The Legend of Futian
914 The Shadow of the Staff Blots out the Sky
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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914 The Shadow of the Staff Blots out the Sky

On the Seventh Layer of Heaven, everyone looked at Ye Futian upon the Law Battle Platform. Those who had been following Ye Futian's battles all along were speechless. They had followed him because they had seen his power and wanted to see what layer he could get to. They had thought that getting to the Eighth Layer of Heaven would be too difficult. But they had never thought that Ye Futian's goal was not the Eighth Layer of Heaven; instead, he wanted to fight his way up to the ninth to find Pei Qianying.

Some of them were also a little angry. Those supernatural figures who had made it to the Seventh Level of Heaven but not the eighth were already extraordinarily strong. Since Ye Futian had crushed Zhao Ci his strength was naturally beyond doubt, but by threatening to crush all the cultivators of the Seventh Layer of Heaven he had shown himself to be arrogant beyond words.

At this moment, the cultivator who presided over the Law Battles swept his gaze over Ye Futian and said, "When the Princess forged her way onto the Jiutian Ranking, the rules were changed for her. What will you rely on?" He could see that Ye Futian had crushed Zhao Ci so powerfully not only to give vent to his grievances, but also to show off his own arrogance. Taking pains to reveal his power to crush everything and provoke the powers of the Seventh Layer of Heaven would make Jiutian Temple change the rules for him and let him directly fight his way to the Eighth Layer of Heaven.

Zhao Ci had jumped at this provocation and had been made into a tool for Ye Futian. It was truly tragic. However, Xia Qingyuan had so much status, so of course, they had changed the rules for her. Although Ye Futian's talent was outstanding, what could he rely on to make Jiutian Temple make an exception for him?

Ye Futian looked back at the cultivator on the platform and said, "I have been cultivating for more than 30 years. I have never been defeated by someone on the same Plane as me. I advanced to the position of Palace Lord of one of the holy lands of the Nine States while on the Noble Plane. I unified the Barren State. All the Sages obey my orders, and both the Saints assist me in governing. In all the Nine States I am the only leader who is not on the Saint Plane. I came from the Nine States, ascended the Sky Stairwell, and no one could stop me. And no one will stop me from getting onto the Jiutian Ranking. Is that enough?" Ye Futian looked calmly at the cultivator on the platform. However, outside this calmness, his proud spirit was clear for all to see.

Everyone's hearts beat faster as they looked at this heroic figure.

They finally understood why know one knew him, and why he was so strong.

He was unknown in Emperor Xia's realm, but in the Lower World, his name was known everywhere. He was the only leader of a holy land who was not a Saint, with two Saints who willingly aided him in ruling. This was a talent that defied the natural order. To be able to make Saints help him was putting the cart before the horse. What was more frightening was that he had become a Palace Lord while in the Noble Plane.

How glorious was this man in the Nine States? No one doubted the truth of Ye Futian's words. After all, they had all just witnessed a Saint following his orders.

Zhao Shi's face grew as white as paper. Many people were thinking, Ye Futian ascended the Sky Stairwell and fought his way to this Layer of Heaven. And he is a Palace Lord. Could it be that he's stronger than Gu Dongliu?

Gu Dongliu had won nine times in a row. With just one more victory, he could enter the Jiutian Ranking. And judging by the strength with which he had crushed Mu Fanchen, it seemed that his success was highly likely.

Anything that Gu Dongliu could do, Ye Futian could probably do as well.

Would there be two people from the Nine States who fought their way onto the Jiutian Ranking today?

The cultivator on the Law Battle Platform stared at Ye Futian. His heart was also in turmoil. Xia Qingyuan was hailed as the most outstanding figure of Emperor Xia's realm. Coupled with her high status, this had made Jiutian Temple change the rules for her. Now, the most dazzling figure of the Lower World had come here as well, wanting to fight his way to the Ninth Layer of Heaven.

Although the most outstanding figures of the Lower World could not be mentioned in the same breath as the Princess, he still wanted to see just how strong this man who boasted of his prowess was.

"Wait here." The cultivator on the Law Battle Platform stepped away. Obviously, he could not be the one to make the decision.

"Can you let me go?" Ye Futian was still carrying Zhao Ci. The blood had all drained from his face, and in his heart, there was nothing but humiliation. He was nothing more than a clown. Ye Futian had carried him here, making the contrast between them very clear. Ye Futian tossed him on the ground. He started bleeding from the mouth as he hit the floor.

Zhao Shi ran over to him and helped him up. Her face was also extremely pale. When she looked up at Ye Futian, she saw that he was not looking at her. It seemed that from the start he had not cared about either of them at all.

Not long after, a group of cultivators broke through the sky. The cultivator who had previously been standing on the Law Battle Platform was among them. Their eyes fell upon Ye Futian, and they all stood around the Law Battle Platform. Someone turned around and said to them, "Someone wants to challenge all the cultivators of the Seventh Layer of Heaven of different winning streaks. Is anyone here willing to fight him?"

Obviously, Jiutian Temple had agreed to his request and changed the Law Battle rules.

"I'll try," came a voice. Everyone turned to look and saw a figure wearing a blue robe walk out. He looked to be over 30 years old. His eyes shone brightly, but there was also a depth to them, as if he had a charm that could pierce one's heart.

"Zhang Lie." Everyone's hearts trembled. He was the cultivator with the greatest reputation on the Seventh Layer of Heaven. He already had a nine-battle winning streak. With only one more victory he could advance to the Eighth Layer of Heaven, so he did not need to take the risk and participate in this battle.

But he was the first to come out. Obviously, for many people, the reason they had come to Jiutian Temple was to feel out other cultivators at the same level as them, not just to reach the Ninth Layer of Heaven.

Ye Futian was a tempting opponent, and so Zhang Lie had come out.

"I'll try as well," came another voice. Everyone saw another cultivator walk out.

"Yu Chifeng." Everyone's hearts were once again shaken by the burly figure that walked out. Yu Chifeng was also one of the most highly regarded cultivators of the Seventh Layer of Heaven. He already had won eight battles in a row, and he greatly desired to one day join the ranks of the Eight Layer of Heaven.

Zhang Lie and Yu Chifeng took the lead, and suddenly a group of others walked out. Soon there were nine of them. Moreover, all of them had at least a three-battle winning streak.

The cultivator who was in charge of the Law Battles called out their names and records, then asked Ye Futian, "Do you have any objections?"

"No," said Ye Futian.

"Good." The man nodded, then said, "Everyone come up." As he spoke, the group shot up into the sky and then descended upon the Law Battle Platform and surrounded Ye Futian.

The matrix was started up. In an instant the light curtain on the platform began to turn, becoming brighter and brighter. Dazzling light flowed from the sky, falling down like quicksilver into the Sixth Layer of Heaven.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Down in the Sixth Layer of Heaven, a group of figures looked up to the seventh. Not long before, there had been a great battle in the Eighth Layer of Heaven. Would there be another one in the seventh?

Many people's hearts beat faster as they became excited. Never before had two astonishing battles happened on the same day. But they were shocked when they saw the situation on the Law Battle Platform in the Seventh Layer of Heaven. What was going on?

Ten great cultivators?

On the Seventh Layer of Heaven, all battles were one on one. More than one person could not fight at once. Why were ten of them there?

"Isn't that Ye Futian who rose through the ranks so confidently?" On the First, Fourth and Sixth Layers of Heaven, those who saw Ye Futian had a strange look come over their faces. The people on the first layer were especially shaken. He had already made it to the Seventh Layer of Heaven in such a short time and had gotten involved in a battle that was attracting so much attention.

This speed… was simply frightening.

"Zhang Lie, with nine victories in a row; Yu Chifeng, with eight victories in a row; Han Jiang, with seven victories in a row..." a series of voices floated down from the Seventh Layer of Heaven and spread throughout the Nine Heavens, making everyone's hearts beat faster. What was going on? People with nine victories in a row, eight victories in a row, and seven victories in a row had all stepped onto the Law Battle Platform. They didn't understand.

When the nine names were all called out, the cultivator paused. Only the man in the middle had not reported his surname.

"Ye Futian challenges the nine great cultivators." His voice fell, and everyone's hearts beat wildly.

Ye Futian had challenged nine cultivators. Jiutian Temple had changed the rules for him and let him challenge nine people. What did this mean?

Who was this Ye Futian?

"Begin," announced the cultivator, and the nine cultivators released their strong rule power.

Zhang Lie's eyes suddenly turned purple. A destructive thunderstorm suddenly erupted all around him. Bolts of lightning fell. His eyes were like the center of a storm. As he swept his gaze over Ye Futian, an invisible chain of thunder swept out and turned into a terrible thunder monster that rushed towards him.

Ye Futian glanced at Zhang Lie. He felt that he was going to be absorbed into his opponent's world of thunder.

Boom! The terrible thunderclap's power drowned everything as it fell upon Ye Futian, but it did not shake his body. Ye Futian stood there, surrounded by brilliant stars. The thunderbolt smashed into them, causing cracks to appear in the starry light curtain.

At the same time, a tyrannical power fell down from the sky. Yu Chifeng struck down from the sky with a wolf-tooth cudgel. The golden cudgel continued to grow bigger and bigger until it grew to 30 meters. It slashed down and its boundless power seemed as if it would split the sky.

An invisible rule power appeared around Ye Futian, reducing the wolf-tooth cudgel's speed. It seemed as if the space there had been frozen. But Yu Chifeng roared and the cudgel continued to slash forward. There was an astonishingly loud noise as it smashed into the starry light curtain, making more cracks.

Thousands of impossibly sharp swords also flew down from the sky towards him.

In a flash, the nine cultivators launched both rule spells and close combat attacks. Ye Futian seemed to be buried by all of it. Everyone's hearts beat faster. It was too violent. Could he really block such fierce attacks?

Ye Futian still stood at the center of the Law Battle Platform. At that moment everyone saw him nod slightly. That motion made everyone's hearts tremble.

The light coming from Ye Futian's body grew brighter, and brilliant particles of light bloomed from him, turning into a particle storm. They wound wildly around his body, and each of the attacks was shattered and destroyed in the vortex. Ye Futian spiraled up through the cyclone, seeming to bathe in his apotheosis. He thrust his hand forward and suddenly the particle storm coalesced into a long golden staff that he held in his hand.

In the next moment, Ye Futian flew up and the particle storm wrapped around the golden staff. His aura grew stronger and stronger, and the nine cultivators around felt a strong threat from him.

Woosh! A strong wind swept out as the golden staff slashed down with endless brilliance, smashing through the nine of them.

Boom...boom...boom... the shadow of the staff blotted out the sun as the nine cultivators were sent flying. The staff seemed to split the battle platform. He had come from the Nine States and sought to fight his way to the Ninth Layer of Heaven!
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    《The Legend of Futian》