely fight his way into the Ninth Layer of Heaven.

Suddenly, a group of figures that looked like gods of war was summoned around Gu Dongliu. An ancient word was engraved on each figure, and in total, there were nine words. When the nine figures were lined up, there were more of them than there were of Mu Fanchen's exterior incarnations. This scene made everyone even more excited, as if they were the ones fighting in this battle.

Although Gu Dongliu and Mu Fanchen's abilities were different, the effects were somewhat similar.

So, who was stronger?

At that moment, a boundless Celestial Light seemed to bloom from Gu Dongliu's body, covering the nine summoned gods of war. They seemed to resonate with his Life Spirit. In that instant, the rays of his radiance covered the Law Battle Platform.

It seemed that the power of heaven and earth on that platform resonated with him and was there for him to use.

Ye Futian sometimes wondered why Third Brother's Life Spirit could awaken. He had never heard Third Brother mention his family. According to the Master, at first, after seeing Second Sister, Third Brother would not follow him. But it seemed that the Master must have deliberately abducted him, although he was not clear on the details. But the source of a Life Spirit, generally speaking, came from one's heritage, especially extremely powerful Life Spirits.

The nine gods of war with words carved into them moved as one, and they descended like a flash of lighting upon their opponent, giving birth to an incomparably dazzling, invincible mudra.

Mu Fanchen's exterior incarnations did not shirk their duties and directly collided with the gods of war. In an instant, the airflow on the Law Battle Platform was dancing wildly.

"Soldier," spat Gu Dongliu, and the god of war with "soldier" carved on it cut forward like a knife through bamboo. It was so sharp that it was like a sword slicing down. It turned into the Milky Way Sword and sought to destroy everything in front of it.

"So strong." Everyone's hearts beat faster. Gu Dongliu had taken the initiative and attacked. He had stepped out with the nine gods of war. Each god of war was good at a different mudra and even used different rule powers. This level of ability was simply terrifying, and thus everyone's hearts were beating faster.

"Mu Fanchen has not attacked. He has chosen defense." 

The incomparably beautiful battle on the Eighth Layer of Heaven made everyone in Jiutian Temple quiet. This was somewhat different from what they had imagined.

Mu Fanchen seemed to be feeling Gu Dongliu's power, as he took the initiative to defend, not to attack. There was a strange look in Zhao Shi and Zhao Ci's eyes as they watched the battle with amazement.

"Mu Fanchen must not have used all his power yet. He's observing his opponent," said Zhao Shi.

Everyone ignored her. The battle in the sky continued. The nine gods of war attacked at once, and at the same time, they resonated with Gu Dongliu. The light of his Life Spirit covered the nine gods of war, combining the nine into one.

Mu Fanchen had still not counterattacked. Or perhaps, he could not counterattack.

Everyone's hearts beat wildly. How could this be?

Gu Dongliu was suppressing Mu Fanchen!
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    《The Legend of Futian》