The Legend of Futian
913 All For Piercing Through to the Ninth Layer of Heaven
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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913 All For Piercing Through to the Ninth Layer of Heaven

Upon the incomparably beautiful Law Battle Platform of the Eighth Layer of Heaven, Gu Dongliu had seized the initiative.

The more the nine war god-like figures fought, the more powerful they became. Endless rays of light connected them together, turning the nine bodies into one. Each of their attacks was more powerful than the last, and they supressed Mu Fanchen's exterior incarnations.

At this moment, even Zhao Shi was speechless, and her face was slightly pale. Although her level was much lower, she could at least understand what was going on in the battle. It was very obvious that Mu Fanchen was not merely observing Gu Dongliu, but had indeed been firmly suppressed by him and had absolutely no chance to counterattack.

One as strong as Mu Fanchen had been suppressed.

Many people in Jiutian Temple watched the showdown. They had thought that this would be another chance for Mu Fanchen to show off. No one had thought it would end like this. The crowd was silent. The cultivators who used to scream and cheer for Mu Fanchen watched the battle without a sound. 

Finally, an incomparable brilliance bloomed upon the Law Battle Platform. Mu Fanchen was hit. He coughed up a stream of blood as he was sent flying. He wanted to keep fighting, but Gu Dongliu did not give him the chance. His fists struck repeatedly, causing him to shake wildly and continuously spit up blood. It was quite brutal.

A dazzling radiance shone out. Mu Fanchen was once again sent flying. He had finally stopped resisting. He looked up at Gu Dongliu. He did not have the same countenance as before, and seemed a little dazed, and even a bit unsure of himself. He had been defeated by a proud son of heaven from the Nine States of the Lower World. It could even be said that he had been crushed by him.

He had only needed two more battles to enter the Ninth Layer of Heaven. Now he had been stopped here and would have to start again. He believed he was strong enough to fight his way back to this point at any time, but this defeat was still a blemish on his reputation.

"Gu Dongliu has won nine victories in a row," at that moment a voice rang throughout Jiutian Temple, making everyone tremble.

He had won nine consecutive victories on the Eighth Layer of Heaven. With just one more victory Gu Dongliu would enter the Ninth Layer of Heaven, ascend to the Jiutian Ranking, and would have his name engraved within Jiutian Temple. 

Those who could get on the Jiutian Ranking were all prodigies of the Divine Path and would stand shoulder to shoulder with many of the top talents of Emperor Xia's realm.

Upon the Law Battle Platform, the light dimmed, and everything in the Eighth Layer of Heaven gradually became blurry. Afterward, Jiutian Temple was in an uproar as everyone discussed the battle.

This fight had obviously been shocking to many of them.

Ye Futian looked away from the Eighth Layer of Heaven and towards the Law Battle Platform before him. His next step should be to go to the Eighth Layer of Heaven to reconvene with Third Brother.

But according to the rules, he would have to win ten victories in a row, and each victory would have to be against an opponent with an equal number of victories. Moreover, he would have to wait for someone from Jiutian Temple to arrange it. In general, they would arrange one battle per day.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He didn't have time to wait.

Not far from him, Zhao Shi thought that Ye Futian would say something sarcastic. But Ye Futian did not look back at her at all, making her face feel hot with embarrassment. 

This kind of disregard was ever so shameful.

Yu Sheng glanced at her coldly, making her feel very uncomfortable. His contemptuous eyes seemed to regard her as an idiot.

"Could you arrange our battle first?" Zhao Ci asked the cultivator on the Law Battle Platform.

The cultivator looked at Ye Futian. Jiutian Temple had its own rules, but if someone asked, and it didn't affect the rules too much, he had no objection. Some battles would attract more attention, and people would be happy to watch.

"You don't have to accept," he said to Ye Futian.

"I accept," Ye Futian said calmly.

"Fine. If you win, it will be counted in the record. If Zhao Ci wins, it won't be," said the man indifferently.

Zhao Ci's figure flashed as he shot up into the sky. He then descended upon the Law Battle Platform. He stood there and looked down on Ye Futian. He had never seen someone as arrogant as him. It seemed as if, in his eyes, he could not tolerate anyone else.

"What are you waiting for?" Zhao Shi still stared at Ye Futian. Gu Dongliu had defeated Mu Fanchen, making the joy leave her face. Thus, in this battle, Zhao Ci must humiliate Ye Futian.

In the stands, Li Qingyun looked at Zhao Ci and Zhao Shi with a bit of sympathy. He had just seen Gu Dongliu's battle and felt that he was very strong. Ye Futian had come up the Sky Stairwell. He was probably no weaker than Gu Dongliu.

Zhao Ci would probably come to grief in this battle.

Many eyes were upon Ye Futian. They saw him step forward onto the Law Battle Platform. He did not look at Zhao Ci and his gaze drifted as if he were thinking about something.

"You first," Zhao Ci said to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian finally looked up at Zhao Ci. He stretched out his arm and suddenly, a stream of glittering particles flowed out from it. Although they were just particles, the aura that came from them made Zhao Ci feel threatened. His Life Spirit bloomed, and at the same time, he released his Law Will as he readied for battle.

But when he saw this, Ye Futian crossed through the air like the wind and turned into a beam of light that directly descended upon where he was. He was too fast. He was there in an instant.

Zhao Ci's aura burst out wildly, but Ye Futian's arm shot forward. The endless stream of particles pierced Zhao Ci's defenses and crushed everything. In that instant, the Law Battle Platform trembled fiercely. Each particle was like a star and carried unmatched power.

Boom… A loud sound rang out, and everyone's hearts leapt. They all stared at the Law Battle Platform and saw Ye Futian's arm piercing through all the defenses and slamming into Zhao Ci.

Zhao Ci was bending at the waist as if he could no longer stand up straight. His eyes were wide as if he had experienced something terrible, and his face was so white as to not have a trace of color left in it.

With just one blow everything had come to a stop.

Ye Futian removed his hand from Zhao Ci's chest and put it around his throat. He lifted him into the air and said, "You want me to apologize?"

Zhao Ci was lifted up like a corpse. He looked at Ye Futian, feeling endless humiliation. However, Ye Futian's eyes were the same as before, full of contempt and disdain, as if he had never held any respect for him.

"Can he bear it?" Ye Futian asked indifferently, and he looked at Zhao Shi.

Zhao Shi's face went white as paper. Several cultivators beside her stepped forward and shot cold glances at Ye Futian. "Release him," they said. "Immediately."

"Who are you talking to?" A sharp, cold voice rang out. The Zhao family cultivators saw an old man walking towards them. In an instant, the Lingtian Sword Will descended. They suddenly felt that if this man wished it, they would be sliced to pieces by the sword.

This was the power of a Saint.

Their faces became extremely troubled. Who was this Ye Futian?

Zhao Shi's face had lost all color. How could this be?

All the cultivators looked at Ye Futian and their hearts beat rapidly.

This guy was too strong, and he had a Saint following him.

So why did no one know about him?

A figure like this could not be anonymous in Emperor Xia's realm.

"Who are you, my lord?" one of the Zhao family cultivators asked Ye Futian. He had a Saint following him. Even those of one of the clans could not dare to offend him.

"I come from the Nine States, so I am from the Lower World, just as she said," said Ye Futian. A strange look came over everyone's faces. It was rumored that Gu Dongliu also came from the Lower World, and today, he had shown his brilliance. And now Ye Futian said he had come from there as well.

 "Gu Dongliu is my brother," continued Ye Futian. Everyone's hearts beat faster. The two brothers were both outstanding. Zhao Shi finally understood how she had offended Ye Futian. The one she had disdained was Ye Futian's brother.

"When I came to the Upper Worlds from the Nine States, some people dismissed me. Now, in Jiutian Temple, it is the same." Ye Futian swept his gaze over the crowd. He saw that Li Qingyun was also there. Upon hearing Ye Futian's words, he went red. Previously, he had indeed dismissed Ye Futian.

"However, from Jiutian Temple to the Seventh Layer of Heaven, there has not been one person who could bear even a single attack from me. Is this where your pride comes from?" Ye Futian's eyes gradually became sharper, and his tone was full of arrogance.

"I did not come from the Lower World to prove how many layers of heaven I could fight my way through, nor to get on the Jiutian Ranking. My brothers and I came to find someone. It is said that he is on the Jiutian Ranking, and thus I had to fight my way up through the Ranking." Ye Futian's calm words made everyone's hearts beat faster.

Everyone knew who he had come for. Just like those others from the Lower World, he had come for Pei Qianying. He had come to Jiutian Temple not for anything else but to break through to the Ninth Layer of Heaven.

What a wild gesture this was.

"The battles on the Seventh Layer of Heaven are meaningless to me. If there are those with different winning streaks here, can I fight them all together? I'm in a hurry," Ye Futian continued. Everyone's gaze froze upon him. They understood what he said this for.

He was in a hurry, so he didn't want to wait.

According to Jiutian Temple's rules, he would probably have to wait many days before he could get to the Eighth Layer of Heaven. He was not that patient and had directly challenged people with different winning streaks.

And he had challenged them all at once.

This was simply...

Before, when little Princess Xia Qingyuan had dashed off to Jiutian Temple, the abbot had personally accompanied her. The rules were directly revised to allow her to fight her way into the Ninth Layer of Heaven and climb onto the Jiutian Ranking.

Now, Ye Futian who had come from the Nine States wanted to challenge all the cultivators in the Seventh Layer of Heaven with different winning streaks, making Jiutian Temple change their rules once again.
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    《The Legend of Futian》